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					  Updated: May 2011                                  ProMed Financial, Inc. Presents...                                                             Ref#DC800

                                                                                                                         Gross Income
                                                                 San Diego                                              2010 = $379,514
                                                                 County, CA                                             2009 = $329,109
                                                                                                                        2008 = $317,159
                                                                 Asking Price
                                                                  $230,000                                               Services Rendered
                                                                                                                 98% = Motion Palpation, 2% = Activator

                                                                    Ref#DC800                                         Payment Methods
                                                                                                           65% = Reduced Fee Plan, 10% = Insurances,
                                                                                                              15% = Cash, 15% = Pre-Paid, 5% = PI
For 5 years, this contemporary practice has stood behind the strong
                          purpose to impact the lives of every man,                                                            Staff Profile
                          woman and child met through chiropractic                                                            Office Manager
                          love and education. With continued growth
                          and new patient opportunities, this practice
                                                                                                      Recall System, Practice Website, Corporate Speeches,
                          makes for an exciting opportunity to run a                                      High Internet Involvement (Coupon Websites)
                          cash-based, subluxation based practice that
generates almost 40 new patients a month. The seller is moving. The                                                          Equipment
practice is located inside of a modern professional/medical building                                                 Average Age: 5 Years Old
                                                                                                          Digital X-Ray Unit, 5 Computers, Chiro Software
that is conveniently moments away from a major freeway.
The building is in excellent condition and is accompanied by 200+                                                           Office Hours
                          parking spaces. Just inside the 1,100 sq. ft.                                                Monday-Thursday 2pm-7pm 
                          practice you will find a receptionist area/
                          waiting room (seats 12), doctor office,
                          business office, adjusting room, consultation                                                        Patient Stats
                          room, restrooms (located just outside of                                                     1,100 Patient Visits Per Month
                          practice in hallway) and storage area. The                                                  38 New Patient Visits Per Month
                                                                                                                       250 Active Patients (6 Months)
                          building sits against a lush and calming
                                                                                                                         2,000 Total Patient Charts
hillside view. The lease terminates in 2016 and the rent is $1,512 per                                                    100% Treated By Seller
month. Additionally, the seller rents out a treatment room to another
chiropractor who pays $720/month. This doctor will continue to rent if                                               Patient Income Levels
terms are permissable with buyer.                                                                           10% = Upper Income, 75% = Middle Income,
                                                                                                                       15% = Low Income

                                                                                                                  Patient Age Demographics
                                                                                                       10% = Under 20 Years Old, 85% = 21 to 59 Years Old,
                                    Acquisition, Debt Consolidation, Equipment, Real
                                            Estate, Start-Up, Working Capital
                                                                                                                    5% = Over 60 Years Old

Please Contact Us For More Information & Visit Our Web Page For All Available Opportunities
 14742 Newport Ave. Suite 209 Tustin, CA 92780   |   |    |    Ph. (888) 277-6633   |   Fax (888) 277-6633

         All information has been provided to the best of the Seller’s knowledge and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed by ProMed Financial, Inc.

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