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					Grace Fellowship Church • 1400 Dogwood Road • Snellville, GA 30078 • (770) 979-7000 •

WEDDING POLICIES   All couples using our facilities for their weddings must meet the following requirements: 1. Membership. At least one of the couple be a member of Grace (or one of their parents.) We will also accept minister recommendations. 2. Both the bride & groom must each have a credible relationship with Christ, and know Him as Savior. 3. Both must have similar Biblically based theological backgrounds. 4. You both are faithfully involved at Grace or another evangelical church. 5. There must be Scriptural grounds for the marriage. 6. You have been dating at least six months, and have moral purity in your relationship. 7. You have received pre-marital counseling from a source approved by our Pastor, or are willing to do so. 8. Due to the heavy scheduling of our facilities for church programs and weddings, requests for weddings should be made at least 4 months in advance so that you may secure your preferred date and to have time to complete premarital counseling.    Available Facilities The auditorium and Arena at Grace Fellowship Church are available when one member of the couple, or at least one of the parents of the couple, is a member of Grace or a minister has referred you. We ask that no wedding be booked past 6:00 PM on Saturdays. The Arena and the Youth Building may also be considered for your reception. Weddings and wedding receptions are offered in the common areas mentioned above. The wedding activities must be confined to the rooms and hallways assigned. If other rooms are needed for other activities related to the wedding, these rooms must be requested no later than 2 weeks before the wedding We regret that nursery facilities are not available. It is suggested that the number of children invited be kept at a minimum.

Scheduling a Date All Weddings and Vow Renewal ceremonies are scheduled through the Wedding Coordinator of Grace. To reserve a date on the church calendar for your Wedding or Vow Renewal Ceremony, contact the Wedding Ministry Coordinator at . Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Please know that any church related events are given preference. The Wedding Coordinator may be able to tell you over the phone if the date you desire is available, but the date cannot be reserved on the calendar until the couple 1) completes a Wedding Application form, 2) receives approval from the counseling office or a church staff minister and 3) has a conference with the Wedding Ministry Coordinator. At the time the wedding is placed on the church calendar, a $100.00 security/damage deposit and a signed Wedding Agreement are required. All applicable fees are due in full no later than 1 month prior to the wedding date. If needed, a flexible payment schedule may be arranged. This should be discussed with the Wedding Coordinator. If the Wedding Agreement has been followed in full and if no damages have been incurred, the deposit will be refunded in full within 3 to 4 weeks following the wedding. Should the wedding be postponed or canceled, all fees and a portion of the deposit are refunded.

Regulations Concerning Scheduling 1. Because of heavy church programming, weddings or rehearsals may not be held on Sundays, holiday weekends or Wednesday evenings. Holidays are those days the church offices are closed for the observance of a holiday. 2. Weddings will not be scheduled that conflict with any worship service or event involving the membership as a whole. Those functions receive priority in scheduling.

3. The number of guests expected will have an effect on the location of the wedding. If more than 200 guests are expected, the wedding MUST be held in the Auditorium. Note: The Arena seats only 140 150 guests comfortably, remembering that some rows are reserved for parents and grandparents. 4. During special celebration times such as Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Independence Day the church may have special decorations in the Auditorium. It is understood that these special decorations will not be removed or disturbed until the end of the time of celebration. Weddings during these times need to be planned with the decorations in mind. 5. At certain times of the year, special promotional materials may be displayed in the Auditorium for special campaigns or emphasis, such as the Missions Conference. It is understood that these special decorations will not be removed or disturbed until the end of the campaign or emphasis. Weddings during these times need to be planned with the materials in mind. The Rehearsal When the date is confirmed on the church calendar, a date and time will be assigned for the rehearsal. A maximum of one and a half hours is scheduled for the rehearsal. Rehearsals will be held between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., usually the night before the wedding. It is the responsibility of the Bride to ensure that all members of the wedding party are informed of the rehearsal time, and are present to begin on time. The church will be open sixty (60) minutes prior to the scheduled start time. The Director You may choose to employ (at the Brides expense) a Coordinator outside of Grace Fellowshipʼs staff. In this event, a church wedding director will be assigned to work with your Coordinator in making your plans. This person has been trained to serve as a wedding director, and will work in unison with your Coordinator. The church wedding director will help in planning the ceremony and will assist you in every way possible, using her knowledge of the building layout and hours of operation, props and other needs. The Sound Technician A sound technician will be assigned to your wedding. Speakers, Readers, Vocalists, and Musicians should meet with the technician 30 minutes before the rehearsal begins. All Sound or Audio Visual equipment needs must be given to the Wedding Coordinator no later than 2 weeks prior to the wedding. Requests after this date cannot be honored. The Ministers A minister on the staff of Grace Fellowship Church will usually officiate at the wedding ceremony. The Wedding Coordinator will be happy to provide you with a list of ministers on staff at Grace Fellowship Church who enjoy officiating. A minister from another evangelical Christian church may be permitted to officiate provided he meets the theological standards of Grace Fellowship Church. However, the Minister must receive approval from the counseling department before the wedding is scheduled. If the minister is a member of the staff of Grace Fellowship Church and is expected to wear formal attire, it is the responsibility of the groom or groom's family to make arrangements to pick up, return and pay for the minister's formal attire. Otherwise, he will wear a dark suit or robe.

Pre-Marital Counseling All couples that schedule the use of our facilities for their wedding ceremony are required to participate in an approved premarital counseling program. As soon as your wedding is scheduled with the church, you should call an approved counselor to set up your sessions. Scott Sklenar, a Christian counselor, conducts the premarital counseling at Grace. Weddings must be scheduled at least 4 months in advance in order to schedule and complete counseling. If Mr. Sklenar is unavailable, contact your wedding coordinator for recommendations. Wedding Music The music that you select for your wedding should remain consistent with the sacred and holy wedding theme. Music that falls into one of the following categories is acceptable: most classical music, sacred arias, contemporary Christian music, hymns/hymn arrangements, worship choruses, etc., music which points the listener to the Lord. Music styles used during the wedding reception time can be expanded to include popular love songs, ballads, and other appropriate music. Room & Table Usage All rooms used must be returned to the original set up. It is the Brideʼs responsibility to ensure this takes place. We have nine round 6-foot tables that you may use. There are also 12 tables (8ft.) that you are allowed to use. There is a $50.00 flat fee for the use of tables. This fee covers general wear and tear. We will deliver them to the room for you, set them up, and take them down. You may not take tables from other rooms. Brides Room Room 114, is available as a Brideʼs Room. Conveniently located near the down stairs bathroom at this room is available to the Bride and her attendants. We ask that at the conclusion of the wedding, someone from the party reset the room as it was found.

Miscellaneous Information and Regulations 1. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES and CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES are NOT permitted anywhere in the church buildings or on the church grounds. Any member of the wedding party or any guest who brings alcoholic beverages or controlled substances onto the property, or who attempts to serve alcoholic beverages or controlled substances in any form, will be removed from the property immediately. 2. Any member of the wedding party who is under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances will not be permitted to participate in the rehearsal or wedding. 3. SMOKING is NOT permitted anywhere in the buildings of Grace Fellowship Church, including dressing rooms and rest rooms, and preferably not on any of the church grounds. 4. Rice, confetti, silly string, shaving cream, etc., may NOT be thrown anywhere in the church building or on the church grounds. Tossed items must be bio-degradable. It is suggested that birdseeds, flower petals, or bubbles be used in place of rice, and this MUST be used only OUTDOORS. These items must NOT be displayed inside, and MUST be distributed to guests OUTDOORS. 5. Food and beverages are NOT allowed in the Auditorium. A refreshment area will be assigned to the wedding party if requested and all food must be kept in the assigned area. 6. The Bride and her family are responsible for any deliveries to the church and all deliveries must be made only during the bride's allotted time frame. The bride must assign someone in the wedding party to receive delivery. It is the sole responsibility of the Bride and her family to see that all such items are removed immediately after the wedding.

7. The church will not be responsible for items brought to the church for use in a wedding or reception, such as wraps, purses, serving pieces, decorations, etc., nor will the church be liable for such items if lost, stolen or damaged. (The brideʼs room can be locked and the director will have a key.) 8. The flower girl may drop only white flower petals since they do not leave stains on the carpet. Colored petals may be tossed as the bride and groom leave, provided they are distributed OUTSIDE only. 9. RED punch may NOT be served in the Arena. 10. Photography by the guests is under the discretion of the Bride. Please inform the Coordinator of how this should be handled. The professional photographer may make pictures during the wedding provided he/she follows the guidelines in the photographer's contract. Guests may make pictures during the reception. 11. Even though the florists, caterers, photographers and videographers are responsible for damage that may result from their actions or service, ultimately the bride and groom are responsible for any damage that may occur. Contracts are provided for the vendors to sign. 12. It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to communicate these policies and conditions to all members of the wedding party and to all suppliers of service and equipment. 13. Any decorations other than Grace Fellowshipʼs props need to be removed following the wedding. The week before the wedding the coordinator must receive the name and phone number of the person responsible for the removal of these items. (We encourage the contact person to be someone outside of the wedding party) Wedding Cost Our vision for weddings is to provide a setting for biblical marriage.  Grace Fellowship Church believes that God honors Biblically based marriages and is pleased to have subsidize the following expenses. The charges listed below includes only what is needed to provide the necessary manpower for your wedding, including honorarium for Grace pastors, sound technician, house keeping, chair set up and coordinators. The groom is responsible for the honorarium for non Grace ministers. Wedding base costs: Auditorium (300-1000 guests)- $900 High School Room (up to 300 guests)- $900 Midtown Community Church (up to 250 guests)-$800 There are additional costs for specialty items you may want. Our coordinators will be happy to discuss these with you. REVISED 6/25/08

Wedding Agreement I have read the Wedding Policies of Grace Fellowship Church, and discussed them with the wedding coordinator or other representative of Grace. I understand the policies and conditions set forth, and agree to abide by them and to communicate these policies and conditions to all members of the wedding party and to my suppliers. (This agreement must be signed & returned with the Security/Damage deposit) Date of Wedding __________________________ Time of Wedding _____________________________ Ceremony location ____________________________________________________________________ Reception location ____________________________________________________________________ Bride's Name_________________________________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________________________________ Groom's Name _______________________________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________________________________ Date of Rehearsal _____________________________________________________________________ Time of Rehearsal _____________________________________________________________________ Rehearsal Dinner location (Grace) ________________________________________________________ Married Address: ______________________________________________________________________ Wedding Day Activities Begin at: ________________________and end at: ___________________(time) Bride's Signature _________________________________________________ Date ________________ Received by _____________________________________________________ Date _______________