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									Mrs. K’s Newsletter For the Week of November 2-6, 2009 Vision Statement Edward A. White School stakeholders
aspire to provide an environment for student excellence in academics, behavior, and leadership that result in lifelong learners who contribute to a global society. Mission Statement The mission of Edward A. White School is to develop student excellence in a diverse military community through a nurturing environment.

Monday 11-2

Spelling Unit 11 Words: 1. slurping 2. mumbling 3. shrieked 4. babbling 5. hollered 6. boomed 7. advantages 8. measly 9. account 10. combination 11. company 12. companies 13. country 14. countries 15. dictionary 16. dictionaries 17. chimney 18. chimneys 19. study 20. studied Challenge Word of the Week: endorphins (Natural chemicals in the brain that help you relax.)  

Tuesday 11-3 Wednesday 11-4 Thursday 11-5 Friday 11-6

Practice Spelling words.

☺ Spelling Pretest Take home DOL notebooks and review sentences. Review grammar skills and practice Math using the Math skill pages given out. Friday Math Quiz Language Test Spelling Test

The students did a wonderful job on their pumpkin biographies! I am always amazed by their creativity and their hard work. Next week, students will be presenting their Bat/Spider Slide Shows. Feel free to come by and let your child show you his/her slide show.

A special thank you to our moms who helped with Pumpkin Math (especially the cutting off of the tops of pumpkins and scooping out seeds and helping the kids count all of them and for the moms who toasted our pumpkin seeds from the Pumpkin Math Day! They were delicious!

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