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									                  Mass Intentions
                   April 7, 2013
Saturday, April 6
 8:30am Beverly Gehousky by Tony & Mary Pacesa
 5:00pm John D. Reilly by wife, Joan & Family
Sunday, April 7 – Divine Mercy Sunday                                    To everything there is a season and a
 7:30am Kim Roberts by Cathy & Joe Nahas
 9:30am Anne Cieslak by Maryanne & Tony Gedaka                          time for every purpose under heaven.
                                                                                                                  Ecclesiastes 3:1
11:30am John Echtermeyer, Jr. & John Echtermeyer, Sr.
         by Family                                                                “…a time to be born…”
 5:00pm Joseph Gandini by daughter Grace                                        “…a time to be married…”
Monday, April 8 – Annunciation of the Lord                                     Michael Welsh and Roisin Reagan
 7:00am Geraldine Taylor by Taylor Family                                      John Massing and Theresa Traxler
 8:30am Susan McDermott by Midge, Shuff & Mary Mowatt
                                                                                 “…a time to welcome…”
Tuesday, April 9
 7:00am Thomas Lombardo by Sean Tully                                            “…a time to be healed…”
 8:30am Susan McDermott by Marchuk Family
                                                                  Merrill Abele, Eileen Agar, Fe Amurao, Julie Anderson,
Wednesday, April 10                                               Annamarie Arzillo, Jim Barbera, Stephen Barbone, Anthony
 7:00am Kathryn Amann by Ted & Diane Bamford
                                                                  Battista, Cindi Beatty, Bill Bennett, Pauline Bersania, Liam
 8:30am Ernest Patrick & Colleen Sims
                                                                  Blair, Jan Bruni, Christopher Bruno, Claudia & John
        by Gloria Patrick & Family
                                                                  Burzichelli, Maureen Buscher, Lou Cacciola, Sr., Mary Cahill,
Thursday, April 11 – St. Stanislaus                               Nathan Campbell, Nora Callahan, Dolly Carnuccio, Michael
 7:00am John Bradley by Knights of Columbus #6364                 Caporale, Nancy Carver, Karen Marie Casale, Dana
 8:30am Pasqualine (Pat) Cintione by Rose Fabiani                 Cavagnaro, Scott Cerminaro, Annmarie Clancy, Vincent
Friday, April 12                                                  Coviello, Cathy Crocetto, Emma Curtis, Mary Curtis, Rose
 7:00am Helen Davis by Pat Davis                                  Daly, Betty DeFeo, Bonnie Delaney, Peg Delaney, Theresa
 8:30am Ted Gambogi by wife Helen                                 Delano, Lenore Denchak, Angela Denski, Anneliese Eddis,
                                                                  Gloria & Eugene Fekete, Anne Fischer, Joseph, Patty, Mike,
Saturday, April 13 – St. Martin I                                 Tamara Flood, KayAnn Gagliardi, Bishop Galante, Lucille
 8:30am Anthony & Mary Lonia                                      Galluzzo, Zeriva Garcia, Sr. Mary Garozzo, MPS, Angela
        by Children & Grandchildren                               Gattuso, Kathleen Guzzo, Anna Geller, Paula Giampola, Patti
 5:00pm Marjorie Albert by Altar & Rosary Society                 Granato, Ryan Griesemer, Rosemarie Guinta, Kathy
Sunday, April 14 - Third Sunday of Easter                         Heisinger, Cooper Heller, Hess Family, Theresa Jordan,
 7:30am Lena M. DiSilvestro by Ed & Bert McMahon                  Bernie Kinosian, Peg Klinger, John Kratochwill, Edith
 9:30am Purgatorial Society                                       Latizio, Laura Lesoine, Judith Martino, Lisa Martino, Riley
11:30am Samuel F. Sorbello by wife Rose & Family                  McComb, Matthew McDevitt, Joan McDowell, Barbara
 5:00pm Anna Gandini by daughter Grace                            McMahon, Christopher McShane, Hannah McStay, Gail &
                                                                  Jeffery Meersand, Mary Melson, Daniel Michaels, Robert
        THIS WEEK IN THE PARISH                                   Miller, Bernadette Moore, Deborah Morgan, Don & Marge
                                                                  Morse, Veronica Mozer, Berta Mugerman, Patrick Mulranen,
Apr.      7   K of C Breakfast, 8:30 AM, Kernan Center            Dawson Nailor, Irene Nicdao, Helen O’Connor, Maryellen
              High School Youth Mtg., 6:00 PM, Kernan Ctr.        Olson, Myra & Joseph O’Neill, Selvie Parker, Mary Phillips,
          8   Level 7 Parent Mtg., 7:00 PM, Kernan Center         Christopher Pienkowski, Claudia Poloney, Helen Powell,
          9   Senior Stretch, 9:00 AM, Kernan Center              Nancy Powell,       Maureen Raimo, Nicholas Raio, Tom
         10   Senior Stretch, 9:00 AM, Kernan Center              Ridinger, Hannah Ruesch, Janet Sandberg, Baby Faith
              Eucharistic Adoration, 9:00 AM, St. Joseph Rm       Schwartz, Brenda Sharkey, Kathleen Shaw, Cameryn
              Book Club, 6:00 PM, Conference Room                 Shepherd, Stephen Shimkus, Richard Sigmund, Brogan
              RCIA, 7:00 PM, Fr. Salerno Room                     Patrick Strauss, Manuel Suarez, Andrew Tanzola, Dominic
         11   ZUMBA, 9:30 AM, Kernan Center                       Troilo, Rosemarie Villari, Sue Villari, Joan Ward, Maryann
              Legion of Mary, 9:00 AM, St. Joseph Room            Wellman, George Williams, Baby Nathan Woodside, Joan
              Incarnation Seniors Mtg., 12:00 Noon,               Woolbert, Janina Wowk, Blair Wright, their caregivers and all
              Kernan Center                                       others in need of our prayers.
              Contemporary Ens., 7:00 PM, Church
         12   Youth Choir, 9:00 AM, Church                                           “…a time to die…”
              Level 6 Parent Mtg., 10:00 AM, Kernan Center
                                                                             Carmine Sammacicci and Marie Reigel
                                                                                                              PREP NEWS!!

                             DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY                                                        Registrations are now being
                                  APRIL 7, 2013                                                         accepted for the 2013-14
                                                                                                        PREP school year. Forms
                                                                                                        are available at the Parish
                         John 20:19-31                                                                  Offices.
Jesus appeared to the disciples and breathed on them saying,
"Receive the Holy Spirit." He gives them the power to forgive                                              Catechists are needed for
people's sins or hold them accountable. Thomas, who was not            the 2013-2014 catechetical year. Why not come in and
present, refused to believe Jesus had appeared until he came to        observe a class or two? Many of the catechists are more than
them once more. Jesus told Thomas to believe and added,                willing to offer their help in planning and sharing ideas.
"Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed."               Catechists are still needed for the following days and times:
                                                                       Sunday             9:15 AM                  Level 1
                                                                       Monday             4:15 PM                  Levels 1, 4
       INCARNATION’S STEWARDSHIP VISION                                Tuesday            4:15 PM                  Levels 1,2,3
                                                                       Tuesday            5:45 PM                  Level 2
“Jesus said to them again, ‘Peace be with you. As the Father
                                                                       Tuesday            7:15 PM                  Levels 6,7
has sent me, so I send you.’” John 20:21
                                                                       Wednesday          4:15 PM                  Level 5
Peace – the first gift of the risen Lord. Just as Jesus sent the
                                                                       Wednesday          5:45 PM                  Level 1
apostles out into the world to share His peace and Good News,
                                                                       Wednesday          7:15 PM                  Level 6,7
so too, He sends us. As good Stewards, we are called to be
                                                                       Thursday           4:15 PM                  Levels 1,2,3,4,5
grateful and generous. We should look for opportunities to
                                                                       Thursday           5:45 PM                  Level 3,4,5
share His peace with our brothers and sisters not only within
                                                                       Thursday           7:15 PM                  Level 8
our local parish boundaries, but outside of them as well. In
giving, you will receive the peace of Christ.                          If you would like to observe a class or have any questions,
                                                                       please call Sister Denise at 856-468-7566.
                  Good Friday - $2,642.00
                 Easter Sunday - $47,004.00
                 Easter Flowers - $3,362.00                                         HEARTY SPRING BREAKFAST

                                                                       The Knights of Columbus Incarnation Council #6364 are
                 DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY                                   serving their Hearty Spring Breakfast this Sunday, April 7
                                                                       from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM in the Kernan Center. Cost is
Sunday, April 7 is Divine Mercy Sunday. Infant Jesus Parish
                                                                       $6.00 for adults and $3.00 for children. The menu includes
will host this year’s Divine Mercy at St. Margaret Church, 3 rd
                                                                       eggs, omelet station, hash browns, sausage, bacon, coffee, tea
and Beech Sts., Woodbury Heights. Confessions will be heard
                                                                       and more.
at 1:30 PM followed by the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3:00 PM.
Mass will be celebrated at 3:30 PM.

Divine Mercy Sunday will be celebrated at St. Clare of Assisi                  HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH GROUP NEWS!!
in Swedesboro. Confessions will be heard at 12:30 PM
followed by the Rosary, Chaplet of the Divine Mercy and                Please join us on Sunday, April 7 for the 5:00 PM Mass
veneration of the image of Jesus. Mass will be celebrated at           followed by teen night at 6:00 PM in the Kernan Center. Bring
1:30 PM followed by dinner in the Parish Hall.                         a friend! We need to discuss and plan our upcoming
In preparation for the Divine Mercy Celebration, please pray
                                                                       If you are interested in any of the following events but are
the Novena starting on Good Friday, March 29, 2013; go to
                                                                       unable to attend the meeting, please contact Dave and Anne
Confession eight days before or after Mercy Sunday or during
                                                                       Zarzycki @ 609-457-9677 or davezyc@comcast.net.
Mercy Sunday and do corporal and spiritual works of mercy
and complete trust in Jesus.
                                                                       Sunday, April 21 - I-Race for Vocation 5k walk/run
                                                                       Sunday, April 28 - Youth Life DodgeBall Charity Tournament
                                                                       Friday, May 10 - Relay for Life (overnight activity)
                     2014 MASS BOOK
                                                                       Sunday, May 19 - Trip to Great Adventure
The 2014 Mass Book will be open on Tuesday, April 2.
Please stop at the Parish Office to schedule Masses for 2014.
                                                                                      LIKE US ON FACEBOOK
                                                                                 AT CHURCH OF THE INCARNATION

                                        HOSPITALITY AND                                     PARISH PANTRY
                                          ASSESSMENT                  The Parish Pantry is in need of crackers, canned fruit, chunky
                                                                      soups, beans and diced tomatoes. Donations may be dropped
                                        The Camden Diocese            off in the gathering space or at the Parish Office. Thank you!
                                        has requested all
                                        parishes to complete a
                                        survey        assessing             DIOCESAN WEDDING ANNIVERSARY MASS
                                        Parish Hospitality and
                                        Welcoming. In order           If this year (January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013) you are
to respond to the survey, the Parish Council will host a Round        celebrating your 25th Wedding Anniversary, 50th Wedding
Table Discussion format on Wednesday, May 8.                          Anniversary or more than 50 years of marriage. Please join us
Refreshments will be provided at 6:30 PM with the Round               on Sunday, April 28 for the 3:00 PM Mass at Our Lady of
Table beginning at 7:00 PM and ending at 8:00 PM. An                  Hope, St. Agnes Church, 701 Little Gloucester Road. If you
Assessment Report will be prepared and sent to the Diocese            are interested in attending please contact the Parish Offices at
by June 30, 2013. As required, the report will identify three         856-468-1314 to register.
areas the parish needs to improve and plans to implement the
improvements. The three areas for improvement along with
the implementation plan will be posted in the bulletin and on                 GET IN SHAPE AND HELP VOCATIONS!
the parish website.
                                                                      Mark your calendars! On Sunday, April 21, 2013, join us for
Anyone who would like to participate in the survey/Round              our 2nd annual iRace4Vocations to raise awareness and offer
Table Discussion should contact the Parish Office at 856-468-         prayers for an increase in vocations to the priesthood and
1314.                                                                 religious life for the Camden Diocese. Bishop Sullivan will
                                                                      celebrate Mass at Noon followed by a 5k run/1.5 mile walk.
                                                                      This family friendly event will take place at Washington Lake
       KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS COUNCIL 6364                               Park (626 Hurffville Crosskeys Road, Sewell), and will
                 SCHOLARSHIP                                          include a barbecue after the race as well as children’s
                                                                      activities. Gather with Bishop Sullivan, priests, religious, our
Incarnation Knights of Columbus Council 6364 is offering              seminarians, and parishioners from throughout the diocese to
$500 scholarships again this year. The scholarships will be for       pray and race so that “the word of the Lord may speed on and
eighth grade students going into a Catholic High School and           triumph”         (2      Thessalonians         3:1).       Visit
High School seniors going into a two or four year accredited          www.camdendiocese.org to register.
college. Applications can be picked up in the church office
during regular hours or on the Knights of Columbus link on
the church web site. A letter explaining the application                         BENEFIT FOR ANGELA GATTUSO
process will accompany the application. If you are interested,
don’t delay. Applications, a letter of recommendation from a          The Incarnation Golf Classic Committee and the Knights of
teacher or counselor and a certification from one of our parish       Columbus will host a Golf Outing and Wine Tasting affair on
priests must be submitted no later than Friday, April 12 th. If       Friday, May 3. Golf and Lunch will be held at Valleybrook
you have any questions you can call Steve Mulranen at 224-            Country Club with Wine Tasting in the evening at the Kernan
0123 or Karl Tomaszewski at 468-7671. Good luck to                    Center. Cost for the entire day is $125.00, Wine Tasting and
everyone.                                                             hors D’oeuvers only is $25.00. All proceeds will benefit the
                                                                      Angela Gattuso Fund. Angela is a Gloucester Catholic alumni
                                                                      who suffered a traumatic brain injury after a hit and run on
           JOIN THE INCARNATION SENIORS                               March 11, 2011 and requires round the clock nursing care.
                                                                      For additional information, to purchase tickets or become a
Incarnation Seniors will meet on Thursday, April 11at 12:00           sponsor please contact Bill Vankat at 1-609-560-2550.
Noon. All are welcome to our warm vibrant group.

The Seniors will be going to Penn's Peak on Thursday, April                   TREASURE CHEST ADVENTURE XXVII
25 for a family style lunch and show. The show is Ragdoll (A
                                                                      The Sisters of Mercy are holding a raffle to benefit the
Tribute to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons). The bus will
                                                                      Retired and Infirm Sisters of Mercy. Tickets are $25.00 – 1st
leave from the church parking lot at 9:00 AM. Lunch is at
                                                                      Prize will be 25% of Collected Funds and four more winners
Noon and show starts at 1:00 PM. Lunch includes non-
                                                                      will receive 10%, 5%, 2% and 2%! Anyone interested in
alcoholic beverages. Show is by Jay Siegel and the Tokens.
                                                                      purchasing a ticket should see Sr. Joann at the PREP Office.
Cost is $78.00 per person. Contact Lou Mozer at 856-415-
                                                                      Drawing will be held on Sunday, May 19. Winner need not be
9348 for more info or for reservations.
                                                                      present to win.


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