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Spelling Tic Tac Toe


									                                  Spelling Tic Tac Toe
Choose three activities to make a tic tac toe with your spelling words. When you
are finished, staple all of your activities to this paper and turn in to me by the due
Write the alphabet on a       Make an acrostic poem         Use all your words to
piece of paper. Under A,      for each word.                write a letter to
write $1.00. Under B,         Example:                      Superman or another
write $2.00, and so on.       S-shiny                       super hero.
Figure up the dollar          H-heeled
amount of each of your        O-open-toed
Spelling words.               E-Elements

Hold two different           Look at your words.           Design a pretty bookmark
colored markers, crayons,    Arrange the letters of        on thick paper. Write your
or pens in your hand. Copy   each word in alphabetical     list on the bookmark.
the words in your best       order. This can be tricky!
handwriting three times

Scramble all your words.     Make a word search            Write a story or poem
Give them to a friend to     puzzle on graph paper. Be     using all your words.
unscramble                   sure to include all of your
                             words. Give it to a friend
                             to solve.

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