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					                                                                   “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I
                                                                   am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland. ”
                                                                                                                                                     Isaiah 43:19

                            April 2013

                             Days 1                                                                 Day 5                                                           Day 8
Pray as the son of a retired Delta couple faces layoff. He has a       Give thanks for the group that meets monthly for a prayer         Please uplift our dear brothers and sisters in Papua New
wife and two school-age children. Pray God will direct their           breakfast in Frankfurt, Germany. Their next meeting will be       Guinea as they desire for ministry outreach among airline co-
path as he pursues other employment, will provide for their            on Tuesday, April 9. Pray for God’s hand of blessing upon         workers to “burn once again in the hearts of believers.”
needs in the interim, and will draw this family close to Himself       them as they meet. Pray their faith will be strengthened and      Pray also that venues to host their gatherings will be
in the process.                                                        personal testimony among co-workers there will be a beacon        available.
Give thanks that in early March, 71 people enjoyed another             of light drawing many to Jesus.                                   Pray for a young woman interviewing with British Airways.
FCAP Ski Adventure in the Austrian Alps. Pray the work God             Pray for a young airline captain currently out on medical         She desires God’s best for her. At the same time, she would
began in hearts there will continue for His glory and                  leave. Pray he would be able to discern God’s direction           love to work as a flight attendant with this British-based
advancement of His kingdom. Many times, as those who                   regarding whether or not he should go back to flying. He has      company. (She has British roots and family living there.)
participated come back and tell about their experiences while          a heart for ministry and is open to what God has for him. He
on the Ski Adventure, doors are opened for sharing with others         covets your prayers regarding whether or not that should be
about spiritual things. As they do so once again this year, pray       back in the airlines, in another line of work, or in vocational
for open and responsive hearts.                                        Christian ministry.                                                                           Day 9
                                                                                                                                         FCAP DAY OF PRAYER — Pray for revival in the
                                                                                                                                         hearts and lives of airline people worldwide!
                                                                                                                                         Pray believers within the airlines will never look upon their
                             Day 2                                                                  Day 6                                faith and trust in the Lord as a thing of the past. Pray they
FCAP DAY OF PRAYER — Pray for revival in the hearts                    As a group of airline Christians gather in Salt Lake City each    will continue to grow spiritually, move forward in faith, and
and lives of airline people worldwide!                                 Monday at 11:30 a.m., pray hearts will be encouraged and          press into God’s heart.
Pray that with sincere hearts, those professing to know Christ         unified in the faith. Pray this group will be a light source      Give thanks for those God brings together for our FCAP
will believe the Gospel, live the Gospel, and speak the Gospel         drawing others to the Savior and into regular fellowship          Phone Prayer Conference, held on the second Tuesday of
with boldness.                                                         among His people.                                                 each month. Pray many will make it a habit to be a part of
                                                                       Pray for a flight attendant and her husband as they have been     this time as schedules permit. (For more information , see
                                                                       adversely affected from black mold in their rental home.          page 4.)
                                                                       Physically they are doing better, but court proceedings are
                              Day 3                                    pending.
There is an ongoing need for several groups in the airline
workplace that would like to meet on a regular basis but have                                                                                                        Day 10
no place to do so. Pray local management will grant                                                                                      Pray Christians in the airlines will not succumb to worry but
permission for their use of a room in or near their respective                                     Day 7                                 rather will remain in constant communication with our Good
work areas, or that the groups will be able to come up with            We see our FCAP web site as an extremely valuable resource        Shepherd and maintain an attitude of thanksgiving in all
alternative locations/times even outside their work area.              that enables us to make the message of this ministry available    things.
                                                                       to people and places we never thought would have been             Pray for those who still feel the sting of having lost a loved
                                                                       possible. We can now communicate with greater ease and            one. Pray God will comfort their hearts, bring healing to their
                                                                       frequency with even more people than we were able to              hurting souls, and provide for every need.
                              Day 4                                    communicate with prior to advancing computer technology.
Pray for God’s protection upon marriage and family                     Pray for God’s continued hand of blessing and protection
relationships.                                                         upon our web site … and upon all of our computers at the
Pray God’s people will be transformed into the masterpieces            FCAP Office. Pray as we desire to keep the web site updated                                 Day 11
God created us to be. Knowing that He can fit everything into          and user friendly. Pray it will be a source of encouragement      The journey began about 10 years ago, and now the book
a pattern of good, pray we will trust Him implicitly with all          and help for God’s glory to every person who makes use of it.     Paul Curtas is writing on workplace ministry is close to
that happens in our lives, even the most challenging,                                                                                    completion. As soon as editing is completed, it will go to the
disappointing, and difficult circumstances.                                                                                              publisher! Please pray for God’s direction and provision in
the remainder of the process. And pray even now that hearts                                     Day 15                                 to accommodate the many different schedules of those
of readers will be open to all God would show them in this         Pray God’s presence, peace, and protection will be evident in       wishing to participate. (For more information, contact
book and how He would have it implemented for His glory.           the life of every believer within the airlines living and 
Give thanks that David, son of a retired Delta couple, has         working in countries that are hostile toward the Christian          Several airline employees (or retired personnel) have asked us
found new employment! As he makes this transition, pray he         faith. Pray for courage and strength for them as they cling to      to pray as their children interview for positions within the
also will enter into a closer walk with the Lord.                  their faith in the midst of adversity and threats of persecution.   airline industry. Pray that these adult children will find favor
                                                                   Pray they will be reminded afresh this day of how much Jesus        with interviewers and that God will bless their pursuits
                                                                   loves them and how we love them as our brothers and sisters         according to His plans and purposes for them.
                                                                   in Christ.
                              Day 12
On February 22, FCAP LTP-LTTP (Philippines) held a
general assembly to present FCAP’s vision, mission, purpose,                                                                                                         Day 20
and organization. Pray this will be instrumental and long term                                   Day 16                                Pray those in the airlines professing to know Christ will prove
in encouraging Christians within their workplace and in            FCAP DAY OF PRAYER — Pray for revival in the hearts                 not to believe partially ... but to believe fully. Pray they will
igniting a greater passion for sharing the Gospel and love of      and lives of airline people worldwide!                              not believe occasionally … but believe consistently. Pray
Jesus. Pray for the salvation of any in attendance who do not      Ask the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers into the vast    they will not believe reluctantly … but will believe with
yet know our Savior.                                               harvest field in the airlines of the world.                         enthusiasm.
Pray those professing to know Christ will allow His truth to be    Pray for a Christian brother in San Francisco who is seeking        In March, the Sassers led yet another medical mission
their plumb line in all they think, do, and say.                   to unite airline friends there and make our Workplace               outreach team, this one to Quito, Ecuador. Pray recipients of
                                                                   Ministry Training available to them.                                their love and ministry there will open their hearts to Jesus.
                                                                                                                                       Yes, resolution of medical issues is important to pray for, but
                                                                                                                                       we especially want to lift up spiritual needs in all of these
                             Day 13                                                                                                    mission journeys.
Ephesians 4:14-15 tells us that “… we are no longer to be                                      Day 17
children, tossed here and there by waves, and carried about        Pray those within the airlines professing to know Christ will
by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness   genuinely believe and trust in the Word of God, …
in deceitful scheming; but speaking the truth in love, we are to    will recognize God’s path and follow it.                                                      Day 21
grow up in all aspects unto Him, who is the head, even Christ       will know the Lord’s strength and count upon it.                 Pray for a family who has been struggling through numerous
….” A number of groups exists today that appear to be               will hear His voice and follow it.                               challenging issues for many years now. Pray their trust in
“Christian” in nature yet subtly draw people into legalism that     and will lean upon the Lord and never pull away.                 God will not waiver, and they will keep their eyes,and hearts
diminishes the truth of salvation through Jesus. Pray airline                                                                          steadfast upon Him. Pray they will draw from His strength
people (Christians and non-Christians alike) will not be                                                                               and wisdom rather than looking unto their own. And pray
entrapped by such deception. Give thanks that a flight                                                                                 they will rest in His presence through it all.
attendant who experienced this for two years now realizes that                                  Day 18                                 Pray for an agent in Atlanta who is undergoing health
the redeeming work in Christ is the ONLY way to a fulfilling       As Christians in the airlines share the love and gospel of Jesus    problems in her famly and struggles to keep up her work and
relationship with God. She still needs prayer regarding the        with unsaved co-workers, friends and family members, may            financially make ends meet. Pray she will overcome her fears
negative effects this deception has had upon her.                  we claim the promise the Lord has given us in Isaiah 55:11,         as she trusts in God, and that others will hear His voice and
                                                                   “So shall My word be which goes forth from My mouth; it             turn to Him.
                                                                   shall not return to Me empty, without accomplishing what I
                                                                   desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent
                            Day 14                                 it.”
It is God who called this ministry into being, and it is God       Pray for a Minneapolis-based flight attendant as he desires to                                  Day 22
who has sustained it over the years. In a struggling worldwide     be involved in work place ministry. He is hoping to go              Pray those in the airlines who profess to be people of faith
economy, we currently continue to be able to meet all              through our workplace ministry training on DVD. Pray others         would learn to say “yes” to their love for Jesus by saying “no”
financial obligations. Give thanks for God’s faithfulness!         will be led to join him in that.                                    to temptation. Pray they would walk in the Spirit when the
Pray as together we continue to cast our total dependence                                                                              flesh says, “Follow me.”
upon Him to provide for the financial needs of this ministry,                                                                          Pray for FCAP-related children, from the very young to adult
both here at the International Office and within our local                                                                             age. Pray they will desire to follow Christ and would not
fellowships. Pray also for wisdom and discernment as we                                      Day 19                                    become entrapped by the world’s priorities and ways of life.
strive to be the best stewards possible of the resources God       As we begin utilizing our Workplace Ministry Training on            Pray as some of these adult children are struggling to find
does provide.                                                      DVD, pray it will prove effective in helping airline people         gainful employment. Pray for others who are still looking to
                                                                   throughout the world to know how to even move effectively           find their niche in life. Ask the Lord to open doors for them
                                                                   reach out and minister to their airline co-workers. Pray for        according to His plans and purposes for their respective lives.
                                                                   wisdom in knowing how to best schedule these trainings so as
                              Day 23                                For her sister Julie, who is going through a rough time and is
FCAP DAY OF PRAYER — Pray for revival in the hearts                   becoming isolated and depressed.
and lives of airline people worldwide!                              For her sister, Ashley, who is unmarried with a baby girl due
Pray God’s people in the airlines will trust Him wholly …             this month.
24/7 ...with every detail of life.                                                                                                                            Focus for This Month:            Portugal
Pray that several flight attendants attending the same church
will connect with one another.                                                                  Day 28
                                                                   Please uplift those within our FCAP family who are assisting in
                                                                   the care of loved ones who are ill and/or aging. Pray God’s
                                                                   grace, wisdom, strength, patience, and all that is needed will be
                              Day 24                               evident in each circumstance … for caregivers and care
Pray as a sister in Christ reaches out to Muslim neighbors. She    recipients alike. Pray for peace and clear direction for some
has had opportunity to talk with their teenage daughter and        who perhaps need to make a change in their living environment.
provide a Christian DVD for their 4-year-old son. Pray for just    Sometimes such change is not easy, but it can bring special
the right timing and for open and responsive hearts as she talks   blessings … pray that will be evident for those in the midst of
more with this family.                                             making such change.
Pray as a Delta agent is looking for the right opportunity to                                                                                Airlines:                             
speak with several co-workers about Christ and how to enter                                                                                   Aero VIP                               Orbest
into a personal relationship with Him. Pray for open and                                                                                      Agroar Carga Aérea                     PGA Express
                                                                                                   Day 29
responsive hearts as he seizes that opportunity.                                                                                              EuroAtlantic Airways                   Portugália
                                                                   We have been blessed in FCAP over the years to have godly
                                                                                                                                              Fly MI                                 SATA Air Açores
                                                                   leadership, both on an international level and within local
                                                                                                                                              Hi Fly                                 SATA International
                                                                   fellowship groups. Pray God will be preparing younger men
                                                                                                                                              Luzair                                 TAP Portugal
                                                                   and women to receive the baton of leadership as those currently
                             Day 25                                                                                                           Omni Aviation                          White Airways
                                                                   serving in those roles are, for various reasons, no longer able to
As Christians connect in Cincinnati, Detroit, and Salt Lake        fulfill those responsibilities.
City, pray hearts will be encouraged and they will begin           Pray God’s people in the airlines would give generously of              Pray God would establish light sources within these
meeting together on a regular basis.                               themselves and the resources with which God has blessed them.             airlines, growing Christians who would be a witness for
Pray those professing to know Christ will not only be ready to                                                                               Jesus.
forgive those who have wronged them but also would readily                                                                                  Pray for establishment of a contact to introduce FCAP to
be willing to ask for forgiveness and to receive it.                                                                                         employees.
                                                                                                Day 30
                                                                   FCAP DAY OF PRAYER — Pray for revival in the hearts
                                                                                                                                         Pray management would be open to FCAP.
                                                                   and lives of airline people worldwide!                                Pray for ways to overcome language and         cultural barriers
                              Day 26                                                                                                         both in personal contacts and in presenting our material.
Several younger airline employees are beginning to show more
interest in ministry among co-workers. Pray this interest will
                                                                                                                                         Pray Christians there would be unified in one purpose and
                                                                                                                                             one mind. Pray church doctrine and distinctives would not
grow into a passion for reaching the lost and for encouraging
                                                                                                                                             become an issue.
believers at their respective work place.
Pray those professing to know Christ will be willing to take                                                                             Pray   Christians there will catch a vision for sharing the
steps of faith in obedience to God, even if others don’t agree.                                                                              Gospel with their co-workers.
                                                                                                                                         Pray hearts will be open to the Gospel and love of Jesus.
                                                                                                                                         Pray many will be released from the bondage of false
                           Day 27                                                                                                            doctrines.*
A Houston-based flight attendant submits the following                                                                                   Pray    for a renewing of the Holy Spirit in which many are
requests:                                                                                                                                    opened to illumination of the Scriptures, freed from
 For “my children’s dad to come to know Jesus as Lord and                                                                                  traditionalism and introduced to a warm personal
   Savior … his wife as well as we shared the gospel with her       “… May they prosper who love you. May peace                              relationship with Jesus.*
   in October. Pray she will draw near to Him.”                     be within your walls, and prosperity within your                     Pray God will grant wisdom, unity      and faith for Christians
 For her parents as her mom divorced her dad after 45 years       palaces. For the sake of my brothers and my                              there to advance together in sharing the Gospel and love of
   of marriage and married a man the same age as her
                                                                    friends, I will now say, ‘May peace be within                            Jesus.*
   daughter. The flight attendant writes, “Pray for my heart
   to see them as the Lord sees them. HE knows how hurt we          you.” For the sake of the house of the Lord our                      Information denoted with an * has been obtained from the 21st Century Edition
   all were because of her choice. But I pray my mom and            God, I will seek your good.”                                          of Operation World.
   dad will draw near to Him.” -continued next column-                                                   Psalm 122:6-9
                                                                             Wesley King (Myasthenia Gravis)                                          Names remain on the physical needs list for three-month increments. If a
              Pray as the following have need of physical healing and                                                                                 name is removed and you would like to have it reinstated, please contact the
                                                                             Richard & Dorothy Kord (dementia)
              spiritual encouragement:                                                                                                                FCAP office. We appreciate receiving timely updates on all requests so we
                                                                             Penny Kordowski (Alzheimer’s)
                                                                                                                                                      can pass that information on to our Prayer Fellowship.
                                                                             Hellen Kosak (numerous health problems)
               Dave Agnor (problem with sciatica)
                                                                             Kevin Kroushinsky (restricted to wheel chair)
               Jennie Allen (recovering from injuries in an auto accident)
                                                                             Daniel (Down’s Syndrome; leukemia)
Andrea (stage 4 breast cancer)
                                                                             Bill Labrum (hearing problem worsening)
Anonymous (NHL non-Hodgkins lymphoma)
                                                                             Josh Labrum (continued monitoring of tumors)                            Pray as Christian love and sympathy is extended
Anonymous (flight attendant with complete hearing loss in one ear)
                                                                             Fonda Mann (breast cancer and tumor in kidney)                          to the following:
Anonymous (battling depression)
                                                                             Marie (abdominal surgery)
ASA Mom (debilitating disease attacking lungs and other organs)
                                                                             Betty Marshall
Jerry Atkinson’s Father-in-Law (diminished heart function)
                                                                             Len Martin (chronic fatigue)                                              Edward & Pat Church and family in the loss of her brother-in-law
Dennis Averill (completed chemo; pray for wisdom re: radiation)
Joanne Barczi (neck & back issues; surgery pending)
                                                                             Mother of Oscar Rivera Martinez (Parkinson’s)                             Family of Edna Harris , a faithful prayer warrior for this ministry
                                                                             Gina Mason (breast cancer)                                                    over many years
Bebe (various and complicated health issues)
Mrs. Bondhus (Parkinson’s )
                                                                             Loyd McBrayer (multiple myeloma bone cancer)                              David & Connie Lipham in the loss of his mother, Dot Christian
                                                                             Mark McCord (recovery from knee surgery)
Vanessa (facing long road to recovery)
                                                                             Virginia McInnis (confusion/anxiety; pray meds will take effect soon)
Barney and Gina Brogan (Gina - pending valve replacement)
                                                                             Arleen Meyer (removal of rod from arm)
Riley Bukowski
                                                                             Michael Meyer (14 year old with leukemia)                                                                               Give thanks and pray for
Ann Byle (heart problems)
                                                                             Miko (treatment for colon cancer)                                                                                       these FCAP and airline-related
Heather Byle (breast cancer)
                                                                             Sharry Milanowski (numerous health issues; cancerous growth                                                             people currently serving in (or
Susie Cannon                                                                                                                                                                                         along side) the Armed Forces.
                                                                               removed from leg)
Jerry Carr (health issues)                                                                                                                                                                           Also pray for their families.
                                                                             Jim Morrissey (vision problems; recovery from cataract surgery)
Cindy (breast cancer; now undergoing chemotherapy)
                                                                             Jim and Mary Myrick
Amanda Clark (recent college grad undergoing chemo for acute
                                                                             Janette Niven (turned 101 in July)                                            Austin Bergstrom                     Matthew Mason
  myeloid leukemia, a disease that progresses rapidly)
Susan Cook (recovery from surgery to remove brain tumor)
                                                                             George Odoi (surgery March 19 to remove tumorous substances in                Andy Bowman                          Andrew Mitchell
Anne Cothern (continued struggle with polymyalgia rheumtica)
                                                                                brain)                                                                     Leila Brown                          Kyle Podjed
                                                                             Max Olivera’s young adult son (badly burned)
Keith Deaver (inoperable cancer in sinus and eye sockets)
                                                                             Alicia Palma (out of work due to back injury)                                 Verde Tel Butler                     Jacob Protillo
Delceta’s brother-in-law (recovery from massive heart attack)
                                                                             DeForest and Elaine Payne                                                     Stacey Clarke                        Ashley Powell
Delta Agent in Tampa (gall bladder surgery)
                                                                             Dave Peck (recovery from gall bladder surgery)                                Michelle Cornutt                     Mike Rabbitt
Marc Dillard (doctors not giving hope that he can live much longer)
Loretta Drews (lung cancer)
                                                                             Jorge Penuela (life threatening disease)                                      Steve Curtas                         Chad Reyes
Linda Erb (continued problems from neck injury)
                                                                             Peries’ Mother (multiple surgeries for cancer on side of head)                Jaric Henson                         Chris Scheindler
                                                                             Carol Perry
Grace Fidura (double stroke, blindness, diabetes, pacemaker; now in
                                                                             Mike Peruzzi’s wife (heart problems)                                          Seth Isbell                          Sara Vanderhoef
  nursing facility)
                                                                             Grady & Wanslie Poole                                                         Eric Larsen
Father in Hawaii (bone cancer)
                                                                             Brad Raybeck (cancer; has 2 young children)
Freda (surgery)                                                                                                                                         If you know of others who need to be added to this list, whether from the U.S. or
                                                                             Reagan (Landau Kleffner Syndrome; being weaned off meds)
Tama Fulton’s father (cancer)                                                                                                                           another country, please let us know!
                                                                             A. J. Renji (terminal cancer)
Augustine Giranah (stroke and memory lapses)
                                                                             Bob Rogers (stage 4 lymphoma cancer)
Gloria (difficulty walking; manic depression)
                                                                             Ronni (chemo & radiation for aggressive breast cancer)
Frank & Bobbie Goza (numerous health issues)
                                                                             Kevin Rowsey (surgery following fall ; unable to work)
Verena Grieder (surgery July 17 for brain aneurism)
                                                                             Paul Rowsey (continued problems with blood pressure)
                                                                                                                                                                                             FCAP MONTHLY
Gene Hall (terminal brain cancer)
Sally Hamilton (under care of podiatrist for hurting feet)
                                                                             Larry Shreve (painful & debilitating arthritis)                                                             PHONE PRAYER
                                                                             Julie Silverthorn (teen with brain damage; long-term paralysis)
Jennifer Haraway (recovery from heart surgery)
                                                                             Aaron Smith (brain tumor)
Edna Harris                                                                                                                                                                                     April 9, 2013
                                                                             Al and Doris Stanley
Carol Heller (lung disease)                                                                                                                                                                     10 A.M. DST
                                                                             June Stewart (Alzheimer’s)
Alex Helmeczy (broken back following an auto accident)                                                                                                                                              (or 1400 GMT)
                                                                             Aidan Strickland (protein deficiency in muscles)
Susan Heusser (tremendous pain)
                                                                             Dick Strickland (doing well in recovery following disc surgery)
Barney Horgan (cancer)
                                                                             Courtney Tatum (pregnancy)                                                           Contact the FCAP Office for more details!
Ben Horton (cancer surgery)
                                                                             Tommy Taylor (hearing loss)
Dave Huether (multiple myeloma cancer)
                                                                             Patricia Thomas (Alzheimer’s)
Mike Hurley (recovering from endocarditis)
                                                                             Velma Thomas
Jake (life-threatening injuries from accident)
                                                                             Dell Thompson (recovery from fall; doing well in rehab)
Jean (pancreatic cancer)                                                                                                                                          136 Providence Road, Fayetteville, GA 30215
                                                                             Essie Thornton (in wheelchair due to arthritis)
Toni Joel’s Mom (Parkinson’s)                                                                                                                                                 Phone: (770) 461-9320
                                                                             Nancy Truluck
Pat Johnson (bone cancer)                                                                                                                                      E-mail:    Web Site:
                                                                             Veronica (completed chemo; now in radiation)
Christina Kennedy’s Mother (serious illness requiring numerous
                                                                             Zoe Worth (Alzheimer’s)
  medical visits/treatments and additional surgery
                                                                                                                  - continued next column -
Nancy J. King (circulatory problems in leg)

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