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People with a sense of humor like a funny t shirt and will always prefer a tshirt with a humorous message. Although there are many companies, which manufacture Tshirts for different events, occasions, and for different reasons, which can be bought from shopping malls and retail outlets, they also manufacture custom Tshirts with specific designs and in specific colors as required by the customer.

Iconic photos of the American GI during WWII filtered back and in an instant, Hollywood transformed how the garment was worn and attitudes towards the T-shirt changed.

Over the years the t-shirt was approximated as a walking billboard, advertising the wearers affiliations or views, or simply what was the latest fashion.

Nowadays the t-shirt is used in many provocative, innovative and controversial ways, whether it's a social statement or boosting a rock bands merchandise sales - its uses are endless. But what do different t-shirts say about the people who wear them?

Fitted Christian tshirts help men look stylish yet sacred!If you are looking for a great gift for your husband, boyfriend, or yourself, you might find that fitted christian tshirts make an attractive choice for that special man in your life.

Hitler European Tour T-shirt:A mock up with colour map of Hitlers European Tour 1939-45, or as its better known, World War 2, with dates in England cancelled. Is this a bit close to the bone, considering the horror of the Holocaust? Or what anout rock t-shirts?

Sometimes, fans and followers of political parties and candidates themselves get their custom designed and printed Tshirts from Tshirt companies and openly declare their liking for a candidate. This was seen in the recently concluded US Presidential elections with fans and party workers wearing Tshirts with images, slogans, and messages of the candidates.

T-shirts are a proven way to make a provocative statement - but which are the most iconic - and what do they say about the humble wearer? What they feel when they wear a rock t-shirt.

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