Group 1 - Acsu Buffalo by fjzhangweiyun


									 Zachary Zweifler
  Caitlin Gannon
Matthew Budzinski
  Amber Shields
  Kevin Mooney
  Background Of Project
 Matthew is currently an office assistant at Orchard
  Park Pediatrics- a group of doctors located in
  Orchard Park NY.
 Matthew is in the process of updating their medical
 Orchard Park Pediatrics currently uses a primitive
  system to keep track of its client information.
 They use paper filing systems for patient charts,
  doctor information, schedules, insurance
 Business Problem/Opportunity
 With the current technology available there is no need for
  Orchard Park Pediatrics to still be using paper filing
 Our database provides many benefits to the company and
  allows employees to access it wherever they are.
 It will make it easier to update and access information
 Our system includes quicker, easier, and more versatile
  access along with the use of tablet PC’s.
 Growing field of Electronic Medical Records gives us
  plenty of creative opportunity and real world
            Business Value
 It will allow MDs/NPs/and PAs access from home and
  the ability to use tablet software.
 The pediatrics office will use less paper, therefore saving
 Our database will allow for easy to use records that are
  updated regularly
 Maneuvering through the database is quick and easy as
  opposed to sorting through paper files which takes time
 Information is in one location, and there will be no more
  wasted storage space
 Inefficiency in sending faxes of paper information will be
        Database Design
 Our database consists of 5 tables including
  appointments, insurance, patients, and physicians.
 We have included 5 reports and multiple queries to
  support these reports
 It consists of three 1:M relationships.
 Presents a more complex system that includes
  medical charts, HMO information, account
  information, and immunization records.
   User Interface Design
 Main Menu which allows easy access to all forms
  and reports
 User friendly input forms make data entry simple
  and consistent
 Neat and professional reports to summarize the
  information in the database
 Input masks to keep information consistent
  Project Demonstration
 Link to Project:

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