; Newsletter for the week of April 22-26_ 2013
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Newsletter for the week of April 22-26_ 2013


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									                                                                          Ms. Batte’s
                                                                    For the Week of April 22 - 26,

   Important Dates
                                                           Classroom News
        April 22nd – Earth Day

 April 22nd – 26th – TCAP testing week             Our snack supply has been depleted. If you can,
      for 3rd – 5th grade students                  please send in an item to school for the students’
                                                    snack. This will definitely be a need for next week
       April 25th – T-Shirts due!
                                                    as we are taking the SAT-10 test. We certainly
                                                    appreciate those who have donated items this
 April 26th – Registration for upcoming
 Kindergarten students, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

 April 29th – May 3rd – SAT-10 testing             Registration for upcoming Kindergarteners will be
    week for K – 2nd grade students                 Friday, April 26th from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. If you
                                                    have a child who will be starting Kindergarten next
  May 3rd – Kindergarten Graduation                 year, please make plans to come by the school on
     portrait day in cap and gown                   this day to register them. Also, please help us
                                                    spread the word to any of your friends or
    May 9th – Kindergarten Music                    neighbors that will have children starting school in
          Program; 6:00 p.m.                        the Fall.

  May 23rd, 9:00 a.m. – Kindergarten
                                                   Please try to locate all misplaced library books at
    Graduation/Last day of school!                  home. Your child will not receive their final report
                                                    card until the book is either returned or paid for.

          Birthdays                                Don’t forget to send in a solid white t—shirt for
                                                    your child by Thursday if you have not already
                                                    done so. These shirts will be tie-dyed and will be
         April 24th - Carson                        our “costumes” for our Music Program. 

Literacy & Math Tip: If you have not already done so, utilize the practice SAT10 questions that were
sent home. This will help your child be better prepared for next week. There are also several
websites with additional questions—just type “1st grade SAT10 practice questions” into Google. 

Ms. Jen Batte                             E-mail: jennifer.batte@sumnerschools.org
Watt Hardison Elem.                       Webpage: http://msbatteskiddos.blogspot.com
300 Gibson Street
Portland, TN 37148 (615) 325-3233
       Lunch Menu                                   What We’re Learning
Monday: Cheese Pizza or Ham & Cheese
Sandwich; fresh veggie combo, whole          Reading: We will have no Focus Story
kernel corn, sandwich toppings, pineapple
                                             this week. While the 3rd – 5th graders are
tidbits, and apples
Tuesday: Hot Dog or Frito Casserole; tater   taking their TCAP’s, we will be practicing
tots, broccoli salad, Tropical fruit, mix,
                                             for our SAT10 tests that we will take
and orange wedges
Wednesday: Beef Dippers or Chicken           next week.
Parmesan; Orange/Spinach Salad, mashed
baby red potatoes, grapes, and bananas
Thursday: Breaded Pork Chop or Chicken
Nuggets; baked sweet potatoes, green
beans, sliced peaches, and strawberries
Friday: Hot Shot Burgers or BBQ Sliders;     Math: Last week we completed our unit
oven-baked potato wedges, Ranch-style
                                             of study on Money, and began discussing
beans, sandwich toppings, pear halves, and
fresh fruit cup                              Time. We will continue to work with
                                             Time this week as well—especially
                                             learning to read an analog clock. Please
                                             help your child to practice this at home!

       Related Arts

We will not have Related                                 Important Info
                                                During our SAT10 Testing week, it is
Arts this week due to
                                                  very important that your child get
the TCAP testing. Our
                                               plenty of rest in the evenings and eat a
Related Arts teachers                          good breakfast in the mornings so that
are helping to proctor                            they are at the top of their games
these tests.                                       while testing. Also be sure to
                                               encourage them and remind them how
                                                 important it is that they put forth
                                                  their best effort! I know that my
                                                    kiddos will rock these tests! 

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