Become a PTFit Products Affiliate and earn money

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					Become a PTFit Products Affiliate and earn money!

PTFit affiliates earn a 25% commission for any sales that we
receive from your customers or website visitors.

How does it work?

You place PTFit and Finnhook banners on your website to send
visitors to,, or If that visitor then makes a purchase at or, you earn a commission.

There’s nothing more for you to do because we handle all the
shipping and fulfillment.

Our affiliate partner called ShareASale will track the order from
your website to ours and pay you the commission
automatically. It's that easy!

Steps to Becoming a Affiliate

1. Open an account at Shareasale
2. Once you have a Shareasale account, then you must apply to
become a PTFit Affiliate inside your Shareasale account.

First you need to enroll with ShareASale. Here’s step-by-step
directions on how to sign up.

  ●   Go to and click on the tab that says
      sign up to become an affiliate.

      Direct link:
●   Step 1: You’ll be asked to create a Username and
    Password. Keep these in a safe place so you will remember

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●   Step 2: You’ll be asked to enter the URL for your website
    (the website that you will use to promote PTFit products)

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  ●   Step 3: If you can receive email at your website address,
      you can type in your email on this screen:

      Or, if you would like to use an alternate email address (not
      hosted on your own domain), type that in to the box on the
      screen and confirm.

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Step 4: You will be asked to enter your personal contact
information. You will also be asked to provide a brief description of
your website or your marketing plan. You will also be asked to
verify that you own the domain name of your website.
Step 5: Finally, you will be asked to choose how you want
commissions paid. Make your selection, and then click
Complete Signup. ShareASale will send you a confirmation
email. Follow the directions in the email to confirm your

Note: If you own your own domain name, and used an email
address on your own domain, you should be accepted into
Shareasale immediately.

(If you used the Standard Application Process (with an
alternate email address) you might have to wait one to two
business days for Shareasale account approval, after following
directions in the Shareasale confirmation emails.)

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    Now that you have a Shareasale account, you will need to
    identify PTFit / TJSource as your merchant and join our
    affiliate program. This will allow you to download links
    and banners for your website.

      To add PTFit Products to your Shareasale account:

●   Step 1: Log in to your ShareASale account by going to http:// and clicking the Affiliate Login tab in the
    upper right-hand corner. Enter your user name and password.

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●   Step 2: The second column reads “Find/Join Merchants.”
    Click the link that says View and Search the Merchant List.

●   Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom and click the link on the far
    left which says Basic Keyword Search. Type in Finnhook and
    click Begin Search.
  Step 4: After you search, TJ Source- Finnhook will appear

  Click the blue link TJ Source LLC – Finnhook to open a new

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  Step 5: In the new window, scroll down past the Finnhook
  logo and click the big Join Program button

Once you’ve joined the program, go back to your main
Shareasale account screen. (You may be returned there

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    Step 6: Now that you are back in your main Shareasale
    account screen, look for the third column, marked “Get

    Click on the first line which reads “Get a Link/Banner”.

    This will open a window showing the merchant programs
    that you have joined, which should now include TJ Source
    LLC - Finnhook

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    Scroll down to the bottom and look for TJ Source LLC –
    Finnhook and then click the blue text down below that reads
    Get Links.

    This will open another window.

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●   Step 7: Now click on the BANNERS tab to reveal available
    Finnhook & PTFit banners.

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Click on a banner. A pop-up will open which provides the
HTML code you or your web designer will need to add to your

Now, you should be set to go! If you need Shareasale
account help, please contact their customer service at

To speak to a live Shareasale support person,
call 312 -321-0487. Ext. 304.

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Remember... you can send visitors to:

If visitors make a purchase from either PTFitShop or FinnhookShop, you will
earn commission.

Thank you for your interest in PTFit and Finnhook Products!

PTFit USA, LLC – 1544 Shermer Road Suite C, Northbrook, IL 60062

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