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									Hot market targets: Where to gain
success…(...with HDS!)
Philippe Fosse
VP Channels EMEA

6th of November 2008
Hitachi Spirit
     The Hitachi Group’s 7 industry segment

  Group Revenue by Industry Segment                                                (showing revenue in US$ billion)

Information & Telecommunication Systems                                Electronic Devices
                               US$ 21.2                                            US$ 12.3

         Financial Services     5%                                              Power & Industrial Systems
                      US$ 5                US$ 99.7
                                          日立の事業 24%
                                                                                                      US$ 23.5
Logistics, Services & Others   12%          billion
                    US$ 11.7

  High Functional Materials                                            Digital Media & Consumer Products
                   US$ 14.1                                                                             US$ 12

                                 All figures include Eliminations and Corporate items, FY2004/Consolidated basis
  Hitachi Group’s Industry Segments 1
  Information & Telecommunication Systems

Revenue               US$ 21,200 million (21% of Group total)

Main Products         Systems Integration, Software, Disk Array Subsystems,
and Services          Hard Disk Drives, Servers, Mainframes, PCs,
                      Telecommunication Equipment

  Disk Array Subsystem            Hard Disk Drive        ATM equipped with Finger Vein
for Large-scale Enterprise     (Hitachi Global Storage      Authentication System
   System/Data Center               Technologies)        (Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions)
FY07 EMEA Review

                   A Year of
                   RECORDS !
                   LEADERSHIP !!
                   and INNOVATION !!!
FY07 EMEA Review

   • Revenue 114% of FY06
   • Product    106% of FY06
   • Software 124% of FY06
   • CS/S       125% of FY06
   • GSS/MS     131% of FY06
   • Indirect   116% of FY06
FY07 EMEA Review

   • New account wins

   • New countries opened
      – Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Macedonia,…

   • Record shipments of USP V, USPVM & AMS
      • March 91x USP V; 42x USP VM
      • EDC emptied December and March
      • Record shipments from HICEF
   • Strong Software Growth and Achievement
FY07 EMEA Review

   • HNAS and HCAP gathering Momentum
      – HCAP – Accenture, Scandia, Samba, Baumax, AKH, ABN
        AMRO, IFG Bank, Gebrüder Weiss, Och Ziff, Leica
        Geosystems, Barry Callebaut

      – HNAS – Caisse d’Epargne, Migros, Datev, EMAAR, ATOS IGN,
        Lukoil, Telenor, ENI

   • Channel Targets exceeded
      – Record Indirect achievement 115% AOP
      – Record SMS achievement 100% AOP
 Company Strategy and Direction
 Putting All the Pieces Together

Company Culture + Alignment = Success
 Our Goals

• Become #1 enterprise storage market vendor

   – Grow High End market share from 19% to 30% (HDS & SUN) in
     the next 24 months

• Become top 3 modular storage vendor by 2010

   – Move from a marginal player in Modular to having double digit
     market share in the next 24 months

• Become top 3 file based storage vendor by 2010

   – Move from a marginal player in file based storage to having
     double digit market share in the next 24 months
     EMEA Priorities in FY2008

      Coverage/Sales                           Wallet Share New Footprints
                          Qualified Wallet Share                  New Footprints        Operational
        Execution         Pipeline                                                       Efficiency

SUN Partnership                               Growth RegionsGrowth Regions
                       File ServicesFile Services                Global Accounts     Software/
     Hot markets:
     Exploding Unstructured Data Growth

Total Digital Archive Capacity, by Content Type – Worldwide (TB)







                                     2007         2008
                          2006                             2009
                 2005                                              2010

    Hot markets:
    Opportunities in Unstructured Data

20% Structured Data (databases, transactional, data warehouses)

80% Unstructured (objects and files) and Semi-structured (e-mail) Data

 Less than 4% of unstructured data is managed through content management….and shrinking

 Unstructured Data is growing at 10X the rate of Structured Data (Files, Email, EDocs, Voice, Content)

 2,272 PB of Unstructured Data Today, 20,000PB in 2010…Most is dormant after 90 days. ESG.

Value of the File….Content Is King

                                                                     File Attributes
 File Attributes help basic classification
 Content Attributes (Metadata or Tags) enables extra
  classification, extra descriptions                                                   Content

 Content inside the file enables text
  searching…informational value
 Hitachi Data Systems Business Strategy:
 One Platform For All Data
                                                                     Unstructured Data
Structured Data/RDB, Apps                                    (Files, Metadata, Content)

 High-end Enterprise Application / DB          Archiving/Object/Content Level
                                               Awareness / Web 2.0
   • Tiered Storage/Virtualization via USP
     and NSC hardware platforms                 • Foundation for open, scalable and
   • Common Protection Solutions                  integrated content solutions
   • Common storage management           COMMON
                                Storage Management
                                 Integrated Security
                               Dynamic Tiered Storage
                                   Data Protection
 Midrange Application/DB Enablement           NAS –
                                 Discovery & Search Two Key Segments:

   • NSC, AMS/WMS hardware                       • High Performance NAS
     platforms                                   • Focused on high throughput
   • Common storage management                     environments Standard NAS
   • Common Protection Solutions                 • Focused on file and print environments
    HCAP: The Active Archive Proposition

                      E-mail Archive    Document    File System   Home Grown          PACS
                        Software       management                  Application

•   Single platform supporting
    multiple applications
•   Common archive functions                                                                  Discovery Module
    across content types                                                         Result Set
     –   Data and metadata ingest
     –   Authentication and policies
•   Embedded full-text indexing
    and search
     –   All content in the archive
     –   Retrieve content
•   High-performance, scalable,
    and secure storage
HCAP: Customer View

      Open Solution                            WORM,
     Supports Unix and Microsoft
                                               Immutability, and

      file systems, can store         21
      standard file formats such as
      XML and HTML, and can                   Write once, read many
      leverage other Hitachi SAN               file system where content
      storage platforms                        is stored in an immutable
                                               format with the ability to
     Single Archive                           set file-level retention
     Name Space
                                              Simple Monitoring
     All objects are stored in a              and Management
      single, archive-wide global
      name space, a well                      Can be configured and
      understood paradigm                      monitored through a
     Open and easy to navigate
                                               Web-based interface and
      with standard tools and
      applications                             through SNMP
  World’s leading archiving solutions:
                      Software Partners Complete the Solution

      Email                            File                     ECM/ERM

  Health care                                                   Database

Security Info Mgt &

                                                                Call Center
HNAS Summary of advantages

  For your file serving and sharing needs –
  NAS delivers:

                    Customers Network The unstructured Content Highway

                      EASIER to manage
              MORE availability & exceed SLA’s
            BEST performance & growth capabilities
            LESS footprint, power and cooling cost

Reduce Complexity           Lower TCO            Increase Ease of Use    Exceed SLAs
Channels: What we have launched in FY 07

                  •   AMS 200 & Brocade 200 E Demo Programme

                  •   Focus on Education and Training

                  •   Major Focus on PX Performance

                  •   Launch Displacement Pilot

                  •   Enhanced Pre-launch Channel Readiness

                  •   Develop Strong Solution-focus Promotions

                  •   Strengthen Channel Communications

                  •   Partner Relationship Planning

                  •   Opportunity registration

                  •   Launch DOC for Channel Partners

                  •   Marketing bureau
Opportunity Registration Program Goals

                          •   Minimize channel conflict

                          •   Enhance joint field engagement
                               –   Drive open communication and good working relationships
                                   between our field and Partners’ sales teams

                          •   Increase win rate
                               –   Provide high visibility to track qualified end user opportunity

                          •   Provide a significant value for being
                              a TrueNorthTM Channel Partner

                          •   Support channel partner value
  Hitachi Data Systems
  Channel Marketing Bureau

• What: The Hitachi Data Systems Bureau offers a range of
  fully managed, co-branded campaigns available to Hitachi
  Data Systems channel partners
• Benefits: Channel Partners are provided with volume sales
  generation, sales pipeline, metrics and ROI stats on all
   – Partner can implement an effective lead generation campaign with limited resource
     and marketing skills

   – Generates real, actionable sales leads

   – Access to experienced marketers, who understand technology & channels

   – Detailed processes in place to ensure efficient and cost-effective implementation
    What is on offer?

•   A lead generation campaign co-branded with the reseller’s company
    logo, value proposition & local call to action
     – Outbound campaign - eshots and/or direct mail
     – Campaign web landing page
     – Online registration and collateral download tool
     – Telemarketing– 10 desk days
     – Supplementary campaign data
     – Data de-duping against TPS lists
•   Dedicated marketing resource & project management expertise
•   Secure password-protected project reporting, metrics & status updates
Virtualisation Campaign
    Marketing Bureau: Reporting

•   Hitachi Data Systems is focused on delivering marketing results
•   The reporting platform provides easy access to campaign results to
    help measure effectiveness of email and online campaigns
•   Hitachi Data Systems Bureau campaign web forms can be hosted on
    either a dedicated campaign server or the partner server
•   Reporting includes:
     – Email metrics
     – Data Capture metrics
     – Web Visitor statistics
     – Telemarketing leads
Partner Enablement Priorities: FY 08

                •   Launch TNCP 2.0

                •   Focus on Education and Training

                •   Major Focus on PX Performance

                •   Enhance Opportunity Registration

                •   Channel Solution Focus

                •   Enhanced Pre-launch Channel Readiness

                •   Develop Strong Promotions

                •   Strengthen Channel Communications

                •   Drive Preference for Channel Partners

                •   Partner Relationship Planning

                •   Launch EMEA Displacement Programme 2ndH

                •   Mid Market Demo Programme
TNCPP II – New Channel Program
           The New TNCPP II Program provides your Partners with a new
           set of program tools and policies that work together to help you
           grow total revenue at a faster pace. TNCPP II also provides
           continuity and consistency with many of the proven program
           features and policies you already know under TNCPP I.
           New financial compensation tools and policies
           TNCPP II provides you with a richer, more generous and flexible
           range of financial incentive tools. These new tools greatly expand
           CoOp and Back End Rebate incentives, while making Market and
           Channel Development Funds to fund special Partner needs.
           TNCPP II builds on top of what you already know
           TNCPP II preserves a great number of the features and benefits
           that already exist in the current award-winning TNCPP I Program.
           You and your Partners get new, revolutionary features and
           benefits, with minimum disruption to the world you and your
           Partners know and trust.
TNCPP II – Seamless VAR Partnership

                                                                                New                      New


Platinum Partners are         Gold Partners are           Silver Partners are         Bronze Partners are
storage solution              storage solution            Authorized resellers who    Authorized resellers who
providers or system           providers with a strong     focus on Hitachi Data       focus on a specific range
integrators with wide         presence in a local         Systems modular             of modular Hitachi Data
geographical presence         market, coupled to          products, solutions and     Systems storage
and expertise.                specialized application     services, emphasizing on    products and small and
                              expertise in vertical       small, medium and mid-      medium business
Must have dedicated           market solutions.           range storage markets.      markets.
storage practice, invest in
Hitachi Data Systems          They are required to        Silver Partners are not     Bronze Partners are not
certification and training,   invest in Hitachi Data      required to become          required to become
and offer custom              Systems certification and   technically certified nor   technically certified nor
development and/or            training for each of the    have to meet minimum        have to meet minimum
consulting services.          markets they serve.         purchase requirements.      purchase requirements.

Must meet minimum             Must meet minimum
purchase & certification      purchase & certification
requirements. See 2008        requirements. See 2008
Program Guide.                Program Guide.
    Quick Estimator Model Summary

•   Objectives of the Quick Estimator
     – Limited inputs required from the customer, just the usable capacity!
     – All other variables normally needed are adjusted from the capacity, and use
       industry averages, empirical data from several hundred HiReturn analysis
•   Excelcius and Workbook versions
     – PPT or Excelcius version uses slider bars, limits to input
     – Workbook can take all input, modifications or extractions
     – Both are functionally the same with all calculations
•   Primary Input Segments
     – Solution & Investment Summary
     – Current Capacity Information
•   Details and Override Segments (Optional)
     –   Current Capacity Information
     –   Financial Parameters
     –   Tiered Storage Parameters
     –   Other Current Parameters
•   Results
     –   Investment Appraisal Summary
     –   Break Even Analysis Graph
     –   Capacity Growth Graph
     –   4 year cost of CAPEX Storage Upgrades

The followings are available as Demo products:

               Essential NAS

                  AMS 200

                               AMS 2100

•   Valid from 1st of November 2008 till 31st of March 2009
    To celebrate the 13th October launch and barrier-breaking capabilities of our latest
    Adaptable Modular Storage line, we will be happy to reward each Partner sale as follows:
    Sell an Adaptable Modular Storage 2100 - Choose from a Sony PS3, Apple I-Touch or
    the latest European TOM TOM Satellite Navigation System.
                                                                                               Apple i-Touch
    Sell an Adaptable Modular Storage 2300 - Choose from a Sony PS3, a European TOM
    TOM Satellite Navigation System or an Apple Bundle (I-Touch PLUS Apple TV).
    There is no limit to the number that can be earned, simply register the sale using the
    navigation bar on the left, inputting the model number and choice of reward. We will
    communicate the progression and approval of the submission via email.

                                                                                               Sony Playstation 3

                                                                                                Tom Tom Sat Nav

You are our N°1 growth engine

Thank you for your continued

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