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Species Locality name/ co-ords Notes - see instructions below as to what information is needed. (Use 'Further details' if space insufficient) Habitat at nest site. Nest placed on or near: Other information on nest siting: Nest construction/description: Height above ground (m) Food: Role of male & female ABBA No Observer

Form 6


Visits Data - Use abbreviated code shown below to show condition of the nest and the number and condition of the eggs/young on each visit. Visit Eggs Number, (Qty/Code) Date & Time 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Egg Description Young (Qty/Code) Nest (Code) Remarks (Use 'Further details' if space insufficient)

Nestling Description (each visit)

Further Details: (where more space needed above)

NOTES: Habitat at nest site: Was nest in the centre of the habitat described or on edge. Where were adults collecting food. Nest placed on or near: Describe vegetation, trees, buildings, ground or surface type where nest placed. Other information on nest siting: Was the nest enclosed in hole, crevice, or nest box; in another birds nest; hidden or exposed; near or over water. A reused nest. Nest Construction/description: Shape; materials in outer nest; lining materials; how secured; measurements, (e.g. Outer diameter and depth, and cup diameter and depth); deterioration/fouling of nest in use; added to in use. Role of male & female: in nest building; incubation; feeding young etc. Were both adults present and active? Food : Taken to young or food remains near nest. Remarks: e.g. number and distance apart of colonial nesters; nest parasites; nest predation; disturbance. Visits Nest, Egg and Young data abbreviated code Nest Empty, Incomplete (NI) Empty, Successful breeding (NS) Empty, Shell fragments remaining (NS) Empty, Predated (notes) (NP) Damaged (notes) (ND) Young Naked/blind (YN) Eyes open (YE) Feathers in quill (YQ) Quills sprouting (YS) Well feathered (YF)

Eggs Cold (EC) Warm (EW) Infertile (EI)

Ready to fledge (YR) Left nest before fledging (YL) Fledged but in vicinity (YV) Dead (notes) (YD) '3YF & 1YD' is 3 well feathered young and one dead young.

e.g. '3EW & 1YN' is 3 warm eggs and one naked young.

Send copies of completed forms to your local bird recorder and the ABBA Project Co-ordinator, Michael C. Jennings, Warners Farm House, Warners Drove, Somersham, Cambridgeshire, PE28 3WD, England. Tel/Fax 01487 841733 (International 0044 1487 841733) Email:

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