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					                                                          Advancement Report - July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011

$10,000                                          Willie and Shawn Kennedy              St. Barnabas Church                 Merle Lynch
Anonymous                                        Robert and Jean Kloos                 Michael and Nancy Strick            Mozella Mansel
Louis and Jayne Geneva                           James and Joan McAuley                Edward and Mary Tatman              Ruth Martin
                                                 Hugh McLaughlin                       Mary Ann Theby                      Francis and Monica Martines
$1,000 to $9,999                                 Caleb and Edith Morris                John Yelenosky                      Russell and Toni Masetta
Assumption Human Care Needs                      North Coast Litho, Inc.               Walter and Sheila Zimmerer          Ed and Jeanne Maslar
Church of the Resurrection                       William and Barbara Oberdick                                              Raymond and Kathleen Mattie
Communion of Saints Special Fund                 John and Mary Rainsberger             Under $100                          Geoffrey and Jennifer Mearns
Congregation of Saint Joseph                     Brian and Cheryl Rice                 Gerald Arnold                       Raymond and Elizabeth Mendelsohn
Andrea Dean                                      Gregory and Molly Rochester           Thomas and Maureen Ashdown          Guy and Kathryn Mercer
Gesu Church                                      Rick and JoAnne Schenkelberg          Christina and Thomas Atzberger      James and Rosemary Nemeth
Paul and Susan Giannelli                         John and Emily Schetter               Willie and June Averyhart           Carolyn Oakes
Franklin and Kathleen Hickman                    Ss Cosmas and Damian Church           Lawrence and Dolores Badar          Diane Obringer
Thomas and Agnes Hoskin                          Christine Steenson                    Stephan and Karen Barski            Thomas A. Pekoc
Patricia Korcheck                                Christine and Jeffrey Suhaj           Richard and Carol Bell              Alenda Phillips
Elizabeth MacIntyre                              Frank and Barbara Tercek              Michael and Barbara Bohan           Frank Pikovsky
Mary Mudler                                      Phyllis and Lawrence Tomayko          Daniel and Cynthia Bomeli           Karen Raybuck
Musca Family Charitable Fund                     Dale and Karen Tschudy                Mary Ann Brennan                    George and Mary Ann Richardson
Douglas and Mary Powell                          Victor and Karen Turk                 George and Peggy Burke              Barbara Robinson
St. Columbkille Church Good Samaritan Ministry   Gerald Sgro and Heather Ways          Robert and Judith Cackowski         James Bruce Robinson
St. Dominic Church                               Robert Werner                         Kevin and Maryellen Callanan        Marilyn Rohde
St. John Neumann Church St. Vincent De Paul      Gregory and Mary Zenczak              Patrick and Margaret Campbell       Louis and Carmella Rosati
St. Rita Church                                  Richard Zivsak                        Bertha Cater                        Esa Davis and Darrel Rubin
Carol Twigger                                                                          Church of Our Lady of Peace         Mary Jo and Robert Salata
                                                 $100 to $199                          Norman and Louise Cox               Sue and Joseph Schaut
$500 to $999                                     Francis and Patricia Beam             Marilyn and Jane Cunin              Deborah Smith
                                                 Marguerite Bergan                     David and Mary Curran               Max Stark
James and Jean Biek
Nickolas Borchers and Lisa Factora- Borchers     Jessica Powell and Alf Bergman        Donald and Marielaine Deroia        Scott and Christine Stephens
Craig and Linda Brooks                           Donna Birkner                         Kenneth and Karen Djukic            Veronica Strickland
Children of Light                                Barbara Bolek                         Eleanor and Charles Dombrowski      Dennis Tellep
Richard and Dolores Christie                     Frances Burke                         Ann Dowdell                         William Thomas
Cindy and Terry Dean                             Harold Butler                         Michael and Linda Dudzinsky         Dolores Thompson
Michael and Veronica Leahy                       Joseph Callahan                       Angela and Norman Edwards           Frank and Mary Ann Tinus
                                                 Emil and Mary Centa                   Patricia Evans                      Carole and Larry Tremaglio
Jim and Frances Lissemore
                                                 Cleveland Rotary Foundation           John and Katharine Ewing            Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland
Shelly Peet and Robert Martinko
                                                 Aimee Convery                         Jacquelyne and Richard Fabian       Paul Waite
Michael and Catherine Mitro
National Property Maintenance LLC                Laforne Crumbs                        Thomas and Margaret Finucane        Thomas and Elizabeth Walker
                                                 Thomas Bowne and Hallie Dechant       Margaret Ann Freer                  John and Pauline Yedinak
Nordson Corporation
                                                 Francis and Jane Dinda                Cecilia Wong and Michael Fungsang   Jerome and Margaret Young
Joseph and Arline Nosse
Terence and Jennifer Sullivan                    John and Jane Favret                  Robert and Rosalyn Gaier
Robert and Dorothy Valerian                      Raymond and Mary Ann Freas            Ranelle Gamble                      We gratefully acknowledge gifts
                                                 Robert and JoAnn Green                Todd and Rosalind Gauchat           given in the name of the following:
$200 to $499                                     Stanley and Evangelia Gromek          Gesu School Sunshine Fund           In Honor of the Epiphany and St. Cecilia
                                                 Eugene Hicks                          William and Christine Goellner      Communities
Verna Bertagnolli
                                                 David Hoehnen                         Alice Graham                           Jim and Frances Lissemore
Mary Bowers
                                                 Loraine Huston                        Barbara Gustafson                   In Memory of Elmer Bockmuller
Cardinal Brokerage Insurance Agency, Inc.
Marcia Catalano                                  Jan Jones                             John Hannon                            Carole and Larry Tremaglio
                                                 Mary Ann Kannenberg                   William and Janice Hesselton        In Memory of Emiel J. Cool
Julia Cross
                                                 Margaret Krolikowski                  Alice Hinkel                           Gesu School Sunshine Fund
Rhonda Cross
                                                 Mark and Nancy Malangoni              Sharon Hite                            Raymond and Elizabeth Mendelsohn
Michael and Carin Cunningham
                                                 Eddie Miles                           James and Margaret Holland             John and Emily Schetter
Joanne Daniel
Jeanne and Kenneth Diamond                       Jane Miller                           Sr. Rosella Holloman, CSA           In Memory of Phyllis Edwards
Employees of the Financial/Legal Office          Marcia Leous and Paul Murphy          Evan and Meagen Howe                   Julia Cross
     of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland        Most Rev. Anthony Pilla               Henricus Johnson                       James and Margaret Holland
Epiphany School, Class of 1961                   Martin and Brenda Powers              Toni Johnson                          Patricia Korcheck
Gary and Joanna Graeff                           Marvin and Carol Pozdol               Jim and Donna Josefovic               Shelly Peet and Robert Martinko
                                                 Andrea Price                          Robert and Annamarie Kachurek
Thomas Griffith                                                                                                              Thomas A. Pekoc
                                                 Barbara Price                         Carole and John Kealy
Jane and William Hogan
Home Depot, Steelyard Commons                    Loral Ross                            Albert Kirchner
                                                 Kathy and Don Rynbrandt               John and Aileen Kopfinger           Other generous donations include:
Jan and Mark Hura                                                                                                          Clothing, musical instruments, games,
                                                 Charles and Susan Schenkelberg        Ron Krajewski
John and Mary James                                                                                                        computer equipment, office supplies,
                                                 Doug and Leona Scholle                Kathleen Krzywicki
Kappa Gamma Pi                                                                                                             household items and weekly food contributions
Doreen Kelleher                                  William and Nancy Seelbach            Anthony and Katherine Lamancusa
                                                 James and Eleanor Smith               Deborah Hahn and George Lupone      from Heinen’s and the Sai Center

                            The Thea Bowman Center is extremely grateful for the generosity of all of our donors and supporters.

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