Chippewa Valley Bible Church facilities are available for rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, or other special celebratory dinners and events. We are excited to provide you a place to celebrate your wedding. This REHEARSAL DINNERS & RECEPTIONS Handbook has been prepared for your assistance in planning your special event. Please carefully read and consider the information presented. The guides and suggestions are intended to make your planning process and event day simpler and smoother. I. OUR FACILITIES CVBC has one room available for your use for special events and dinners. The Fellowship Hall can accommodate a maximum of 300 people. There is a kitchen located off the room. It has two stoves, one microwave, and two refrigerators. II. OUR ACCOMMODATIONS CVBC has tables and chairs available for your use. Please consult with your wedding coordinator as to what is available at the time of your event. Set-up and put-back of tables and chairs is the responsibility of the persons signing the contract (page 4) or assigned responsible persons. Set-up of tables and chairs can usually be done on Thursday or Friday the week of your event (assuming a weekend event); check with church office staff or your wedding coordinator to confirm a set-up time for your event. Put-back of tables and chairs needs to be finished, and approved by the wedding coordinator, before leaving the church premises on the day of your event. If you require more or different tables or chairs than are available by CVBC, you are responsible for rental, delivery, set-up, take-down and return of all items. III. OTHER ITEMS OF SPECIAL INTEREST Wedding Coordinator: The wedding coordinator assigned to you for your wedding ceremony will also assist you with and oversee your rehearsal dinner and/or reception. There is an additional fee paid to the wedding coordinator for these additional services (see Fees page 3). Sound System: Fellowship Hall: A limited PA system is available upon request. Decorations: All decorations need to be pre-approved by the wedding coordinator. All decorations must be taken down and removed from church property the day of the wedding. CVBC does not accept donations of or store wedding or party decorations.

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May 14, 2007

Gifts: All gifts must be removed from the church the day of your event. It is recommended that you assign someone to be responsible for the care of gifts while at the church, and for transporting them after your event. Alcohol and smoking: Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted on church property. Send-off: No rice or birdseed is to be thrown on the property. We suggest bubbles as an alternative to throwing rice or birdseed. Nursery: The church nursery can be available for weddings and special events for children age 3 and under. You are responsible for supplying nursery workers. CVBC assumes no liability for the safety and care of the children in the nursery before, during, or after the event. Arrangements need to be made with the church office staff or wedding coordinator prior to your event. A nursery worker handbook, which discusses our safety and health code guidelines including cleaning up, diaper changes, and our no-shoe policy, will need to be reviewed and followed by those working in the nursery.

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May 14, 2007

All fees are to be made payable to Chippewa Valley Bible Church by time frame indicated or sooner Fees indicated are for rehearsal dinner/receptions only Please see Wedding Handbook for fees and guidelines for appropriate fees


Rehearsal Dinner

(wedding or other)


Fellowship Hall Use
Due 30 days before event Payable to CVBC

N/C for
Regular Attendees1

N/C for
Regular Attendees1

Please read, sign & return Building Use Contract on page 4

$50 for non-attendees

$150 for non-attendees

Wedding or Event Coordinator
Due 2 weeks before event Payable to CVBC

• Liaison between CVBC and couple • Coordinate use of CVBC facilities and tables,
chairs and kitchenware



• In attendance at event • Oversees clean-up and put-back after event

Regular attendees are those persons who consistently attend the services of the church and contribute their time, talent, and treasure to the ministry of CVBC.

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May 14, 2007

Building Use/Rental Contract and Rules for Rehearsal Dinners and Receptions
1. The individual(s) signing the Rental Agreement is responsible for reading and signing this contract prior to the event. All arrangements for use and all payments should be made through the church office or wedding coordinator. 2. You may decorate tastefully, in consultation with the wedding coordinator. Set up and clean up of tables and chairs is the responsibility of the signed party or appointed responsible persons. All tables and chairs should be returned to the proper location (where they were found) before leaving the church on the day of your event. All areas used should be left in an orderly condition. 3. All food, decorations, gifts, and personal items are to be removed by the party or appointed responsible persons BEFORE leaving the premises. All trash should be removed to the dumpster. 4. The church appliances and utensils are available for use; but need to be left as they were found. Please do not use any church consumables (paper plates, silverware, napkins, cups, etc.). 5. There will be NO alcoholic beverages or smoking in the church facilities or on church grounds. 6. Any beverage or food spilled on the ground or carpeting is to be cared for properly and immediately. Should specialty cleaning be required, this will be an additional charge. 7. The person(s) signing the Rental Agreement is responsible for any damages to the church property or equipment. 8. Only the rooms reserved and paid for in advance are allowed to be used.
9. Building Use Fees are to be paid IN FULL 30 days prior to the date of the event (see page 4).

10. This contract is intended for use of (list all rooms/facilities) ___________________. I(we) verify that I(we) have read and agree to the contract rules and fees for use of facilities of CVBC. Signature_____________________________________________ Today’s Date____________ Signature_____________________________________________ Today’s Date____________


Fee (in full) due on _________________


Tear-off Receipt

Amount of Deposit_________________Date received___________by_______________ Fee (in full) due on_________________

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May 14, 2007

Please fill this out together and return to CVBC office with your other paperwork. We understand that you may not know all of the details of your event at this time. Please fill in what you know. You will have an opportunity to update/revise this information closer to your event. This information is helpful in your planning and scheduling at the church. Reason for Event or Celebration ________________________________________________________________ Person(s) being Honored ______________________________________________________________________ Date, Time and/or Location of Related Event(s): __________________________________________________ Estimated start time and date: ______________________________ Estimated end time and date: ______________________________ Planned activities: ___________________________________________________________________________ Estimated total head count (include bridal party and guests): _______ Number of tables requested: round _____ rectangle ______ Number of chairs requested: _____ Decoration/Set-up Date and Time: ______________________________________________________________ Food preparation/serving /catering provided by: ______________________________ Additional equipment not provided by Chippewa Valley Bible Church that you are renting/bringing in for event: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Do you plan to use our nursery? _______ Names of nursery workers _________________________________ Person(s) you are assigning to be responsible for after-event clean-up (prior to leaving church grounds) including: • put-back of all tables and chairs • take down and removal of all decorations • clean-up and removal of all food and drink items • clean-up (wash/dry/reshelf) all Chippewa Valley Bible Church kitchenware • removal of all gifts and personal belongings Names of persons responsible: _________________________________________________________________ Name and Phone Number of person to contact the following day/week if personal items are found at the church: ____________________________________________________________________________________

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May 14, 2007

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