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									Hope Christian Reformed Church
1407 6th St., Hull, IA 51239 439-1201

Pastor Todd Zuidema
1421 6th St., Hull, IA 51239 439-1003

Directory and Information
October 29, 2006

Hope CRC was organized in 1961
Pastors: Rev. J. D. De Jong Rev. J. J. Matheis Rev. D. J. Klompien Rev. A. Dykstra Rev. J. Cooper Rev. B. Van Ee Rev. W. Van Dyken Rev. A. Kuiper Rev. M. Koetje Rev. T. Zuidema 1961 1961-1966 1966-1970 1970-1973 1973-1980 1980-1983 1983-1987 1988-1999 2000-2004 2005-

WORSHIP SERVICES: 9:30 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. SPECIAL SERVICES: Thanksgiving November 23, 2006 Evening of Praise December 3, 2006 Christmas Program December 17, 2006 Christmas Eve December 24, 2006 Christmas Day December 25, 2006 New Year‟s Service January 1, 2007 Prayer Day March 7, 2007 Maundy Thursday April 5, 2007 Easter Sunday April 8, 2007 Ascension Day May 17, 2007 Praise in the Parking Lot July 8, 2007 (Times for these occasions are announced a week or two in advance.)

Jan & Darlene Van Ee Calle 14, No. 176 Jardines Miraflores Merida, Yucatan, Mexico vanee@merida.podernet.com.mx Sam & Karen Keyzer 1730 Meadowlark Circle Lincoln, NE 68521 northernlighthouse@juno.com Kelly & April Crull San Bernardino 4,5 3 28015 Madrid, Spain crulls@christianassociates.org

THE LORD’S SUPPER will be celebrated on: October 29, 2006 January 1, 2007 February 25, 2007 April 5, 2007 (Maundy Thursday) June 24, 2007 August 26, 2007

Visitors desiring to participate in the Lord‟s Supper should make this request to an elder prior to the service. THE SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM is administered as scheduled with the Pastor. PROFESSIONS OF FAITH occur at public worship services after individuals have shared their faith with the church Council or elders. Persons desiring to do so are encouraged to visit with the Pastor or an elder. MEMBERSHIP with a church is encouraged. Visitors to Hope Church who would like to discuss membership are invited to visit with the Pastor or an elder. A NURSERY is provided for young children at each worship service. A WEEKLY BULLETIN is distributed at the worship services. Items that should be in the bulletin must be in the hands of the bulletin secretary, Bev Altena, by Thursday at 6:00 P.M. SPECIAL BANNERS are displayed in the front of the sanctuary. If you desire a particular banner for a special occasion such as baptism, wedding, etc. please contact the Worship Committee. CHURCH USE for occasions other than regularly scheduled Hope Church meetings must be arranged with the Building and Grounds Chairman, Kevin Keizer . Those using the church at any time must comply with the “Church Use Rules” printed in this booklet. A schedule of fees is also listed there for your information. PRAYER REQUESTS should be made known to Pastor Todd, Dennis Van Maanen, ( President of the Council), or any elder when special needs arrive. These special needs for prayer from the congregation will be made known through the Hearts and Hands. CANCELLATION of services due to weather will be announced on KDCR (88.5 FM) KSOU (93.5 FM), KSOU (1090 AM) and via Hearts & Hands.



PRESIDENT: Dennis Van Maanen „07 ELDERS: DEACONS: Aldie Altena „07 Kevin Keizer Dennis Van Maanen „07 Keith Van Voorst Dan Bosma „08 Brad Driesen John Kooiker ‟08 – Clerk Martin Nielsen Jim Burggraaf`‟09 – Records Clerk Benji Vande Griend Jim Eekhoff ‟09 – Vice President Sou Baccam Dave Pluim ‟09 – Vicar

„07 ‟07 - Treasurer ‟08 - Secretary ‟08 - President ‟09 - Vicar ‟09 - Assistant Treasurer

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Martin Nielsen Dave Pluim Benji Vande Griend Dennis Van Maanen Pastor Todd Zuidema Council Meeting: Elder‟s Meeting: Deacon‟s Meeting: 1st Wednesday of the month 4th Wednesday of the month 4th Wednesday of the month

STANDING COMMITTEES Council members serve as committee chairman. Committee members normally serve a 3-year term. EDUCATION COMMITTEE Aldie Altena Chairman Dave Pluim Vice Chairman Cal Van Der Zwaag „07 Nancy Driesen „08 Dar Fenchel „08 Mindy Baccam „09 Bev Altena – S.S. Superintendent WORSHIP COMMITTEE Jim Eekhoff Chairman Dennis Van Maanen Diana Dykstra „07 Nathan Vis „07 Shelly Van Otterloo „08 Marion Van Soelen „08 Mike Broek „09 Viv Covey „09

GOOD STEWARD COMMITTEE Aldie Altena ‟07 Wanda Talsma „08 Scott Eekhoff ‟07 Keith Van Voorst „08 Laura Pluim ‟07 Deb Verhoef „09 Mike Broek „09

BUILDING & GROUNDS COMMITTEE Kevin Keizer Chairman Dave Eekhoff „08 Benji Vande Griend Scott Grevengoed „08 Tami Zevenbergen „06 Paula Oostenink „07 Kevin Fykstra „07 Kitchen Committee Lisa Van Otterloo – Chairman Audrey Van Maanen Decorating Committee Angie Broek, Sharla Fykstra, Sara Grevengoed, Paula Oostenink,

EVANGELISM COMMITTEE Dan Bosma Chairman Jean Calkhoven „09 Jim Burggraaf Vice Chair. Hope Highlights Committee Martin Nielsen „07 Jackie Covey ‟07 Laura Heitritter „08 Sarah Fykstra ‟08 Tim Lammers „08 Teresa Verhoef „09 HOPE EDUCATION FUND CORE COMMITTEE Mike Covey – ‟07 Jerry Verhoef – ‟08 Craig Stiemsma – „09 BOUNCING BABIES & BEAUTIFUL BRIDES COMMITTEE Laura Van Voorst – ‟07 Lavonne Boer – „08 Audrey Van Maanen – ‟08 Wanda Talsma – „09 Shelly Van Otterloo – „09 CHRISTMAS PROGRAM COMMITTEE Angie Broek & Sara Grevengoed – „06 Mindy Vande Griend & Shelly Van Otterloo – „07

YOUTH LEADERS: Matt & Mel Vande Hoef ‟07 Jon & Nicole Van Berkum „08 Kyle & Cindy LeLoux „09 Jamie & Gwen Van Voorst „09 GEMS LEADERS: Lavonne Boer Kim Heynen Julie Horstman Vicki Lammers Brooke Van Der Zwaag Lora Vis CADET LEADERS: Doug Bonestroo Doug De Groot Marty Kiers Cal Van Der Zwaag Craig Verhoef Nathan Vis

COFFEE BREAK STAFF: Bev Altena Lavonne Boer April Kooi Kristi Stiemsma Wanda Talsma Audrey Van Maanen Shelly Van Otterloo Jan Van Soelen Tami Zevenbergen

PRAYER COORDINATORS: Joyce Burggraaf & John Kooiker HOPE STAFF: Brad & Nancy Driesen Jim & Joyce Burggraaf Scott Eekhoff Chanda Bakker Dwight Bakker, Jared Bonestroo Ben Christoffels, Jim Eekhoff, Scott Eekhoff, Drew Heynen Marty Kiers, Craig Verhoef, Jerry Verhoef, Kent Zevenbergen




Melissa Boer, Diana Dykstra, Laura Kramer, ,Linda Vande Kerk, Cindy Vander Stoep, Leah Zuidema Bev Altena REPRESENTATIVES Julie Horstman, Shelly Van Otterloo Elaine Wassink Eileen Boon Wes Dykstra Bev Altena & Betty Van Schepen Nella Driesen & Evelyn Dykstra Marlys Hofman & Wanda Talsma Le Talsma Jerry Boer, Secretary Dave Eekhoff Steve Haveman, President Bruce Heynen, Vice President

BULLETIN SECRETARY: HOPE DVBS Coordinators: Back To God Hour: Lenten Breakfast Love, INC: Meals on Wheels: The Bible League: National Day of Prayer: Western Christian High Board: Hull Christian School Board:

Hull Christian Finance Committee: Heath Oostenink Matt Vande Hoef




HEARTS AND HANDS Groups care for one another within each group and also serve the church as a whole on assigned Sundays and for a few special functions. The Service Groups which had existed for many years have been discontinued. The Pleasant Acres services and the other infrequent requests to serve food, will be assigned to Hearts and Hands groups in turn. We hope you will find this method easier with just one group number to remember. One couple has consented to be the Care Leader in each group for one year. Their task will be:  to arrange for greeters at the four doors of church for the morning and evening services when it‟s their groups‟ turn  to assign someone to make coffee for the morning fellowship (Each group‟s turn comes up 4x‟s per year (every 13 weeks.)  to encourage their groups to visit our shut-ins that week  Once per year the A & B group combined will be asked to provide a worship service at Pleasant Acres.  When providing cookies or serving food for special functions, one group or the A & B groups together will be asked to serve as needed. One elder is assigned to each A group and a deacon to each B group. They should be notified of spiritual concerns and economic concerns respectively within the two groups. They provide overarching care and we provide prayer support to one another. Care leaders should be notified if there are prayer concerns, food or physical comfort needs and also if there are special celebrations within the Hearts & Hands group. The Care Leaders will organize the response. It‟s a beautiful means then to follow Christ‟s command to “love one another”. The groups are encouraged to get together as they desire for social times to get to know one another better. This invitation can come from any group member to gather at a home, yard, park, gym or restaurant, to eat, play, or work! Be creative and have fun interacting with all the different ages in your group. If you want a larger number of people, invite your A or B counterpart group. The Evangelism Committee thanks those who served as Care Leaders for the past three years!! We’ve promised to make it a oneyear commitment from now on. Thanks to those who consented so willingly this year! The Evangelism Committee: Dan Bosma, Chairman (Bev & Elaine organizers)



The janitor shall be responsible for cleaning the kitchen and kitchen equipment and shall keep the kitchen sink supplied with soap or detergent for dishwashing and light cleaning. The janitor will also clean the towels and cloths. No tables or chairs or church equipment will be allowed to be taken out of the church. Each society or user of the kitchen shall be responsible for cleaning cabinets, stove, refrigerator, sinks and floor, immediately after each use. Any left over food or drink shall be removed from the kitchen after each use. FEES AND RULES for church-related gatherings such as Baptism lunches, Profession of Faith lunches and Open House Anniversaries or Open House Birthdays, to which the congregation is invited: 1. There will be no fee for the use of church and no janitor‟s fee, provided the church is left as found prior to the event. 2. No help will be available for setting up or taking down. 3. Put chairs and tables back to appropriate places. 4. Empty all church trash baskets and garbage cans into dumpster and leave no trash in the janitor‟s room. 5. Vacuum and sweep where necessary. 6. Clean kitchen and check restrooms for cleanliness. MEMBER FEES: Weddings - $125.00 ($75.00/ janitor; $50.00/sound system) Funerals - No Charge NON-MEMBER FEES: Weddings - $300.00 Funerals - $300.00

FEES AND RULES FOR NON-CHURCH RELATED GATHERINGS: Individual Parties and Graduations: 1. These gatherings are for members of Hope CRC only. 2. Single Family (Members) - $50.00 3. 2 or More Families (Members) - $100.00 4. All rules (1-6 above) are the same as for Church Related Gatherings.

FEES AND RULES FOR HOLIDAY GATHERINGS: 1. Only members of Hope CRC are allowed to rent the facility. 2. Kitchen Fee - $50.00 Fellowship Room: $50.00 3. No rental of facility is allowed when the holiday falls on a Saturday. 4. There will be no help in setting up or taking down tables and chairs. 5. There will be no janitor‟s fee, provided the facility is left as found prior to the event. 6. Tables and chairs will be put back to their appropriate places. 7. All church trash baskets and garbage cans will be emptied into the dumpster. Do not leave trash in the janitor‟s room. 8. Vacuum and sweep wherever necessary. 9. Clean kitchen and check restrooms for cleanliness.

1. Reservations for the facilities shall be made with the Building & Grounds Chairman, Kevin Keizer. 2. No weddings, anniversaries, etc., will be scheduled after 1:00 P.M. on Saturdays. You are to try to be out by 4:30 P.M. 3. No red or purple juices or punches will be allowed in the fellowship hall or adjoining rooms. 4. No bird seed, rice, etc. is allowed. 5. Trash must be put in containers and brought to the dumpster. Do not leave trash in the janitor‟s room.

6. You are encouraged to help the janitor stack tables and chairs when done. 7. You are asked to help the janitor with the removal and replacement of pulpit and other items in the sanctuary.

8. Items taken off walls, bulletin boards, etc. should be put back in their proper place. 9. Only drip less candles or candles in casings to prevent spills on carpet, may be used. If you do not have these types of candles, rugs must be placed underneath the candelabra. 10. No benches or “fixed” items are to be removed for wedding or other activities. 11. No nails, tacks, or thumb tacks may be used to fasten decorations of any kind to the pews, platform, or any other church furnishings. 12. No smoking or drinking will be allowed at any time in the church. 13. Those using the church must be responsible for the proper conduct of those gathered at both the wedding and the reception, and all other activities. 14. The blue stack chairs are to be used for sanctuary seating and funeral/family night only. No food is to be served on stacked chairs.

ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL – adults of all ages, single or couples every Sunday morning that Sunday School meets -from 11:00-11:30 – in the south part of the nursery. BIBLE FELLOWSHIP – any interested adults – 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month - after the evening worship service – at church. CIRCLE OF HOPE – all ladies of Hope – 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. This year we are meeting at the New Homestead – in their “cozy” meeting room. COFFEE BREAK – all ladies of Hope and the community – every Wednesday morning from 9:45-11:00 – at Hope church. There is a Story Hour for 2 yr. olds – 5 yr. olds – and a Nursery for babies & toddlers. FAMILY FOUNDATIONS – couples in their 20‟s & 30‟s – meet the second Sunday of the month after the evening service at church.. FAMILIES OF THE FUTURE – for young married couples – the 2nd Sunday of the month - at church after the evening worship service Y.A.H.C.L. – any interested adults – meet the 1st & 3rd Sunday after the evening worship service – in our homes. VIEWPOINTS – is for anyone in their upper 20‟s – mid-40‟s – and we meet every third Sunday after the evening worship service WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY meets three times a year for a 6-8 week Bible Study on Tuesday evening for one hour. All ladies of Hope are invited to attend.

HOPE CRC CHRISTIAN EDUCATION 2006 – 2007 Committees
Core Committee: Mike Covey – ‟07 Jerry Verhoef – ‟08 Craig Stiemsma – „09 APPLE PIES: Tim & Vicki Lammers, Chair Stewart & Cindy Vander Stoep Steve & Laura Heitritter Mike & Angie Broek Carol Kiers Jerry & Lavonne Boer Heath & Paula Oostenink Bruce & Kim Heynen Pastor Todd & Leah Zuidema Dave & Laura Pluim Keith & Laura Van Voorst CONCESSIONS: Mike & Jackie Covey, Chair Mark & Dar Fenchel Dar & Em Boer Arlyn & Twila Boon Kevin & Lynda Keizer Keith & Denise Keizer Paul & Lora Vis Todd & April Kooi MISC. WORK PROJECTS Dan & Ann Barkel, Chair Steve & Kim Haveman Brad & Lynne Van Grootheest Glen & Lisa Kooker Kevin & Sharla Fykstra WEDDINGS: Doug & Lee De Groot, Chair Randy & Julie Horstman Doug & Judy Bonestroo Bob & Beth Marks Dave & Lisa Van Otterloo Jamie & Gwen Van Voorst Kent & Tami Zevenbergen Brad & Nancy Driesen

AUCTION: Mike & Maradeth V.O., Chair Martin & Sandy Nielsen, Assistant Mel & Kathy Te Slaa Craig & Kristi Stiemsma Marty Kiers Matt & Melanie Vande Hoef Dave & Melinda Eekhoff Cal & Kathy Van Der Zwaag WINTER PICNIC:

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