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2_05 Year 15

Spain                   Brenntag Export
Improved Positioning
For Specialties
Oil & Gas
                        Precision Logistics
Extension Of
                        Over Long Distances
In Texas
Partners & Products
Solutions For The
Construction Industry
Water Treatment
International Demand
For Environmental
2                      Content

                                                                            What’s New
                                                                           Brenntag Continues Successful Expansion Of Market Position                                      
                                                                           Poland – New Logistics Center In Poznan                                                         
                                                                           Russia – New Moscow Subsidiary                                                                  
                                             Following the
                                             takeover of Especi-           Spain – Certified For The Pharmaceutical Industry                                               
                                             alidades Puma S.A.,           Panama – New Location A Model For The Region                                                    
                                             Brenntag is now
                                             even better posi-             Switzerland – Brenntag Acquires Chem-On AG                                                      
                                             tioned in one of              Germany – Synergies In The Water Treatment Segment                                              
                                             the key Spanish
                                             growth markets for            USA – Growth In The Oil And Gas Business                                                        
                                             specialty chemicals.          USA – Trends In The Food Chemicals Industry                                                     
                                                                           Netherlands – Trucks For The Food Industry                                                      
                                                                           Netherlands – First Air™ AdBlue® Filling Station                                               
                                                                           England – Europe’s Fourth-Largest Market For AdBlue®                                            
                                                                         Latin America – Bolivia Wins CASA Award                                                    
                                             Water, sewage,                Spain – Improved Positioning In The Market For Specialty Chemicals                         
                                             refuse and re-
                                             cycling were the              USA – Coastal Chemical Wins Award                                                          
                                             focal points of IFAT,         Germany – Focus On Water Treatment At The IFAT                                             
                                             the International
                                                                           Oil & Gas – Concept For Europe And Success For N-SPEC®                                   
                                             Trade Fair for
                                             Waste Disposal                Trade Fair Diary                                                                           
                                             and the Environ-
                                                                           Germany – N-SPEC® Center Europe Opened                                                     
                                             ment in Munich.
                                                                           Germany – Eastern European Delegation Visited Headquarters                                 
                                                                           England – FECC Congress                                                                    
                                                                           France – New Production Facility In Montville                                              
                                                                         Bulgaria – Symposium With Wacker Polymers                                                  
                                             Paints, adhesives             Budapest – Focus On Environmental Protection At Chemexpo                                   
                                             and coatings –
                                             when it comes to
                                             specialties for high-         Companies In Focus
                                             grade building
                                                                           Brenntag Export – Global Player                                                            
                                             materials, many
                                             companies in Eur-
                                             ope choose Brenn-             Partners And Products
                                             tag as their distri-
                                             bution partner.               Specialties For The Construction Chemical Industry                                         

                                                                           Brenntag Inside
                                                                           Netherlands – Seminars For The Food Industry                                               
                                                                         IT – SAP Solution Manager                                                                  
                                             Annelies van der              Germany – Eleven Years Of Soccer Fun                                                       
                                             Hoek, who works
                                                                           Intranet – Promotional Materials Online                                                    
                                             for Brenntag Export
                                             in the Dutch town             Germany – Manual For Photographers                                                         
                                             of Dordrecht, helps           Public Relations – Communication As A Career                                               
                                             the victims of the
                                             tsunami disaster in           Employee Profile – The Joy Of Helping Others                                               
                                             Asia to rebuild their
                                                                                                        Title photo:
                                                                                                        Brenntag Export ships chemicals from the port of Rotterdam
                                                                                                        in the Netherlands to customers all over the world.

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        Editorial                                                                                           3

Dear Reader,
In the years to come, Brenntag will consolidate
its status as the world's leading fullline distribu-
tor and the preferred partner of customers and
suppliers and will continue to provide highqual-
ity services backed up by a wideranging market
presence. In spite of highly competitive conditions
in the market for chemicals distribution fuelled
by increased prices for chemicals and moderate
demand in major European markets, Brenntag
reinforced its strong position during . You
can read more about our success on page .             Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. You
     The year  also began well for the com-        can read our detailed report starting on page .
pany. Brenntag has supplemented its wideranging            Whether in India, the Caribbean, Oceania or
product and service portfolio on the Iberian penin-    East Africa – companies looking for a first-rate
sula by acquiring the Spanish company Especiali-       distributor of chemicals need look no further than
dades Puma in Barcelona. This takeover extends         Brenntag. The Export unit set up two years ago
Brenntag’s regional presence, enhances its mar-        has gained a reputation among customers all over
ket status in the distribution of food ingredients     the world for market expertise and reliability.
and additives and further strengthens the com-         Within a short space of time, efficient logistics
pany’s position in one of the key growth markets       over short and long distances and a comprehen-
for specialty chemicals. See page  for more infor-    sive product portfolio have underpinned the sta-
mation.                                                tus of Brenntag as a leading brand beyond the bor-
     Water treatment is another market with con-       ders of the  countries where we already operate
sistent growth rates. And expertise in the field of     local offices and subsidiaries (see page ).
environmental protection is in great demand all
over the world, as Brenntag’s water treatment
experts recently found out at IFAT, the Interna-          Happy reading,
tional Trade Fair for Waste Disposal and the Envi-
ronment in Munich. Both the fair and the Brenn-
tag stand boasted record numbers of visitors this
year, and this also reflected the growing interest
in Brenntag’s know-how in regions like North              Hubertus Spethmann
4   What’s New

      Financial  Ends On A Positive Note

      Brenntag Continues Successful
      Expansion Of Market Position
      In spite of highly competitive conditions in the market       ferred partner with its superior services and excellent
      for chemicals distribution fuelled by increased prices        market capabilities.”
      for chemicals and moderate demand in major Europe-                Brenntag operates more than  locations with
      an markets, Brenntag reinforced its strong position           , people in  countries and is committed to pro-
      during .                                                  vide value to its customers and suppliers through super-
           The Brenntag Group increased its sales to EUR .        ior supply chain logistics, single sourcing and value-
      billion (USD . billion), despite unfavorable exchange       added-services, underlying the company’s strong
      rate effects. Earnings before interest, taxes, deprecia-      position in world markets. Capitalizing on leading regio-
      tion and amortization (EBITDA) totaled EUR  million        nal market positions and worldwide know how, Brenn-
      (USD  million). CEO Klaus Engel: “In many regions          tag provides a “one-stop-shop” for over , chemi-
      and markets we have further improved our competitive          cal products to more than , customers. To its
      position. Despite difficult market conditions caused by       suppliers Brenntag offers, both in Europe and the Ame-
      a strong increase in raw material costs and only mode-        ricas, an extensive and state-of-the-art distribution net-
      rate demand in many European markets, Brenntag’s              work for industrial and specialty chemicals.            x

      achievements in  are remarkable. As the world-
      wide leading full-line chemical distributor, Brenntag will     Further information:
      continue to serve its customers and suppliers as a pre-

    New Logistics Center Opens In Poland

    Continuing The Success Story In Eastern Europe
    Brenntag continues to expand its            on large strategic end users. This pro-   adapted ourselves to logistic challen-
    branch network by opening another           vides an exciting opportunity for         ges at an early stage and are there-
    facility in Poland.                         Brenntag to grow its distribution busi-   fore already able to support our custo-
        With an investment volume in Poz-       ness by acting as the channel to mar-     mers in our capacity as a reliable and
    nan in excess of  million euros, the       ket for these producers. Brenntag has     competent partner in Poland.”
    warehousing facility offering   m      been familiar with the local markets          Brenntag CEE – a subsidiary of
    of storage space will be primarily ser-     for years. By combining the distribu-     the Brenntag Group – is the leading
    ving the needs of customers in the          tion of Polish produced materials with    chemical distribution company in
    fields of industrial chemicals, food        our international network of suppliers,   Central and Eastern Europe. ,
    additives and pharmaceutical products.      we can bring a complete market basket     members of staff at more than 
        Brenntag runs a total of ten facili-    to the small and mid sized customer.”     locations in  countries recorded a
    ties in Poland, supplying industrial and        According to Zenon Maslona,           business volume totaling  million
    specialty chemicals to customers from       Managing Director of Brenntag Pols-       euros in .                        x

    many areas of industry. Only last year,     ka: “Brenntag’s investments in Poz-
    Brenntag took over polyolefin distri-       nan underline the company’s confi-         Further information:
    butor Orlen Polimer after investing in      dence in the Polish market. We   
    Zgierz and further investments are
    planned in Gora Kalwaria for .
        Helmut Struger, Managing Direc-
    tor of Brenntag Central and Eastern
    Europe (CEE), sees good prospects for
    growth in Eastern Europe: “The former
    State owned industries used to sell
    their products to end users of all sizes.
    However in the new free market eco-
    nomy those producers are focussing

New Moscow Subsidiary

Brenntag Sets Up Business In Russia
Brenntag laid the foundation for the       perty prices in the giant metropolis        Eugene Gorlitsyn is primarily using
further expansion of its Russian busi-     are among the highest in the world.          to build contacts with existing
ness with the establishment of a               “You can't understand Russia, you       customers and suppliers in the for-
Moscow subsidiary.                         can only believe in it,” is an old saying   mer Russian Empire and will soon be
     The chemical distribution compa-      that underlines the need for profes-        putting together a strong sales team
ny has maintained a successful pre-        sional expertise at local level.            to work the market with maximum
sence in Central and Eastern Europe                                                    efficiency.                        x

since  (also refer to page ). Hel-
mut Struger, Managing Director of                                                       Contact: Eugene Gorlitsyn
Brenntag Central & Eastern Europe                                             
(CEE), perceives a considerable mar-
ket potential in Russia: “In the next
few years, Russia’s chemical industry                                                  Moscow is the political, economic and
                                                                                       cultural center of Russia.
will push ahead with outsourced che-
micals distribution. As a pioneer in
Eastern Europe, Brenntag is in a posi-
tion to contribute extensive expe-         Eugene Gorlitsyn
rience as a reliable partner in chal-
lenging regions and situations.”           Eugene Gorlitsyn, Brenntag’s man on
     Brenntag CEE’s focus in the wake of   the ground, knows the country and its
its entry into the Russian market will     people like the back of his hand and
involve the distribution of products       can also draw on his wideranging
for the food, cosmetics and home care      international experience. He was born
industries as well as the paints/coat-     in Mexico, his mother tongue is Rus-
ings and plastics and leather sectors.     sian, and he also speaks Spanish,
     Russia is seen as an upandcoming      French, German and English. He acqui-
industrial nation. With an estimated       red his language skills in Cuba, Swit-
ten million inhabitants, the capital       zerland and England. He studied Inter-
Moscow is not only the center of poli-     national Economic Relations in
tical power but also the economic, tra-    Moscow and worked in management
ding and therefore social and cultural     positions at various companies paral-
center of the country. Rents and pro-      lel to his studies.
6                     What’s New

                Brenntag Química In Spain Expands Specialty Chemicals Business

                Even Better Equipped For The Challenges Of The Future
                                                                    Brenntag Química, a subsidiary of the     “With the takeover of Especialidades
                                                                    Brenntag Group, has acquired Spanish      Puma, the exclusive distributor for
                                                                    company Especialidades Puma (Bar-         Tate & Lyle, one of the world’s leading
                                                                    celona) together with the local branch    producers of food additives, Brenntag
                                                                    in Sant Andreu de la Barca with retro-    Química is now even better positio-
                                                                    active effect to January , .         ned in one of the key Spanish growth
                                                                        The takeover strengthens Brenn-       markets for specialty chemicals. This
                                                                    tag Química’s regional presence in        move supplements Brenntag Quími-
                                                                    Spain and enhances its market posi-       ca’s extensive product and service
                                                                    tion in the distribution of food ingre-   portfolio and also serves to expand
                                                                    dients and additives, especially in the   the company’s regional business.” x
                                                                    area of sweeteners and thickeners.
                                                                    Emilio Colomer, Managing Director of       Contact: Belén Ruiz
                                                                    Spanish subsidiary Brenntag Química:

                                                                    The takeover of Especiali-
                                                                    dades Puma supplements
                                                                    Brenntag Química’s exten-
                                                                    sive product and service
                                                                    portfolio and also serves
                                                                    to expand the company’s
                                                                    regional business.

                      Role Model For Environmental Protection And Safety

                      New Brenntag Location Opens In Panama
                         On April , Brenntag Panama open-         The most important suppliers of raw
                         ed a new facility in Panama City that      materials to Brenntag Panama are
                         meets the very latest environmental        ExxonMobil and Brenntag in the
                                   standards.                       Netherlands. The key accounts inclu-
                                       The new location houses      de Industrias Panama (paint manu-
                                   a product warehouse with         facturer), Celloprint (producer of fle-    Contact: Denis Barría
                                   an area of , square          xible packagings) and Chiquita Brand
                                   meters which is primarily        (bananas).                            x

                                   used for the transshipment
                                                                    In front of the new buil-
                                   of solvents and bulk materi-     ding (from left): Enrique
                                   als. The Brenntag Panama         Martinez (Head of Schedu-
                                                                    ling), David Pimentel
                                   office uses an additional area
                                                                    (Finance), Juan Gomez De
                                   of  square meters as new      la Torre (General Manager
Brenntag recently started up
                                   admin offices and for the        Brenntag Central Ameri-
operations at its Panama City
                                                                    ca), Pedro Sugasti (ware-
location with the blessing of a    loading of products. The         house worker), Denis Bar-
                                   building complies with the       ria (Manager Panama),
                                                                    Julio Concepción (Schedu-
                         latest standards in the area of occu-      ling), Valentin Dominguez
                         pational safety and meets both the         (Sales) and Rafael Wug
                                                                    (Manager Brenntag Cen-
                         internal Brenntag CASA requirements
                                                                    tral America).
                         and the local environmental regula-

Ongoing Growth In Europe

Brenntag Acquires Swiss Chem-On AG
                                         Brenntag has taken over the opera-         alty chemicals of Christ Chemie AG.
                                         tions of Swiss distributor Chem-On         In , Chem-On AG posted sales of
                                         AG with retroactive effect to July ,      around  million Swiss francs. “The
                                         .                                      acquisition of Chem-On strengthens
                                             From its base in Zurzach, Brenntag     our position in a profitable European
                                         now distributes industrial chemicals       market. The extended product port-
                                         in Switzerland via the newly founded       folio is an important step on the road
                                         Chem-On Vertriebs-AG with the focus        to becoming a “one-stop shop” and
                                         on inorganic chemicals. This move          will generate further growth oppor-
                                         extends Brenntag’s product portfolio       tunities in the future,” explains Heinz
                                         in Switzerland – which was previous-       Eichmann, Managing Director at
                                         ly more or less confined to the speci-     Christ Chemie AG.                     x

Heinz Eichmann

Brenntag Takes Over Kühn Umweltprodukte GmbH

Synergies In The Water Treatment Segment
The takeover of the Kühn company underpins the leading
position of Brenntag GmbH in the German distribution mar-
ket for water treatment chemicals.

Kühn Umweltprodukte GmbH is a            sector, the distribution of water pro-
family-owned enterprise based in Bad     cessing and waste water treatment
Fallingbostel in the German state of     chemicals like flocculation agents for
Lower Saxony. In northern Germany,       sewage plants is a business with a
the company is the market leader for     promising future.
flocculation agents used in the field        By making this investment, Brenn-
of water treatment and sludge condi-     tag has also secured the technical
tioning. Kühn’s customers include        know-how of Kühn Umweltprodukte.
industrial water processing compa-       The customers of both companies
nies and municipal authorities, above    also stand to profit from the take-
all in the states of Lower Saxony,       over. In future, they will be able to
Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and           draw on a wider product portfolio and
Schleswig-Holstein but also in Ham-      will now receive all services from a
burg, Bremen and neighboring North       single supplier. Brenntag is confident
Rhine-Westphalia. In view of the         that the integration of Kühn in the
stable growth rates, which are higher    Brenntag organization will generate
than those in the industrial chemicals   synergies for distribution activities in
                                                     the water treatment che-
                                                     micals business in nor-
                                                     thern Germany, activities
                                                     which are focused in the
                                                                                    Group photo and symbolic handshake (between Brenntag
                                                     waste water treatment seg-     Managing Director Uwe Schültke and Horst Kühn in the top
                                                     ment. Moreover, Kühn is        picture) – Kühn Umweltprodukte is now a part of Brenntag.
                                                     operating a profitable com-
                                                     pany. In , Brenntag
                                                     GmbH recorded sales of 
                                                     million euros in the Ger-
                                                     man market for water tre-
                                                     atment chemicals alone. x
8                       What’s New

Brenntag Takes Over Two Locations Of J.A.M. In Texas

Supplies For Customers
With retroactive effect to April ,           res that the leading distributor of
, Brenntag subsidiary Coastal             industrial and specialty chemicals for
Chemical took over the South Texas            the US oil and gas industry is ideally
oil and gas activities of J.A.M. Distri-      placed to face the challenges of the
buting Company in Texas, including            future.”
two facilities in Alice and Edinburg.             As one of the leading distributors
    This acquisition strengthens              for ExxonMobil (Fairfax, Virginia),
Brenntag’s presence in southern Texas         Coastal Chemical also supplies lubri-
and creates a full-coverage supply net-       cants to the American oil and gas
work, above all for customers in the          industry, and the acquisition has
fuel and lubricant industry. Jim Doy-         therefore positively impacted the al-
                                                                                         The new Brenntag team at the Coastal Chemical location in Alice,
le, Senior Vice President Specialities        ready excellent business relations         Texas. The photo shows employees from the scheduling, transport,
Brenntag North America, Inc.: “Brenn-         between the two companies.           x     sales and admin departments.
tag is continuing to support our
growth strategy in the dynamic oil             Contact: Barbara Nothstein
and gas business. The takeover ensu- 

Brenntag Pacific Builds Contacts At US Trade Fair In Pasadena

Trends In The Field Of Food Chemicals
                                              Alongside abundant sunshine, Cali-         our stand to find out about our ser-
                                              fornia also boasts a flourishing busi-     vices in the area of food and bevera-
                                              ness climate.                              ges as well as the latest trends in the
                                                   In mid-March, the Brenntag Paci-      sector. And we are confident that quite
                                              fic team succeeded in making a high        a few of the conversations we had
                                              number of promising contacts at the        will result in interesting new business
                                              “Annual Vendor Night” of the               potential,” said Thomas Kenney,
                                              renowned scIFT Institute (Southern         Regional Sales Manager at Brenntag
                                              Californian Section of the Institute of    Pacific, after the fair.              x

                                              Food Technologists). More than 
                                              suppliers and producers took advan-         Contact: Thomas Kenney
                                              tage of this event in Pasadena to pre-
The Brenntag Pacific trade fair team (from
left to right): Tom Capacasa, Tom Kenney,     sent their services to local companies.     Further information:
Chris Crail, Bryan Proud and Heather Chavez   “Many of the trade visitors came to

Brenntag Netherlands

Trucks For The Food Industry
High-quality food transport services          Brenntag Netherlands is therefore
include not only on-time delivery but         investing in its facilities for the sto-
also add-on services like the provi-          rage and transport of food ingre-
sion of special pallets or labeling.          dients and additives on an ongoing
    Many companies in the food indu-          basis. The warehouse in Moerdijk
stry are Brenntag customers and prin-         designed exclusively for the storage
cipals who depend on the services of          of food grade products, was HACCP-
a reliable distribution partner and           certified in . In May of this
need to know that this partner meets          year, the strict HACCP standards
the requirements of the HACCP food            were also extended to food trans-           Contact: Petra Brands               One of Brenntag’s new food
hygiene regulations.                          ports.                                 x                 transporters in the Netherlands

Bart Horseling, mayor of Reiderland,
opened the new Air™ filling station.

                                                     Neon Sign Advertises Environment-Friendly Fuel Additive

                                                     First Air™ AdBlue® Filling Station
                                                     Opened In The Netherlands
The introduction of Air™ AdBlue®,            state-of-the-art truck wash systems – is    al vehicles with diesel engines not
the environment-friendly fuel additi-         situated in an ideal location on the A,    only meet the criteria of the Euro 
ve for heavy commercial vehicles, in          a busy motorway near the German-            exhaust emission standard that comes
the Netherlands is gathering speed:           Dutch border. A big neon sign on the        into force in October  but also the
the first filling station went into ope-      roof of the filling station informs long-   even stricter Euro  standard that will
ration near Groningen on June ,              distance truck drivers about the avai-      not come into effect until . Custo-
.                                         lability of Air™ AdBlue®. The sales        mers who decide to use this techno-
    “The Texaco station operated by           start-up was marked by a large-scale        logy not only help to spare the envi-
Rijtex Nieuweschans, one of the big-          opening event.                              ronment but also save money on fuel
gest filling stations in the northern             Norwegian company Yara, the big-        and toll fees.                        x

Netherlands, is extending its portfo-         gest producer of urea in the EU, has
lio to include the additive Air™             made Brenntag its exclusive partner
AdBlue® for the next five years,” says        for the European distribution of             Contact: Frans van Raaphorst
Frans van Raaphorst, Air™ coordina-          AdBlue® under the brand name Air™.
tor at Brenntag in the Netherlands.           Using this additive and the special SCR      Further information:
The new station – equipped with two           exhaust technology, heavy commerci-          www.air.info

                                                                    AdBlue Concept Woos Trade Visitors

                                                                    Air™ Scores In The UK
                                                                    Trade visitors at the Commercial Vehi-     “The UK market is still not developing
                                                                    cle Show in Birmingham in April            as rapidly as the markets in the other
                                                                    showed a great deal of interest in the     major European countries, as the Bri-
                                                                    environment-friendly fuel additive         tish government will be introducing
                                                                    Air™ AdBlue for heavy commercial          more stringent exhaust standards at
                                                                    vehicles with diesel engines.              a later date. This means that only a
                                                                        “The biggest commercial vehicle        few of the vehicles sold before the last
                                                                    trade fair in the UK and Ireland is a      quarter of  will already comply
                                                                    forum for decision-makers from the         with the new Euro  standard. But we
                                                                    transport sector – many of whom            estimate that sales will increase to as
                                                                    visited our joint stand to find out        much as , tons a year by ,”
                                                                    about Air™, the AdBlue concept            is how John Eaton describes the cur-
                                                                    from Yara and Brenntag,” says John         rent situation.                        x

                                                                    Eaton, Brenntag UK Coordinator for
                                                                    Air™.                                      Contact:
                                                                        After Germany, France and Italy,        John Eaton
                                                                    the UK is potentially the fourth-big-
Freight forwarders and transport companies found out about
                                                                    gest market for AdBlue, a high-purity       Further information:
Air™ at the Brenntag stand in Birmingham.                          urea solution.                              www.air.info
10    What’s New

     Brenntag Latin America

     Bolivia Wins CASA Award 
     Each year, Brenntag Latin America presents the CASA Award for outstanding
     operational achievements. The  award went to Brenntag Bolivia.

     Brenntag’s own CASA Corporate                 optimum use of scarce resources, the          usable and are cleaned in special pro-
     Management System, based on the               avoidance of environmental pollution          cessing machines, while gas emissions
     Responsible Care® Program as well as          and the minimization of negative              are caught by air washers. The syste-
     the standards ISO , ISO  and         environment impacts. Employees and            matic use of solar sensors and new pro-
     OHSAS  is used to assess achie-          contractors therefore also attend             cess routines generate additional
     vement of the targeted objectives. The        regular training sessions to improve          savings in terms of waste volumes.
     central CASA goals are the provision of       the way in which water and energy
     high-quality services and the fulfillment     consumption are controlled and                 Wide-Ranging Environmental
     of all contractually agreed obligations       monitored. Other examples based on                Protection Measures
                                                                                                 The award takes into consideration the
                                                                                                 quality of the infrastructure and the
                                                                          Brenntag employ-
                                                                                                 work of employees, contractors and
                                                                          ees from Bolivia are
                                                                          delighted that their   the CASA management as well as
                                                                          company received       whether the relevant measures were
                                                                          the CASA Award.
                                                                          They have made a       implemented within an appropriate
                                                                          key contribution to    time frame. Alongside a wide range of
                                                                          the continuous
                                                                          improvements in the    other major achievements, the award
                                                                          areas of occupatio-    winner from Bolivia also attained cer-
                                                                          nal safety and envi-
                                                                                                 tification in line with ISO . More-
                                                                          ronmental protec-
                                                                          tion.                  over, no accidents had occurred at the
                                                                                                 facility in the previous , days. In
                                                                                                 accordance with the CASA objectives,

                                                                                                  CASA AWARD WINNERS
                                                                                                      Bolivia
                                                                                                      Costa Rica
                                                                                                      Colombia
                                                                                                      Chile

                                                                                                 the Bolivian national subsidiary made
                                                                                                 investments in the expansion of ware-
                                                                                                 house premises and infrastructure.
     to the full satisfaction of the customer.    day-to-day operations: liquid residues             In addition, the company imple-
     Accident prevention, a further core          are forwarded to suitable processing or        mented various environmental pro-
     issue, is to be underpinned by high          combustion systems; waste volumes              tection programs to cut energy con-
     work safety standards for both plant         are also being steadily reduced                sumption. The volume of chemical
     and personnel. In , the selection        through measures such as the re-               residues was also greatly reduced. All
     criteria for transport companies were        utilization of process water and the           this means that Brenntag Bolivia ser-
     made even tougher and the program            painstaking maintenance of equip-              ves as a role model for the region. x
     of training courses stepped up.              ment. Reusable containers ensure that
     The CASA requirements in the field of        the total volume of solid waste is kept         Contact: Alejandro Valenzuela
     environmental protection include             to a minimum. The drums are also re-  

       Alongside the headquarters in Houston, Brenntag Latin America comprises 
       offices in  countries as well as  locations in six regions: Mexico, Central
       America, the Caribbean and the northern and southern Andes as well as Merco-
       sur (the common market in the southern part of Latin America).

Certification For Brenntag Spain

Quality Assurance In The Field
Of Pharmaceutical Production
In March , the facility of Brenn-             the GMP guidelines, and the processes
tag Química located in Barberá del                that directly influence the quality of the
Vallés was certified in line with GMP             end product are documented in full.
(Good Manufacturing Practice) and                     The GMP guidelines were drawn
GTDP (Good Trade and Distribution                 up by the World Health Organization          Javier García and Noemí Grauperá, responsible for quality control and
Practice).                                        (WHO). By taking the measures requi-         pharmaceutical products at the Barberá warehouse, busy checking
                                                                                               that product labels are correct.
    GMP comprises a series of guide-              red for certification of its activities,
lines on maximum quality assurance                Brenntag Química has once again
in production, storage and monito-                underlined just how seriously it takes
ring of basic pharmaceutical sub-                 its responsibilities in the areas of
stances. Certification requires com-              health, safety and environmental pro-
pliance with these international                  tection. The company’s commitment
guidelines during the production, sto-            in this respect extends far beyond
rage and distribution of chemical pro-            what is legally required by the Spa-
ducts for the pharmaceutical and cos-             nish Ministry of Health and sets
metics industry. GMP-compliant                    Brenntag Química apart from its local
quality management systems are de-                competitors.                             x

signed to minimize the risks involved
in pharmaceutical production. All                  Contact: Belén Ruiz                         Barberá is primarily used for the storage of sugars, glycerines and
aspects of production are subject to                           sodium saccharine (sweetening agent).

Coastal Chemical Receives ExxonMobil Award

“Best Distribution Partner“
Coastal Chemical, a subsidiary of                 distribution,“ says Mark Andreotta,          finally, in direct sales growth. „With
Brenntag North America, has re-                   Sales Director Americas at ExxonMo-          a view to our future distribution
ceived an award from the American                 bil Lubricants & Specialties. Under its      model, these are the key qualities
petrochemicals group ExxonMobil for               Circle of Excellence Program, Exxon-         giving Coastal Chemical a significant
its outstanding services in chemicals             Mobil gives awards to companies who          edge over its competitors,“ says
distribution.                                     have proved particularly successful in       Harold Shablom, ExxonMobil Mana-
     “Coastal Chemical has achieved               the planning and analysis of business        ger Distributor Business Americas.
‘Premier Class’ status in our  ‘Cir-          processes, in the professional com-              ExxonMobil is the largest petro-
cle of Excellence Program’ and is thus            petence and service attitude of staff,       chemical group worldwide. The cor-
one of our best partners in chemicals             in effective sales management and,           poration and its subsidiaries operate
                                                                                               refineries in  countries and some
The headquarters of ExxonMobil in Irving, Texas                                                , gas stations (Exxon, Mobil,
                                                                                               Esso) in more than  countries. In
                                                                                               addition, ExxonMobil markets lubri-
                                                                                               cants and petrochemical products in
                                                                                               over  countries. Its headquarters
                                                                                               are in Irving and Houston, Texas, and
                                                                                               in Fairfax, Virginia.                x

                                                                                                Further information:
12                    What’s New

European Forum For Water Treatment At IFAT  In Munich

International Demand For Brenntag’s
Environmental Expertise
New projects, technologies and services in the fields of water, sewage, refuse and recycling were
the focal points of the IFAT International Trade Fair for Waste Disposal and the Environment.

                     This year's event set new records, with        expanding by an annual  to % in
                     , visitors – sector experts from         Germany, by up to % in Western
                      countries – and , exhibitors           Europe and even faster in Eastern
                     from  nations. Brenntag's water              Europe.”
                     treatment experts from all over Europe             Highranking politicians from
                                                                                                                  Always in a good mood:
                     had a joint stand and have been part           Egypt, Brazil, China, Iran, Japan, Saudi      the Brenntag trade fair team.
                     of IFAT since .                            Arabia and Turkey as well as Central
                                                                    and Eastern Europe were able to find          had an opportunity to showcase its
                        Integrated Water Treatment                  out firsthand about current water             water treatment activities in a pan-
                                 Solutions                          treatment and sewage sludge proces-           European context– sending a clear
                     Wolfgang Ostermann, head of the                sing techniques as well as the latest         message to suppliers and customers
                     German water treatment unit, played            trends in the area of environmental           that we are also a serious player on
                     the role of host in Munich for the             technology.                                   the international scene. The leading
                     second time with the team made up                  For Brenntag, the trade fair serves       producers were impressed by the range
                     of colleagues from Spain, France, Hol-         as a platform for the presentation of         of integrated solutions we are able
                     land, Belgium, Northern Europe,                new products and the indepth exchan-          to offer in the field of water treat-
                     Poland, the Czech Republic and joint           ge of knowhow with customers and              ment.”                              x

                     venture partner Staub & Co. and arran-         suppliers. Kronos, Akzo, Kemira,
                     ged many talks and meetings: “The              Sachtleben, SüdChemie, Sidra, Degus-
                     fair is the most important contact             sa, Ciba – Brenntag was in excellent           Contact: Pierre Claeys
                     forum for our industry. The mood is            company in Hall . Pierre Claeys,    
                     optimistic. Water treatment is a               Brenntag water treatment expert:               Wolfgang Ostermann
                     growth market worldwide and is                 “This was the first time that Brenntag

           Four Questions for Wolfgang Ostermann
                                                                                                                        There were a far higher number
             ? What products was Brenntag offering at the IFAT?                                                         of foreign contacts and guests
           ! The focus was on chemicals for wastewater processing such as                                               than in , and the official
           metal salts for precipitation and flocculation, flocculation agents                                          forecasts indicate that the fair
           and nutrients for biological sewage plants. The product portfolio is                                         will be even bigger – and even
           rounded off by related services like lab and on-site operational                                             more international – in three
           tests at the sewage plants as well as the technical application con-                                         years’ time.
           sulting services provided by our water experts.
                                                                                     Pierre Claeys, Facilitator Water
                                                                                     Treatment in Europe (left) and
                                                                                                                         ? What were visitors particularly
             ? What kind of people came to the trade fair stand?                     Wolfgang Ostermann, Head of         interested in?
           ! Employees of municipal and industrial sewage plants, engineer-          the German Water Treatment unit.
                                                                                                                         ! The focus was on technical
           ing firms and decision-makers from administration and industry.
                                                                                     application advice – choosing the right product portfolio to per-
           Not to forget producers, distributors and the trade press. The
                                                                                     form the wide range of different tasks in the field of water treat-
           water treatment industry is like a big family.
                                                                                     ment. In this connection, visitors were also interested in practical
             ? IFAT is an international event. Where do the customers come           support options on site like the provision of the necessary equip-
             from?                                                                   ment such as pumps or dosing systems. At the same time, our new
           ! Most visitors still come from Germany, but the figures show that        water-related products and services attracted a great deal of inte-
           there are also increasing numbers of visitors from Europe and             rest. We had plenty of opportunity to present our Brenntafloc range
           other parts of the world. There has been a noticeable increase in         of precipitation and flocculation agents as well as Brenntaplus, our
           inquiries from North Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.          nutrient portfolio.

Brenntag Oil & Gas

Presence At Trade Fairs
Brenntag Oil & Gas recently took part in two leading European trade fairs for
the oil and gas industry in Ravenna (Italy) and Cologne (Germany).

The Brenntag Oil & Gas team had a         such as Shell, Baker Petrolite, Halli-          number of decision-makers from lea-
stand at the OMC (Offshore Mediter-       burton, INA, Schlumberger, Edison and           ding companies in the petrochemical,
ranean Conference & Exhibition) in        Repsol. During the fair, the Oil & Gas          oil and gas sector. The event organi-
Ravenna, Italy, from March  to .      team presented Brenntag’s portfolio in          zed by the World Refining Association
This fair, which takes place every two    the field of chemicals distribution and         is designed to provide up-to-date
years, is the leading oil and gas indu-   associated services for the oil and gas         information on key growth markets as
stry event in the Mediterranean region    production sector and in the field of           well as technological progress reports
and focuses on offshore exploration       pipeline and system cleaning (N-SPEC®).         and case studies of regional projects.
and production. The visitors are main-    Our colleagues from Italy in particular         High-ranking representatives from
ly representatives of government          took the opportunity to build valuable          Brenntag cooperation partners CECA
authorities and plant operators. This     contacts and to raise the profile of their      and Lubrizol assisted during the pre-
year’s exhibitors included companies      services in the market.                         sentation and also took the opportu-
                                                                                          nity to promote their business and
                                               II. Global Petrochemical                   product portfolio.                   x
                                                Conference In Cologne
                                          Brenntag Oil & Gas Europe is one of              Contact: Claudia Boets
                                          the sponsors of the “Global Petroche-  
                                          mical Conference”, an international
                                          conference that is focused on the
                                          petrochemical industry in Europe. The
Brenntag flew the flag with its own
stand in Ravenna.
                                          visitors included members of nume-
                                          rous management boards and a high
                                                                                                              TRADE FAIR DIARY
                                                                                                                October –, 
                                                                                                                th Oil & Gas Transportation in the CIS
                                                                                                                and Caspian Region
                                                                                                                in London (UK)
                                                                                                                Topic: pipelines and pipeline cleaning

New Success For N-SPEC®                                                                                       Stand: Brenntag Oil & Gas

                                                                                                                October –, 
Brenntag has made major progress in                                                                             Western Canada Waste Water Conference
extending the application options for                                                                           in Saskatoon (Canada)
the cleaning chemical N-SPEC®  in                                                                             Topic: water processing
pipeline systems.                                                                                               Stand: Brenntag Canada
    Following the recent approval by
the Norwegian authorities for the use                                                                           October –, 
of the dispersant/solvent formulation                                                                           Fakuma
(together -), CEFAS (Centre for                                                                            in Friedrichshafen (Germany)
Environment, Fisheries & Aquacultu-                                                                             Topic: plastics and rubber
re Science) has now also approved N-                                                                            Stand: Brenntag Deutschland
SPEC®  for the English high seas.
    “This shows that we were right to                                                                           October –, 
subject the product to stringent envi-                                                                          Ifest
ronmental trials prior to market                                                                                in Gent (Belgium)
launch. Minimum environmental                                                                                   Topic: water processing
impact and safety play a key role in                                                                            Stand: Brenntag Belgium
our business,” says Theo Verleun,
Manager at Brenntag Oil & Gas.      x

 Further information:
 info-oilgas-                    N-SPEC® allows cleaning of the pipelines during operation.
14                     What’s New

Oil & Gas Europe Opens N-SPEC® Center

“Important Step In The Right Direction”
Brenntag Oil & Gas Europe recently opened its own
service center for N-SPEC® technology in Haren/Ems
(Germany), close to the municipality of Emmen in the
    From this new base, the Oil & Gas team intends to
coordinate and continue to expand its activities in the
field of oil & gas pipeline and system cleaning as well as
related services. With an area of  square meters and
a spacious outdoor compound, the center provides ample
space for the preparation of new projects and the main-
tenance and secure storage of sensitive equipment. The
choice of Haren as the new location was primarily sup-
ported by strategic considerations. “We wanted to be
close to many of our key partners in the field of ‘intelligent
pipeline inspection’ who also operate facilities in this
region,” says Peter Verkiel, product manager for N-SPEC®
Europe. He describes the N-SPEC® Center Europe as an
“important step in the right direction. We are now in a
position to react more rapidly and more flexibly to the
                                changing needs of our
                                customers. It was high
                                time as well, as there is
                                always a steady flow of          In its plans to expand its N-SPEC® service portfolio, Brenntag is profi-
                                new projects.”                   ting from sector trends like outsourcing and single sourcing.
                                    The N-SPEC® Center
                                Europe is managed for the        under the brand name N-SPEC®. Peter Verkiel: “Positive
                                day-to-day activities by         trends, such as increasing demands for customized servi-
                                Heinrich Book. He joined         ces and tailored products, generate wide-ranging business
                                the team a year ago and          potential and provide us with an opportunity to demon-
Heinrich Book                   can draw on valuable             strate our full spectrum of expertise in the field of chemi-
expertise gained in  years of working experience in the        cal processes.”                                           x

field of pipeline cleaning.
    Brenntag Oil & Gas Europe offers front-to-end solu-           Contact: Peter Verkiel
tions for oil & gas pipeline cleaning and optimization  

Accompanied By Excellent Figures

Eastern European Delegation
Visited Brenntag Headquarters
   Members of staff from Rumanian          rage is expected in the future. Cer-
and Bulgarian branches of Brenntag         tainly sufficient reason to celebrate
visited the company’s headquarters         last year’s good business figures: the
in Mülheim an der Ruhr at the begin-       Brenntag team rounded off its short
ning of June. The Eastern European         trip to Germany with a visit to the
delegates under the guidance of Hart-      „Aida“ musical at Essen’s Colosseum
wig Fitzthum brought good news             Theater in the company of CEO Klaus
with them: the distribution markets        Engel.
in their home countries are continu-          Visit for
ing to develop in a positive manner        fur-ther information on Brenntag’s
and further growth higher-than-ave-        activities in Bulgaria and Rumania. x

FECC – Forum For Distributors In London

“Encouraging Outlook For The Chemical Distributors”
In mid-June, decision-makers from the      pean distribution sector. He also poin-        distributors, represents the interests
European chemicals distribution sec-       ted to the opportunities for Europe-           of its members vis-à-vis the EU insti-
tor came together at the annual mee-       an distributors in China, where the            tutions. The goals of FECC include the
ting of FECC (European Association of      demand for chemical products is gro-           promotion and implementation of
Chemical Distributors) in London.          wing all the time.                             modern safety, health and environ-
    Under the heading “Strategy and        The Brussels-based FECC, the leading           mental standards. The companies
Leadership”, the attendees discussed       European organization for chemical             represented by FECC serve over one
current sector trends, the outlook for                                                    million industry customers and recor-
the future and strategies for success.                                                    ded a total sales volume of around
In his presentation, Daniel Pithois, a                                                    EUR  billion in .              x

member of the management team at
Brenntag Holding, described ongoing
globalization, more stringent safety                                                       Further information:
regulations and an increase in out-                                         Daniel
sourcing as the key trends in the Euro-                                     Pithois

Brenntag France

New Production Facility Generates Synergies
The production facility in the French town of Montville in Normandy is currently undergoing wideranging
conversion and expansion.

The location has a total area of           place and powders and solvents sto-            the functionality of the facility as well
. hectares as well as a storage capa-   red. The wideranging services provi-           as the costefficient use of capital. x
city of , tons and will employ        ded in Montville are subject to the
 people.                                 very latest safety standards. The visi-         Contact: Corinne Flores
     Brenntag France hopes that the        tors were particularly full of praise for
modernized facility will generate syn-
ergies in cooperation with other loca-
tions in France. The site is being re-
opened in four phases, beginning with
the solvents section in June/July and
followed by powder storage in July,
mixing and blending in August/Sep-
tember and, finally, the acids and alka-
lis department in midNovember.
     During a preliminary tour of the
new production facility, members of
the European Executive Committee of
Brenntag gained an overview of the
progress of building work. The com-
mittee is made up of management
executives from the national subsidi-
aries in Europe and from Brenntag
Holding. The visitors from Belgium,
France, Spain, the Netherlands, Den-
mark, Austria, Italy and Germany
found out about the status of the con-
struction project on the giant site. The
visitors toured the part of the plant      The new mixing and blending building in Montville also serves as a dry warehouse. The Brenntag delegation
where mixing and blending will take        posed for a photo in front of the new admin building.
16                   What’s New                                                                                                             16

Customer Symposium In Bulgaria

Successful Event
In April, Brenntag Bulgaria and Wacker Poly-
mers welcomed  customers as well as
representatives of the local press to a two-
day symposium in Kazanlak, Bulgaria.

The core topics of the seminar were VINNAPAS® disper-
sion powders and dispersions and their use in self-leve-
ling floor fillers. The attendees were also treated to hands-
on demonstrations of composite thermal insulation
systems. Plamen Gospodinov from Brenntag Bulgaria:
“There were several new elements in the organization and
staging of the symposium, such as the involvement of indu-
strial partners from the construction chemicals industry
(wolff celullosics, HeidelbergCement AG, DuPont, Luzenac,
m-tec), who supplemented the seminar program with their
own interesting contributions.”
    A get-together at the end of the event featuring a Bul-
garian folklore performance also helped to ensure the suc-
cessful debut of the new concept. Heidelberg Calcium Alu-
                                                                The practical demonstrations of composite thermal insulation systems were
minates, one of the participating companies, was full of
                                                                one of the highlights of the seminar.
praise: “The event was a complete success; the venue was
well chosen and the demonstrations and presentations
were superbly organized.”                                  x

 Contact: Plamen Gospodinov

Brenntag CEE At Budapest Exhibition Center

Focus On Environmental Protection
In mid-April, the Budapest Exhibition Center was the            of German, Austrian and Italian companies underlined the
venue for “Chemexpo”, the international forum for the           high level of interest in the Hungarian market.        x

chemicals and plastics industry. Brenntag CEE had its own
stand at the fair.                                               Contact: Monika Abraham-Wohl
    Chemexpo is one of the leading trade fairs for plastics
technology in Central and Eastern Europe and was staged
parallel to the Mach-Tech machine manufacturing fair this
year. The core themes were machines and systems for the
chemical industry, chemical raw materials and products,
plastics, plastics production and processing machines, pla-
stics technology, corrosion protection, rubber processing
machines and safety technology.
    Alongside the latest technical developments, environ-
mental protection was this year’s focal point of the lea-
ding Hungarian sector trade fair held every two years. With
a total of  exhibitors from  countries and , visi-
tors, the first event since Hungary’s accession to the EU
recorded growth of almost  percent. The strong presence       Brenntag CEE once again had an exhibition stand this year in Hungary
Companies In Focus                                                                          17

        Brenntag Export

            Global Player
            In , Brenntag’s export specialists from France, the Netherlands and Belgium
            implemented ambitious plans to form their own organization. Just two years on,
            “Brenntag Export” has become a byword for market expertise and reliable distri-
            bution among customers around the globe.

                            The business centers in Europe, the USA, Canada and Latin
                            America stand out on the world map of Brenntag loca-
                            tions, underlining the close-knit distribution networks in
                            these regions. But does this mean that the rest of the world
                            is “terra incognita” for the group? By no means: compa-
                            nies looking for a distribution service provider in India,
                            the Caribbean, Oceania or East Africa can also call on the
                            expertise of Brenntag, as the Brenntag Export division
                            offers services in more or less all corners of the globe. “We
18   Companies In Focus

                                               The Brenntag Export
                                               management (from
                                               left to right): Willem
                                               Van de Laar, Frank
                                               Vercruysse and Jean-
                                               Yves Parayre

                                                 The administrative
                                                 office of Brenntag
                                                       Export in the

     view our work as an extension of the traditional distribu-         gium), Mouscron (Belgium) and Vitrolles (France). The
     tion business, particularly in the countries where Brenn-          locations in Belgium and the Netherlands provide Brenn-
     tag still doesn’t operate local branches,” says Frank Ver-         tag with rapid access to the port of Antwerp and Rotter-
     cruysse, General Sales Manager at Brenntag Export in               dam, which offers large-scale warehouses for bulk goods
     Antwerp. Together with his colleagues Willem Van de Laar           and modern filling facilities. Brenntag Export ships more
     (purchasing) and Jean-Yves Parayre (specialties), the Bel-         than  solvents and liquid acids (like nitric acid, hydro-
     gian sales expert makes up the management team of                  chloric acid or sulfuric acid) from Rotterdam to interna-
     Brenntag Export.                                                   tional customers.
         Brenntag Export was set up in  following the                   The Brenntag Export locations also house extensive
     restructuring of Brenntag North-West (Europe). The export          storage facilities for more than  solids and specialty
     departments of Nederlandse Brenntag Maatschappij                   chemicals; they export around , tons of chemical
     Export in Holland, Division Brenntag International in Bel-         products every year. Brenntag Export is positioned on all
     gium and Brenntag Méditerranée Export in France were               five continents; the way the company works is different to
     incorporated in the new company. “The  merger gave             that of conventional national subsidiaries, but it also co-
     us an opportunity to pool our wide-ranging experience and          operates closely with the latter in many cases. Frank Ver-
     focus on exports. The sales volumes and profitability of our       cruysse outlines some of the current projects: “We are,
     export activities have been rising steadily ever since,” adds      for example, cooperating with Brenntag Spain to provide
     Frank Vercruysse.                                                  support for Brenntag Morocco in the areas of order pro-
                                                                        cessing and foreign business. On the other side of the
            Rotterdam And Antwerp: Brenntag’s                           globe, we are helping the team at Brenntag Taipei to hand-
                  Gateways To The World                                 le questions relating to exports. And in Latin America, we
     Today, Brenntag Export has  employees at four loca-              are in the process of transferring some of our business
     tions in Europe: Dordrecht (Netherlands), Antwerp (Bel-            operations to the local Brenntag subsidiaries.”

                                                                        Brenntag Export in
                                                                        Belgium (left image)
                                                                        and France (right
                                                                        image) offers High-

                                                                      First step on a
                                                                       long journey:
                                                                         In Antwerp,
                                                                   Brenntag fills che-
                                                                    micals for export

     Europe               East Africa
     India                North Africa
     Central Asia         Caribbean
     Far East             Central America
     Middle East          South America
                                                                       Secure filling
     South Africa         Oceania                                    device for acids
     West Africa

The Belgian believes Brenntag Export is well equipped to
face the challenges of the future in the global distribution
market: “We have built up trust-based relationships with
our customers in many different cultural regions of the
world. Well-organized logistics over short and long distan-
ces and our comprehensive product portfolio have also
helped to establish Brenntag as a recognized brand in Asia,
the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. We analyze our
results on a quarterly basis and ask our customers about
their expectations. Our goal is to build on our strengths and
further improve the quality of our services. And we are                Smaller quanti-
                                                                    ties of liquids are
confident that we can continue the success of our activi-           filled by hand for
ties in the years to come.”                                 x                transport.

 Contact: Frank Vercruysse
 You can find the names of contacts for the various
 sales regions at:

                                                                  The working parts
                                                                  of a filling plant in

Akcros Chemicals • Akzo Nobel • Atofina • BASF • Bayer • BP Chemicals •
Cargill • Chemische Fabrik Budenheim • Degussa Fine Chemicals • Exxon-
Mobil Chemical • Galactic • GE Bayer • Haxion • Kemira • Lyondell • L II •
Norit • Rohm and Haas • Ruhrschwefel • Sasol • Tessenderlo Group • Yara
20   Partners And Products

     Brenntag Chemicals For The Construction Industry

     When Substance Decides
     Coatings, paints and adhesives – whenever       When it comes to chemical production for the construc-
                                                     tion industry, extremely exacting demands are specified
     specialty chemicals for high quality con-
                                                     regarding component resistance, loading capacity and com-
     struction materials are called for, Brenntag    patibility. Among other things, Brenntag supplies polyur-
     is the preferred distribution partner for       ethane (PU) raw materials manufactured by Dow, the inter-
     many European companies. Efficient service      national chemical company, to end producers. This versatile
                                                     plastic is used, for instance, to manufacture particularly
     and satisfied customers speak for themsel-
                                                     rugged floorings. Polyurethane is also used in the con-
     ves, and keep the Brenntag order book well      struction industry as
     filled despite the difficult market situation   foam for sealing con-
     in the building industry.                       crete joints and for
                                                     fitting windows and
                                                     In addition, the
                                                     Brenntag subsidiary
                                                     in Mülheim an der
                                                     Ruhr markets large
                                                     quantities of disper-
                                                     sions and resins for
                                                     Rohm and Haas, Theo Verhoeven, Area Manager Coatings,
                                                     another major sup- Paints, Adhesives at Brenntag

                                                                                          EXCERPT FROM
                                                                                          EUROPEAN REFERENCE CUSTOMER LIST
                                                                                          Brillux • Grupo Puma • GRACE BAUPRODUKTE GMBH • Degussa
                                                                                          Construction • Deutsche Amphibolin-Werke • Meffert AG •
                                                                                          Imparat Farbwerk • Keimfarben GmbH & Co. KG • Kemper
                                                                                          System GmbH & Co. KG • KRAUTOL-WERKE • maxit Deutschland •
                                                                                          MBT • PCI Augsburg GmbH • REMMERS BAUSTOFFTECHNIK
                                                                                          GMBH • SIKA • SPENNER ZEMENT GMBH & CO KG • Vernis
                                                                                          Claessens • Weber Broutin • WOERMANN BAUCHEMIE GMBH

plier, as base substances for wall paint. The well-known
Multinational Resolution company distributes epoxy resins
for floor coating systems and lacquers via Brenntag. “We
cooperate with DuPont, one of the world’s biggest chemi-
cal corporations, on products like titanium dioxide, which
is the most important white pigment for paints and lac-
quers,” says Theo Verhoeven, Area Manager Coatings,
                                                                 Construction material production at Caparol (a division of Deutsche Amphibolin-Werke) and Keimfar-
Paints, Adhesives at Brenntag in Germany.                        ben GmbH & Co. KG (page ).

        ACES Network Strengthens Business
Brenntag experts across Europe work together on behalf of
the construction chemicals industry in the framework of
ACES (Adhesives, Coatings, Elastomers and Sealants). “It
makes good sense to view the services we provide to the
construction chemicals sector in the ACES context: many
of the chemicals we offer are not restricted to this segment
but are also used in areas such as automotives and furni-
ture making,” Verhoeven continues. ACES and Brenntag’s
construction chemicals business are therefore indivisibly
linked in the various countries.
Theo Verhoeven perceives the greatest market potential
today in France, Germany, the Benelux countries, Central
Europe, Spain and Switzerland. “We listen carefully to what
the market wants and develop our marketing concepts on
this basis. As a result, in our negotiations with suppliers of
raw materials we can tailor our joint offerings exactly to
our customers’ needs.”
22   Partners And Products

                           His Spanish colleague Álex de Gomis,       with construction chemicals, as in neighboring European
                           Head of ACES in Europe and manager         countries, epoxy resins and dispersions predominate.
                           of Brenntag Química, reports encou-        Robert Simeray, the responsible ACES Area Manager, con-
                           raging business development in his         firms the “mounting pressures both in the competition for
                           region: “In Spain we collaborate with      market shares and on the price side”. All in all, Brenntag’s
                           companies like Weber-Broutin, Sika,        construction chemicals experts’ assessment of business
                           and MBT as well as with local sup-         development in Europe is positive. “Multiple new business
                           pliers such as Grupo Puma, and we          opportunities await us,” enthuses Álex de Gomis, “espe-
                           are currently profiting from the gra-      cially in the light of the sustained growth in Eastern
                           dual growth in the building trade.”        Europe.”
                           And although Christ Chemie AG in
     Álex de Gomis
                           Switzerland, which was taken over by                  Top Customers In The Industry
     Brenntag in , is mentally prepared for a general decline     Substance is the essence of all construction business, like
     in construction projects, it has managed to record growth        business in general. Clients who opt for quality and lon-
     against the general trend in each of the last few years: “In     gevity insist on premium materials. The manufacturers of
     addition to classic distribution services, we also offer valu-   these materials need a prompt and efficient source for
     able know-how that helps our customers introduce high-           the chemicals used in their products. “We collaborate with
     quality, innovative products to the marketplace. More-           numerous major companies in the construction chemi-
                                                                      cals industry, who frequently favor us for strategic rea-
                                                                      sons: Brenntag combines a broad portfolio of products
                                                                      with contacts who are thoroughly familiar with the con-
                                                                      struction chemicals business and appreciate each custo-
                                                                      mer’s situation. Our extensive international network,
                                                                      which gives us access to the growth markets of Eastern
                                                                      Europe, decisively sharpens our competitive edge over
                                                                      competitors” – Álex de Gomis’ view of the future is deci-
                                                                      dedly optimistic.                                         x

     Robert Simeray             Christoph Fritschi

     over, we explicitly target marketing departments and              Contact:
     enlighten them about the advantages of new raw materi-            Theo Verhoeven
     als,” explains Christoph Fritschi, ACES Area Manager and
     a Director of Christ Chemie AG. The most important ingre-         Álex de Gomis
     dients of his construction chemicals business in the Swiss
     market are epoxy resins from Resolution and ISOPAR sol-           Robert Simeray
     vents from Exxon. These solvents are used in wall paints,
     for instance, where they are particularly effective at            Christoph Fritschi
     masking dirt and nicotine stains. In French core business
Inside                                                                                                                         23

                                            During the seminar
                                            for the baking indu-
                                            stry, Stephan Paul
                                            (left-hand picture)
                                            explains how a whip-
                                            ping agent works in
                                            a cream filling.

                                               Customers sample
                                                  the taste of soy
                                                concentrates and
                                             isolates in sausages
                                               at the seminar for
                                                the meat proces-
                                                    sing industry.

Brenntag Specialities In The Netherlands

Know-How Leader In The Food Marketing Sector
In , Brenntag Specialities in the Netherlands is organizing four food
seminars for the national food industry.

“Sales through Technology” is the motto of Brenntag’s wide-           food technology and agricultural science. Two students
ranging activities in the market for food additives. At the           from the university regularly complete a five-month
same time, however, the focus on technology-heavy concepts            internship with Brenntag. During their time at Brenntag,
is in gradual decline in the food industry, and there is a gro-       they already helped to improve some of the formulations
wing demand for innovative front-to-end solutions. “This              and were extremely active in the workshops.
boosts our prospects of becoming the leading distributor in
this segment of the Dutch market. Our customers need a                    Further Seminars Planned For The Autumn
reliable partner,” says Petra Brands, Business Manager Food.          In April , Brenntag Specialities organized two semi-
     It is only recently that the facility in the Dutch town of       nars for the food industry in the Netherlands with the focus
Moerdijk was presented with the HACCP Award (Hazard                   on the bakery and meat processing sectors. The  or so
Analysis Critical Control Points) based on international qua-         participants discussed theoretical questions and took part
lity certification criteria. In the fiercely competitive mar-         in hands-on workshops. The next seminars are scheduled
ket for the distribution of chemicals, Brenntag Specialities          for October, and this time the emphasis will be on the con-
sees itself as an expert and pioneering player when it                venience food industry and its customers. By the end of
comes to innovations in the fields of technology and mar-             , representatives from more than  companies will
keting as well as logistics.                                          have attended the seminars.                                x

     Brenntag cooperates closely with the industry and the
universities. The seminars are held on the premises of HAS             Contact: Petra Brands
Den Bosch, the leading Dutch university specializing in      

                                            Interested onlook-
                                            ers during a presen-

                                              Michiel van Genug-
                                                  ten (right-hand
                                                   photo) profiles
                                                   various gelling
                                             agents and explains
                                              how they are used
                                                in chicken fillets.
24   Inside

                                                                         SAP Solution Manager

                                                                         Fast Solutions
                                                                         To Computer
     The computer specialists at Brenntag           into the Solution Manager and request      facilitates the work of the support
     headquarters are working on moder-             assistance from a support team. The        team. The members of the team are
     nizing the IT structures at full speed. A      system automatically adds various          allocated a specific period for each
     further step in the direction of a digi-       items of basic information which will      error ticket and the user must be con-
     tal future was taken with the intro-           subsequently provide the member of         tacted within this time. The proces-
     duction of the SAP Solution Manager,           the support team with important            sing period is determined by the prio-
     a SupportDesk software for both SAP            points of reference for his analysis.      rity rating ascribed to the error ticket
     and non-SAP systems. This will sim-                Michael Kubiak continues: “We          by the user. If an error ticket is not
     plify and accelerate the service when          used to have to clarify these details      processed within the allocated period,
     dealing with computer problems.                laboriously by telephone. There’s no       notification is automatically sent to
         “Support optimization is becoming          need for that now. The IT specialist       the central IT office, which then assu-
     more important to us and more com-             receives an error ticket containing all    mes responsibility for the subsequent
     plex as Brenntag grows stronger: many          of the information required to deal        handling of the inquiry.
     of our computer systems are interna-           with the problem straight from the              Michael Kubiak is confident in the
     tional nowadays. If a problem occurs           system.”                                   new support system: “We are already
     in the IT sector, it may cause delays in                                                  enjoying initial successes, one of
     the delivery of chemicals to several                   Prompt Processing                  these being a considerable improve-
     locations under exceptional circum-            This software automatically sends the      ment in our service response times
     stances. The costs incurred by the resul-      error ticket to the right contact per-     thanks to the Solution Manager.” The
     ting breakdowns in productivity can be         son. The processing status therefore       Solution Manager SupportDesk is pri-
     very high within just a short period,”         remains transparent and traceable,         marily being used by the Brenntag
     explains Michael Kubiak, Brenntag Cor-         doing away with the previously nor-        holding company, Brenntag GmbH
     porate IT, Head of IT Operations in Mül-       mal but long-winded process of wor-        and Brenntag Nordic at the moment,
     heim an der Ruhr, Germany.                     king through dozens of bits of paper.      but there are also plans to make use
         The new SAP Solution Manager               “The Solution Manager keeps records        of this useful utility in other subsidi-
     now offers a fast means of processing          of every problem and ensures that          ary companies in the near future. x
     and solving error messages, which are          none are forgotten,” as Michael
     referred to as error tickets: the user can     Kubiak explains. In addition to this,       Contact: Michael Kubiak
     use a simple mask to enter his problem         there is a solution database, which

                                                                         FIRST STAGES
                                                                         Anyone wishing to use the Solution Manager must have access
                                                                         to the Brenntag intranet or must be authorized to use the SAP
                                                                         systems of the holding company (EH&S, BW, SAP-SEM, FI/CO) or
                                                                         the national companies CEE, Nordic or Iberia. Training courses
                                                                         can be arranged for users and support teams. There are com-
                                                                         prehensive manuals available in the intranet, which are written
     Michael Kubiak uses a diagram to explain the                        in terms that are easy to understand.
     functions of the SAP Solution Manager.

Give-Aways On The Intranet

Brenntag Promotional
Gift Shop Now Online                                                                             PHOTO EXPERT
                                                                                                 DISCOVERS BRENNTAG
Key fobs, lighters, golf balls or pre-     munications: “It is important to pool                 Is it the leaning tower of Mülheim? In his
sentation folders – twice a year,          orders worldwide in order to ensure                   new book entitled "Fotolehrgang" (publis-
Brenntag employees order high-qua-         uniform corporate design, high qua-                   hed by Humboldt, . euros) Tom Strie-
lity promotional gifts and give-aways      lity and competitive prices.” As in the
                                                                                                 wisch uses digital retouching techniques to
for their customers.                       past, the new items are uploaded
                                                                                                 straighten the plunging lines on a photo of
     It was previously only possible to    twice a year and must be ordered by
                                                                                                 the Brenntag headquarters. "The high-rise
submit orders by fax or e-mail, but the    the specified deadline. The deadline
                                                                                                 building now once again exudes a tranquil
ordering process has now been sim-         is necessary to ensure timely com-
plified. Employees can view the avai-      mencement of the central production                   and serious air," is how the popular photo-
lable promotional gifts, give-aways        of articles bearing the Brenntag logo.                graphy lecturer describes his snapshot.
and trade fair items online and order      Trade fair items can be ordered
them directly with a single click of the   throughout the year.                  x                Further information:
mouse (homepage/centralized pur-                                                        
chasing/advertising material). Mela-        Contact: Melanie Stieglitz                  
nie Stieglitz, Brenntag Corporate Com-

Brenntag Managers Also On The Ball

Soccer Fever In Germany
Brenntag attaches major importance to its vibrant corpo-
rate culture. As in past years, one of the absolute highlights
in  was the soccer tournament, an event that is extre-
mely popular with all the German subsidiaries and affiliates.
Some of the management executives also took a keen inte-
rest and even displayed their prowess on the soccer pitch.
Around  players and fans traveled to Hamburg this year.
A total of  men’s and two women’s teams entered the
competition. In the eleventh year of the tournament, the
team from Hannover were the overall winners; their col-
leagues from Mülheim were runners-up, while the team
from the Kassel office took third place.                     x   The spectators cheered on the players.
26                   Inside

Public Relations Specialists

As A Career
What lies behind this job profile? The PR
specialists keep a close eye on worldwide
compliance with the corporate design
guidelines and support both employees and
management in the area of public relations.
                                                                    Monika Abraham-Wohl discusses accompanying PR measures for Air™
And that’s not all ...                                              distribution in Austria with Martin Prinz, a manager at Brenntag.

Carolina Andaluz () has been wor-                                                    tional company:          checks publications, posters and cata-
king for Brenntag Peru, which                                                          “This gives me           logues and is also responsible for pro-
belongs to the Andino Sur region,                                                      the opportunity          motional gifts. Last not least, Belén
since November . Her job invol-                                                    to share my expe-        Ruiz also proofreads the Spanish edi-
ves organizing events and seminars,                                                    rience with colle-       tion of together before it goes to print.
and she is also responsible for the                                                    agues in other
design and printing of brochures, pro-                                                 countries.”              Corinne Flores () joined Brenntag
motional materials and other printed                                                                            France in . “Brenntag is a highly
business documents. Carolina Anda-                                                  Belén Ruiz ()             dynamic company pursuing a wide
luz: “My colleagues get in touch with                                               started working             variety of projects which regularly cre-
me when they need my help to coor-                                                  for Brenntag Ibe-           ate new opportunities for its employ-
dinate external services such as                                                    ria in . The            ees,” is the experience of Corinne Flo-
outings, trademark registration, inter-                                             mother of two               res. She worked in the Export unit for
national removals or merchandising                                                  small children has
articles. I’m also their central contact                                            a parttime job
for topics relating to health insu-        Carolina Andaluz                         with the com-
rance”.                                                       pany. She speaks several languages
                                                              (Spanish, German, English, French)
 Varied Training Program And                                  and has a law degree. Belén Ruiz: “But
        Job Description                                       communication skills, a positive atti-
In order to be able to tackle the wide                        tude, commitment and flexibility are
range of tasks and work duties, she                           just as important for the job.” She is
has undergone a program of training                           also well versed in the Powerpoint and
that is accordingly varied. “You should    Belén Ruiz                               Photoshop soft-
be trained as a management assi-                                                    ware, and her
stant,” is her recommendation. This                                                 next goal is to
also includes courses in public rela-                                               learn all about
tions, marketing, finance, human                                                    Web design. She
resources or event organization.                                                    already updates
    Carolina Andaluz: “The most                                                     the texts on the
important thing, however, is to have                                                Spanish Internet            Corinne Flores
an instinct for dealing with people                                                 and Intranet por-           ten years before taking a year off to
and to be open towards others. It’s                                                 tals, helps the             study for a qualification in communi-
extremely gratifying to hear that my                                                management to               cation and media sciences. She re-joi-
colleagues are happy with an event                                                  prepare corporate           ned the company as a webmaster and
we’ve organized for them or when I                                                  p re s e n t at i o n s ,   is now responsible for internal and
can see that everything’s running                                                   organizes mee-              external communication, which also
smoothly.” Like her colleagues, she is                                              tings at inter-             includes cooperation with service pro-
happy that she works for an interna-                                                national level,             viders and printers. She also acts as an

in-house contact for the employee          employees) wouldn’t exist. My colle-
magazine French Newsletter.                agues place their faith in me and pro-
                                           vide me with their input, their opi-
Claudia Boets () has been working        nions, their experience and their
for the European Oil & Gas Team at         know-how.”
Brenntag since August . The trai-
ned communications and office mana-        Maila Niewerth de Bautista () from
ger compiles product documentation,        Brazil has been working for Brenntag
organizes trade fairs and conferences,     in the Dominican Republic since Sep-
is responsible for dealing with the        tember : “It’s like working for a
press and handles advertising. In all      family. Relations between the employ-
                                           ees at Brenntag Caribbean are excel-
                                           lent.” She recommends a qualification
                                           in business management or psycho-
                                           logy as the best way to prepare for
                                           the type of job she does. As assistant     Nicoletta Vene

                                           to the Managing Director, she is
                                           responsible for personnel issues and               Relaxation In Idyllic
                                           also provides support for the CASA                 Rural Surroundings
                                           program (Quality, Safety & Environ-        Sports, family, country life – the lei-
                                           ment) operated by Brenntag Latin           sure habits of the Brenntag PR speci-
                                           America. What are her other duties?        alists are as varied as their jobs. Caro-
                                           “I’m responsible for PR activities, par-   lina Andaluz: “When my daughters
                                           ticularly those conducted in coopera-      are in bed, I go to the gym.”
                                           tion with our customers. I also per-           Dancing is one of the things Nico-
                                           form various controlling tasks.”           letta Vene likes to do to unwind, and
                                                                                      she also loves travelling. Claudia Boets
                                           Nicoletta Vene () has been with          keeps fit on her inline skates and is a
                                           Brenntag Milan in Italy since April        keen cinema-goer. Monika Abraham-
                                            and is responsible for PR work        Wohl relaxes after work by “reading,
Claudia Boets                              as part of her job as assistant to the     jogging, cycling and spending time
those promotional activities she           Management Board. She also provi-          with my young daughter.”
makes sure the external image of           des support for the CFO. Nicoletta             Belén Ruiz loves the mild climate
Brenntag, the company’s corporate          Vene, who previously worked in simi-       of southern Spain, where people can
identity, is correctly communicated.       lar posts at other companies: “At          sit outdoors at bars and restaurants
But she also organizes internal mee-       Brenntag, I can bring my wide-ran-         all year round. Corinne Flores’ hob-
tings, for the sales department for        ging experience into play and make         bies include enjoying good food with
example. What Claudia Boets likes          full use of my skills.” One thing she      friends, walking by the sea and taking
about her job is the variety of tasks      particularly values about her              trips to the picturesque villages in the
and the fact that no day is the same.      employer is that Brenntag also sup-        Provence region of France.
And she naturally enjoys being suc-        ports new employees in an exemplary            Maila Niewerth de Bautista and
cessful in her work: “When I see the       fashion, and this is one of the reasons    her family prefer the countryside,
positive results of my efforts, it makes   she feels at home in her new job.          “where we work on the land and look
my day.”                                                                              after our pets and animals: dogs, a
                                           Maila Niewerth de Bautista                 cat, a horse and chickens.” Obviously,
Monika Abraham-Wohl () has been                                                     Brenntag “communicators” don’t just
with Brenntag CEE for five and a half                                                 need to be able to interact with
years and successfully combines her                                                   humans ...                              x

working and family life: “I have an ele-
ven-month old daughter and am only
able to work a few hours a week at the                                                 Contact:
moment; thanks to Brenntag CEE I can                                         
do this work from home”. She keeps                                           
in touch with her main internal and                                          
external contacts through daily phone                                        
calls and regular meetings. Monika                                           
Abraham-Wohl: “Part of my job invol-                                         
ves maintaining contact with my col-                                         
leagues in Austria and the  CEE sub-
sidiaries – without whom “Synergy”
(the newsletter for Brenntag CEE
28   Inside

     Annelies Van Der Hoek

     The Joy Of
     Helping Others
     Just lying on the beach and enjoying
     a lazy holiday – that’s not the style of
     Annelies van der Hoek. Instead, the
     employee of Brenntag Export in Dord-
     recht in the Netherlands prefers to
     help the victims of the tsunami in Asia
     to rebuild their lives.                          Annelies van der Hoek helping tsunami victims
         Annelies van der Hoek began her
     working life in  at Chemproha          in-depth understanding of other coun-        water, the emphasis is gradually shif-
     (which was taken over by the Brenntag      tries and cultures, and following the        ting and resources are being used to
     Group in ). She initially worked       tsunami disaster she not only felt a         enable the local people to become self-
     as a secretary before being appointed      deep sympathy but also a passionate          sufficient once again. Annelies van der
     assistant to the Management Board          desire to help. She volunteered to           Hoek: “The money pays for things like
     and is today an area manager at            spend two weeks in Koggala, Sri              plowing equipment so that the farmers
                   Brenntag Export. Inter-      Lanka, to help rebuild an orphanage.         can pay their own way. The fishermen
                   acting with people all       Koggala is a small fishing village in        use donated bicycles to transport their
                   over the world has           the southern part of Sri Lanka around        catch to the inland marketplaces. There
                   obviously also made a         kilometers from Galle. Annelies van       are shortages everywhere: there are not
                   mark on her private life.    der Hoek: “ volunteers worked on           enough scales to weigh fish and vege-
                   “My two big passions are     the new orphanage every day from            tables – and not enough building mate-
                   travel and motorbiking,”     in the morning until . in the after-      rials for the local tradesmen or shoes
                   says the Dutch national,     noon. The complex comprises five             and schoolbooks for the children.”
                   who has already crossed      buildings, where the orphans live and            As soon as she arrived back in the
                   the European Alps and        where they attend lessons and receive        Netherlands, Annelies van der Hoek
     the North African desert together with     medical care together with other             joined forces with other helpers she
     her partner – each on their own bike.      children from the region. When they          met in Sri Lanka to set up an organi-
     When her trips take her further afield,    leave the orphanage, the organization        zation that supports the work of
     Annelies van der Hoek sometimes            helps them to find a job and make            “Rebuild Srilanka”. Here too, the motto
     hires a motorbike when she arrives at      their own way in society.”                   is about helping people to help them-
     her destination: “In India, for exam-          This and other private aid pro-          selves: “Don’t give them fish, but teach
     ple, we drove along the southern           grams for tsunami victims are sup-           them how to fish.”                     x

     coast on two hired Enfields. It was the    ported by the local nonprofit organi-
     ultimate integration experience.”          zation “Rebuild Srilanka”. Whereas             More information:
         Annelies van der Hoek had long         assistance initially focused on the pro-
     been interested in and had gained an       vision of food, clothes and drinking 

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