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					Clever Cooking
Title: Author: Illustrator: Publisher: Select a cookbook that is easy to read and understand. Choose a recipe that you would like to prepare and share with the class and obtain your teacher’s approval. (Take the book home and consult with your parents before completing the assignment.) Cost and safety are important considerations, and the activity should be supervised by an adult. • In what category of food does your recipe belong? What made you choose this particular recipe? • What ingredients were necessary to prepare this food? Would you consider any of them to be out of the ordinary? • • What equipment was required? Did you have any difficulties in your culinary endeavor? Do you have any suggestions for a future attempt? • • Describe the end result of your cooking. How did it look, taste, and smell? Give a sample to each classmate, take a survey of opinions, and make a graph of the results. • Design a commercial type of packaging for your finished product. (An empty cereal box is a good beginning.)

Cherry Carl, 2007

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