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					                          HARLESTON MEDICAL PRACTICE

The Harleston Medical Practice has had a PPG since July 2007; it was originally started with
patients suggested by GPs, respondents from advertisements placed in local magazines, posters
in the surgery, newsletter, the website and word of mouth. I approached the local town council
and school regarding engaging younger patients.

As our population is predominantly elderly we have a high proportion of elderly participants,
however as the PPG has progressed and our virtual group was launched we have attracted
younger members.

Our group consists of 16 regular members who attend meetings and seven virtual members.
We meet approximately every six weeks and the virtual group receive all minutes and
paperwork for the meetings.

Practice Profile

There are 8950 patients on our practice list; 49% of our patients have their ethnicity recorded
the majority of which are White British.

                  Practice Population by 5 year age band : Source 'Exeter Registration System' (Oct 2010)






























                                                                                    Age Bands

                                                                                  Practice                       PCT Avg
              Weighted IMD (Index of Multiple Deprivation) Score 2007 - Practice at Ward level
                                   : Source

      10.00                                                                                 This practice, 11.57


                     This practice                     Lowest (Least deprived)                       Highest (Most deprived)   Average

Profile of PPG and VPPG members

Our group has 16 members, 7 male and 9 female whilst our virtual group has 7 members 2 male
and 5 female the age range for the members from both groups are from 21 to 60+. When
forming the group in 2007 we approached the local school and town council to try to encourage
younger members, at one point our group met in the local youth group mobile however we
have unfortunately been unable to gain the support of a representative proportion of the
young patients in the town.

Amongst our group we have:

Chronic disease patients
Patients from outlying villages
Retired patients
Links to the local clergy
Patients with links to local groups

It can be seen that the Group distribution is fairly consistent with the Practice Population with
slightly fewer younger patients, more middle aged and 75+ patients than would be expected.

The practice does not serve a large number of nursing home patients or a significant number of
patients with learning disabilities however we do believe that we have a very good cross section
of different interests and responsibilities that represent our practice population. To keep the
group a manageable size we can never be truly representative of all patients.

The combination of a face to face group and the virtual group ensures that we have
representation from the key sections of our community.
Issues for patient survey

Looking back over the minutes from previous meetings and taking various issues into account
such as: our vacancy for a full time GP; many new houses in the town (and planning for many
more); it is three years since our telephone system was changed and the surgeries merged it
was decided to gather patient views on:

      Patient booking preference
      Ease of telephone use
      Short term appointment booking for nurse and GP
      General satisfaction levels

It was decided to keep the survey short, general consensus was that we were more likely to
receive replies; a large area for comments was left at the end of the questionnaire.

Patient Survey

We sent out 100 surveys/1000 population (900), questionnaires were posted with chronic
disease invitation letters; put in with dispensary medication bags; given to the PPG members to
pass around; placed in the local tourist/information office; an invitation put in the newsletter
and local magazines to collect a questionnaire; notices and plenty of questionnaires in both
reception areas and dispensary area and advertised on the website. The survey ran from
November to Mid March.

The results were collected over the reception area and by post. All results were entered onto a
spreadsheet for easy manipulation. We received 238 returned questionnaires (2.6% of our
population), more pertinent were the comments, over half of the respondents commented,
these were analysed into a spreadsheet.

Once the results were analysed a copy was sent to each PPG and VPPG member, and to each
GP for comment.


Booking Preference                                      Booking with nurses

                                                                                  Haven’t tried
                                 In person                                        Very
                                 By phone                                         Fairly
                                 By fax                                           Not very
                                 No preference                                    Not at all
                                                                                  Don’t know
 Getting through on the              Speaking to a Doctor
         phone                          on the phone

                  Haven’t tried                             Haven’t tried
                  Very Easy                                 Very Easy
                  Fairly easy                               Fairly easy
                  Not very easy                             Not very easy
                  Not at all easy                           Not at all easy
                  Don’t know                                Don’t know

  Speaking to a Nurse on             Obtaining test results
        the phone                         by phone

                   Haven’t tried                               Haven’t tried
                   Very Easy                                   Very Easy
                   Fairly easy                                 Fairly easy
                   Not very easy                               Not very easy
                   Not at all easy                             Not at all easy
                   Don’t know                                  Don’t know

Failure to book an appointment within the next two working

                                           There weren’t any

                                           Times offered didn’t suit

                                           Appointment was with a
                                           Dr who I didn’t want to
                                           Another reason
                   General satisfaction with the surgery



                                                   Neither satisfied nor
                                                   Quite dissatisfied

                                                   Very dissatisfied

          Would you recommend your surgery to a friend?

                                                            Not sure
                                                            Probably not
                                                            Definitely not
                                                            Don’t know

The results were presented at the PPG Meeting on 14th March 2012 and have also been
published on the practice website.
Patient comments


About doctors                                       8
About staff                                         8
About surgery/treatment generally                   21

“we consider ourselves very lucky to be patients at such a superb surgery”

“The whole service is always excellent”

“Everything is as I would expect”

“All the doctors, nurses and staff are very helpful at all times”

“very boringly I have found everybody at the surgery very helpful”

“Quality service well done”


About appointments                                  49
About doctors                                       5
About staff                                         11
About the surgery/treatment generally               7
About continuity                                    5
About privacy                                       1
About the 5 minute late rule                        11
About the dispensary                                6
About disabled access                               2
About telephones access                             2

“The reception staff are very rude and not pleasant to talk to”

“No continuity with the same doctor, sometimes have to wait two weeks or see someone else.
The more the town expands the worse this problem will be”

“Over the past few years it has become increasingly difficult to get appointments when desired”

“I think it is unfair if we (the patient) are five minutes late we have to rebook but the doctors can
be over half and hour late and that’s Ok”

“Disabled toilets at Bullock Fair – almost impossible in a wheelchair”
“If you have an urgent problem you can be seen that day or the day after if you explain a little of
the problem but if it is not urgent then waiting two weeks for an appointment is sometimes
rather a long time”

Action Plan (see below)

The action plan is attached, the PPG has agreed we will meet again as planed every 6/8 weeks
and items will be reviewed as per the plan but also on an ad hoc basis. The items for the next
survey will be as this year with the introduction of question on the Out of Hours Service (OOH)
this will tie in with previous surveys carried out by the practice and the PPG regarding the OOH
service and the commencement of EEAs new contract for OOH in August.

All of the points raised in this action plan will be complete and reviewed by November

Patient Access:

      Wednesday 8.30 – 6.00 pm

      Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8.30 -6.30
      Saturday and Sunday - closed
      Out of Hours call 01379853217/852213 or 01603 488488


      Dr Paul Cronin - (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)
      Dr Garfield Morrison - (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday)
      Dr Julia Ford - (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)
      Dr Helen Kemp (Monday, Tuesday, Friday)
      Dr Alex Valori (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday)
      Dr Williams (Monday afternoon)

      You are able to see any GP not just your registered GP for a routine appointment.
       All routine GP appointments are based at the Bullock Fair Surgery, Bullock Fair Close.
      Nurses are mainly based at Paddock Road, one nurse is based at Bullock Fair Surgery
      Midwives, physiotherapists, dieticians, podiatrists and all other attached staff are based
       at Paddock Road Surgery, Paddock Road.
      GP appointments are 10 minutes long please do not bring more than two items to your
       appointment. If you are more than five minutes late you will be asked to rebook your
      If you no longer require your appointment please phone either 01379 853217 or 852213
       or visit the website to cancel it.
 Booking Appointments:

      To make an appointment please call either 01379 853217 or 852213
      To speak to a doctor 01379 853217
      To obtain test results either 01379 853217 or 852213 after 11.30
      To request a home visit 01379 853217 before 10am
      To contact the nurses, midwife, physiotherapist, dietician or podiatrist 01379 852213
      Call in to the reception at either site

      The dispensary is extremely busy please allow at least 2 working days (3 if you have
       medication that needs reauthorised with a GP) prior to collection.
      Town patients – we can send your prescription directly to the town chemist for you to
       collect please mark ‘chemist’ on your prescription.
      You can request a repeat prescription online at

      We have a regular newsletter please register online and it will be automatically emailed
       to you. Alternatively please collect a copy from either surgery it has many useful articles
       (back copies are available from the surgery)
      The practice information leaflet is also available from either surgery.
      If there is any other useful information you feel the patients should know please
       contact either Terri Clare on 01379 858907
We update our website regularly please visit
Action Plan

Area of Concern                              Method                                       Owner        Completion Review               Completed
                                                                                                       date       date
   1. Lack of book in advance                Employ a new GP Partner and Nurse            PC/GM/TC     March 2012      November
      appointments. Complaints that          Practitioner.                                                             2012
      patients have to wait two weeks to
      see the GP of their choice
   2. Telephone access – why do some         Increase communication/patient               TC/DP/PPG    July 2012       November
      patients perceive this as a problem    education via parish magazines, website,                                  2012
      whilst others have no difficulty       newsletters and word of mouth via PPG
                                             & VPPG members.
                                             Meeting with Telephony provider to           PC/TC        April 2012      September
                                             review service.                                                           2012
   3. Staff rudeness                         Increase staff training; utilize recorded    TC           July 2012       November
                                             telephone calls facility to train staff.                                  2012
   4. Lack of knowledge of the services      Increase communication/patient               TC/PPG       July 2012       November
      offered at each site and by Nurses     education via parish magazines, website,                                  2012
      and GPS                                newsletters and word of mouth via PPG
                                             & VPPG members.
                                             Change practice leaflet                      TC/DP        April 2012      June 2012
   5. Low satisfaction levels with           Increase appointments – point one will       All          July 2012       November
      practice                               improve this                                                              2012
                                             Improve telephone access – point two
                                             will improve this
                                             General dissatisfaction – all of the above
                                             should improve this

PC – Dr Paul Cronin (Partner), GM – Dr Garfield Morrison (Partner), TC – Terri Clare (Practice Manager), DP – Denis Pye (PPG Chair).

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