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The NOVA Chat SeriesFully Integrated Tablet-Based


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             “The NOVA chat series: Fully integrated tablet-based AAC devices”
                                            Kenneth P. Whitley, MA, CCC-Sp.
                                                      February 22, 2013

I. Augmentative communication technology...what is it?
       A. The three major classifications of augmentative communication devices
               1. Recording, overlay-based devices
               2. Dynamic display devices
               3. Text only devices
       B. The four essential components of AAC devices (continued in Part II)
               1. Hardware                      3. Content
               2. AAC Software                  4. Support & Service
       C. The four major client/device processes in augmentative communication
               1. Diagnostics/Prescription                     3. Application
               2. Device Acquisition & Preparation             4. Review and updating

II. Anatomy of dynamic display AAC device components
        A. Hardware…device platforms
                1. Non-computer based AAC devices…designed from the ground up as a communication device.
                   No computer capabilities, i.e., internet, e-mail, other programs, typically no other or only limited
                   additional functions
                2. Computer based AAC devices with multiple capabilities
                        a. Laptop computer-based communication devices – typically Windows based
                                 i. Advantages: Very powerful, multipurpose machines (full featured AAC software, word
                                     processing, environmental control, greater variety of input/access methods, sound
                                     amplification, internet, Bluetooth, funding available through Medicaid/Medicare/health
                                 ii. Disadvantages: Heavier, shorter battery life
                        b. Integrated tablet-based communication devices – Android based
                                 i. Advantages: Powerful, lightweight, onboard sound amplification, touchscreen and
                                     switch access, full featured aug. comm. program, internet, Bluetooth, runs other “apps”,
                                     longer battery life, funding available through Medicaid/Medicare/health insurance
                                 ii. Disadvantages: Few if any other input options, no ECU, runs “apps”
                        c. Non-integrated tablet-based communication devices – Android or iPad/iPhone/iPod-based
                                 i. Advantages: Powerful, lightweight, touchscreen access, runs AAC and other “apps”,
                                     longer battery life, internet, Bluetooth
                                 ii. Disadvantages: No built-in sound amplification, no built-in switch access or other input
                                     options, no ECU, runs “apps”, no Medicaid/Medicare/health insurance funding
                        d. When funded by Medicare/Medicaid all computer-based AAC devices at time of shipment are
                            required to have all computer functionality “locked out” which allows only the AAC software to be
                            used (a “dedicated device”). Upon receiving such a device, however, the owner may choose to
                            have the dedicated device “unlocked” which results in computer functionality being restored
        B. AAC Software – Software (built-in or added-on) turns the hardware into an augmentative communication device
        C. Content – pre-stored message/vocabulary sets/files, functions, and added capabilities
                1. Some are purely communicative in design
                        a. Designed for children/adolescents
                        b. Designed for adults
                        c. Designed for users who are actively developing educational skills
                        d. Designed for adults w/medical issues
                2. Some feature educational material addressing literacy, math, etc.
                3. Some devices feature other capabilities such as environmental control, computer access, entertainment
        D. Support/Service
III. The NOVA chat series
         A. New integrated Android tablet-based dynamic display AAC device series
         B. Three models/sizes; NOVA chat 5, 7, & 10
         C. Three versions per size: Standard, Plus (adds literacy features w/WP) and Dedicated
             (Medicaid/Medicare Plus version…all tablet features other than AAC are locked out)
         D. Fully integrated sound amplifier w/attached handle (handle on NC7 & NC10)
         E. Features the NOVA chat AAC software including over 30 default vocabulary files
         F. Comes standard with over 4,000 SymbolStix icons and numerous photographs.
         G. PCS symbol set (symbols found in Boardmaker) available as optional accessory
         H. Accessible via touchscreen and switch access (up to 2 switches & auditory scanning)
         I. Built-in camera which is operational in Standard and Plus versions
         J. Ivona is default speech synthesizer. Acapela available as add-on option. Recordings may also be used
         K. Lithium-polymer battery for all day power
         L. 4 color body shells included
         M. NOVA chat Editor software included (Windows only) and USB cable included (for data transfer)

IV. NOVA chat 5 - Smallest of NOVA chat series. 5” touchscreen, weighs only 0.95 lbs., measures 5.8” x 3.5” x 1.5”
      A. Available with either sound amplifier w/handle or foldable sound amplifier

V. NOVA chat 7 – Mid-size NOVA chat. 7” touchscreen, weighs only 1.4 lbs., measures 7.48” x 4.74” x 1.62”

VI: NOVA chat 10 - Largest NOVA chat device. 10” touchscreen, weighs only 2.2 lbs., measures 10.5” x 7.5” x 1.5”

VII. NOVA chats use NOVA chat AAC software
       A. Each NOVA chat device includes over 30 ready-made vocabulary files, featuring…
              1. Vocabularies for both children and adults
              2. Vocabularies featuring predominantly picture icons with text
              3. Vocabularies featuring predominantly text
              4. Vocabularies ranging from 4 buttons per page to 80 buttons per page
              5. Ready-made vocabulary files include communication files as well as scenes for further teaching
              6. All NOVA chats may be customized for individual usage, either directly on the device or via a
                 computer through the use of the NOVA chat Editor software.
              7. NOVA chat Editor software is one of the most user friendly dynamic programs to learn and use
              8. Buttons may easily be edited, created, removed. Customizations may be for communicating or
                 teaching new concepts (new message pages, new scenes)

VIII. New English/Spanish America NOVA chat versions
        A. Available in all three models/sizes; NOVA chat 5, 7, & 10
        B. Available in all three versions: Standard, Plus, and Dedicated
        C. Available in either Ivona or Acapela speech synthesizers
        D. Ivona includes standard English voices and 4 additional Spanish voices
        E. Acapela includes standard English voices and 3 additional Spanish voices
        F. Provides all standard English vocabulary files found on English-only NOVA chats
        G. Adds 6 new Spanish vocabulary files including…
                1. MultiChat 15 Spanish                  4. Tecado (a Spanish Keyboard)
                2. MultiChat 15 Bilingual                5. Sintaxis 4x4 English & Spanish
                3. Vocab PC                              6. Sintaxis 4x5 English/Spanish
        H. English/Spanish America software update available for English-only NOVA chats

IX. Support of NOVA chat AAC devices
       A. Unlimited toll free technical support from both Key Technologies, Inc. and Saltillo
       B. Free speakerphone/conference trainings from Key Technologies, Inc.
       C. Free onsite trainings for groups and evaluation centers from Key Technologies, Inc.
       D. Free online webinar videos from Saltillo

X. In summary, please remember...
        A. NOVA chats are powerful, user-friendly dynamic-display AAC devices
        B. NOVA chats are fully-integrated tablet-based AAC devices
        C. NOVA chats are very lightweight and easy to transport or mount
        D. NOVA chats are covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and health insurance


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