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					Preparing for Implementation

        January 24 – 27. 2011
 FJEP   Manual
• IEP and Forms Handouts

• Jump Drive
 Provide an online case management
 system for the FJEP projects with robust
 data tracking and reporting functionality.
   Paper and Online application options

   Automated confirmation of eligibility

   Offsite review and auditing of customer records

   Online tracking and editing of IEP, Case Notes
    and Training Activities

   Tracking of service dates, exit dates and
    retention activities
 March   31: End of Quarter 3, PY 2010-11

  • Begin use of new FJEP Forms

  • Continue use of existing paper IEP with customers

  • Data entry continues in existing system

  • Simultaneous data entry in CRD at identified sites
April 30, 2011 – (Target Date)
   Data migration from existing database to CRD

Early May, 2011 – (Target Date)
  Directive from Tampa Program Office to
   commence data entry solely into CRD.
  Project Staff login to CRD and review customer
May 15, 2011
   Last WIASPR Report is sent to DOLETA from the
    existing database

June 30, 2011
   Preparations of 4th Quarter data begin for the first
    WIASPR Report from CRD

August 15, 2011
   First WIASPR Report created from the CRD is sent
    to DOLETA
           Case Notes for entry into
 1. Prepare
 customer’s record:

  • Put case notes in an editable Word document in
    consecutive order.
  • Include the date of each case note entry in the
  • Include the initials of the author in the text
               Your login and project name will appear here

                               Add the author’s initials

Add this date to your entry.
   Each individual case note will need to be copied
    and pasted into a separate entry.

   Benefits:
    Each customer will have an up-to-date, chronological
     service history
    Improved continuity of services
    ‘My Office’ functionality for all users
   Prepare IEP and associated customer
 2.
 data for entry into CRD:
  • Put assessment results, IEP goals, and narrative
    accounts in an editable Word document in
    consecutive order.
  • Choose the applicable CRD section and fields
    for data entry (see IEP handout)
   3. Compile a list of relevant services and
    dates for your customer for later
    comparison with CRD and reports.
    • Enrollment date
    • IEP dates – creation and revisions
    • Training dates – classroom, OJT
    • Date of Last Service, or Exit Date
    • Retention status
    • Outcome and participation data

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