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									2010 World Cup South Africa MISSION TRIP APPLICATION
June 8-20, 2010 Total Cost: $3450 REQUIREMENTS: 1. Be an active participant of the BCM and Church Ministry. 2. Participate in all of the missions fundraising projects. 3. Attend all team meetings and team ministry training projects. 4. Financially responsible for paying for mission trip expenses. 5. Apply for passport by Oct. 31. 6. Plan to leave Atlanta Airport on June 7 or 8 and return to Atlanta on June 19 or 20. Johannesburg, South Africa WORLD CHANGERS: The 2010 soccer World Cup will be held in South Africa, providing an exciting way to use sports to gain access to communities to potentially plant churches. We have identified Dobsonville Stadium, one of the official team practice facilities, as an area needing a church start. The team will be involved in several ministries including soccer clinics, Bible clubs, street evangelism and drama. AIDS, drugs, unemployment, alcohol & cults are among the problems team members will encounter. Johannesburg is one mile high. You will be here in the winter. Temperatures can be below freezing in the mornings and evenings. Bring a jacket, long sleeve shirts & sweaters that can be layered and removed as the day warms. There is a high crime rate & reasonable precautions must be taken. The kids' role models are involved in drugs, sex and crime. It is important you maintain a Christ-like example in your language, in the purity of your life and in other ways to advance His Kingdom! Team – 12-14 students plus Dr. Jerry Johnson, Senior Campus Minister, Baptist Collegiate Ministries at Georgia Southern

PLEASE COMPLETE AND RETURN WITH A $100 DEPOSIT ASAP— >Placement on the team by Nov. 1
(If not selected for the South Africa Team, your deposit will be refunded. We expect each team member to write letters of support and prayer to offset their costs.) NAME___ ___________________________________________ CELL PHONE (incl area code)________________________ HOME ADDRESS _________________________________________________City __________ Zip__________ EMAIL ADDRESS ________________________________________________ t-shirt size ________ Home Church, city and pastor’s name__________________________________ __________________________________ ___Freshman ___Sophomore ____Junior ___Senior ___Graduate Student

Major: ____________________ Minor: ______________________ GPA:_________ Do you already have a valid passport? Yes ___ No ____ if yes, city of issue and Passport # _________ _________________ SS# _____________________  Why do you want to participate in this trip?

 How have you been involved in the BCM/ church ministry this year?

 What local church are you regularly involved?  How are you involved?

 List any previous mission trips in which you have been a member and describe the types of ministry done on these trips.

 Listed below are a variety of abilities, skills and talents which might be utilized. Indicate how many months /years experience you have in these areas. __Clown Ministry __Puppet Ministry __Sports Camps __Prayer Walking __Preaching ___Crafts __Children’s Ministry ___Youth Ministry ___Street Evangelism ___ Witness Training ___Recreation and games ___Senior Adult Ministry ___Foreign Language ( _________) __Leading a Bible Study

___Music(___solo ___lead singing __play instrument (_________) ___Inner city Ministry ___ Step Dance

___Other (Describe) _____________________________________________________________ List your sports experience, including number of years you played and whether you would be able to coach children, youth, and/or college age: Sport: years played: Coach children? Youth? College age?

Briefly share how you have shared Christ this semester:

In the space below or on another sheet, BRIEFLY share how you came to know Christ as your Lord and Savior: (your life before Christ; what you understood as the plan of salvation and how you accepted that; what your life has been like since then—up, down, NOW?)

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