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					       Newsletter for Delaware Lottery Retailers • Issue 37 • delottery.com

                                                                                                                  WE’VE GOT WINNERS!
                                                                                                                  The Delaware Lottery had a slew of on-line
                                                                                                                  and instant game winners over the past few
                                                                                                                  months. And when our players win big, our
                                                                                                                  retailers do too! Check out the pictures of our
                                                                                                                  retailer selling jackpot winners below!

In this issue:

Retailer Holiday   Acme #7872 – Price’s Corner - $200,000 POWERBALL ticket sold; received a $2,000 bonus

   Promotion                                                                                                   Pleasant Hill Lanes — sold a $10,000 top prize      Daily Market – Lewes – sold a $40,000 top prize
                                                                                                               White Gold instant ticket; received a $200 bonus.   Triple Platinum 777 instant ticket; received an $800 bonus


   Keyless                                                                                                     Manor BP - $154,000 MULTI-WIN LOTTO jackpot ticket sold; received a $1,540.05 bonus

                   Manor Pharmacy - $200,003 POWERBALL® ticket sold; received a $2,000.03 bonus

Challenge 2012

      10                                                                                                       General Store — sold a DELAWARE CASH 5 jackpot ticket of $41,000; received a $500 bonus

Instant Games
 Coming Soon

   Top Ten

                   Shore Stop #227 – Townsend —$200,000 POWERBALL ticket sold; received a $2,000 bonus        Tobacco City — sold a $100,000 top prize $100,000        Steve’s Tavern — sold a $15,000 top prize
                                                                                                              Cash Blast instant ticket; received a $2,000 bonus.      Garnet Red 7s instant ticket; received a $300 bonus

                                                                                                           delottery.com • Issue 37                                  TICKET TALK                              1
Congratulations to the winners of our Holiday Cash Promotion!

Our retailers and clerks had a chance to win one of 110 American Express Debit Cards (totaling $10,000!) this
past November by selling MULTI-WIN LOTTO tickets.

Check out the pictures of some of our winners below!

First Prize $500.00*

Melissa       Stansell       Books & Tobacco - Kirkwood Hwy.
Mary          Seward         Harrington Raceway & Casino

Second Prize $250.00*

Purva                        Boxwood Books & News
Gopika        Patel          First State Liquor

Crystal       Walters        General Store
Dana          Thompson       Gumboro Liquors
George        Ganat          Naamans Beverage Mart

Third Prize $100.00

MD            Alam           7-Eleven - Centerville Rd.

Elena         Coman          7-Eleven - Rehoboth Beach
Jerry         VanDusen       Acme - Pike Creek
Kristen       Potts          Acme - Suburban Plaza
Matt          Smith          Acme - Suburban Plaza
Brittany      Bellere        Acme - Suburban Plaza
Kevin         Clark          Acme - University Plaza

Rich          Blakeney       Airport News
Zach          Zickgraf       Avenue Wines & Spirits
Angee         Stone          Bear Shell
Chickie       Bedfords       Pleasantville Country Maid
Christine     Watson         Bodies #1 - Millsboro
Nancy         Lewis          Bodies #3 - Georgetown
Morgan        Healy          Books & Tobacco - Kirkwood Hwy

Dheeraj       Kumar          Books & Tobacco - Lantana Square
Sahil         Sharma         Boxwood Books & News
Jen           Toy            Boxwood Books & News
Rick                         BP Christiana
Dona          Priebe         C&C Country Maid
Vinod         Patel          Chestnut Run Liquors

Atul          Patel          Claymont News & Gifts
Marie         Litano         Country Cupboard

2   TICKET TALK Issue 37 • delottery.com
Jay                         Country Farm - Miller Road           Sarah        Nelson       Country Cupboard
Brad         Alwood         Daily Market                         Ricardo      Melendez     Daily Market
Bernice      Kosminsky      Delaware Park                        Shayne       Edwards      Daily Market
Jay          Patel          Delmar Liquors                       Ledo         Thomas`      Del Cig & Tobacco - Bear
Tammy        Spence         Dover Goose Creek                    Betty        Barrett      Del City Valero
Nilesh       Amin           Elsmere Liquors                      Parind       Patel        Derr Liquors
Buddy        See            Fairfax News                         Vanessa      Pierce       DOT #2 - Smyrna
Rob                         Fairfax News                         Helen        Best         DOT #2 - Smyrna
Kris                        Fairfax News                         Juanita      Williams     DOT #5 Carrols Corner
Sandy        Riley          Fairfield News                       Roy                       Fairwinds Cigarette Outlet
Kathy        Touhey         General Store                        Ashley       Hoa          Hazzard Savannah Stop
Pratima      Patel          Hiway Convenience                    Chetan       Patel        Hiway Convenience - Rehoboth
Tammy        Clark          Larry’s Liquors                      Lysa         McCusker     Larrys Liquors
Shirley      Wiggins        Manor Pharmacy                       Susan        Cooke        Milford Dash In
Aziz                        Meadowood Gulf                       Kim          Dobson       Milton Liquors
Carol        Tuppeny        Pathmark #589 - Lancaster Pike       Samket                    New Castle Shell
Katie        Davis          Rehoboth Cigarette Outlet            Jignisha                  New Castle Shell
Shannon      Keenan         Royal Farms #44 - Fenwick Island     Lisa         Rodriguez    Newport Exxon
Cathryn      Hughes         Shore Stop - Briar Park              Marjorie     Quiles       Newport Exxon
Diane        Downs          Shore Stop - Lancaster Pike          Dinaz        Parikh       One Stop- Milford
Irene        Humphries      Shore Stop #238 - Oak Orchard        Eileen       Birmingham   Pathmark #590 - Newark
Cheryl       Dunn-Wells     Shore Stop #257 - Harrington         Terri        Smith        Pearson’s Market
Karie        Snow           Smyrna News                          Ted          Knight       Red Top Liquor
Jay          Stewart        Stewarts Pro Shop                    Nil          Patel        Samsons Country Maid
Linda        Rice           Stones Hotel                         Barb         Amato        Shop Rite #580 - Newark
Vishnu       Prajapati      Stop & Shop White Oak Road           Jill         Baker        Shop Rite of First State Plaza
Karen        Patterson      Super “G” - Middletown               Jeannie      Augustine    Shop-Rite #589 - Christina Crossing
Debbie       Shortlidge     Super “G” - Rehoboth Beach           Kisha        Eatmon       Shop-Rite of Brandywine Commons
Ed           Barnes         Super “G” # 387 - Rehoboth           Sara         Daniels      Shore Stop #231 - Rising Sun
Becky        Kuhns          Your Neighborhood Store              Joann        Russell      Shore Stop #238 - Oak Orchard
                                                                 Joann        Beard        Shore Stop #250 - Seaford
Fourth Prize $50.00                                              Fran         Barnett      Shore Stop #287 - Bear Creek Crossing
                                                                 Jami         Jeppeson     Smyrna News
FIRST NAME   LAST NAME      STORE NAME                           Gale         Kellory      Stateline Cigarette Outlet - Delmar
Vaishali     Patel          24/7 Food Mart                       Darshan                   Sunoco APlus - Claymont
Bryan        Jeffries       7-Eleven - South Gerald              Bonita       Fountain     Super Fresh - Rehoboth
Jennifer     Haines         Airport News                         Alpit        Patel        Super Spirits - Camden
Paul         Woodward       Avenue Wines & Spirits               Andian       Mellon       Tobacco Time
Dave         Zappaterrini   Avenue Wines & Spirits               Joe          Potter       Tobacco Time
Pravin       Patel          Back Bay Tobacco
Doris        Dominelli      Bedfords Pleasantville County Maid
Christy      Reed           Bodies #3 - Georgetown
Doug         Feel           Bodies Mkt - Milton
Kelly        Truitt         Bodies Mkt #1 - Millsboro
Christine    Jannuzzio      Books & Tobacco - Kirkwood Hwy
Sara                        Boyd’s Corner Liquors
Sonny        Bradford       Buntings Package Store
Jessica      Will           Cigarette City - College Square

                                                                       delottery.com • Issue 37      TICKET TALK             3
                                                              BEDFORD’S PLEASANTVILLE COUNTRY MAID
                                                              Rick Bedford is a very hands-on owner
                                                              and manager of this store. Rick’s

ANNIVERSARIES                                                 attitude and that of his staff are
                                                              major reasons why their Lottery sales
                                                              have grown over the years. Customer
The Delaware Lottery would like to recognize its Retailers    service and quality products are the
celebrating a service anniversary in 2010 and 2011.           drivers that distinguish his deli and
We thank you and appreciate your many years of                market from the others.
dedicated service.
                                                              ROYAL FARMS #37 – REHOBOTH
20-YEAR RETAILERS                                             Chrissy Pennington, Store Manager, attributes a part
                                                              of their 20-year success with the
896 LIQUORS                                                   Lottery to the diversification of instant
Mukesh Patel and his family have                              products and the higher price points.
seen the good and the bad with this                           Her store has seen an increase
location. He recalls the long lines out                       in foot traffic and added sales as
his door before Pennsylvania sold                             a result of the Lottery customers
Powerball. His largest winner was                             purchasing other products in their
a Powerball winner who had the                                store.
5 white balls and only missed the
Powerball by 2 numbers. The absence of Chrysler has put       TIME WINE & SPIRITS
a tremendous strain on business. They have enjoyed their      Jayesh started with the Delaware Lottery as Kosowsky’s
years with the Delaware Lottery and they are hoping for       Market. When the new Shop Rite
good things to happen at the old Chrysler location.           at Christina Crossing was built he
                                                              changed his trade style to a liquor
AVENUE WINES & SPIRITS                                        store. His brother, Gaurang Shah,
Cindy is the daughter of Dave                                 formerly owned Benson’s Liquors and
Zappaterrini who founded Avenue                               they jointly run Time Wine & Spirits.
Wines & Spirits with Florence Rini.                           The largest winners they have ever
Cindy manages the store these days                            had were a $100,000 Powerball
and her players always give her                               winner and a $10,000 instant ticket winner.
suggestions on things they like and
would like to see. She is convinced                           WESTSIDE LIQUORS
that a $1 Happy Birthday instant                              Ashok Patel, Owner, is celebrating his 20th Anniversary
game would sell well because so many of her players tell      with the Delaware Lottery. He has
her that is what they buy them for. She has great things to   decided to retire and sell his store.
say about Don (Scooter) Williams who has called on them       He is well known and well respected
as their Lottery Field Representative for many years.         in his neighborhood but according
                                                              to Ashok it is time for a change. He
                                                              is grateful for the Lottery. He brought
                                                              the Lottery into his business as a
                                                              draw for customers and to provide a
                                                              neighborhood service. Ashok recalls his largest winning
                                                              ticket was a $10,000 Powerball winner.

   4    TICKET TALK Issue 37 • delottery.com
10-YEAR RETAILERS                                                 BODIE’S MARKET #2 – MILTON
                                                                  Danny Lynch, Store Manager, has
ACME – SMYRNA                                                     been with Bodie’s for 11 years. He
Felicia Panzera, Store Director,                                  said Lottery definitely helps with the
has only been in her position for 4                               foot traffic but it is the relationships
months at this location but she has                               that he builds with the players that
already seen a positive impact from                               really produce success. “The best
selling Lottery products. She has                                 feeling is when I get a customer who
enjoyed interacting with the regular                              knows they have won something when they come in, but
customers that frequent the store                                 they are not sure what,” said Danny. “They check the
on a daily basis. Felicia said, “it is                            ticket and it turns out to be a big winner.” This scenario
more like a social thing for regulars. It is a way of getting     happened recently with an elderly woman who won
out of the house, but I really enjoy them.” Acme is very          $10,000 on a $10 instant ticket.
supportive of Lottery products being offered in its stores
and it is reflected in their customer service and sales at        BODIE’S MARKET #3 – GEORGETOWN
this location.                                                    Store Manager, Ed Palacio, has
                                                                  been with Bodie’s Market for 16
BODIE’S MARKET (OM SHIV, INC.)                                    years. He has seen significant
Ashok (Al) Patel, Owner, acquired                                 changes in technology and higher
Bodie’s Market in 2001 and said                                   price points with the instant product
Lottery is a value added piece of                                 line, both of which have helped
selling inventory in their stores.                                spur growth in their sales. “Lottery
Ashok says it is a must have—a                                    customers increase our inside sales in that they always
core piece of their business model.                               buy additional items when purchasing Lottery tickets,”
And, in this economy, everything                                  said Ed.
counts: gas, cigarettes, soda, candy
and Lottery. He likes how the Lottery and their business          BODIE’S MARKET #4 – SELBYVILLE
partners are like family, they are all working together           Kelly Truitt, District Manager, has
to be successful. Al is pictured with his staff from the          been with Bodie’s Market since
corporate office.                                                 1979. Kelly began her tenure
                                                                  serving as Store Manager at several
BODIE’S MARKET #1 – MILLSBORO                                     locations, so she has basically been
Ken Messick, Store Manager, said                                  in the Lottery business since Lottery
that his store benefits from Lottery                              began. Kelly told us that the Lottery
with loyal foot traffic and repeat                                is a very important part of the Bodie’s business model.
business, which are both very                                     “We see increased foot traffic and an increase with other
important to business. He also                                    inside sales.” Kelly feels the advances the Lottery has
likes playing from time to time, but                              made with technology has also helped with the sales
really doesn’t have a favorite game.                              due to the ease of which transactions now can be made.
After 8 years of being with Bodie’s Market, he still sees         Kelly looks forward to continued business success with the
potential for growth. “Lines may not be as long as they           Delaware Lottery. Kelly stands in for Selbyville location
used to be with big jackpots, but the interest is still there,”   Store Manager, Janet Sokalczuk.
said Ken.

                                                                        delottery.com • Issue 37       TICKET TALK      5
BODIE’S MARKET #6 – DAGSBORO                                   and they try to capitalize on it. They said that if you can
Store Manager, Laura Hitchins, gets                            accommodate the customer, other inside sales will benefit.
a kick out of her customers. Some                              They also admitted it may be trying at times but it also can
have their superstitions, for example,                         be very fun and rewarding.
not wanting to buy the first or last
ticket from an instant ticket pack.                            D & H LIQUORS
“They keep the day interesting and                             Kirit Patel came to Delaware from
thus you get to know them on a                                 Pennsylvania 10 years ago and
personal level and that keeps them coming back to your         entered the liquor business at this
store,” she said. Laura has been with Bodie’s Market for       location. He wanted to sell Lottery
13 years.                                                      at D&H because he learned from his
                                                               store in Pennsylvania that Lottery is a
BRANDYWINE LIQUORS                                             good draw for customers. Kirit’s store
Palash (Paul) Gupta and his partner                            is in a very eclectic neighborhood of
have developed a good business at                              large new homes and older neighborhood families.
this location in the past 10 years.
He brought in the Lottery to give                              DOVER SUPER SODA & DELI
people a reason to choose his store                            Parin and Anna Patel started their
over others in the area that do not                            business in 2000. It was their first
provide Lottery as a service. He is                            business in Delaware. They chose to
looking forward to continuing to                               become a Lottery retailer to create
grow over the next 10 years.                                   a one-stop shop for their customers.
                                                               “The Lottery has definitely helped our
CEDAR CREEK GENERAL STORE                                      business because Lottery customers
Gene Poppitt and son Gene, Jr.                                 cross over and purchase other
opened their business on June 15,                              products in our store,” said Parin. Their main goal is to
2000. They came from a family                                  make their customers happy, which they do a great job as
background that owned a little sub                             reflected in the growth of their business. They recently sold
shop in Wilmington, which inspired                             a winning $10,000 Powerball ticket that created a lot of
them to open a sub shop in Sussex                              buzz in their store.
County. To drive as many people
to their store as possible, they sold products such as bait    GETTY MART
and tackle and of course the Lottery, too. They felt Lottery   When Uppal Patel, Owner, opened
products would give them the sales boost they needed.          his store in 1993 no one else sold
Gene attributes his success to his personality. “You have      Lottery in the area. When Route 1
to have personality to be a seller,” said Gene. He is good     opened (many years after), it had a
at persuading his Lottery customers to purchase other          major impact on his business. Uppal
products. Although Gene is a good businessman and              retired from Chrysler in 2007 and
loves being a Delaware Lottery Retailer, his true passion is   began devoting more of his time
fishing.                                                       working in his store. He has been
                                                               trying to recover from the effects of the economy but he
CUMBERLAND FARMS #9805 –                                       attributes the Lottery products as a solid source of revenue
CONCORD PIKE                                                   that has sustained throughout. Although he had to reduce
Jackie Stack, Store Manager, and                               his store hours from a 24/7 operation, with the insight of
Lisa Young, both feel Lottery is                               some upcoming changes, he is hanging on with the hope
a convenience for the customers                                to rebound back in 2012.

   6    TICKET TALK Issue 37 • delottery.com
PENCADER DISCOUNT LIQUORS                                      SAFEWAY #4030 – GLAGOW
When owners Sarah and Nick Patel                               Nicole Anatuzio, CSM, enjoys
opened Pencader Discount Liquors                               having Lottery products in her store.
in 1997, they were no strangers                                “It helps create repeat customers,
to operating a business. Pencader                              which helps our business as a
was their second liquor store and                              whole,” said Nicole. She also notes
they operated a Hallmark store in                              that the Lottery customers appear to
New York and Ocean City before                                 really like the higher price points of
retiring to Delaware in 1990. Sarah
                                                               the instant product.
was very excited when they began selling Lottery in this
location because it brought a lot of customers into the
                                                               SUNOCO A-PLUS - ELSMERE
store. They have a loyal player base that has maintained
over the years, but the economy and competition has had        Jiten Desai has a long history with
its effect. Sarah keeps hoping to have a big winner in her     the Delaware Lottery, from Dover
store but until that time comes she will continue to promote   to Elsmere to Wilmington. Jiten and
the Lottery products and keep her customers happy.             his wife currently own two Sunoco
                                                               locations. When asked why he sells
ROYAL FARMS #110 – DOVER                                       the Lottery in his stores, Jiten does not
Rick Henry, Store Manager, is new                              hesitate to let you know that the more
to the Lottery business but he already                         services you offer to people, the more
sees the benefits of selling it. He is                         they will choose your location over another.
amazed with the relationships that                             His two locations on Kirkwood Highway have tremendous
can be built because of the Lottery.                           competition but Jiten always remembers his customers, many
“It not only increases your foot traffic,                      by name, and he always engages with them in conversation.
but it brings repeat foot traffic,” said                       He looks forward to the next 10 years with the Lottery.
                                                               SUPER FRESH #562 – CLAYMONT
ROYAL FARMS #114 –LAUREL                                       Assistant Manager Joe Engle knows
Store Manager, Jerry Linton, sees the                          the value of his Lottery customers. He
Lottery assisting his coffee sales and                         perceives the Lottery as a convenience
impulse buy sales. “It’s really about                          product as well as driver for cross
building that rapport with those
                                                               purchases in his store.
customers,” he said. Jerry thinks that
having winners also helps to drive
                                                               SUPER FRESH #559 – REHOBOTH
traffic. This past summer he had a
                                                               Bunny Fountain, CSM for the Super
$1,500 instant ticket winner and
                                                               Fresh’s Rehoboth location, has sold
word spread, which brought more people into his store.
                                                               Lottery for a very long time and it’s
Jerry still sees some increased traffic with big jackpots as
well, so he’s interested in how the new $2 Powerball will      still something she enjoys doing. She
help in that area.                                             says between the customers who like
                                                               things a certain way, the promotions
SAFEWAY #3040 – BRANDYWINE                                     the Lottery offers to its customers and
Tammy Kinsey, CSM, thinks the                                  retailers, the new games and technology
technological advances and the                                 and the winners, you are constantly engaged. “Having Lottery
higher price points of the instant                             is a convenience for our customers, and our customers are
products have helped sales                                     everything to us,” said Bunny.
tremendously. And, she is curious to
see what affect the Powerball price
increase will have on sales.

                                                                      delottery.com • Issue 37          TICKET TALK   7
      •	      FailSafe®	is	a	system	that	enables	the	Lottery	to	provide	a	secure	keyless	entry	validation			
              method for instant tickets to its retailers and players.
      •	      All	the	Failsafe®	instant	validation	information	is	placed	within	a	dimensional	2-D	style	bar		
              code imaged under the scratch-off play area.

      •	      Faster	Validation	for	Retailers
      •	      Player	Protection

      •	      In	the	near	future,	FailSafe®	2-D	bar	codes	will	be	imaged	under	the	scratch-off	play	area	on		
              instant tickets.
      •	      Later	in	the	year,	the	FailSafe®	validation	system	will	be	implemented.	
      •	      Both	validation	systems,	existing	validation	method	and	the	FailSafe®	validation	method	will		
      	       function	simultaneously	for	awhile	-	one	year	after	the	last	non-FailSafe®	instant	game’s	
              announced end of sales.


  PHASE I of the Keep ‘Em Full Mystery Shopper
  Program is complete. The program launched in
  November 2010, beginning with Corporate Account
  visits and ending with the remaining Independent
  Retailers. During the program over 550 retailers were
  visited and approximately 71% of retailers had their
  Instant Ticket bins full. More than 1,200 gifts were
  awarded to clerks on the spot for having their Instant
  Ticket Bins full at the time the Mystery Shopper visited.

  The Lottery congratulates those lucky stores that had
  their bins full and for those that didn’t quite make it,
  don’t get disappointed, you will have another chance
  in the next phase of the program.

  STAY TUNED for the details of PHASE II of the
  beginning in the FALL 2012..... BIGGER AND BETTER!

  8   TICKET TALK Issue 37 • delottery.com

 It’s time to warm up those fingers! The XFingers Challenge is back.
 This is your chance to win up to $1,500 and other great prizes.

 All Preliminary Round attendees will receive a FREE T-shirt and a $1 instant game. Plus, you’ll get to spin
 the prize wheel to win a chance in the “Lottery Money Machine” or other great prizes!

 April 17th – Kent County, Delaware Corporate Training Center Dover (9am – 7pm)
 April 18th – Sussex County, Atlantic Inn Millsboro (9am – 7pm)
 April 19th – New Castle County, Delaware Tech Stanton (9am – 7pm)

 Prizes Per County: First Prize $500, Second Prize $200, Third Prize $100, Fourth Prize $75
 and Fifth Prize $50.

 May 3rd – Modern Maturity Center, Dover, DE

 Prizes: First Prize $1,000, Second Prize $400, Third Prize $200, Fourth Prize $150
 and Fifth Prize $100.

 *Watch for more details in your monthly mailing!

                                                               delottery.com • Issue 37       TICKET TALK      9
                      NEW RETAILERS AS OF JANUARY 4, 2012

 Westgate Wine and Spirits                 Cheswold News & Tobacco                Star Liquors
 Georgetown Pharmacy                       Kwik Liquor                            University BP
 Miller Road Liquors                       Royal Farms #121                       Rambleton Liquors
 Beer Wine Liquor                          United Check Cashing-Bear              Academy Hill Deli & Grocery
 Ho Ho Mart                                Hazzard’s Savannah Stop                Airport Discount Liquors
 Elite Liquors                             Penn Bantam Market                     Dash In #7496
 Lancaster Discount Liquors                Meadowood Mobil

          We need your help in educating our               And, the POWER PLAY® feature is still
          players about the new $2 POWERBALL®              available for an extra $1 per play.
          game! If your players ask what they’re           For that extra dollar, players have the
          getting for their extra $1, you can tell them:   chance to win $2 million cash and 7
                   - A $40 million starting jackpot        other set cash prizes.
                   - A $1 million Match 5 second prize
                   - Better overall odds (now 1:31.8)

                   INSTANT GAMES COMING SOON!

Wish Bone$ (Game 585), Big Bills (Game 588), Baseball (Game 589), and Line ‘Em Up Cash Word (Game #590)

10   TICKET TALK Issue 37 • delottery.com
                                                                                     TOP RETAILER

             Top Ten Delaware Lottery Retailers, Sep 2011 – Dec 2011
      Congratulations to all of our top ten Retailers for Instant Game and On-Line Game sales in each county!

                ON-LINE GAMES                                               INSTANT GAMES

KENT COUNTY                                                KENT COUNTY
Smyrna News & Tobacco                 Smyrna               Smyrna News & Tobacco                  Smyrna
Harrington Raceway and Casino         Harrington           One Stop                               Milford
Stop & Shop - White Oak               Dover                Mike’s Food Mart                       Dover
Benbow’s Package Store                Dover                Milford Plaza Cigarette Outlet         Milford
Milford Plaza Cigarette Outlet        Milford              New Doris’ Market                      Marydel
Mike’s Food Mart                      Dover                Royal Farms #139 - S. Dover            Dover
Stop & Shop - Walker Rd               Dover                US Gas & Lucky 7                       Dover
One Stop                              Milford              Cigar Cigarette & More
Shore Stop #255 - Greentree           Dover                Dev 1 Sunoco                           Milford
The Colonnade Marketplace             Dover                Stop & Shop - Walker Rd                Dover

SUSSEX COUNTY                                              SUSSEX COUNTY
General Store                         Angola               Daily Market                           Lewes
Daily Market                          Lewes                General Store                          Angola
Bodie’s Market #1                     Millsboro            Uncle Willie’s                         Lewes
Super G #389                          Millville            Bodie’s Market #1                      Millsboro
Bodie’s Market #4                     Selbyville           Super G #389                           Millville
Bodie’s Market #2                     Milton               RAM Deli Market, Inc.                  Laurel
Bodie’s Market #3                     Georgetown           Shore Stop #222                        Bethany Beach
Delmar Liquors                        Delmar               Shore Stop #254                        Angola
Back Bay Tobacco                      Millsboro            Bodie’s Market #3                      Georgetown
Shore Stop #294                       Fenwick              Stop & Shop                            Dewey Beach

NEW CASTLE COUNTY                                          NEW CASTLE COUNTY
                                                           Tobacco Time                           Bear
Tobacco Time                          Bear
                                                           Books & Tobacco, Inc.                  Wilmington
Books & Tobacco, Inc.                 Wilmington
                                                           Claymont News and Gifts                Claymont
Airport News & Tobacco                New Castle
                                                           Books & News Plus                      Newark
Claymont News and Gifts               Claymont
                                                           Airport News & Tobacco                 New Castle
New Castle Shell                      New Castle
                                                           Boxwood Books, News & Tobacco          Wilmington
Country Farm - Miller Rd.             Wilmington
                                                           Delaware News Center                   Wilmington
Convenient Store                      Wilmington
                                                           Tobacco Store                          Bear
Books & News Plus                     Newark
                                                           C & D Liquors                          Wilmington
Boxwood Books, News & Tobacco         Wilmington
                                                           Elsmere Liquors                        Elsmere
Fairfax News                          Wilmington

                                                                  delottery.com • Issue 37       TICKET TALK      11
                                INSTANT TICKETS EXPIRING SOON
            GAME NAME                                                    GAME NUMBER                             EXPIRATION DATE
            7-11-21                                                      514                                     March 6, 2012
            Triple Bingo                                                 520                                     March 6, 2012
            Frosty Fun                                                   528                                     March 6, 2012
            Hundreds                                                     511                                     April 3, 2012
            Big Money                                                    513                                     April 3, 2012
            7UP, A&W and Crush                                           515                                     April 3, 2012
            Fat Wallet                                                   521                                     April 3, 2012
            Season’s Greetings                                           526                                     April 3, 2012
            Red, White and Green                                         527                                     April 3, 2012
            Cherry Twist                                                 524                                     May 1, 2012
            Cash Word                                                    532                                     May 1, 2012
            Cash Zone                                                    500                                     May 29, 2012
            Triple Red 777                                               518                                     May 29, 2012
            Cash Money                                                   523                                     May 29, 2012
            Fireball 7’s                                                 531                                     May 29, 2012
            Black Onyx 7’s                                               533                                     May 29, 2012
            Jumbo Bucks                                                  539                                     May 29, 2012

TicketTalk, an official publication of the Delaware State Lottery, is distributed periodically to licensed Delaware Lottery Retailers and others
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12      TICKET TALK Issue 37 • delottery.com                                                                                DOC# 25-07/12/2/1   Printed 2/12

The Delaware Lottery
McKee Business Park
1575 McKee Road, Suite 102
Dover, DE 19904-1903

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