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					Gods and Goddesses

               Floor mosaic
Poseidon was the god of…

• Sea
• Horses
• Earthquakes

                                             Mosaic of Poseidon, Oceanos, and Tethys
Poseidon’s Family Tree/
Position in Divine Hierarchy
Family tree:

• Son of Cronus and Rhea
• Brother of Zeus, Hades, Hestia,
  Demeter, and Hera
• Consort was Amphitrite
• Father to many with different
  women. Perseus, Triton, etc.

Position in divine hierarchy:
• Overruled by Zeus
Poseidon was god to the
city/cities of…
• Corinth
• Magna Graecia,4,11,28,74
What is was prone to doing?
What was his motivation?
He was prone to:

• Create new islands and calms seas
• Cause unruly springs,
    earthquakes, drownings and
•   Cause mental disturbances like

What he was motivated by:

• He did harmful things as revenge
    when he was ignored or offended
Recognizing Poseidon
In imagery:

• Poseidon holds a trident,
  a three-pronged spear
  that he uses to stir up
  the sea or cause earth
• He often rides a chariot
  that is drawn by horses
  (Iliad, 13.25)
• In works of art,
  Poseidon may be easily
  recognized by his
  connection to his trident,
  horses, dolphins, chariot.
                               Mosaic of Poseidon on his chariot
Drawing of a vase of Poseidon on a horse

                                           Image of vase of Poseidon sitting
Recognizing Poseidon
In literature:

• In many scenes, he was depicted as an angry,
     violent God who causes disaster at sea. In
     The Odyssey, he sent a gigantic wave to
     shatter Odysseus’ raft (5.366). He despised
     Odysseus for blinding his one-eyed son
•    Bulls are normally sacrificed for him. For
     example, in The Odyssey, the Phaeacians
     wanted Poseidon to stop threatening them by
     sacrificing twelve bulls (13.149-52).
•    Sailors refer to him frequently and fear him,
     but Poseidon can also protect them so they
     want to stay on his good side.
•    Referred to as the Earth Shaker, Rain-God,
     Cloud-Gatherer, and Neptune in Roman

                                                                    Statue of Poseidon, Florence, Italy
Bizarre Facts
• He had many lovers and loved
  seducing and raping women.
• Poseidon also tried to seduce
  Medusa and made love in the
  temple of Athena. The virgin
  goddess Athena, who was furious,
  turned Medusa into a hideous
  monster with snakes as hair.
• Most infamous Poseidon rape was
  with his sister, Demeter. She tried to
  escape Poseidon’s love by turning
  herself into a mare to hide inside a
  herd of horses. Poseidon
  transformed himself into a stallion
  and mounted her.
• He had a male lover named Pelops,
  who was a prince of Lydia and later
  Kind of Pisa in Elis.
                                                               Statue of Neptune, Virginia Beach

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