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									EyebrowExperts now offering
    Cosmetic Tattooing
Whether you have sparse brows from
                   abuse,    you’re
 years of tweezer abuse or you re simply
 looking for a longer term alternative to
 monthly tinting, cosmetic tattooing could
        y       g,                  g
 be the answer.
Before you recoil in horror - we’ve all
 seen those older ladies with horrifying
 clown-like hues on their lids and lips -
          dt k      th t        ti tattooing
 you need to know that cosmetic t tt i
 specialists have progressed in leaps and
 bounds in the past few years
As a result, Sydney’s reigning brow
 queen Svetlana Burckhardt of
 EyebrowExperts, predicts eyebrow
 tattooing will be one of the burgeoning
         g                       g     g
 beauty trends of the mid 2010s.
“The technology has come so far that
 now the benefits far outweigh the fear
 factor. It’s brilliant for those not blessed
 with much in the brow area and is much
 cheaper in the long run than monthly
 tinting visits to the beautician. It is
 extremely difficult to grow back abused
 brows; this is one of the few options that
 will allow you to fake full glamorous
 eyebrows,” she enthuses.
But, as it’s a permanent option, it is vital
 to select a highly trained professional
 and should not be a spur of the minute
 decision. “Do your research and shop
                y                      p
 around, but, due to the longevity of the
 procedure, don’t scrimp when selecting a
 salon. You really will get what you pay
 for,” Svetlana warns.
With over 15 years of experience in
 creating beautiful arches, Svetlana is
 certainly one of the most qualified
 aestheticians around. Eyebrow Experts
                         y           p
 do not believe in a one size fits all
 approach to eyebrow art, and Svetlana
 uses a unique measuring technique to
 create the perfect eyebrow shape for
 each client Her passion and skill have
 won her a legion of local clients.
Due to an increase in the demand for
 cosmetic tattooing from clients and
 advances in technology, Svetlana has
 completed her training at the Australian
     p                   g
 Cosmetic Tattoo College, and is now
 qualified to perfect clients’ brows -
Designer Brow Tattooing by Svetlana
 Burckhardt $860
At your first appointment, you will
                       Burckhardt s
 experience Svetlana Burckhardt’s unique
 artistry. Svetlana will create your
 p             y
 permanent eyebrows with hair stroke
 simulation. Colour can be implanted by
 one of four different techniques,
 depending on th client’s i di id l
 d      di       the li t’ individual
 needs: shadowing, hair strokes, 3D
 effect,          look
 effect or solid look.
The pigment used is based on Iron Oxide
 - a safe non-reactive substance The
          non reactive substance.
 Pigment Lotions are specifically
 manufactured for implantation into
 human skin and topical anaesthetic will
 minimise the discomfort.
Four to seven weeks following the initial
 treatment,                      Perfection
 treatment a complimentary ‘Perfection
 Visit’ will reinforce colour and perfect any
 minor imperfections that may occur once
            p                   y
 the skin naturally sheds some pigment
 from the first tattooing procedure. After
 care is also essential, and products are
 included in the package.
The results are permanent but a top up
 (at a minimal cost) may be required after
 four years, due to some fading from sun,
 glycolic acid treatments etc. Available at
 EyebrowExperts (Lip tattooing and lip
 liner also available).
Visit www.eyebrowexperts.com or
 call 1300 855 527

For PR enquiries, contact Pip Jarvis
 pip@pipink.com.au 0405 043 147

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