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									          Group Seek & Find
• P. 360 – 362            1. Preparing for War
• Make & Fill in your      Northern    Southern
  chart of Resources       Resources   Resources
                           (Strengths) (Strengths)
  (strengths) of the
  North & South
• Make & Fill in your
  chart of the Strategies Northern     Southern
                           Strategies  Strategies
  of the North & South
 Northern      Southern
(Resources)   (Resources)
 Strengths     Strengths
Rating the North & the South
Northern Strengths       Southern Strengths
• Existing army and      • Experienced military
  navy                     commanders (best
• Large population         generals)
  could provide more     • Fighting for a strong
  soldiers and workers     belief in self-
• More factories to        government and their
  produce supplies         way of life
                         • Needed only to
                           defend territory, not to
Northern Strategies Southern Strategies
Northern Strategies Southern Strategies
• Use blockade to        • Prepare and wait,
  prevent south from       hoping union will not
  trading                  pursue war
• Gain control of the    • Push back Union
  Mississippi River        attacks until
  (Anaconda Plan)          Northerners lose the
• Capture Confederate      will to fight
  capital of Richmond,   • Gain support of
  Virginia                 European countries
Statistics Refresh: Who had
      the advantage?
             Anaconda Plan

• Surround the
  south, and cut
  off it’s supplies
  ( a huge siege)
• The Anaconda
• Union General Winfield Scott developed
  the first major Union strategy in the
  Civil War, the Anaconda Plan. Under the
  Anaconda Plan, the Union planned to
  blockade ports in the South while taking
  control of the land around the
  Mississippi river, effectively cutting off
  the South’s supply and distribution lines.
1.) Outline the Mississippi River in blue
2.) Make red dots on the ports that were to be blockage/captured
3.) Make a purple dot on the Confederate capitol
4.) Shade the area that was to be contained by the Anaconda Plan
•   What waterways and ports did Scott propose blocking?
    Waterways - Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico as well as
    the Mississippi River; Forts Jackson and Saint Philip

•   What was the ultimate goal of Scott’s Anaconda Plan?
    Gain control of the Mississippi in order to cut the South’s
    supply lines and distribution lines

•   In what way might Scott’s Anaconda Plan have led to the
    quick defeat of the Confederacy?
    A successful execution of the Anaconda Plan would have left
    the South w/o the resources necessary to continue fighting

•   What is meant by the metaphor of the ‘anaconda’?
    Constricting the South, much like an anaconda constricts its
    prey, until its life lines, or supplies, are cut off
                     Weapon Explanation

2.) Modern War
    A war in which
    advancements     3.)
    in technology
    increase         4.)
    casualty rates


      Modern Warfare
Colt Revolver:   fires 6 times without
        Modern Warfare
Repeating Rifle:   fires 7 times without
                   reloading & more
       Modern Warfare
Rapid fire gun   fires 65 times per minute
     Modern Warfare
Gatling Gun   machine gun… 600
              rounds per minute
          Modern Warfare
Bullets with rifling     More accurate, cause
   (grooves) :           more damage

                 Gangrene Infection
                  from war wound
Surgical Instruments

 Red Cross Nurses
  Modern Warfare
Shell    hollow casing filled with
         black powder – fuse to
    Modern Warfare

Ironclad Ship   Iron plates cover wooden
                ship… bullet proof!
3. Union Leaders
a. _____________ = Head
     Ulysses S Grant

    general of Union forces
  i. Strategy =
       _____________… fight
       War of Attrition
       to the last man standing
     •   Characterized by high
         casualty rates
     •   Side with more resources
    William T. Sherman
b. _________________ =
    general of Union forces
  i. Strategy =
       Scorched Earth
      _______________ … burn
      anything that might be
      useful to the enemy
  ii. Infamous for
      _________________ :
       Sherman’s March
      captured Atlanta and
      burned everything as
      troops marched to
                                               “There are few, I believe, in
                               Is it not strange that the descendants of those
                                               this enlightened age, who will
                               Pilgrim Fathers who crossed the Atlantic to
                                               not acknowledge that slavery
                                                own freedom have a moral and
                               preserve their as an institution isalways proved
                               the most intolerant of the spiritual liberty ofLee
4. Confederate Leaders         others?
                                               political evil.” – Robert E.

a. _______________ = President
      Jefferson Davis
    of Confederacy
b. ______________________ =
       Robert E. Lee
    head general of Confederate
  i. Opposed to secession
  ii. turned down Lincoln’s offer to
       lead Union forces
                   Defensive War
  iii. strategy = _______________
     * do not need to win… just need to
        tire out North
     Thomas J. “Stonewall”
c.   __________________
           Jackson             =
      Confederate General
     i.  Strategy: uses cavalry to
         outflank enemy and attack
         supply line
     ii. Accidentally shot and killed
         by his own troops
                                        "Give General Jackson
                                        my affectionate regards,
                                        and say to him: he has
                                        lost his left arm but I my
                                        right." – Robert E. Lee
  Songs of the Civil War

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord;
He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are
He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword;
His truth is marching on.
Glory, glory, hallelujah!                                Listen
His truth is marching on.
Full version of Battle Hymn of the Republic by Julia Ward Howe
          Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord
          He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored,
          He has loosed the fateful lightening of His terrible swift sword

          Chorus:      His truth is marching on.
                       Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
                       Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
                       Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
                       His truth is marching on

          I have seen Him in the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps
          They have builded Him an altar in the evening dews and damps
          I can read His righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps


          I have read a fiery gospel writ in burnish`d rows of steel,
          "As ye deal with my contemners, So with you my grace shall deal;"
          Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel


          He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat
          He is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgment-seat
          Oh, be swift, my soul, to answer Him! be jubilant, my feet!


          In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea,
          With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me:
          As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free,
        John Brown’s Song
•   Old John Brown’s body lies moldering in the grave,
    While weep the sons of bondage whom he ventured all to save;
    But tho he lost his life while struggling for the slave,
    His soul is marching on.
•   John Brown was a hero, undaunted, true and brave,
    And Kansas knows his valor when he fought her rights to save;
    Now, tho the grass grows green above his grave,
    His soul is marching on.
•   He captured Harper’s Ferry, with his nineteen men so few,
    And frightened "Old Virginny" till she trembled thru and thru;
    They hung him for a traitor, themselves the traitor crew,
    But his soul is marching on.
•   John Brown was John the Baptist of the Christ we are to see,
    Christ who of the bondmen shall the Liberator be,
    And soon thruout the Sunny South the slaves shall all be free,
    For his soul is marching on.
•   The conflict that he heralded he looks from heaven to view,
    On the army of the Union with its flag red, white and blue.
    And heaven shall ring with anthems o’er the deed they mean to
    do, For his soul is marching on.
•   Ye soldiers of Freedom, then strike, while strike ye may,
    The death blow of oppression in a better time and way,
    For the dawn of old John Brown has brightened into day,
    And his soul is marching on.
         Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton,
         Cinnamon seed and sandy bottom,
         Look away, look away, look away Dixie Land.
         In Dixie Land, where I was born in,
         Early on one frosty mornin’
         Look away, look away, look away Dixie Land
         I wish I was in Dixie, Hooray! Hooray!
         To live and die in Dixie
         Away, away, away down south in Dixie
         Away, away, away down south in Dixie
     Full Version of Dixie
O, I wish I was in the land of cotton
Old times there are not forgotten
Look away! Look away! Look away! Dixie Land.
In Dixie Land where I was born in
Early on one frosty mornin'
Look away! Look away! Look away! Dixie Land.
O, I wish I was in Dixie!
Hooray! Hooray!
In Dixie Land I'll take my stand
To live and die in Dixie
Away, away,
Away down south in Dixie!
Old Missus marry Will, the weaver,
William was a gay deceiver
Look away! Look away!
Look away! Dixie Land.
But when he put his arm around her
He smiled as fierce as a forty pounder
Look away! Look away!
Look away! Dixie Land.

His face was sharp as a butcher's cleaver
But that did not seem to grieve her
Look away! Look away!
Look away! Dixie Land.
Old Missus acted the foolish part
And died for a man that broke her heart
Look away! Look away!
Look away! Dixie Land.
1. Why do you think poet Julia Ward Howe
   changed the lyrics to “John Brown’s Body” to
   “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”?

2. Analyze Lyrics: Why do you think Union
   soldiers found “The Battle Hymn of the
   Republic” so inspiring?

3. Draw Inferences: Why might Lincoln have
   asked for “Dixie” to be played when the war

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