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					West Melton Drive,                                                At Melton West Primary School our purpose is to
West Melton 3337                                                  develop the academic, social and emotional growth
Phone: 9743 5818                                                  of all students so that they can reach their full
Email:                          potential and become responsible community
Website:                              members.

NEWSLETTER NO. 5                                                                                22nd March, 2012
                                                    EVENTS CALENDAR
 MARCH            Friday 23               Grade 5/6 Canberra Trip returns approximately 5.00pm
                  Wednesday 21st          Grades 3/4 Snake Busters Incursion CANCELLED
                  Friday 23rd             Final Return Day – Vic. Premiers’ Reading Challenge Consent Form
                                          Lightning Premiership Grades 5/6
                                          Twilight Movie Night CANCELLED
                  Friday 30th             Assembly to be held 9.00am (whole school)
                                          Final Day Term 1 – students dismissed 2.10pm
 APRIL            Monday 16               Start of Term 2
                  Friday 20th             Final Payment Day – Gr.3/4 Camp Deposit $50
                  Thursday 26th           School Photo Day
                                          2013 Prep Information Session, 5.00pm
 MAY              Thursday 10th           Family Maths Night – more information to come
 AUGUST           Saturday 11th           Mattel Toy Shop – shopping opportunity for parents – more info. to come
                  Mon.27th-Wed.29th       Grade 3/4 Camp to Phillip Island Adventure Resort

Dear Parents and Guardians of Melton West Primary School,

What another fantastic fortnight we have had. The               sometimes we forget to acknowledge that they are
Curriculum Day on Tuesday 13th March was a fabulous             actually on deck for 24 hours, the whole time they are
opportunity for staff to work with Jenni Wilson, a              away. If your child attended this camp, and you see one
renowned Inquiry Learning educator. Jenni has                   of these staff members, please don’t forget to thank
authored books about Inquiry Learning and is very               them for their work this week. A small thanks will go a
knowledgeable in this area. She spoke about the                 long way in letting the teachers know that you and your
benefits to children and their learning using an Inquiry        child appreciate their efforts in ensuring we can offer
approach. Teachers then had the opportunity to work             such a wonderful experience.
with Jenni in their teams to plan out their next terms
                                                                It is with great regret that we have decided to postpone
Inquiry Units. Don’t be surprised if the children come
                                                                the much anticipated Twilight Movie Night scheduled
home asking lots of questions about a subject that
                                                                for Friday 23rd March. The weather forecast for Friday
interests them, as they use you and other resources as
                                                                has been bleak all week. One report says to expect
primary sources of information.
                                                                snow in the nearby ranges. I have rescheduled this
Some children have also had the opportunity to work             event for Friday 19th October, which is the second week
with a Maths guru – Michael Ymer, while the teachers            in Term 4. More information will follow closer to the
observed him working with the students to develop               event.
their numeracy skills. Michael was quickly able to
                                                                This week saw me taking on a new role as the “Lollypop
engage the children and demonstrate great maths
                                                                Lady” or the technical term - crossing supervisor. I
teaching to the teachers. Both Michael and Jenni will
                                                                enjoyed chatting to children and their parents as they
return next week to continue their work and meet with
                                                                made their way into school on Monday morning after
other teachers and children who have not had the
                                                                our usual person, Pam, was not replaced. However, it
opportunity to work with them.
                                                                was very disappointing watching a number of parents
Some of the Grade 5/6 children have taken the chance            and children crossing not too far up the street. Some
to attend a camp in Canberra this week. From all                parents dropped their children off on one side of the
accounts they are having a ball, but I am sure they are         road and children ran across the road without support
all looking forward to a good sleep in their own bed on         from their parent. The roads around the school are very
Friday night. I would like to thank the staff, Miss             busy before and after school in particular and it is very
Dearing, Miss Zemunic, Mr Cook, Ms Soulas and Mrs               important for parents and children to use the
Adams, who have all taken time away from their own              appropriate crossing points. Please set an example to
families in order for this great event to go ahead. It is a     your children and help teach them good road safety
big commitment for teachers to take children away, and          skills.
A few housekeeping items:                                    A few reminders from last newsletter:
End Term 1 Arrangements:                                     Letting your children know the afterschool
School finishes for the school holidays next Friday 30th     arrangements
March at 2.10pm, with children returning Monday 16th         Can I please encourage parents to help develop
April 2012. We will have an assembly on the last day         independence in their children by ensuring they know
from 9.00am. Please feel free to stay behind after you       exactly who they are to meet up with after school or
have dropped off your children and celebrate the             how they are to get home. We have a small number of
terrific term.                                               parents who ring the office on a daily basis to pass a
All lost property items will be put out on display the       message onto their children about these arrangements.
morning of the assembly so that parents as well as           We understand that at times people find themselves in
students can check for any missing items.                    a situation that is beyond their control and may be held
                                                             up at an appointment or in traffic. During these
Term 2 Assemblies:                                           infrequent times, we are happy to pass on messages to
I have included below a timetable for classes                children, however when it becomes a more frequent
performing at Friday Assembly during Term 2. Each            event, we feel parents should be able to organise
class will get a turn throughout the year. If your child’s   themselves and their children better by letting them
class is due to perform and assembly is cancelled due to     know the arrangements before the children leave in the
inclement weather, they will perform in Term 4. I will       morning.
advertise each fortnight in the newsletter which class is
due to perform in the upcoming weeks.                        Dropping off Lunches
 Term 2 Week 1          20/4/12           Prep G             Another concern of ours is
 Term 2 Week 2          27/4/12           1/2C               the families who drop their
 Term 2 Week 3          4/5/12            3/4B               children’s lunches off at the
 Term 2 Week 4          11/5/12           5/6C               office, often without names
 Term 2 Week 5          18/5/12           Prep H             and without speaking to the
 Term 2 Week 6          25/5/12           1/2E               staff about who they belong
 (Education Week)                                            to. I’m sure it would help the
 Term 2 Week 7          1/6/12            3/4C               children, who often miss out on school work when they
 Term 2 Week 8          8/6/12            5/6D               come to collect it from the office, as well as saving
 Term 2 Week 9          15/6/12           Prep P             families a lot of time, if the lunches were made before
 Term 2 Week 10         22/6/12           1/2H               the children leave for school (even make it the night
 Term 2 Week 11         29/6/12           3/4F               before) and sent along with them in the morning. If you
                                                             do need to drop off anything for your child, please
Clubs Program:                                               name the items and make contact with our office staff
The very successful Clubs Program will be offered again      so they are aware of who it is for.
next term. The following Clubs will be available:
Gardening – Wednesday lunchtime; Yoga – Thursday             Early Arrivals and Late Pick-Ups
lunchtime; Singing for Years 1-4 – Wednesday                 One more grumble before I finish up. Our school offers
lunchtime; Dance Club – before school; and a Computer        a very friendly and well-serviced after school hours care
Club Tuesday lunchtime. More information will follow         program operated by OSHClub, for children who need
very soon. If your child is interested, please return the    to get to school early, or can’t get picked up by the
form before the due date to ensure he/she has a place.       correct time afterschool. With the government subsidy
Most Clubs can only take a limited number of children.       available, the cost of this care may be quite minimal.
                                                             Please consider this for your children if you are finding
Camp Survey
                                                             you need to drop them off early or are coming late to
In the last newsletter I included a survey about the
                                                             collect them after school. Children should not arrive at
Camping Program. In order to plan for these
                                                             school before 8.30am at the earliest. Staff are not on
experiences, I need as many surveys returned as
                                                             duty until 8.40am in the mornings and therefore the
possible. As yet I have not had very many come back,
                                                             children are in the yard unsupervised. Similarly, staff
with the majority returned indicating they would be
                                                             are on duty after school until 3.20pm and children need
happy to pay $300-$400 per year for a camp. If this
                                                             to be collected before then.
does not suit you please return the survey, found at the
end of the newsletter, so that we can cater for the
                                                             Thank-you to our wonderful families who always do the
majority of families. When we organise a camp, we
                                                             right thing by the school and their children. You
would like the most number of children to attend to
                                                             certainly make our job that much easier.
ensure it is a great experience for all and any follow-up
work can be relevant to the children.
School Notices                                               WEEKLY AWARDS
Just a reminder that all school notices are uploaded         Week ending 9th March: Rebecca Wheeler, Nomita
onto the school website,         Choudhury, Maddison harper, Elle Bailey, Katelin
the day they are handed out to children or before. If        McCabe, Jarrod Bibby, Sebastian 1/2E, Hayley Olson,
you misplace your note and need another one, please          Luca Impey, Milton Carranza, Jackson Layton, Trent
check out this valuable resource and print a new one off     Smeaton, Solomon Erjok, Tyson Knell, Daniel Dimech,
for yourself. Please encourage your children to be           Trisha Kilsby, Tayllia Quarry-Simmons, Prisila Faletais,
responsible for bringing home these important pieces         Kadin Maslak, Dean Jeffrey and Mikayla Falzon.
of communication and praise them when you see them           Week ending 16th March: Hannah Woods, Helena
doing this regularly.                                        Connor, Brock Carbone, Jack Jarrott, Jackson Caiafa, Izel
                                                             Ziya, Drazo Ostojic, Vincent Kalonhea, Rachel Bonnano,
Learning and Growing Together
                                                             Zoe Caiafa, Jessica Hodge, Ashley Connell, Santanna
Michelle Costa
                                                             Kaio-Galuega, Lucas Sanza, Zane Brown, Claire Maslak,
                                                             Haini Magele, Leslie Pitts, Josh Cooper, Brayden
                                                             Howard, Jade Vogele, Rhys Lee and Stefania Sanza.
Maths News
This week we have had a Maths Consultant, Michael
                                                                           4 YEAR OLD KINDERGARTEN
Ymer, working with many grades. He will be back next
                                                                             APPLICATIONS FOR 2013
week to work with other teachers. He has shared many
                                                               Application forms, available after 25th March from:
innovative ideas and assisted with our planning. He was
                                                               Melon Civic Centre / Caroline Springs Civic Centre &
impressed with many of our resources and approaches
                                                                Library / Kindergartens / Maternal & Child Health
to teaching and learning.
                                                                  Centres / Occasional Care & toy Library / Early
Next term there will be regular maths activities added
                                                                    Childhood Intervention Centre /online at
to the newsletter for families to complete at home and
our Maths Take Home Bags will begin for each grade.
                                                                Completed application forms, accompanied by all
Some great maths websites will also be mentioned to
                                                             supporting documentation should be lodged as soon as
offer a range of learning activities. Please also
                                                               possible to ensure your child secures a place in the
remember all students have access to Mathletics                            kindergarten of your choice.
and Spelladrome. Most students know their login
details but please see your child’s teacher if you need      WOOLWORTHS – EARN AND LEARN PROGRAM 2011
them again. The site address is        It was great to receive the items ordered through the
or                                    2011 Earn and Learn Program last week.
There will also be a Family Maths Night held on              Items are: Junior Jumper Trampoline / Moving and
Thursday 10th May…more details will follow next term.        Fitting Bead Frame / Sheet Magnifiers / Swivel Globes /
                                                             Wall Maps / Number Puzzle / Counting Tray.
CONGRATULATIONS                                              These items have been placed in the appropriate areas
We would like to, once again, congratulate JAMES             of the school and are being used by the children.
ROBERTS on his wonderful achievements in the water.          Thank you to Woolworths for this great program, we
James won first place in Breaststroke and Butterfly at       are hoping that they will run it again this year.
the recent Regional Championships and will now
advance to the State Championships to be held 29th           SCHOOL BANKING COMPETITION FOR THE CBA
March. Well done James!!!                                    The CBA will be running a competition for schools
                                                             registered with the School Banking Program. The
SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN A PRIORITY                            competition is aimed at encouraging children to bank at
We have been notified that the Melton Shire Parking          school on a regular basis. There will be great prizes in
Inspectors will be patrolling our area booking illegally     categories such as:
parked cars. Westmelton Drive opposite the school is              The latest classroom technology
sign posted NO STANDING during the hours 8.00-                    Funding for school excursions
9.30am and 3.00-4.00pm.                                           Gift vouchers, annual movie tickets and more …
Parking fines are $122 and you will be booked, even if       So if you already have a CBA Dollarmite or Youth Saver
you park and do not leave the car. Parking within 10         account please send it in regularly. If you would like
metres of any intersection (approx. 2 car lengths) is also   information about opening an account for your child
illegal and this will also incur a fine.                     please ask at the school office or simply go to the CBA
There is plenty of parking available at the Melton           and simply open an account.
Waves Car Park. Your child can safely use the manned                School Banking day at MWPS is TUESDAY.
crossings at Coburns Road and meet you there or you
could make the short walk across and pick up your child
from school.

                                                                                    Ordering envelopes with the information
                                                                                    shown here will be sent home the first
                                                                                    day of Term 2 2012. We have displayed
                                                                                    this information now so that you are
                                                                                    aware early of the cost of your child’s
                                                                                    school photos. Sibling order envelopes,
                                                                                    with prices ranging from $18 - $25 will
                                                                                    also be available next term at the office.
                                                                                    More information may be available at

                                                      Future Camp Survey
Please tick all boxes that apply to you and return to the school office by Friday 16th March 2012

 I would be prepared to pay for my child/children to attend camp on a yearly basis from Grades
3-6 at the approximate cost of $300-$400 per camp.

 I would prefer my child/children to attend camp every second year at the approximate cost of $300 - $400 per camp.

 I would prefer camps that cost less than $300 and understand this may mean the experiences the children receive
may be different to previous camps.

 I am happy to pay for my child/children to attend a camp that costs up to $_________________ every year/second
year (cross out the inapplicable)

My child/children are in grade  Prep  1/2  3/4  5/6 in 2012

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