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					Ordinance amending the Pittsburgh Code, Title Nine, Zoning Article IIIV, Section 922.03 -
Zoning Certificates by adding section 922.03.F - Transfer of Property without Notice, City of

Be it resolved by the Council of the City of Pittsburgh as follows:

Section 1. Title Nine - Zoning of the Pittsburgh Code is hereby amended as follows:

A.      Amend Chapter 922.03 - Zoning Certificates, by inserting Section 922.03.F, Transfer of
        Property without Notice, to read as follows:

922.03.F        Transfer of Property Without Notice

     1. No person shall sell or assist in selling, assist in buying or lend money or enter into any
        financial arrangement, including refinancing, for the sale of any real estate, including single-
        unit dwellings, without requiring that a certificate evidencing zoning classification and
        compliance has been obtained as required by the Real Estate Disclosure Act of the
        applicable Pennsylvania Code of Statutes.

     2. A certificate shall be produced by the seller, seller’s agent or closing company at the closing
        for delivery to the buyer or owner prior to delivery of possession All sellers of property shall
        advise the purchaser of the legal use of such property, and shall deliver to the purchaser not
        later than at the settlement held for such property, a Certificate stating the legal use and
        zoning classification for such property.

     3. No person shall advertise or make any oral or written representation that property can be
        used in a manner that is inconsistent with the terms of the Zoning Code, unless such use of
        the property shall have been duly certified by prior issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy
        for such use.

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