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Tale of the Whale - Lahaina Yacht Club


									                            Tale of the Whale
                                              April, 2011
Newsletter of the                                                                             835 Front Street
Lahaina Yacht Club                                                                   Lahaina, Maui, HI 96761
E-Mail:                                                                           661-0191

              Boomvanger                                  Chili Cookoff

It was the Boomvangers Chili Cookoff and here’s the winning team. They were a new entry this year
and sorta stole the show. They won first prize for their chili and also won best motif. I wrote down
their names, but they may be in the wrong order. From the right is Anna Marie, who organized the
team, then Kawaiola, Nancy, Mohalapua and Nell. They called their chili Divalicious!

                     Second Place
 Second Place in the Chili Cookoff went to Bear
 Mulligan’s team with their “Tribute to Elizabeth
 Taylor” chili. With him is Lori Nunn, a partner in
 the 2nd place chili. The club was packed on this
 Sunday with chili tasting, hot dog eating and
 perhaps some cocktail enjoyment. The auction
 went very well with lots of donated items to bid
 on. There was a silent auction followed by a live
 auction with several volunteer auctioneers to
 keep it going.
Page 12                           April, 2011               Tale of the Whale

                      ****Calendar of Events****

          APR 5          MEMBERSHIP COMM 4:00 TO 5:30 PM
          APR 10         OPENING DAY - CANOE BEACH
          APR 12         BOOMVANGER’S MEET 5:00 PM
          APR 20         B.O.T. MEETING   4:00 PM
          APR 20         B.O.G. MEETING        5:30 PM
          MAY 2          MEMBERSHIP COMM. 4:00 TO 5:30 PM
          MAY 5          CINCO DE MAYO PARTY
          MAY 10         BOOMVANGER MEETING 5:00 PM
          MAY 14-15      SPRING WAHINE FISHING
          MAY 16         WAHINE AWARDS DINNER
          MAY 18         B.O.T. MEETING    4:00 PM
          MAY 18         B.O.G. MEETING          5:30 PM
          MAY 28         MAY REGATTA
Page 2                                             April, 2011                              Tale of the Whale

 Tale of the Whale is published now and then by the Lahaina                     Email Contacts
 Yacht Club, 835 Front Street, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii,96761.         Office Secretary - Mary Lou Kunkel
                   (808) 661-0191 (Office)                
                (808) 667-6211 (Bar & Galley)                       Club Manager - John Pope
 NOTE: Comments and/or opinions expressed herein are not
   necessarily those of the Officers or Management of the
                      Lahaina Yacht Club                            Newsletter Editor - Lynn Tenney
                                                                   LYC Logo Shop 888-434-2297
      To All The FLAPPERS and FOLDERS                                         GUEST CARDS
                FEBRUARY Issue                                          ARE CONVENIENT FOR YOUR
                                                                            SPECIAL VISITORS
Many thanks to Lynn and Steve Tenney, Glade Feike,
Sherian Bender, Ann Dubose and Lee Zordich for                     Friends or family visiting Maui? Guest cards
flapping and folding the February issue of the Tale.               are only $20.00 and valid for two weeks.
                                                                   With the use of the guest card they can
                                                                   enjoy the club as much as you do, without
                                                                   you having to be present to sign them in.
                                                                   Member must arrange for the card through
           2011 Board of Governors                                 the LYC business office. Call (808) 661-
                                                                   0191 or email Mary Lou at :
Commodore          Brian Blundell             870-9637    (24-48 hour notice,
email:                                     please)
Vice Commodore Jan Nolan                      870-7245                     2011 Board of Trustees
                                                                   Kent Knowley          801-913-5394
RC Sail            Dan O’Hanlon               276-3039             email:
email:                                            Chairman of the BOT

RC Power          Bear Mulligan               298-3253             Bob Herman            808-662-5859                                          email:

Fleet Captain     Curtis Robb                 276-2098             Bonnie West            269-0118
email:                                         email:

Port Captain      Ashley Olson                385-2963             Ron Wall               276-4565
email:                                         email:
Secretary        Mary Ann McNew               268-6422        Editor’s Note:                                           Thanks to all who contributed to this issue of
                                                              the Tale of the Whale: Mary Lou is always
Treasurer        Mike Sowers                   264-1962       right there. Thanks for photos from Shannon
email:                             Fields and from Mike Sowers. Thanks too for
                                                              sending in burgee pictures. Keep ‘em coming
Staff Commodore Bob Hofmann       283-6975                    and be sure to let me know where it is.
email:                             Aloha, Lynn Tenney
Tale of the Whale                                April, 2011                                     Page 3

                                                           OPENING DAY, 2011
             Brian Blundell

            Aloha Members,

I am pleased to report that the corporation
documents for our 501(c)(3) Non Profit have been
                                                                    Let the good times roll!
filed and accepted by the State Department of
Commerce and Consumer Affairs. The next step                   Canoe Beach in Lahaina!!
is to get the letter from the IRS recognizing our
non-profit. After receiving this letter we can start
operating as a non-profit. This Corporation is a                        The fun starts at
separate entity from the Lahaina Yacht Club and
its purpose is to raise funds for club activities such
                                                           11:30 am, Sunday, April 10,
as supporting the junior sailing program,                             2011
continuing education scholarships, and the
transaction of any or all lawful activities permitted
non-profit corporations pursuant to Hawaii                      Burgers, Brats, and Hotdogs with
Revised Statutes Chapter 414D. Basically, once                            condiments
in full operation, the Non-Profit can accept                      Chips, Dips and Beverages
monetary donations, and material donations, such                 Plates, Napkins and Flatware
as boats and other equipment. Upon accepting
the donation the nonprofit can issue the donor a
                                                                        Will be provided
letter that will allow him/her to use their donation
as a tax write off. Up until now any donations to          Please bring your favorite
the Lahaina Yacht Club were not tax deductable.
I hope that having the nonprofit will encourage
                                                           salad or dessert to share!!!
more people to contribute. We are still looking for
people to sit on this Board so if you are interested
please let me know of your intentions. I have
                                                               Don’t forget a comfortable
received several names from interested people                   beach chair and beach
and will be getting applications out to them shortly
                                                                      games too!!!
The other good news is that due to the hard work
of club manager John Pope and his staff the
February total income was almost 20% higher
than February 2010. Thanks John keep up the
good work.
                                                           ADVERTISE IN THE TALE OF THE WHALE
Members, don’t forget this is your club. Come in,        Bus. card size: 3 issues $45 -- 6 issues $75
volunteer your time and expertise, and savor Chef        1/4 page: 3 issues $85 -- 6 issues $150
Brad’s cuisine.                                          1/2 page: 3 issues $165 -- 6 issues $300
                                                         Full page: 3 issues $320 -- 6 issues $600

                                                                Email ad to
Page 4                                             April, 2011                             Tale of the Whale

               Boomvangers Corner
               Shannon Fields

            And the winners of the 28th Annual Chili
Cook-off are………… the STUDENTS!!!!!!
A huge mahalo to all who participated in the Chili
Cook-off held in the end of March. It was a wonder-
ful day and fun for all. New comers took first again
this year. There was no stopping the “Divalicious
Ladies” who in addition to winning first place were
also reconginzed for winning “Best Motif”. The
Divalicious Ladies also generously donated their first
place winnings to the scholarship fund. Second place       The Boomvangers had their annual Whale Watch
went to Bear Mulligan, a Chili Cook-off regular. Third     on February 27th. It was excellent timing and there
place was awarded to the ever so clever Chili              were lots and lots of whales to see. Shown on the
Chicklettes with their Combat Chili; these ladies also     boat, looking for whales, is yours truly, Lynn Tenney
took the “People’s Choice Award”. Thank you to all         and Boomvanger President Shannon Fields. It
the teams who competed. And a special thanks to            was a great outing!!
those who every year show up at the door steps of
the Club at 7:30 am on a Sunday morning to prepare           Right is shown a
chili from scratch for us to sample. With the                baby whale
generosity being the theme of the day the Boom-              breaching. It’s
vanger Ladies raised over $6000!!!! We can give              hard to catch,
several scholarships with that kind of money. Thank          but Mike Sowers
you to the guest auctioneers. It was a bit nervous at
                                                             got this one on
times as I was not sure about the outcome, but you all
                                                             film. Gorgeous
came through with flying colors!!! Most of the items
were auctioned off live and silent for close to their        day on the
retail value. Thank you to those of you who provided         ocean!!
items for us to auction. Times are tough and your
generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you to
everyone who made the day extra special by joining                       NOTE to the Membership.
us. If I have inadvertently forgotten someone the
Boomvangers send many mahalos your way!!                      LYC now has an AED (Automatic External
                                                            Defibrillator). It is a user-friendly device that can
The whales did their part in late February during our
                                                            automatically talk anyone through a circumstance
annual whale watch aboard the Kaulana. I guess
                                                            needing to restart someone’s heartbeat. The staff
even they too are enticed by wonderful music
performed by Scotty Rotton. Thank you Hedgie for            has been trained on it when they all got their CPR
assisting the Boomvangers with your donation in the         certification this year.
entertainment department. Thank you to all who filled
our tummies with your well received pupu                    certainly deserve it! You are always there to assist the
contributions.                                              Club in so many ways. LYC might look a little plain
The past couple of months are always a busy time for        without our decorations throughout the years. Thank
the Boomvanger Ladies. So Ladies, this is a special         you for all that you do!!
thank you to you! We could not do what we do if it          We have grown since the beginning of the year. I hope
wasn’t for each and every one of you. Please give           it is a trend that continues. So with that in mind please
yourself a pat on the back, high-five and kudos. You        join us on the second Tuesday of the month at 5pm at
                                           continued-->     the Club for the Boomvangers’ meeting.
Tale of the Whale                                 April, 2011                                    Page 5

                                VALENTINES PARTY
                                             Left: John Domingo,
                                             Lethe Wilde and Bear
                                             Mulligan enjoyed the

                                             Right: Lori and Bobby
                                             Powers (outside) with
                                             friends Jeff and Delia
                                             DeLapp from Idaho.

                                          Left: Diane and Mike
                                          Sowers with the
                                          props that Suzanne
                                          provided at her table.
                                          Diane has a rose,
                                          Mike a dragon fruit.

                                          Right: Marina and
                                          Keith Dinsmoor (out-
                                          side) with Suzanne
                                          and Norval Ayers.
                                          Notice the great
                                          centerpiece     that
                                          Suzanne made!

Above: Joe and Ruth McKay on the right with                     .Above: Jannette and Kent Knowley with
visiting friends from the San Francisco Yacht Club.             friends from Salt Lake City - Joe and Jodi
They are Tim and Jane Parsons and Jean Hewey.                   Twiss. Looks like the ladies got leied.
The club was packed, the food was great and so
much red was being worn.
Page 6                                              April, 2011                          Tale of the Whale

                                                                     33rd -- 2011
           Jan Nolan

                                                                   SPRING WAHINE
The Port Captain and I went down to Lahaina Harbor

                                                                  FISHING TOURNAMENT
around 4pm on March 11 and watched the churning
water. We took a few photos of the ruined docks and

                                                                  Sat & Sun – May 14 & 15
then drove down Front Street. Wasn´t it fantastic to
see the Club open for business that day? It is with
great pleasure (and no small relief) that I am able to
report that we still have a ´House and Grounds´ after
                                                                    LAHAINA HARBOR
the tsunami! The moorings will be checked as soon
as it can be arranged, and any damages will be                            Sponsored By
repaired. Snickers sustained only minimal damage.                       Lahaina Yacht Club
We have dodged another bullet, and can only hope
we continue to be this fortunate in the future- and that
Japan can recover as swiftly as possible.                             Tournament Director:
The series of five Beginners´ Racing Courses offered
                                                                          Donnell A. Tate
in February were a tremendous success. Twenty to                    667-9005 or cell – 298-5674
30 people attended the classes and many were able             
to get out on a boat to put theory into practice
immediately after each Saturday class. The classes
may have even encouraged a few people to become
new LYC members.
Speaking of sailing: Opening Day, the traditional kick-
off to the regatta season, is on April 10 at Canoe
Beach. I am looking forward to seeing everyone
there and sampling all the dishes that everyone
contributes. If you cannot make Opening Day, then I
will hope to see you at the club for Cinco de Mayo!

     CINCO DE MAYO                                          Jerry (Gerald) Blaine, suthor of “The Kennedy

                                                            Detail”, and former Secret Service Agent to three
                                                            presidents, recently visited the Lahaina Yacht

      May 5th (Duh)
                                                            Club. He was on the island for book signings
                                                            and lectures at Barnes and Noble and other
                                                            locations.     Pictured with him are three
                                                            newspaper publishers: (from the left) Dick
    Make Reservations Now                                   Naffsingen, Walter McKinney, Jerry Blaine and
                                                            Denny Smith.

                                                            The book jacket says “JFK’s Secret Service
                                                            Agents Break Their Silence”
Tale of the Whale                            April, 2011                                      Page 7

                                ST. PATRICK’S PARTY

                                        Left: Lisa Franco,
                                        Dave (it’s my birthday)
                                        Chagolla and Colleen

                                        Right:  Phyllis and
                                        Steve Dolan on the
                                        outside with Jo and
                                        Butch Kincheloe in
                                        the middle.

                                     Left: It was great to have
                                     Trevor Jones back for the
                                     event. He’s always fun!

                                     Right: Victoria and Steve
                                     Andrews      with   Tracy
                                     McIntyre & Lars Bertelson.

     Judy Lauridsen and Bo Petty                                             Dianna Williams and Susan
     were decked out in green. She       Stan Anderson already had a         Onderko enjoyed the party.
     even had a green hat for the        t-shirt that said “I survived the   Cute little green skirt,
     occasion.                           March 11th tsunami”.                Susan!
Tale of the Whale                                      April 2011                                            Page 8

                                                                Aloha all, here at The Lahaina Yacht Club we do our
              Port Captain                                      best to abide by all the many rules and regulations
              Ashley Olson                                      governing our business. Recently there has been
                                                                some questions and confusion regarding “Service
Aloha everyone! Can you believe it is already                   Dogs”.     After much research for clarification
April??? Opening Day- Sunday April 10- is just days             purposes, we have come to the following conclusion;
away as I write this. Frank Hanson will be up early                  SERVICE ANIMAL ACCESS TO CLUB
once again this year to reserve our spot at Canoe                              PROPERTY
Beach- thank you SO MUCH, Frank!!!- and
volunteers will be getting things ready for an 11:30 am         “Service Dogs” (Service Animals) assist individuals
start. As I mentioned in the February Tale of the               with physical disabilities by performing tasks such as
Whale, we’re going back to the good ol’ days this year          opening doors, pulling wheelchairs, retrieving
and attendees are asked to bring a salad or dessert             dropped items, turning on and off lights, performing
to share and a beach game (or two!) to add to the fun.          tasks for persons with traumatic brain injury such as
 The club will be providing burgers, hotdogs and brats          reminding a person with depression to take
with all the fixins’ as well as chips, dips and                 medication or waking him up or alerting a person with
beverages. As always, everyone should bring a                   anxiety to the onset of panic attacks.
beach chair and be ready to enjoy the day. Don’t                Not to be confused with…
forget, the clubhouse is closed on Opening Day.
                                                                “Assistance Dogs” such as Skilled Companion or
As soon as we clear everything away from Opening                Social Therapy Dogs or Seizure Response Dogs or
Day, we’ll need to look for our ‘sombreros de fiesta’,          Facility Dogs.
because Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner.
                                                                Most of the time, people with disabilities that use
And with the new school schedule (last day for kids is
                                                                service animals may be easily identified without any
Thursday, May 26), Junior Sailing isn’t far behind. I
                                                                need for questioning. If we can tell by looking, it is
guess that means we need to start thinking about fire-
                                                                our policy not to make an individual feel unwelcome
works and picnics for the Fourth of July! Is it me, or
is this year just screaming by?                                 by asking questions.

Hope everyone had a safe and comfortable place to               If we are unsure whether an animal meets the
wait out the annual tsunami warning. I probably                 definition of a Service Animal, it is our policy to ask
shouldn’t make light of it- once again, we were lucky           the individual, “Is your animal a service animal
to sustain no loss of life and, truly, only minimal             required because of a disability?” If the answer is
damage. I waited it out with our BOG Secretary, Vice            yes, we will ask, “For what specific task was the
Commodore and 2010 Volunteer of the Year (among                 animal trained?” If the animal was trained specifically
others) and considered myself fortunate to be in such           for that disability we will welcome them in as well, and
cheerful good company. The second tsunami                       allow their Service Animal entry. The animal must
warning in only 13 months does point out the need for           remain on the floor next to the individual, not on a
a workable and more formal emergency plan for club              chair or in their lap.
assets (eg boats) to be formulated ASAP. It was                 Please accept our apologies for the necessary clari-
amazing to see the swirling harbor waters and                   fication and to those this might affect. If any
missing dock planks, though again, I am grateful it             questions, please contact Club Manager John Pope.
wasn’t any worse- and seeing the club open for
business on the 11th was a relief, too.                     forward to my next column for the Tale- the VicMaui will
Lastly, keep your eyes peeled for treasure- Queen’s         be less than a year away, and the Junior Sailing
Treasure, that is! Our own LYC Vice Commodore will          program will be well under way. Who knows- given the
be leaving for St. Croix soon to see her sailing            success of the Adult Sailing program in February, we
catamaran splash later this month, and it will be here      might have some beginning sailor grown ups out in the
this summer!                                                Sabots! Whatever the next couple of months bring, I
That’s all I’ve got for now, but I am already looking       hope they will find you happy and well! Until next time-
                                       Continued -->        see you at the Club!
Page 9                                          April, 2011                             Tale of the Whale

                                   CHILI COOKOFF

                                                              Joey Trevino, Julie Hensony and Skeeter
                                                              Stebbins made Green Flash chili (and it was
                                                              green- alright)
The Comeback Chili Chicklettes won third place for
their chili and also won the People’s Choice award.   There were
From left is Jean Marie Crinion, Lori Powers, Carol   several
Johnson, Carol Luff and Suzanne Ayers                 different
                                                      The one
                                                      shown here
                                                      is Doug with

  Cyclone Chili was created by Mike Atkinson
  and Staff Commodore Bob Hofmann

Having a good time after the auction
were John Domingo, Bill Carsten, Ed             All of the chili cookers assembled on the club stairs for
Bartholomew, and Dave Chagolla.                 a group photo op. Thanks for your hard work!!
Page 10                                           April, 2011                              Tale of the Whale

             NEW MEMBERS
         FEBRUARY - MARCH, 2011
   Stephen Anderson           Stan Dunn
  Jill Bidoczka               Marie Feiman
  Ben Bland 111               Philip Link
  Gary Cartwright

   James Curtis               Pat McLane
  Tracy Doherty               Ron Reade
  James Fulford               George Yule                 Where in the World is the LYC Burgee?
  Thomas Howie
                                                          RULES TO GUESS LOCATION
                                                          Members will have 30 days to submit the correct
                                                          answer via E-Mail to:
                                                          Make the Subject Line: Burgee Contest Answer
              LYC CREDIT POLICY                           (Failure to do so will result in deletion of E-Mail.)
"EXCEEDING CREDIT LIMITS -- If a member                   Not eligible to win on own photo submitted.
exceeds his/her credit limit, charging privileges shall
                                                          Random drawing from all correct entries received
be temporarily withdrawn (NO CHARGE LIST) until
that account is paid-in-full"
                                                          will choose winner.
Regular members cannot use their house charging           TO SUBMIT A PHOTO
privileges if they are past due or over their credit      Make sure that the burgee is in the foreground,
limit. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for bookkeeping        and a clearly recognizable place is in the back-
to clear your account. You may use a credit card,         ground. (No shots in the middle of the ocean!)
check or cash in the interim.
                                                          Include the correct answer on the back of the
Suzanne Ayers — Credit Committee Chairman                 photo or in the body of the E-Mail.
                                                          Send photo to Lynn at above address with
                                                          Subject Line: Burgee Contest Photo or mail photo
                 EIGHT BELLS                              to LYC -- Attention Newsletter Editor.

     .LYC member Monica Derks passed away                 FEBRUARY WINNER:
            March 5, 2011 on Maui.                        The correct answer to the February burgee photo
                                                          was in front of Bobby Flay’s restaurant on Times
Our condolences to Robert Derks and their family.
                                                          Square in New York. It was submitted by Steve
                                                          Taylor, a regular member from Lahaina. 2 people
                                                          guessed correctly and 3 others just said New York
                                                          City (not specific enough). Terry Warwick ( a
                                                          regular member from Lahaina) was drawn from a
    Please Put Names On Photos!!!                         hat as the winner
  We all want to know who they are!
                                                          Please continue sending in Burgee pictures
 Tale of the Whale            April, 2011                                      Page 11

         May, 1990 Issue of

    Cruising World magazine

Blue Morgan Yacht on the cover.

                                            Do we have your correct Email address?
                                             Please submit your current email address or                 updates to, call the club of-
                                            fice 808-661-0191, or fax to 808-667-2582.
                                            Kindly include your full name and member #

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