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The PResident's Perspective
September Luncheon: The health care debate: Indianapolis in the center of it all.
(Sept. 8)
Chapter News:
* Hoosier PRSA president named to PR Week's "40 Under 40."
* Enter the East Central District's Diamond Awards.
* Take control of your media relations.
* Have you taken the test? September is ethics month.
* APR, A mark of distinction.
Chapter Events:
* Mark the October luncheon on your calendar. (Oct. 13)
A Message from the Media:
* What happens when members of Hoosier PRSA become the media?
Member Updates:
* Who's New? Who's Moved?
Social Media Spotlight:
* Learn how watching Peyton Manning can improve your social media.
* If you're a social media know-it-all and want to write a column, e-mail and tell us why.
Meet a Member:
* Think you know past president Bob Schultz, APR? Think again.

We need to hear from you
It was Orson Welles who said, "Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what's for

Last week, we sent you a five-question survey requesting your input on our luncheon
prices and venue as we plan for 2011.

All public relations scholars know that a strong plan has solid research behind it. So if you
have not completed this survey, please click the link below and take four minutes to give
us your opinion. If you have already completed this survey, thank you.

As the chapter board, we try not to make decisions in a vacuum. The reality is, however,
that we are not just your volunteer leaders, but we are also members who often share the
same concerns you do and try to make choices in the best interest of the broader
membership. So help us help you by giving your attention to this short survey.

If you'd prefer to reach out to me directly, you can always reach me at
Respectfully yours,

Jamaison Schuler, APR
Twitter: @jamaison

Be sure to follow our chapter on our blog, as well as:

You can also follow the East Central District On LinkedIn.


The Health Care Debate: Indianapolis in the center of it all (Sept. 8)
As our nation continues a very intense and involved debate about our healthcare system,
two of Indiana's largest companies and their corporate communications leaders find
themselves on the front lines.

WellPoint and Eli Lilly and Company are engaged in a historic public relations challenge
that could continue to drive policy and business decisions that not only affect their
employees, customers and partners, but also their peers within the insurance and
pharmaceutical sectors.

In September, the highest-ranking leaders from each company's communications
departments will discuss how they are managing the public relations challenges their
companies are facing during the national health care debate.

Bart Peterson, Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs and Communications at Eli Lilly,
and David Palombi, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at WellPoint,
will discuss how their teams have developed and maintained their companies' messages
and strategy throughout the debate and delivered them internally and externally.

In addition, Mr. Peterson will share how he successfully transitioned from being
Indianapolis' mayor to a leadership position in public relations.

Click here to register

Date: Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Location: Hilton Indianapolis, 120 W Market St (map/directions)
Time: Registration and networking -- 11:30 a.m., lunch -- 12 p.m., program -- 12:30 to
1:30 p.m.
Cost: Members, $25; Guest, $40; Student, $18

As an additional incentive for joining us in September, the University of Indianapolis
PRSSA Chapter will be hosting a fundraiser before and during our standard luncheon
program in which they will be will be providing bundles of baked goods in exchange for
your donations. The chapter will be raising funds to help students attend the PRSSA
National Conference in Washington D.C. in October.

                         September Luncheon Sponsored By:

Moving forward, we will be sitting all luncheon walk-ins at 12:05 p.m. to ensure seating
is available for registered attendees. Also, as a reminder, it has been our long-standing
agreement with IABC to offer the PRSA member rate to any IABC members who
register for the luncheon.


Hoosier PRSA President Jamaison Schuler Named to PR Week's "40 Under 40"
National public relations trade journal PR Week named Jamaison Schuler, APR, to its
annual "40 Under 40" list of top PR professionals in the U.S. Schuler is the first Hoosier to
receive this national honor.

According to the nomination, Jamaison is "one of the young PR leaders whose increased
visibility can enhance PR's impactful relevance in the next 30 years. Ron Culp, partner and
corporate practice director at Ketchum, recently called Jamaison a future leader of the
profession in a blog posting on"

Chapter board member Bobbi Simmons, APR, who submitted the nomination, said "Some
local business people think they must go out of state for PR talent when we have great PR
people right here. That's why I think it's appropriate for our chapter to let Indiana know
about this prestigious honor for one of our own."

For a quick overview of Jamaison's influence and professional excellence check out the
accolades and recommendations he has received on his LinkedIn profile:

Enter the East Central District's Diamond Awards Today
The East Central District of the Public Relations Society of America is calling for shining
examples of public relations campaigns and tactics for its 33rd annual Diamond Awards

The Diamond Awards are open to any public relations professional who is a member of
the 16 chapters in the PRSA East Central District or any nonmember whose place of
business is within the district's boundaries. The East Central District covers the states of
Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, western Pennsylvania and WestVirginia.

For More Information:
Robert Reeves, APR, 2010 Diamond Awards Chair
Kentucky Baptist Convention
Office: 502-489-3380

Entry Deadline - Friday, Sept. 17, 2010
Download your 2010 Diamond Awards category descriptions and entry forms now at at!

Take Control of Your Media Relations
Take control of your media relations program with the PRSA Hoosier Chapter media
guide, provided by eNR Services. Whether your PR efforts are Indiana-based or
nationwide, the media guide can help maximize your media relations efforts.

The media guide is a "one stop shop." Search options are available on reporters that
include type of publication, zip code, city, state, congressional district, beat, role, etc.
Wires can also be added for a minimal charge. Once a list is built and saved, eNR keeps
the data up-to-date free of charge - including personal media contacts that may be added
over time. In addition, users can monitor what e-mails have been viewed and search for
hits right through the tool.

Unlimited-use, one-year subscriptions are available. Indiana-only access is $125 and
national access is available for $2,195. All memberships include training and portions of
the proceeds from memberships will benefit the PRSA Hoosier Chapter.

For more information, contact the media guide chair at

Join eNR Services for a free webinar Sept. 15 at 3 p.m. EDT to learn more about the
media guide and its services. To reserve your webinar seat now, visit

Have You Taken the Test? September Is Ethics Month
Click this link to see how you stack up in understanding and applying the PRSA Code of
Ethics. If you scored less than 70%, you need a review. To brush up on the code, check
out the following from :

"Practicing public relations in today's fast-paced industry can present unique and
challenging ethical issues. To make the topic of professional ethics accessible,
understandable and practical, PRSA offers a host of resources - the PRSA Code of Ethics ,
Professional Standards Advisories, topical analyses and case studies. Also, PRSA
members seeking counsel on ethical matters are invited to confer with PRSA's Board of
Ethics and Professional Standards . Protecting the industry's integrity and public trust is
key, and PRSA knows that starts with aiding individual practitioners."

And if you haven't already signed the PRSA Member Code of Ethics Pledge, consider
doing so and adding it to your professional portfolio or employment file.

Increase Your PR Value: Acheive Your APR
Classes for the Fall 2010 APR review course begin Wednesday, Sept. 22 on the IUPUI
campus. The 10-week course will cover the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for
candidates to advance through the accreditation process.

For a syllabus and more information contact

Stay updated on information and details on chapter programs and registration
information in this newsletter, in your inbox, via Twitter, on our blog or on the
chapter website.


For additional upcoming events, visit our 2010 Hoosier PRSA Events Calendar.

October Luncheon "Diversity and PR: Lessons Learned from Local Media" (Oct.
Need to build stronger relationships with diverse communities? Learn best practices,
tactics and techniques for effectively reaching minority audiences from members of the
Indianapolis media. Panelists will include professionals from television, radio and print,
with Amos Brown (WTLC-AM 1310) as moderator. Join us October 13 at the downtown
Indianapolis Hilton Hotel.

The Day We Took Over
By: Kirk Stelsel
For PRSA members whose job descriptions are, or include, media relations, you're well
familiar with the sometimes not-so-well choreographed dance that comes with your

At times, it can seem like nobody is paying attention to you or the wonderful
client(s)/company you represent. Sometimes, you find a media partner only to see your
company/client either left out or buried. And sometimes, your work culminates into a story
that prominently features your client in a medium that reaches your target audience. At
those times, it can feel like you just got a 30 on Dancing with the Stars.

But what would happen if PR people got to be the "media" for a day? For a few lucky
Hoosier PRSA members, that's exactly what happened on August 4 at Grissom Air
Reserve Base.

For years, the 434th Air Refueling Wing has been inviting media to ride along with its in-
flight refueling missions to raise awareness of the base, its mission and its contribution to
the community. It's the largest employer in the area (annual economic impact of more than
$100 million), and home to the largest collection of KC-135R Stratotankers in the Air
Force Reserve Command. The opportunity it truly unique, and always leaves the
passengers with a story to tell.

The base is well aware of the impact of social media and has been actively engaged in it,
and is eager to connect with new audiences in the social media spectrum. As a result, the
Public Affairs team turned to a group of individuals they knew to be active in social
media, the Hoosier Chapter of PRSA, to help spread the word electronically.

Throughout the day, we were treated as the disseminators of information, rather than the
source. Twitter accounts and Facebook profiles were filled with lessons learned about the
base and pictures and accounts of the incredible sight of a 174 ft. (more than half a
football field) C-17 Globemaster hovering just feet below us. Afterwards, blogs were
written and the conversation in the social media realm continued.

"Recently, Grissom has expanded into the world of social media in order to reach new
audiences and it has so far proved to be a powerful medium in which we can tell the
stories of the Grissom Airmen, who routinely deploy around the world," said Tech. Sgt.
Mark Orders-Woempner. "So far the returns we have seen from our social media ventures
have far exceeded expectations as blog, Facebook and YouTube posts have been shared
repeatedly across the web."

While social media is only a complement to a well-rounded communications plan, and not
a replacement, the Hoosier Chapter members along for the ride got to share
communications tactics with Air Force personnel, and learn from them as well. And, in the
process, we got to lead the media dance for just one day.

New Members

Jennifer Dawn Andrick
Corporate Communications Administrator
Honda Manufacturing of Indiana
2755 N Michigan Avenue
Greensburg, IN 47240
tel: (812) 222-6000

Danielle Michele Groves
Marketing & Program Manager
The Leadership Institute--Women with
3815 River Crossing Parkway              Member Updates
Indianapolis, IN 46240
tel: (317) 566-2156                      Bruce Williams   Principal Consultant
                                         Bruce Public Relations
Abby Lynne Pelletiere Shaffer  
Director of Public Relations
The Art Institute of Indianapolis        Kelly Hauflaire
3500 Depauw Boulevard                    Assistant Director of Marketing &
Indianapolis, IN 46074                   Communications
tel: (317) 613-4858                      Ivy Tech Community College                         317-917-5732
Tricia Reynolds
7202 Tresa Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46239
tel: (317) 862-7858

Kendall Elise Rich-Horvatich
Special Events Coordinator
Arthritis Foundation
615 N Alabama Street, Ste 430
Indianapolis, IN 46204
tel: (317) 879-0321 x207

Aaron Vogel
179 E. 975 S.
Fairmount, IN 46928
tel: (765) 948-5808
Remember to Update Your Membership Information
Have you moved or changed jobs in the past year? Has your job title changed? Have you switched
phone companies? If so, your PRSA membership/contact information may be outdated. Help us
stay in contact with you by updating your information. Do so by sending an email
to Your current information can always be reviewed through
either the national or chapter Web site.


Everything I need to know about social media I learned from Peyton Manning
By: Kate Pell, Hetrick

The Colts are back in business, and their work on the field parallels Hetrick's advice to
clients who are considering social media campaigns.

Practice, practice, practice. Anyone can throw a ball, but throwing it well and making it
count takes practice. Peyton didn't get his laser-rocket arm by accident. Likewise,
practicing your writing, proofreading your copy and researching your audience before you
hit "send" will lead to a more trusted and successful social media campaign.

Playbook v. audible. Before every coin toss, players review that game's playbook. The
playbook outlines who will be where for each play and how the play will proceed. But
when the clock is winding down and something unexpected occurs, being able to call an
audible-an improvised, last-minute play-can win or lose the game. Outlining a plan for
your social media efforts is important, but being able to adjust the plan at a moment's
notice is vital. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

Run v. pass v. kick. Each play is different, but they all serve one goal: to get the ball
down the field and score points. Social media also needs to serve a goal. At Hetrick, we
stress to our clients the value of identifying a tangible, measurable goal. "Creating
awareness" is not a goal. "Increasing sales by 5%" is. Each communication effort-social
media or not-needs to put you closer to that goal. How you run toward that goal can take
different forms-a news conference, an e-blast, a tweet. But spend your resources only on
those plays that move you closer to the goal line.

Commercial breaks. Peyton Manning makes a lot of money playing for the Colts, but the
real money lies in his endorsements. Having someone-especially someone of importance-
share your message is gold. Retweets, links to your blog and liking your Facebook page
help to verify your message and build a trusted network of followers.

Protecting the family jewels. Protective gear keeps players safe, and having the proper
protections in place for your social media efforts keeps your messages healthy. Setting
guidelines for your employees and stakeholders about their use of social media protects
your brand. In other words, a social media policy is the athletic cup of a social media plan.

With social media, it's tempting to go for the Hail Mary-tossing up a prayer and hoping it's
caught by someone wearing a horseshoe. More often though, the prayers are dropped or
picked off. That's Curtis Painter social media-not Peyton Manning.

Kate Pell is a client relationship manager at Hetrick. Follow Hetrick on Twitter at, or like Hetrick on Facebook at

Bob Schultz, APR
As a toddler, Bob Schultz realized that riding a bike was basically balance, momentum
and a low center of gravity. In junior high, while abroad, he explained in perfect Italian
how jellyfish stings can be neutralized with vinegar. On safari, as a teenager, he used his
knowledge of veterinary obstetrics to deliver a Bengal tiger.

Oh wait, that's the plot line for one of those quirky commercials. At any rate, for
most Hoosier PRSA members it sometimes seems like Bob Schultz is truly a "jack of all

Schultz served as the "Voice of Indianapolis" for the Convention & Visitors Association
for 10 years and currently works as a senior account director for Borshoff. He is a past
president of the Hoosier PRSA Chapter and has filled various board and committee roles,
is an adjunct PR professor at Butler University and current chairman of the board of the
Lacy Leadership Association. And that just scratches the surface.

Schultz's foray into the world of PR began at Purdue University and continued at Loyola
University Chicago where he earned his master's degree. His career path following
college, though, took a different trajectory than most. Instead of going directly into PR, he
decided to become a youth minister, based on a recommendation. Originally thinking he'd
treat his work similar to a Peace Corps commitment, two years stretched into nine and it
wasn't until he got married that he decided to return to the public relations profession.

Using his passion for helping youth as a guide, he took a position as national PR director
for the American Camping Association and his career has remained dedicated to
communication ever since. As a PR pro, his experiences have included a one-on-one with
Colin Powell, being a guest on Good Morning America, and doing a promotion with Peter,
Paul & Mary. The day concluded with dinner where Paul (whose real name is Noel)
recalled the '60s and his friends Bob Dylan and John Denver.

Schultz's involvement with PRSA has also been a major part of his career. After being a
member of the PRSSA Chapter at Purdue, joining the Hoosier Chapter was a "no brainer."
With David Shank and, later, Alice McColgin guiding him early on, his involvement
ramped up quickly into serving as president just four years later. Throughout the years,
PRSA has brought him great friends, an appreciation for the professionalism of the
industry and relevance.

Schultz encourages young pros to remain authentic and eager to learn, ask a lot of
questions, and write, write, write! He also suggests they develop thick skin early and do
not take themselves too seriously. And while his career advice has been invaluable to
many, Schultz can also provide all members with a very different skill set. Whether you're
about to get married or have always had two left feet and just want to learn how to dance,
Schultz teachers ballroom dancing and would be happy to help you out on the dance floor
anytime you ask.

September 2010
President: Jamaison Schuler, APR
Newsletter Chair (2010): Kirk Stelsel
PRofessional is published monthly by the Hoosier Chapter of PRSA, and is distributed to its
members. To submit articles and story ideas for PRofessional, contact Kirk Stelsel at

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