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					Resume of Minutes of UKPA Executive Committee Meeting: 24 January 2009 10 – 2.30 pm, Arden Clubhouse Apologies Present Agenda item Review of previous minutes Tours / squads Mark Simkin, Penny Webb, Chris Stansfield, Kim Lampard David Brookes, Lorraine Foley, Iain Heaton, Jan Jenkinson, Eric Jenkinson, Gail King, Jeff Parr, Julie Parr, Karen Smith, Wayne Henning Comments  With the full support of the Exec Committee, Sue Brookes has agreed to continue in the role of Lead Welfare Officer for the UKPA. However, once the BEF have achieved their accreditation, the various responsibilities will move to the relevant positions, namely Director of Coaching, Chief Umpire and Secretary (and possibly others).  The Secretary should have copies of all consent forms for the squads Quadrangular  Following discussions with SA and Australia regarding the requested nomination fee, rhe fee has now been reduced to Aus$2000. As this is not a tour, but a quadrangular, it was agreed that the UKPA should pay the fee.  Several players have withdrawn from the squad. Juniors  DB confirmed that the juniors will tour NSW this year. U21  Western Australia has invited the U21 to tour in July-Aug 09 (8 players and 3 officials) and play under Australian rules. Acceptance needs to be confirmed by 20 Feb 09.  The U21s have a number of training sessions planned and are taking part in a demonstration at the British Student Championships on 15-17 April 09. Ireland tour  June 13-14th is preferred date of tour. Ireland suggested a tri-nations competition, but it was proposed that we include a veterans team. Demonstrations  There will be a demonstration and a 1-day tournament (Sunday) at the North Cornwall Show.  SY volunteered to become Chairman of Selectors, subject to help with the paperwork. SB volunteered to help SY with this and MS volunteered to help in finalising the process document.  SY was appointed Chairman of Selectors by the Exec Committee.  The process must address the issue of horse provision and consequences if the requirements are not fulfilled and the need for a selection panel.  The selection process must be completed in time for inclusion into the 2009 Yearbook.  The reporting process is via the Chairman of the UKPA who sits on the World Cup Committee. There are currently two directors of World Cup Ltd: Eric Jenkinson and Jonathan Beckerlegge.  To date, a Horse Committee has been formed and details circulated to the UKPA membership.  Several ideas are being developed to ensure that there are sufficient horses for 2011.  The World Cup 2011 website is currently under development.  WH suggested that the Army Cadets are a good source of ‘runners’ for the World Cup.  There will be an IPC meeting in July. One country will have to be dropped from the World Cup as there are currently 9 members of the IPC.

Selection process

World Cup update


Agenda item Sports Development Update

Proposal to set up a Fundraising Committee

Coaching update Health & Safety Assessment Membership update

Comments  IH asked for agreement to buy 2 starter kits from Bombers. Agreed.  The postal costs for the printed versions of the 2009 magazine are very high and ways to reduce costs are being investigated.  A report from the meeting with Graphic Evidence was presented. Subject to the definition of the short-term objectives, it was agreed to go ahead with the initially proposed budget to work with them for a period of 3-6 months. IH to work with Graphic Evidence to define objectives. The majority of the initial £3000 budget will come from the Sports Development Fund, with the remainder (~£1000) coming from the central funds. Any successes are unlikely to be translated into increased membership until 2010.  A list of riding schools that offer polocrosse to be added to the UKPA website.  Dennis Milner to be contacted re the supply of practice-quality balls.  Horse and Pony magazine requested a short article on polocrosse, which has been submitted.  The formation of a Fundraising Committee to centralise grant application and sponsorship activities was proposed (KS). The aim is not to encroach on individual clubs’ or individual’s ongoing agreements but to  Identify sources of potential funding for various levels of polocrosse throughout the UK  Develop initial proposals which can then be shared with other regions /clubs/ individuals (i.e. avoid duplication of effort and share best practice)  Develop appropriate wording which can then be shared with other regions /clubs/ individuals.  KS to develop the committee and to report back.  The BEF has asked the UKPA if it is interested in pursuing an initial application for a BEF/Sports Unlimited grant. All agreed that we should progress to the next stage.  Dates for the Level 1 and Level 2 courses are expected w/c 26 Jan. All previous courses are obsolete although they can be used as accredited prior learning to fast-track to Level 2.  It was agreed that the target is to have UKPA coaching sessions delivered only by UKCCtrained coaches, but that the target may take several years to achieve.  There is a meeting w/c 26 Jan to discuss the incident at Arden. Any suggested changes to the Risk Assessments will be notified.
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All squad members must be members of the UKPA to attend training sessions. Jonathan Beckerlegge and Neville Riley were nominated as the first recipients of an honorary membership, in recognition of their substantial contribution to the UKPA. All agreed. It was agreed to continue sending out stickers as receipts for membership. It was confirmed that temporary membership can be given on the day provided that the appropriate form is completed and payment taken, which should then be forwarded to the Membership Secretary.


Agenda item Chief Umpire update

Regional Reports


Dates of next meetings

Comments Action  WH reported that his primary aim is to improve the quality and consistency of the umpiring. To do this, he has asked each club to nominate a Club Umpire. WH will personally train the Club Umpires, who will then be able to run the revised basic umpires course and attend at least 2 meetings with WH per season. Overall, WH reported positive feedback from the clubs.  It will be the Club Umpires’ role to grade the other club’s umpires and to inform tournament organisers which umpires are attending. This should enable tournament organisers to avoid novice umpire pairings.  WH to forward names of Club Umpires to KS for inclusion in the 2009 Yearbook.  A Regional Umpire will be selected from each region’s Club Umpires to act as a representative for that region.  An Umpiring Committee will be formed of 5-6 top-level umpires to advise and to monitor umpiring standards at tournaments.  WH hopes to be able to bring over a high-ranking IPC official umpire/umpire trainer to train the Umpiring Committee – this will help to ensure IPC-level umpiring at UK tournaments and at World Cup 2011.  WH also plans to evaluate the licence system as part of the umpiring system – the consensus was that a mechanism to punish repeat offenders must be retained, and the UK rules vs IPC rules.  The hat tag system was discussed. Hat tags reflect only that the hats conform to the UK safety regulations. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that their hat fits properly. However, an umpire has the right to prevent someone from playing if, in their opinion, their hat is not safe or not being worn safely.  JJ is Midlands Rep.  Eastern Region: an umpiring course will be held during February at Ashfields which is open to any region. Those who attended the revised course last year do not need to attend this training session.  Northern Region: a lot of effort is being put into the 2 academies; 2 new clubs are set to start this year.  LF asked that the £500 allocated for vets’ fees during the Test Matches be available to Ashfields now as working capital. All agreed.  The hotel bill for damages to the hotel at the UKPA Ball 2008 has been sent to the Treasurer.  It was agreed that only the UKPA’s main sponsors should have adverts on the front page of the website.  The Welsh Region would like to resurrect the Inter-Regionals in 2010.  The NFU marquee will be available for the Nationals. NFU will confirm whether it is available for the Test Matches by end Jan.  28 February: 10-12  25 April: 10-12