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									John Ernest Vineyard & Winery 3291 N Ave. Tama, IA 52339 Phone: 641-484-8048 Fax: 641-484-8800
Event Date: ________________________ # Of Guests: _______________________ Type of Event: _____________________ Function For: ______________________ Name: _____________________________ Address: ___________________________ ____________________________________ Day Phone: ________________________ Evening Phone: ____________________ Cell Phone: ________________________ Other Phone #: ____________________ Fax: _______________________________ Email: _____________________________ Hours of Event: ____________________ Wedding Ceremony Only = $125.00 Wedding ceremony/Reception = $350.00 Wedding Reception Only/Class Reunions = $200.00 Weeknight Event (Mon. – Thurs.) = $75.00 Other rentals, i.e. showers, graduations = $125.00 The following for John Ernest Vineyard use only! Beer Fee $100.00 ___________________________________ Damage/Breach of Contract Deposit: $100.00 Glass Rental: $5.00 X ____ (1 box=24 glasses) = $____ Linen Rental: (if wax is on table linens after event, full price for linen will be charged!) $15.00 X ___= $_________Per table w/ napkins $10.00 X ___= $_________Per table w/o napkins Balance Due: ________________________________________
*A final bill may be applicable at the end of the event.

Credit Card (required): MC VISA AMEX DISCOVER _________________________________EXP. Date: ____/____ V-Code ______________ ZIP CODE _____________________ Total Cost – Circle one*: ______________ Signature of JEV Staff: _____________________________

John Ernest Vineyard & Winery is located 3 miles east of Tama on Highway 30 and 1/4 mile north on N Avenue. This scenic location will provide a wonderful view for your event. You are welcome to come and visit the facility ahead of time, but must give prior notice. Thank you for renting the John Ernest Vineyard & Winery banquet facility for your event. John Ernest Vineyard & Winery will rent this facility on the following basis: by signing this agreement you are obligated to honor this agreement with John Ernest Vineyard & Winery. John Ernest Vineyard & Winery is available for rent to promote the sale of John Ernest Vineyard & Winery wine as a value-added agricultural product. John Ernest Vineyard & Winery is primarily a wine producing facility. Wine producing and promoting activities take priority over all other events. However, the hours of room rental will be agreed upon in this contract when the contract is signed by both parties and will be honored by John Ernest Vineyard & Winery. We expect you to also honor the times agreed upon in this contract. Rental Section John Ernest Vineyard & Winery is available for rental between 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 midnight. THE TOTAL RENTAL FEE IS DUE AT THE TIME THIS AGREEMENT IS SIGNED AND THE DATE IS NON-TRANSFERABLE. 1

Depending upon the circumstance, John Ernest Vineyard & Winery will either fully refund or refund a portion of the deposit if cancellation of the rental is required. John Ernest Vineyard & Winery reserves the right to decide if the cancellation is valid. The refund is as follows:

Full refund for 3 weeks notice of cancellation of banquet room rental. $75 refund for 2 weeks notice of cancellation of banquet room rental. _______Initial
John Ernest Vineyard & Winery retains the right to rent the facility in the event a cancellation occurs. John Ernest Vineyard & Winery cannot and will not be responsible for acts of God, inclement weather, or your change of plans. A credit card number is required to be on file with John Ernest Vineyard & Winery for any additional charges that may be incurred. Damage Deposit and Breach of Contract A damage/breach of contract deposit in the amount of $100.00 is DUE IMMEDIATELY to reserve the date. You may choose to use the credit card on file for the damage deposit. If your damage deposit is paid by check, your deposit (less charges) will be returned within 10 business days following your event. You are liable for any damage done to John Ernest Vineyard & Winery property. If repairs or replacement costs exceed the damage deposit, you will be responsible for the excess amount, and charges will be made. A breach of contract occurs if hours are exceeded: The $100.00 breach of contract fee will be charged if the building and property are not vacated by 12:00 midnight. The clients, guests, and all their services (D.J., etc.) must be out by 12:00 midnight. For your protection, guests should be notified of these hours. Wine and Other Alcohol ALCOHOL USE: The facility does offer a Class A Wine Permit, and beer may be brought in by the renting party ONLY, but no liquor, including no wine coolers, i.e. Smirnoff Ice or Bacardi. However, there is a $100.00 fee for any canned, bottled or keg beer that is brought onto John Ernest Vineyard & Winery property. The beer fee is DUE 14 DAYS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF YOUR FUNCTION. According to our liquor license beer can NOT be sold on our premises. In addition, if the $100.00 beer fee is paid, beer may be consumed in the banquet room or outside only. Absolutely NO consumption of beer or beer products, etc. is allowed in the tasting room at any time; this is in accordance to our permit. The party reserving the room is also responsible for the clean-up of all beer related products from JEV property; this includes both inside and outside. Also, if the renter chooses to take their beer cans home with them, they must provide their own packaging for this. Please make arrangements, at minimum, one week prior to your event if beer is something you’re considering. Any and all wine served at your event will be required to be purchased from John Ernest Vineyard & Winery. Wine must be pre-purchased at least 2 weeks prior to your event to ensure availability of the wines you have selected and for you to receive a 10% discount per case on your order. All wine purchases made the evening of your event will be sold at regular retail price. Contact John Ernest Vineyard & Winery at 641-484-8048 to place your order using your credit card. 2

John Ernest Vineyard & Winery is not responsible for the disbursement of wine once it has been purchased. You are responsible for making arrangements for uncorking, pouring and distribution of the wine. John Ernest Vineyard & Winery does have tin containers to place the wine in and ice is available to use. BY LAW, NO ONE UNDER 21 MAY CONSUME OR TASTE ALCHOLIC BEVERAGES. The management may ask guests for identification to verify age. John Ernest Vineyard & Winery reserves the right to ask the entire party to leave if a minor is consuming alcohol or an adult is providing alcohol to a minor. The party renting the facility shall ensure that no underage drinking is allowed. John Ernest Vineyard & Winery assumes no responsibility or liability for underage drinkers. John Ernest Vineyard & Winery requests that a server be responsible for all alcohol. Facility The facilities offer a banquet room and kitchen of which are available for rent. The banquet room can accommodate up to 75 people comfortably with tables and chairs provided and is handicap accessible. Maximum capacity of the banquet room shall not exceed 100 people. This does NOT include persons outside. If linens are requested, they are available for an additional fee. Please give us 2 weeks notice if you would like to take advantage of the linen service. Arrangements may be made for caterers, cake delivery, and musicians to set up. John Ernest Vineyard & Winery has NINE (9) – 60 inch round tables, ONE (1) – 6 foot rectangular table and ONE (1) – 8 foot rectangular table. The 60 inch round tables will seat 8 people each. Also available for use is ONE (1) – 7 foot by 2 foot countertop and ONE (1) – 6 foot by 1.5 foot countertop. Also, if the garbage gets full during your event, please contact one of JEV’s associates to empty it and get you a new bag. Kitchen If you are catering your event, those arrangements will need to be made by you and your caterer (we do offer catering suggestions). The kitchen will be available for your use, if requested. The kitchen amenities include plates, silverware, cups, glasses and some serving pieces. Please check ahead of time to see if we provide what you need. Wine glasses are available for rent at the cost of $5.00 per dozen. There is a $2.00 charge per glass that is broken which will be deducted from your damage deposit. You and/or your caterer are responsible for clearing tables, kitchen area, etc. and removing food containers/items immediately following the event. Please also make arrangements with your caterer who will be cleaning up the facility after use. John Ernest Vineyard & Winery will do the remainder of the cleaning of the facility the following day. 3

Catering John Ernest Vineyard & Winery requests that ONLY licensed, professional caterers be used. You may request a list of caters that are familiar with John Ernest Vineyard & Winery. CATERERS MUST CONTACT John Ernest Vineyard & Winery at least 2 weeks prior to the event and should visit the site. John Ernest Vineyard & Winery shall not be held responsible if the caterer cancels and no refunds will be given in the event the caterer cancels. All caterers used must be licensed by the state of Iowa. Decorating Arrangements must be made when decorating for the event will take place. Decorations you may observe during your visits may or may not be available for your use. Any and all decorations, including centerpieces, are solely your responsibility, especially outside. If tables and chairs are used outside, they are then required to be cleaned, (including the legs) and returned to the inside of the banquet room. Weddings/Receptions: All the necessary equipment needed to have a wedding and/or reception at our location, either inside or outside, will be the renter’s responsibility. This includes, but isn’t limited to, tents, extra tables, chairs and lighting. John Ernest Vineyard & Winery decorations are not to be removed. No decorations are allowed that leave any kind of residue, which include confetti, silly string, or other items, either inside or outside our facility. No tacks, staples, pins, or tape on the walls. Candles are allowed in glass hurricane chimneys or floating candles. Damages Policy Renter agrees to leave the facility in exactly the same condition as before the renter's use. This means tables and chairs will be wiped clean with either 409 cleaning spray (intended for stain removal such as wine spills or Kool-Aid) or the Mr. Clean Antibacterial spray (both located under the sink in the kitchen), then dried and 7 chairs will be put up on each table and the remaining chairs will be stacked; and if the kitchen is used, dishes must be either hand-washed and dried or put into the dishwasher and started and the counters wiped clean with the above mentioned spray. Towels are located in the drawer to the left of the sink. JEV will put away the dishes in the dishwasher after the dishwasher has finished its cycle. There are dishwasher tabs (for the dishwasher) under the sink as well as dish soap (for hand-washing the dishes). No food or other items are to be left in the refrigerator whatsoever. The party renting the facility is responsible for checking to make sure there are no items left in the refrigerator. If there are items remaining in the refrigerator after the event is over, those items are then deemed John Ernest Vineyard & Winery property and JEV reserves the right to dispose of them in the manner they choose. The tables must be put back in the same order as before the renter’s use. The small wine glasses must be returned to the Tasting Bar. If the decorative/colorful wine buckets are used, the ice must be dumped from each of them and they must be wiped dry, then stacked and returned to the Tasting Bar. John Ernest Vineyard & Winery will be responsible for sweeping the floors after the event is over; however, if there is a mess worth cleaning up, i.e. cake on the floor, please clean it up. Please ask one of the associates of John Ernest Vineyard 4

& Winery to locate a broom and dust pan for you. If linens are used for the event, they must be removed from the tables and piled next to the garbage can. If your damage deposit is paid by check, your deposit (less charges) will be returned within 10 business days following your event. There is a $100 cancellation/damage and cleaning fee, which will be returned after your event is over and the premises have been checked. Other NON-SMOKING FACILITY: The John Ernest Vineyard & Winery is a non-smoking facility. Those wishing to smoke may go outside to the patios on the East and South sides of the building. Please use the receptacles to dispose of smoking materials. D.J.’s must be finished by 11:15 p.m. This allows time to dismantle their equipment and be out by 12:00 midnight. A breach of contract occurs if the D.J. is not out of the building or loaded up by midnight. D.J.’s may not use a bubble machine or fog machine. No dance way or compound, or any substance, may be spread on the floor. Children must be supervised. Please do not allow children to have chewing gum. The charge for removing gum from the floor or tables will be $10 per occurrence. The tasting room/gift shop will remain open until 10:00 p.m. All sales must be completed by 10:00. John Ernest Vineyard & Winery staff will be on property until the last person leaves. All items left on the premises after your event is over are then deemed John Ernest Vineyard & Winery property and JEV reserves the right to dispose of them in the manner they choose. If you are using the outside area, plastic tie wraps are acceptable. To prevent a breach of contract, please consider providing a copy of this contract to those who are helping to plan your event. No sparklers, bottle rockets, firecrackers or any other fire works are allowed. Absolutely no firearms are allowed on John Ernest Vineyard & Winery property. John Ernest Vineyard & Winery personnel have the authority to contact law enforcement officials, if necessary, to protect John Ernest Vineyard & Winery property and personnel. John Ernest Vineyard & Winery will not be held liable for injuries or property damage/loss to others during this function, including, but not limited to: death, personal injury, property damage, or any other incidents that may occur to any person(s) by use of the building and premises during the terms of this agreement. The term of the agreement starts when the first representative (guest) arrives on the property and concludes when the last person leaves the property. The following for John Ernest Vineyard use only! Will food be served? Yes No No Kitchen Needed: Yes Yes No No Caterer Name: __________________________ Will the party be purchasing wine? Yes Caterer Phone Number: _______________ Private Labels? ($5 each)


Quantity/Variety of each wine: ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Wine Glasses Needed: Miscellaneous: ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ A breach of contract fee will be incurred if any of the following occurs: ● The agreed upon hours were exceed by you and/or your guests. You and/or your guests were still in the building or on the property after midnight. Anything left on the premises will become property of John Ernest Vineyard & Winery, unless prior arrangements have been made. ● Substantial damage has occurred to the property and/or the facility has been left in an unacceptable condition. JOHN ERNEST VINEYARD & WINERY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHANGE THE CONDITIONS OF, OR CANCEL THIS AGREEMENT UP TO 60 DAYS PRIOR TO RENTAL. ALL DEPOSITS AND PAYMENTS WILL BE RETURNED IN THE EVENT JOHN ERNEST VINEYARD & WINERY CANCELS THE EVENT. Yes No
Glass Rental: $5.00 X ____ (dozen) = $__________

*I,_______________________ , have read and agree to all terms noted in this contract.
Renter's Name Renter's Phone

Credit Card Number: _______________________________ EXP. DATE: ______/________ Billing Zip Code: __________________________________ VIN: _______________________

Name on Card: ________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ (Signature of Card Holder)

By signing this Agreement you are obligated to honor this agreement with John Ernest Vineyard & Winery. Signed this______day of _______________, 2 0 0 _ _ . Authorized by: ____________________Date:_________________
John Ernest Vineyard & Winery 6

This section for John Ernest Vineyard & Winery use only. Unauthorized candles, decorations, etc. ________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Missing/broken wine glasses @ $2.00 each: ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Additional wine sales the evening of the event at regular price: __________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Additional wine glass rental fee: Glass Rental: $5.00 X ____ (dozen) = $____________ ______________ Any persons/guests in the building or on the property after midnight: __________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Type of damage or disarray, if any, sustained to the property or facility: _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Total additional charges to be charged to client: ________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________


JEV’s Recommended Caterers

**Gloria’s Catering 2708 Hwy. V-18 Clutier, IA 52217 641-489-2714 Contact: Gloria Katie J’s Cakes & Catering 3205 S. 14th St. Marshalltown, IA 50158 641-753-9166 Contact: Kate Moore Country Food Pride 1206 7th Ave. Belle Plaine, IA 52208 (319) 444-2624 **My Mother’s Place 313 Main St. Clutier, IA 52217 641-489-2863 (home) 319-560-0710 (cell) Contact: Rhonda **Rube’s Meat Co. 200 Elm St. Montour, IA 50173 641-492-6335 Contact: Mark Scheid **Four Friends Catering Only available on weekends! 2837 Hwy. V-18 Clutier, IA 52217 319-231-3124 (Deb’s Cell)

**Connie Haughey Great for appetizers! 204 S. Broadway St. Toledo, IA 52342 641-485-1965 (cell) Contact: Connie Phat Daddy’s 1185 Court Ave. Marengo, IA 52301 319-642-7332 Randall’s Catering 320 5th St. Hudson, IA 50643 319-988-3377 Daddy O’s 11307 NW 54th Ave. Grimes, IA 50111 515-986-5881 (Restaurant) 515-707-2428 (cell) Contact: Richard A Taste Above 1220C Industrial Ave. Hiawatha, IA 52233 319-350-4325 Sutton Catering 19 Main St. PO Box 298 Newhall, IA 52315 319-223-5555 Contact: David Sutton

Caterers with an asterisk have been used by JEV several times and do a great job! The other caterers are recommended by other customers but haven’t ever been to the winery.


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