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July 15-18, 2010

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A. Selection of Host 1. The US YOUTH SOCCER Board of Directors selects State Associations to host the US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup (hereafter referred to as the “Presidents Cup”). The Board of Directors solicits proposals to host the 2010 Presidents Cup from all State Associations. This Request for Proposals (RFP) is being sent to each State Association. In order to be considered as a host State Association for the Cup. State Associations must return their proposals by November 20, 2009. The proposals are to be submitted as follows: US Youth Soccer 9220 World Cup Way Frisco, TX 75034 Attn: US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup Committee 2. The 2010 Presidents Cup will be held from July 15, 2010, through July 18, 2010. 3. Proposals timely received from State Associations will then be distributed to the Presidents Cup Committee and will be reviewed by the Committee and the National Office. The Presidents Cup Committee Chair and representatives from the National Office, as part of the selection process, will conduct site visits to sites included in proposals complying with the provisions of the RFP. The appropriate Regional Director and Regional Cup Chair will be invited to the site visits, at that region's expense. 4. Based on the proposals submitted and site visits conducted, final recommendations will be made by the Presidents Cup Committee to the Board of Directors. The Board will consider and make a decision to select a State Association to be the Host State Association. 5. The Presidents Cup Committee Chair will make a telephone call to the President of the State Association selected to host the Presidents Cup. A follow-up letter will be sent to the State Association President by the US YOUTH SOCCER President. US YOUTH SOCCER and the selected State Association shall then enter into a hosting agreement providing for the responsibilities of each. On signing the agreement, the selected State Association shall be the Host State Association. 6. The Presidents Cup is currently scheduled for the U-14 through U-17 age groups. The U-13 age group may be added. If that age group is added, it will not affect the provisions of this RFP. The field and housing requirements stated in this RFP may be administratively rearranged to accommodate the additional age group. The other responsibilities involved are requirements of US Youth Soccer. B. Scheduled Events for the Presidents Cup It is anticipated that the Presidents Cup will consist of the following events: 1. Pre-Competition meeting of Coaches and Team Representatives. 2. Player Event. 3. Round-Robin and Championship games. 4. Awards Ceremonies.
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General Selection Criteria To host the Presidents Cup, a State Association must, at a minimum, meet the following general criteria and the specific requirements of the Host State Association provided under Part II: 1. Fields: (a) At least 8 playing fields must be provided, 2 of which are lighted. If, however, playing games during the daylight hours is dangerous due to extreme weather conditions, 6 lighted fields are required. All fields must be at one site. Fields must meet the requirements of FIFA Laws of the Game and US YOUTH SOCCER rules regarding the dimensions, markings and equipment. Each playing field must be at least 70 yards in width and 105 yards in length, surfaced only in natural grass and level. (b) There must also be at least 2 warm-up areas at the same site as the playing fields large enough for a team to warm up prior to its matches. These warm-up areas must be separate from the playing fields to be used for the matches. The areas must be surfaced only with natural grass of a similar nature to the playing fields, equipped with goals. Other practice fields at sites other than the site for matches must be offered to teams during the event. These practice fields must be surfaced only with natural grass of a similar nature to the playing fields, be in playing condition, and be equipped with goals. The practice fields should be in close proximity to the teams' lodging. (c) Goal posts must meet the requirements of FIFA Laws of the Game. They may be portable but must be stable, safe, substantial, and securely attached. The playing field must be free of hazards or obstacles, such as drainage covers and track and field appurtenances of concrete pads, asphalt, and sand pits. (d) Two team benches must be located on one side of the field. Spectator seating must be on the opposite side of the field. One table, for the referees and other representatives, must be located between the 2 team benches and at the halfway line. Two additional tables must be provided, with one table located on each side of the table at the halfway line, for water, ice, and cups (with US YOUTH SOCCER providing the cups). An adequate supply of water and ice must be provided by the Host State Association throughout the Presidents Cup at each of the 2 additional tables for the teams, the referees, and other representatives. 2. Site: (a) The playing fields site must be located within a limited-access complex, no further than 30 minutes travel time from team lodging and no more than one hour from an airport that is recognized as a hub by a major airline. The site must have good access from major highways in the area and ample parking space for teams, referees, tournament officials, spectators, media, and VIP’s. (b)The site must offer a good public address announcement system in place, or access to a good system, and power capability of setting up larger sound systems and on-field microphones. (c) If storage space is available on site, the Host State Association shall provide that space to US YOUTH SOCCER without cost. If storage space is not available on site, US YOUTH SOCCER shall obtain one or more storage containers at its expense to be located on site.

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Medical Personnel and Facilities: Medical personnel must be present at the Presidents Cup site at all times. Personnel must be at the site one-hour before and one-half hour after all matches. Medical personnel must consist of at least 2 trainers and 2 emergency medical technicians trained to recognize and treat trauma. There must be a medical facility at the site, outfitted with appropriate supplies and equipment to treat emergencies. The medical personnel must have direct communication with a medical trauma facility and emergency transportation to that facility. Housing: (a) US YOUTH SOCCER staff or a US YOUTH SOCCER designee will solicit and coordinate housing accommodations and enter into agreements with the housing properties for the accommodations. The general location must be able to offer approximately 500 rooms in not more than 6 properties. Hotels must be able to guarantee non-smoking rooms to all teams and is a full service hotel or higher end limited service hotel property (i.e. Marriott Courtyard, Hilton Garden Inn) providing a swimming pool/spa and workout area. (b) The Host State Association shall identify housing for US YOUTH SOCCER to consider. Please refer to the Attachment for detailed requirements.



Player Event: (a) The Presidents Cup Committee will determine what the Player Event will be. The US YOUTH SOCCER national staff will then solicit and coordinate the Player Event, and enter into an agreement with the facility at which this event will be held. (b) This event will include complimentary admission for the following: (1) a maximum of 22 per team for U14 and U15 teams, and a maximum of 26 per team for U16 and U17 teams (players and coaches) for the 32 teams; (2) Presidents Cup officials; (3) referees; and (4) dignitaries. (c) If space allows, additional tickets may be sold to parents, friends, and the general public.


Finances: (a) US YOUTH SOCCER allows, through its budget, funding for certain subsidies, gifts, awards, and equipment connected with the Presidents Cup. The budget is submitted annually to and approved by US YOUTH SOCCER. Through this budget and according to the rules of US YOUTH SOCCER, the following items are provided by US YOUTH SOCCER: (1) individual medals designating 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place for players and team officials (a maximum of 22 per team for U14 and U15 teams, and a maximum of 26 per team for U16 and U17 teams); (2) a plaque or trophy for each first place team; (3) shirts for each player and team official participating in the Presidents Cup (a maximum of 22 per team for U14 and U15 teams, and a maximum of 26 per team for U16-U19 teams); (4) a gift for the referees and assessors designating participation in the Presidents Cup; (5) game balls; (6) corner flags for all fields used during the Presidents Cup; (7) subsidies for participating teams in an amount set each year by the budgeting process; and (8) local promotions for event marketing and promotion.

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(b) Additionally, US YOUTH SOCCER is responsible for the following expenses related to the Presidents Cup meetings, preparations, and operations: (1) one continental breakfast for up to 10 persons during the organizational meeting site visit (referred to in Part II.D); (2) one dinner for up to 10 persons during the organizational meeting site visit; (3) all expenses related to the Player Event; (4) all expenses related to the Coaches and Tem Representatives Meeting; (5) the following equipment and services: (A) golf carts as approved by US Youth Soccer; (B) radios; (C) public address system or upgrading of public address system if not available already at the site at its discretion; and (D) additional telephone lines, Internet WiFi for 12 people, phone service, and equipment which may not be already available at the playing competition site; (6) all expenses related to producing and printing of credentials, parking passes, player event program and tickets; and (7) all expenses related to staging, lighting, and public address system for the Awards Ceremony, if not available already at the Presidents Cup site. (c) The State Association is responsible for submitting a preliminary budget with its proposal to host the Presidents Cup. The State Association is also responsible for the following expenses related to the Presidents Cup meetings, preparations, and operations: (1) hotel accommodations for up to 3 nights for no more than 2 National Office staff members, the Presidents Cup Committee Chair, for the organizational meeting site visit; (2) ground transportation during the organizational meeting and site visit; (3) one lunch and dinner for up to 10 persons during the organizational meeting site visit; (4) one lunch and dinner for up to 10 persons during the organizational meeting site visit; (5) all expenses for at least one member of the State Association attending the US YOUTH SOCCER adidas® Workshop and Awards Gala prior to the Presidents Cup to meet with the Presidents Cup Committee and National Office Staff; (6) all expenses related to renting the Presidents Cup site; (7) all expenses related to meeting the Selection Criteria described in Subpart C. 1 and C. 2; (8) all expenses related to medical requirements listed under Selection Criteria, Subpart C.3; (9) security and making arrangements and obtaining security; (10) local promotional funds for event marketing and promotion; and (11) responsible for water distribution to ALL games, 1 cooler jug with tap water to the team benches, per field immediately following the prior game. 7. Alcoholic Beverages: No alcoholic beverages may be served at the Presidents Cup site, or during any events attended by players.

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The Presidents Cup Committee may recommend to the Board of Directors proposals which do not fully meet the selection criteria of this Subpart C.

A. State Association Responsibility Requirements The Host State Association is responsible for carrying out all of its responsibilities for the 2010 Presidents Cup and the agreement referred to in Part I.A.5. The Host State Association may designate another entity, such as a Host Committee, to carry out its responsibilities. However, the Host State Association alone remains the responsible party to US Youth Soccer in all regards for all Host State Association responsibilities, regardless of the manner or by whom those responsibilities are carried out. The Host State Association will communicate progress, problems, and information to the US YOUTH SOCCER national staff. B. Host State Association Specific Activities Areas of Responsibilities In addition to its responsibilities under Part I, the Host State Association shall also have the following specific areas of responsibilities: 1. Field Operations: (1) all field operations at the Presidents Cup site, including the procurement of the field facilities; (2) procuring practice fields; and (3) assigning and supervising personnel to staff the field sites as ball boys and girls, parking attendants, field marshals, and medical personnel. Referee Activities: (1) arrange for transportation for the referees and assessors to and from the airport, to the Player Event and fields for all games; (2) arrange for 12- 18 Referees through the Referee Committee for the event; (3) coordinate with the Referee Committee Chair through the National Office, requirements of the officials and assessors assigned to the Presidents Cup; and (4) be aware of the requirements of the USSF Referee Program. Local Supporter/Advertising: work in unison with the US YOUTH SOCCER Director of Marketing to arrange advertising sales and information collection for printing in the program. Finances: (1) keeping the financial records for the Presidents Cup; (2) submitting periodic financial reports as requested by US YOUTH SOCCER and a full and final accounting of the Host State Association financial position in regard to the Presidents Cup by August 14, 2010. Media and Public Relations: (1) work in unison with the US Youth Soccer National Office to assist in making contact with the media and public officials regarding the Presidents Cup; (2) in conjunction with the US YOUTH SOCCER staff media liaison, prepare press releases and contact local media for press coverage; (3) be responsible for assembling and distributing media packets during the





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event; and (4) work closely with the US YOUTH SOCCER media liaison during the event to handle questions relating to the games for the media, while providing games statistics and press releases each day. 6. Statistics: (1) recruit volunteers to serve as statisticians for each game, and coordinate their schedules; (2) make sure that statistics are given to the press center in a timely manner following each game; and (3) work closely with the Media and Public Relations Coordinator. Hospitality: (1) provide US YOUTH SOCCER with a separate hospitality area within the Presidents Cup site, assist US YOUTH SOCCER with arrangements for its hospitality area, and provide adequate volunteer staff during the hours of operation; and (2) at its expense, be responsible for arranging any other extra hospitality events the Host State Association wishes to add, such as a VIP Tent, or VIP reception. Administrative: (1) have an administrative office and be responsible for all activities involved in the administrative office prior to and during the Presidents Cup; and (2) provide necessary office space, machinery, telephone access, and staff during the event for use by US YOUTH SOCCER. Ball Kids: recruit, provide, and coordinate ball kids (boys and girls) to serve during each game. Activities and Events: provide a list of activities, events, eating places, and shopping areas in the general area of the Presidents Cup that are scheduled or available during the Presidents Cup.



9. 10.


US Youth Soccer Specific Activities Areas of Responsibilities: 1. Logistics: negotiate rates and agreements with hotels (or other lodging facilities), and block rooms for teams, referees, US YOUTH SOCCER Board of Directors, National Staff and Presidents Cup Committee, VIPs and Presidents Cup officials. Arrange for hospitality and meeting rooms as needed. Player Event: make all arrangements for the Player Event, including site selection, price negotiation, and any and all other aspects of event planning. On-Site Hospitality: make all arrangements and pay for all expenses related to the US Youth Soccer hospitality area at the site. Awards Ceremonies: organize and coordinate all awards ceremonies.

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Meetings Requirements At least 2 representatives of the Host State Association involved in its Presidents Cup responsibilities must attend the Presidents Cup organizational meeting site visit held preferably in the winter at a location near the site. The meeting will also serve as a forum to review marketing responsibilities.


Insurance Requirements For the 2010 Presidents Cup, each party will maintain in effect a comprehensive liability insurance policy (general, liability coverage, personal injury and property damage) in force with at least $2,000,000 general aggregate insurance, naming the other party as additional insured. Each party shall provide a certificate of insurance upon request by the other party. The policy shall be written so that the other party will be notified of the cancellation or any restrictive amendment of the policy at least 30 days prior to the effective date of such cancellation or amendment.

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ATTACHMENT - HOTEL REQUIREMENTS I. The US YOUTH SOCCER Presidents Cup Committee may accept bids which do not fully meet the selection criteria listed below. Team Hotel Room Numbers – Based on each hotel hosting one Region (8 teams) A minimum of 120 NON-SMOKING Rooms 104 double/double or queen/queen 16 kings At present the US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup is comprised of the following teams: Region I: 8 teams Region II: 8 teams Region III: 8 teams Region IV: 8 teams Team Hotel Concessions:  Free parking for all teams.  Two (2) complimentary team meeting rooms (set for 25 class room with head table) for duration of event (Thursday – Sunday) on a 24-hour hold  A complimentary white (grease) board in each meeting for the duration  Complimentary easel for each team meeting room  Extended continental breakfast for each of the players included in the group rate (grab and go not an acceptable form of breakfast)  Minimum of a $5 per room rebate payable to US Youth Soccer  10% travel agency commission, if applicable, at US Youth Soccer’s discretion  Value of comp room paid to US Youth Soccer  Group rates quoted based on a one to quad occupancy  No attrition clause  Two late room check outs as late as 4:00 p.m. for each team at no charge Host Hotel Additional Concessions:  Hard wall storage room with a minimum of 750 sq. ft. for duration of event.  One large meeting room to accommodate up to 100 theater: Thursday 12p – 10p  One small meeting room to accommodate up to 40 theater: Thursday 7p – 10p  Two (2) complimentary Presidential level suites for duration of event  Five (5) one-bedroom suites at group rate for duration of event  Ten (10) concierge level rooms at group rate for duration of event  Fifteen (15) staff rooms at 50% off the group rate  Free receiving of materials sent in by US Youth Soccer  If not provided, free in-room Internet access for all VIP rooms (not to exceed 30 rooms)  No attrition clause Referee Hotel:  Up to 24 NON-SMOKING double/double sleeping rooms  Complimentary white (grease) board for duration of the event  Meeting space for duration of event to accommodate 60 classroom  Full breakfast included in quoted rate  If applicable, free parking for up to ten (10) vehicles

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II. The following phrases will be required to be included in all hotel contracts: Cut off Date: Due the dates that teams qualify for this event the hotel cut off date will be no earlier than July 9th. Site Inspections Upon being awarded the US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup, the hotel shall make available up to five (5) guest rooms for one (1) night on a complimentary basis. Any additional rooms required for the additional site visits will be offered at a 50% discount off the Hotel’s established corporate rate. Rates The hotel agrees that the contracted rate will be the lowest the hotel will provide during the term of the agreement, excluding any corporate or airline rates. Should a lower rate be provided, other than the excluded rates, during the term of the agreement then all rooms provided under this agreement shall be provided that same lower rate for the duration of the stay. The Hotel also agrees there shall be no other rebates or commissions other than the provided in the agreement without the expressed written permission of US Youth Soccer. Complimentary rooms One (1) complimentary room per 40 nights actualized on a cumulative basis. The value of complimentary guestrooms will be paid via check to US Youth Soccer no later than thirty (30) days after groups’ departure. Cancellation Phrase Should the hotel resell the rooms to another group or individual travelers, the group will have no monetary obligation to the hotel. Confidentiality Hotel and US Youth Soccer agree to keep the rates and other terms and provisions of this Agreement confidential and not to disclose such information to any other party. Changes to Hotel In the event there is construction or remodeling at Hotel or any changes which may materially and diversely affect the accommodations or service of Hotel, or the guest experience, or if there is a change in ownership, management or flagship of Hotel, US Youth Soccer may, at US Youth Soccer’s option, cancel any or all reservations without liability to Hotel.

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