Present: Chairman Vice-Chairman Councillors : Councillor E Jones Councillor D Field T Chandler, J Clark, J Gibson, P Haigh, B Johnson, J Leake, W Pagin, J R Quinn, C Rhodes, M Robinson, T Wilde Clerk to the Council S Merriman Members of the Public 6 Community Police WPC Alison Thompson DMBC Community First Rob Windle DMBC Community Safety Warden Absent Free Press Absent



2020.1 ALTON TOWERS TRIP WPC Alison Thompson highlighted the fact that a direct result of this initiative had been a considerable reduction in the number of incidents in Rossington on 31/10/04 compared to 31/10/03. A report that was to be compiled for Rossington Development Trust would be circulated later. 2020.2 MERVYN WOOD PAINTINGS Mervyn Wood said he was donating two of his paintings to the Memorial Hall – one of Holmescarr Wood, the other of Chrysanthemums. All parish councillors expressed their appreciation. 2020.3 M18 LINK ROAD A wide ranging discussion took place on the latest developments with contributions from Martin Thornley, Malcolm Clark, Tom Parkin and several councillors regarding :  The route preferred by DMBC Planners and Mayor Winter  the letter from Caroline Flint MP about land interests 2020.4 GATTISON HOUSE Cllr Bill Pagin questioned why residents had to pay for their own Christmas decorations and Transport. DMBC Councillors Terry Wilde and Jack Clark agreed to look into this.


APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE RESOLVED to accept apologies from Cllr Bev Harrison


DECLARATIONS OF PERSONAL OR PREJUDICIAL INTEREST, IF ANY. RESOLVED to note Cllr Jack Clark’s declaration of a personal interest in agenda item 8 – Funding Request for Good Neighbours. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 12th OCTOBER 2004 ] RESOLVED To approve the minutes as a true record subject to :  the reference to Mr Iain Donuadine in minute 1994.6 being changed to Mr Iain Donnarchie.  The word ‘front’ in Minute 2005.1 being changed to ‘rear’  The time of 9.30PM in Minute 2018 being changed to 9.30AM





2024.1 COMPLAINT (Minute 1994.5 refers) Martin Thornley asked if there had been any progress on his complaint. Cllr Mark Robinson said he had not received a copy of Mr Thornley’s letter. RESOLVED clerk to send Cllr Robinson a copy.


ROSSINGTON COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP / ROSSINGTON DEVELOPMENT TRUST RESOLVED To note the contents of a verbal report from Cllr Diane Field FUNDING REQUEST : DMBC CHRISTMAS FAYRE 4 TH DECEMBER 2004 RESOLVED To make a donation of £100 to the Civic Charity Fund



FUNDING REQUEST : GOOD NEIGHBOURS VOLUNTEERS RESOLVED To make a donation of £200 to the Good Neighbours Volunteers Christmas Lunch. FUNDING REQUEST : DMBC – SUMMER / SPRING FLOWER BEDDING DISPLAYS RESOLVED To contribute £500 for flower beds for Summer 2005 and Spring 2006



FIRST STEPS PARENT & TODDLER GROUP Item from Cllr Bev Harrison to review the parish council’s stance towards the First Steps Parent & Todler Group. RESOLVED in Cllr Harrison’s absence to defer this item to the next meeting.


PUBLIC INTERVENTIONS Item from Cllr Bev Harrison, to review present arrangements. RESOLVED in Cllr Harrison’s absence to defer this item to the next meeting.


POST OFFICE CLOSURE Consideration was given to a motion from Cllr Terry Wilde : “That this parish council places on record its opposition to proposals by the Post Office to close down its services at the Post Office on Station Road, Rossington. In pursuance of retaining this Post Office, the Parish Council shall assist in organising public campaigning in securing retention of the office for the benefit of all its users” RESOLVED to write to the Post Office (copy to MP Caroline Flint) asking that a post office service be retained in East Rossington, and to write to Caroline Flint MP condemming closure of any sub-post offices.


M18 LINK ROAD RESOLVED To note an update from :  the DMBC Scrutiny Meeting held 13/10/04  Mayor Winter’s Open Forum meeting held at the High School on 25 th October 2004 RESOLVED To note in connection with a letter from Caroline Flint MP about declarations of interest that parish councillors have a duty to declare their interests before each parish council meeting.



MARKETS COMMITTEE OF ROSSINGTON DEVELOPMENT TRUST Item from Rossington Development Trust. RESOLVED To nominate Cllr Paula Haigh as the parish council representative.


QUALITY PARISH COUNCIL STATUS : PARISH COUNCIL WEBSITE LAUNCH RESOLVED  to note that the parish councils new website : www.RossingtonParishCouncil.gov.uk is now live.  Councillors to pass information of Rossington Events to the Clerk so he can put them on the website DMBC : ROSSINGTON HALL SCHOOL – PROPOSED TERMINATION OF RESIDENTIAL FACILITY RESOLVED To express deep concern to DMBC about the proposed change of status of the school from a residential school to a day school.



DMBC : DRAFT PROTOCOL AND GUIDANCE REGARDING THE USE OF TOWN / PARISH COUNCIL RESOURCES RESOLVED To note the contents of the draft protocol and guidance. RESOLVED Clerk to provide double sided copies of attachments for agendas


DMBC : GUIDANCE ON GOOD RELATIONS BETWEEN MEMBERS AND OFFICERS RESOLVED To note the guidance on good relations between Members and Officers


DMBC : COMMUNITY FORUM REVIEW RESOLVED Individual Councillors to complete the questionnaire if they wish.


DMBC : INFORMATION ABOUT OVERVIEW AND SCRUTINY RESOLVED :  Not to take up an offer for a speaker to talk to the parish council about DMBC’s Overview and Scrutiny function  Not to raise any issues for Scrutiny to look at DMBC : REVIEW OF PARISH COUNCILS – OVERVIEW AND SCRUTINY MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE RESOLVED not to ask DMBC to undertake a review of the Rossington area and its electoral arrangements as these have been previously addressed.



PATIENT & PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT (PPI) FORUM RESOLVED To note the role of the PPI in connection with Health issues. RESOLVED To note an offer from the PPI to attend a parish council meeting



2042.1 04/51505/P/FUL3 DMBC-HOUSING SERVICES 21/7/04 Received 4/11/04 Erection of 1.1M high closeboard wooden fencing including gates, improvements to existing parking facilities and formation of new access road and associated works (being application under regulation 3 Town and Country Planning (General) Regulations 1992 (Amended Plans), at Land to front of properties on Troutbeck Way. RESOLVED no observations


2042.2 04/7188/P/FUL MR ADSHEAD 26/10/04 Received 4/11/04 Erection of single storey pitched roof extension to rear and pitched roof porch extension to front of detached house at 19 Kingfisher Court. RESOLVED no observations


2005/06 BUDGET; PRECEPT; COUNCIL TAX; RESERVES RESOLVED To approve recommendations from the 1/11/04 Expenditure Working Party :  to set the precept at £63500 for 2005/06 (compared to £99800 in 2004/05)  equivalent to a Band ‘D’ Council Tax of £17.45 (compared to £27.43 in 2004/05)  to continue to maintain Reserves at the previously agreed level of £40000  to reduce the sum earmarked in 2003/04 for Play Area Equipment from £20000 to £10000  to reduce the sum earmarked in 2003/04 for Allotments Enhancement from £5000 to £4000  to reaffirm the £18000 earmarked in 2003/04 for the Memorial Hall Heating System  to reaffirm the £5000 earmarked in 2003/04 for General Environmental Improvements  To consider a range of additional spending options from the attached list, to the value of about £28000. (i.e. £63500 Precept less Net Routine Expenditure of £40000 = £23500 plus estimated surplus reserves at 31/3/05 of £4500)


2003/04 ACCOUNTS & ANNUAL RETURN RESOLVED To note the accounts have been examined and tested by Internal Auditor Mrs Jenny Worthington and that they have now been forwarded to the External Auditor HLB AV Audit PLC at Southampton. RESOLVED to approve changes to the Annual Return requested by the External Auditor HLB AV in connection with excluding VAT from Income and Expenditure.


AUDIT COMMITTEE RESOLVED To set the next meeting of the Audit Committee for 12.30pm Saturday 20/11/04. FINANCE – ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT RESOLVED To approve the following payments: Payee Staples Johnston Publishing Colan Ltd M Field Rossington Development Trust Johnston Publishing Vision ICT Ltd H Roberts - Oct 2004 J Gilsenan - Lewis , Oct 2004 C Lawrence - Oct 2004 S Merriman - Oct 2004 Staples Inland Revenue Oct 04 SYPA Oct 2004 Mrs J Worthington


Cheque No. 1657 1658 1659 1660 1661 1662 1663 1664 1665 1666 1667 1668 1669 1670 1671

Amount 67.38 175.40 500.55 20.00 250.00 8.84 822.50 506.95 56.67 178.38 1198.87 109.47 385.43 465.97 210.00


PARISH COUNCILS’ JOINT CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE RESOLVED To circulate Cllr P Haigh’s written update with the next agenda



ROSSINGTON GIRLS FC RESOLVED To note a letter of thanks from Kirsty Leake following her coaching skills trip to America.


TRAFFIC CALMING / ROAD HUMPS RESOLVED To note the responses from ACPO, South Yorkshire Fire, and South Yorkshire Police SYPTE : BUS SERVICE CHANGES – OCTOBER 2004 RESOLVED To note



ROSSINGTON COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP / ROSSINGTON DEVELOPMENT TRUST RESOLVED To note the report from Cllr Diane Field that was given verbally at the last meeting DMBC : CUSTOMER CARE REVIEW RESOLVED To note DMBC has reviewed its Corporate Customer Care Strategy.



ODPM : NEW ETHICAL FRAMEWORK REGULATIONS RESOLVED To note that the Local Authorities (Code of Conduct) (Local Determination) (Amendment) Regulations 2004 come into force on 4 th November 2004.


REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY 14/11/04 RESOLVED To note that assembly is at Rossington Ex Servicemens Club, West End Lane 10.15am, March Off at 10.30am with estimated time of arrival at St Lukes at 10.45am.


PLANNING COMMITTEE 1/11/04 RESOLVED To note the observations made :

2055.1 04/6557/P/FUL MR G HOROBIN 24/9/04 Erection of detached dwelling; detached block of 3 garages (15.0m x 6.0m); 2 two storey shop units (14.0m x 8.0m) including new entrance to first floor; 1 shop unit (11.0m x 6.0m); canopy (23.3m x 5.0m) to rear of existing shops; garage extension with first floor conservatory extension above to side of first floor flat and 1.8m high brick wall, at Cooperative House, King Avenue. RESOLVED to support the regeneration element of the application but to object to the following aspects :  The domestic housing proposals at the rear of the building would provide too dense a development  There will be limited parking for customers if the rear is developed as outlined as shop owners will need to park at the front 2055.2 04/6588/P/OTL R MCILLROY, MOUNT PLEASANT HOME FARM 27/9/04 Outline application for erection of farm shop on approx. 0.1HA of land at Corner of Field 8200, Land adj Whinney Lane Planatation, Great North Road RESOLVED no objections 2055.3 04/6857/P/FUL MR & MRS JOHNSON 11/10/04 Erection of single storey pitched roof extension to replace existing conservatory to rear and new pitched roof to existing attached garage to front / side of detached house at 2 Sharlston Gardens. RESOLVED no objections


2055.4 04/6961/P/FUL MR A JACKSON 15/10/04 Erection of two storey pitched roof extensions to front and side and detached pitched roof garage to rear of semi detached house at 11 Whitby Road RESOLVED no objections 2055.5 04/7034/P/FUL MR & MRS HAMILTON 19/10/04 Erection of two storey pitched roof extension to side/rear of semi detached house at 120 King Georges Road RESOLVED no objections


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