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					                                                  Cinderella Bubble Blower #2289

                                                           USER’S GUIDE

             For Technical Support:                          385 Warburton Avenue
      Call our Technical Service Department             Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706
  Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST)       Tel. 914.478.0960 / Fax 914.478.7030
      1-800-TEC-TOYS or 1-800-832-8697           
Activate your capability switch and watch your bubble Princess or            5. When finished playing with Cinderella Bubble Blower turn OFF to
Spiderman blow a stream of bubbles. Great for increasing visual                 prevent battery drain.
tracking! Cinderella Size: 7 1/2"H x 8"W. Requires 2 C Batteries.
Spiderman Size: 7"H x 7 1/2"W x 5"L. Requires 3 AA Batteries.
1. The Cinderella Bubble Blower requires 2 C batteries (Not included)        Problem: Cinderella Bubble Blower does not function correctly.
   to operate. Use alkaline batteries only (e.g. Duracell or Energizer
   brand). Do not use rechargeable batteries or any other type of            Action #1: Check that all the batteries are installed, following proper
   batteries because they supply lower voltage and the unit will not         (+) & (-) polarity. Also check that all batteries are fresh.
   perform properly. Never mix old and new batteries together or
   different brands or types together.                                       Action #2: Replace the batteries paying close attention to proper (+) and
                                                                             (-) battery polarity.
2. The battery compartment is located under Cinderella’s Fountain.
   Carefully turn Cinderella over to reveal the battery compartment          Action # 3: Make sure you have enough Bubble solution in the Bubble
   cover. Using a Phillips head screwdriver unscrew the cover screw          bottle.
   and install 2 C batteries, paying close attention to proper (+) and (-)
   battery polarity. Replace the battery compartment cover and secure        Action #4: Make sure that the connection between the external
   with the screw.                                                           capability switch and the jack is TIGHT. There should be NO gaps.

3. Attach the included Bubble Solution bottle to Cinderella’s Fountain,      Action #5: Try your switch with another switch operated toy/device in
   by turning it to secure in place.                                         an effort to rule out your switch as the source of the problems.

4. Connect Cinderella Bubble Blower to any external capability switch        Care of Unit:
   (not included) via the jack located at the back of the Cinderella’s       If you will not be using Cinderella Bubble Blower for an extended
   base. Cinderella Bubble Blower is equipped with a 1/8″ jack for use       amount of time, we recommend removing the batteries.
   with external capability switches with a 1/8″ plug. Make sure you
   have a tight connection. There should be no gaps.                         Cinderella Bubble Blower can be wiped clean with any household
                                                                             multi-purpose cleaner and disinfectant. We recommend Simple Green,
4. Cinderella Bubble Blower can be used with or without an external          which is a non toxic biodegradable all-purpose cleaner.
   switch. The Heart shaped push button ON/OFF switch is located in
   the front of the Fountain. When using an external capability switch,      Do not submerge the unit, as it will damage the contents and the
   the ON/OFF switch needs to be set in the OFF position. Actuate            electrical components.
   your external capability switch and the bubbles will start to flow!       Do not use abrasive cleaners, as they will scratch the surface of the
   Once you release your switch the bubbles will stop.                       unit.

                                                                                                                                              Rev 5/18/07

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