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             Project                  Key                 Summary                 Issue Type    Status   Priority       Resolution

Confluence Composition Plugin     POSI-180 Deck having nested deck on all cards   Bug          Open      Major      Unresolved
                                           loads 2-3 seperate decks underneath on
                                           last card

Confluence Composition Plugin     POSI-179 Card and Deck not migrated properly   Bug           Reopened Major       Unresolved
                                           from Confluence 3.5.9 to 4.2.2

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-178 Nested deck macros broken after       Bug    Closed     Major   Won't Fix
                                         upgrading to Confluence 4.x

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-177 PDF Export not working with Confluence Bug   Resolved   Major   Fixed

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-176 Always load the last card as default if it   Bug   Closed   Major   Duplicate
                                         has nested deck

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-175 Jira Portlet isn't Displayed on Cards   Bug   Open   Major   Unresolved
                                         other than the First Card

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-174 Tab feature has broke in upgrade   Bug   Closed   Major   Not A Bug

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-173 Space in deck id causes problems with    Bug   Resolved   Major   Fixed
                                         subsequent decks

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-172 Problem with trailing spaces in          Bug   Resolved   Major   Fixed
                                         Composition Setup

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-170 Not expected: Composition plugin page    Bug   Open       Blocker Unresolved
                                         always returns to the default tab page

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-169 Migrating Composition Macros from       Task   Reopened Major        Unresolved
                                         Confluence 3.5+ to Conflucen 4.0+

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-168 In confluence 4.0, when I installed the  Bug   Resolved   Critical   Won't Fix
                                         RefinedWiki 3.0.4 and after that when we
                                         apply this theme, i got edit dashboard
                                         functionality over the dashboard. When i
                                         edit my dashboard,then customware
                                         composition plugin macro(3.0.0)are not

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-167 #Anchor inside tabs/card is not          Bug   Resolved   Major   Not A Bug
                                         responding as expected

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-166 Nesting a Team Calendar in a card /      Bug   Open       Major   Unresolved
                                         deck macro does not work - Calendar is
                                         not displayed properly

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-165 Composition plugin upgrade issue   Bug   Closed   Major   Duplicate

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-164 show error when we put "recantely      Bug   Resolved   Major   Cannot Reproduce
                                         updated macro" in the body of "cloak
                                         macro" on dashboard

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-163 UPM indicate the plugin needs to be    Bug   Resolved   Major   Fixed
                                         upgrade even after upgrade

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-162 Card borders not showing when in       Bug   Resolved   Major   Not A Bug
                                         Documentation Theme

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-161 Card macro - bug found with multiple   Bug   Resolved   Minor   Fixed
                                         lines of tabs

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-160 PDF layout issues with Decks and Cards Bug   Open       Major   Unresolved

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-159 Expand stops working on Confluence     Bug   Closed     Major   Won't Fix

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-158 Deck/Card does not show contents in   Bug       Resolved   Major   Fixed
                                         Preview mode

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-157 Plug-in Security Risk                 Bug       Resolved   Major   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-156 Upgraded to Confluence 4.0            Support   Resolved   Major   Fixed

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-155 toggle-cloak and cloak ignore text after Bug      Resolved   Trivial   Fixed
                                         the first line if the first line is on the same
                                         line as the {cloak} macro

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-154 Columns not reziable using the        Support   Open       Major   Unresolved
                                         {jiraissues} macro inside the
                                         {deck}/{card} macro

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-153 Deck/Card macros should be            Bug       Resolved   Major   Fixed
                                         implemented more like the
                                         Section/Column macros in Confluence

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-152 Wiki Error "Out of memory at line: 1"        Plugin   Resolved   Minor   Cannot Reproduce

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-151 TD 212 - I would like create specific link   Bug      Closed     Major   Fixed
                                         point to specifc card

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-150 3.0.0 possibly not compatible with           Bug      Closed     Major   Fixed
                                         Confluence 3.4.9

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-149 toggle-cloack pdf export issue         Bug   Resolved   Minor   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-148 Deck and Card Display problems in IE   Bug   Closed     Major   Fixed

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-147 deck.memory.duration doesn't function   Bug   Resolved   Major   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-146 Pdf export with toggle-cloaks           Bug   Resolved   Major   Fixed

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-145 PDF export not working with deck of    Bug           Resolved   Major   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-144 Rewrite macros to use jQuery           Task          Open       Major   Unresolved

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-143 Nested cloaks do not expand/contract   Bug           Resolved   Major   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-142 Multiple Level card / decks            New Feature   Closed     Minor   Fixed

                                                                                                                              18 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-141 Content in float macro overlaps other   Bug   Closed   Major   Fixed
                                         content while PDF Export

                                                                                                                19 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-140 XSS issue with Composition plugin,     Bug   Closed   Major   Fixed
                                         several macros including cloak, show
                                         card, hide-cloak

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-139 Card-Deck Macro does not appear when Bug   Open   Major   Unresolved
                                         used in the template

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-137 Pages are not rendering fine in IE6.0.x   Bug       Closed   Major   Won't Fix
                                         running on Confluence 2.8.0 with
                                         Composition Plugin version - 2.3.5

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-136 confluence 3.2 compatibility?             Support   Closed   Minor   Fixed

                                                                                                                          22 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-135 Tabs do not load PNG image   Bug   Closed   Major   Fixed

                                                                                                     23 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-134 link to attachmed Bug   Resolved   Minor   Fixed
                                         file not recognized

                                                                                                                   24 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-133 Deck.height and viewfile macro not   Bug   Open       Major   Unresolved
                                         working together in 2.8.1

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-132 float's don't print                  Bug   Resolved   Major   Fixed

                                                                                                                    25 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-131 Card/Deck macros do not export to PDF Bug      Resolved   Major   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-130 Confluence 3.1 compatibility            Task   Closed     Minor   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-129 Page function drop downs fall behind the Bug   Resolved   Minor   Fixed
                                         deck layout

                                                                                                                   26 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-128 Card-Deck tabs are displayed on top on   Bug   Closed   Major   Fixed
                                         the results window of the LiveSearch
                                         macro hiding search results

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-127 {deck} macro doesn't show up on   Bug   Resolved   Major   Fixed
                                         "Recent News" page.

                                                                                                            28 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-126 confluence browse menu shown under   Bug   Resolved   Major   Fixed
                                         the card

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-125 HTTP Bad Request Issue   Bug   Closed   Major   Fixed

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-124 Show cards sequentially when printing a New Feature   Closed   Major   Fixed

                                                                                                                        31 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-123 Possibility of rendering 'cloaked' page   New Feature   Closed   Major   Won't Fix
                                         components on-demand?

                                                                                                                              32 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-122 Unable to get Cloak to work in a nested   Bug   Closed   Major   Fixed

                                                                                                                  33 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-121 Update version of Composition Plugin   Task   Closed   Minor   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-120 Improve documentation for show-card    Task   Open     Major   Unresolved

                                                                                                                     34 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-119 2.3.3 on Confluence 2.10.3: All cards   Bug   Closed     Major   Fixed
                                         turned blue

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-118 Generated CSS broken with Confluence Bug      Resolved   Blocker Cannot Reproduce
                                         3.0.0_01 - tabs don't show

                                                                                                                       35 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-117 Deck macro has only blank borderes/font Bug   Closed   Major   Fixed
                                         after upgrade to Confluence 3.0

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-116 When users go to "edit mode", and then Bug    Closed   Major   Fixed
                                         switch to Rich Text Editor (RTE), the
                                         content within one of the tabs

                                                                                                                36 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-115 {Card} (tab) function works differently in   Bug   Closed   Major   Fixed
                                         different browsers

                                                                                                                     37 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-114 when using {deck}/{card}, switching   Bug   Closed   Minor   Fixed
                                         between RTE and Wiki Markup editor
                                         causes escaping if table |'s.

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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-107 Problem on rendering card style   Bug   Closed   Major   Fixed

                                                                                                          39 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-106 {deck} & {card} macro not showing in   Bug   Closed   Major   Fixed

                                                                                                               40 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-105 Q: Is it possible to format the text to the   Improvement Closed   Minor   Fixed
                                         right of the toggle-cloak macro

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-104 TopLevel Navigation (Browse, User) is  Bug                Closed   Major   Fixed
                                         shown below content of deck/card macro

                                                                                                                            41 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-103 Javascript error "Object doesn't support   Bug   Closed   Major   Fixed
                                         this property or method" when using
                                         {composition-setup} with

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-102 Display of deck and card macros prevent Task     Closed   Major   Fixed
                                         item selection from the drop-down Tools

                                                                                                                   42 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-101 Decks with setting of slideshow included Bug   Resolved   Major   Fixed
                                         in another deck don't work properly

                                                                                                                   43 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-100 Very Slow performance on page with   Bug   Closed   Major   Fixed
                                         Composition Plugin Macros

                                                                                                             44 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-99   cards missing from deck when an   Bug   Resolved   Major   Fixed
                                          HTMLcomment is used.

                                                                                                             45 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-95   Using the composition plugin, jiraportlet   Bug   Closed   Major   Cannot Reproduce
                                          macro doesn't display in Firefox 3 in a
                                          {card} on Confluence 2.10

                                                                                                                          46 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-94   XSS (Cross site scripting) vulnerabilities Bug   Closed   Major   Fixed
                                          in composition macros

                                                                                                                    47 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-93   Toggle Cloak seems to break PDF       Bug       Resolved   Major   Fixed
                                          generation when including an XML code

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-92   Composition setup - card properties not   Bug   Closed     Major   Fixed
                                          being applied

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-91   Card active background and border         Bug   Closed     Major   Fixed
                                          properties not working

                                                                                                                     48 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-90   Class inheritance between deck and card Bug    Closed     Major   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-89   Tabs do not work in IE 6.0              Bug    Resolved   Major   Won't Fix

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-87   Tabs disappearing problem.              Bug    Closed     Major   Cannot Reproduce

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-88   PDF export fails with a cloaked noformat Bug   Resolved   Major   Cannot Reproduce

                                                                                                                         49 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-86   using Composition-setup macro and left   Bug   Resolved   Major   Cannot Reproduce
                                          navigation theme

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-85   Content on card displays over top of     Bug   Closed     Major   Won't Fix
                                          Children links in Firefox

                                                                                                                         50 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-84   When using {composition-setup}, {deck}, Bug   Closed     Minor   Fixed
                                          and {card} macros in Confluence 2.8.1
                                          version, the new "Tools" drop-down
                                          menu doesn't function correctly.

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-83   Problem with deck macro                Bug    Resolved   Major   Cannot Reproduce

                                                                                                                        51 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-82   The exclusive toggle flag (and other     Improvement Closed     Minor   Fixed
                                          setup?) should be settable on separate
                                          sections of a page.

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-81   Decks/cards and cloaked text don't       Bug         Resolved   Major   Fixed
                                          export to HTML

                                                                                                                          52 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-80   "Invalid Argument" error in IE when   Bug   Resolved   Major   Fixed
                                          working with nested decks

                                                                                                                 53 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-79   Use of Composition Plugin and Excerpt     Bug   Closed     Major   Fixed
                                          does not work

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-78   cloaked images don't display in IE        Bug   Resolved   Major   Won't Fix

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-77   Remembering the last tab selection for    Bug   Closed     Minor   Won't Fix
                                          specific users doens't work as expected

                                                                                                                         54 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-76   A page with {toggle-cloak} macro           Bug         Closed     Major   Fixed
                                          displays properly in IE, but does not do
                                          so in Firefox

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-75   Upgrade to work with Confluence 2.6.0      Task        Closed     Major   Won't Fix

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-74   Make {composition-setup} optional          Improvement Resolved   Major   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-73   Tabbed deck looks differently in           Bug         Closed     Major   Won't Fix
                                          Confluence 2.6.0
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Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-72   enter deck on particular card           New Feature   Resolved   Major   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-71   Auto-ids on cloaks are not created      Bug           Closed     Major   Fixed
                                          correctly for imported pages

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-70   javascript error when displaying page   Bug           Closed     Major   Fixed
                                          with composition-setup

                                                                                                                           56 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-68   Macro does not apply CSS style           Bug   Resolved   Minor   Fixed
                                          elements to borders, cards, and active

                                                                                                                    57 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-67   Allow linking to specific cards from an   Improvement Closed     Minor   Fixed
                                          outside page.

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-66   Deck/Card does not show contents in       Bug         Resolved   Major   Fixed
                                          Preview mode

                                                                                                                           58 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-65   Google Map on any card (other than first Bug   Closed   Major   Fixed
                                          card) in Firefox is not displayed correctly

                                                                                                                  59 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-64   Deck/Card doesn't work using IE6   Bug   Closed   Major   Fixed

                                                                                                            60 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-63   {show-card} BUG:               Bug    Resolved   Major   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-62   Switch to Maven 2              Task   Closed     Major   Fixed
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-61   Confluence 2.3 Compatibility   Task   Closed     Major   Fixed

                                                                                                           61 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-60   Strange rendering case for Firefox   Bug   Closed     Major   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-59   IE does not show toggle controls     Bug   Resolved   Major   Won't Fix

                                                                                                                    62 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-58   Height param doesn't work correctly in   Bug   Closed   Major   Cannot Reproduce

                                                                                                                       63 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-57   use the headers paradigm to create   Improvement Open   Critical   Unresolved
                                          simplified carding alternative

                                                                                                                          64 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-56   Enable the deck macro to optionally load New Feature   Closed   Major   Fixed
                                          the tab contents dynamically via AJAX

                                                                                                                          65 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-55   Deck and Cards not displaying with          Bug   Closed     Major   Fixed
                                          version 2.0 or 2.2, works fine with 1.4.8

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-54   Prototype and Event are not available       Bug   Resolved   Major   Cannot Reproduce
                                          when viewing a template.

                                                                                                                            66 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-53   Lists in a cloak are not rendered correctly Bug   Closed     Major   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-52   Remove dependencies on Utilities Plugin Task      Closed     Major   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-51   Included JavaScript libraries don't play   Bug    Closed     Major   Fixed
                                          nice with other plugins using same

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-50   Bug on page rendering                      Bug    Resolved   Major   Cannot Reproduce

                                                                                                                            67 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-69   how to link a deck of cards               Task   Closed   Major   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-49   Decks / Cards are not visible if labels   Bug    Closed   Major   Won't Fix
                                          settings are disabled

                                                                                                                        68 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-48   Fade transition is mis-positioned when   Bug           Closed   Critical   Fixed
                                          deck is contained in an absolutely
                                          positioned element.

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-47   Combining 'fade' transition effect and   Bug           Closed   Major      Fixed
                                          fixed-width/height decks behaves badly

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-46   Special effects for transitions          New Feature   Closed   Major      Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-45   Timed slideshow                          New Feature   Closed   Minor      Fixed

                                                                                                                             69 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-44   Dynamic Creation en Deletion of Cards   Improvement Closed   Major   Fixed
                                          in a Deck

                                                                                                                       70 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-43   IE does not display dynamic content       Bug   Closed     Major      Fixed
                                          inside {deck}{card}, it works fine with

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-42   Internet Explorer crash                   Bug   Resolved   Critical   Won't Fix

                                                                                                                            71 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-41   Missing Context Root for toggle-cloak   Bug   Closed     Critical   Fixed
                                          nav buttons

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-40   Cloak cookie data eventually breaks     Bug   Resolved   Critical   Cannot Reproduce

                                                                                                                           72 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-39   Errors in style sheets                Bug   Closed   Major      Won't Fix

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-38   Default cloak toggle icons break if   Bug   Closed   Critical   Fixed
                                          confluence isn't the root webapp

                                                                                                                      73 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-37   PDF generation fails with float-macro   Bug    Resolved   Major   Cannot Reproduce

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-36   Comptibility with Confluence 2.1        Task   Closed     Major   Fixed

                                                                                                                         74 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-35   Add configuration property to force   Improvement Closed   Major   Fixed
                                          assume Javascript

                                                                                                                     75 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-34   Image URL dulicates /confluence base   Bug           Closed    Major   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-33   Allow properties file to come from server Improvement Closed   Minor   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-32   Default icons                          Improvement Closed      Major   Fixed

                                                                                                                         76 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-31   Notation Guide shows 2 {card} entries,   Bug           Closed   Trivial   Fixed
                                          no {deck} entry

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-30   Display card containing #anchor          New Feature   Closed   Major     Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-29   Memory is not working on IE              Bug           Closed   Major     Fixed

                                                                                                                            77 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-28   Auto IDs not working   Bug           Closed   Major   Won't Fix

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-27   Height property        New Feature   Closed   Minor   Fixed

                                                                                                            78 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-26   Importing Style Sheet throws Confluence Bug         Closed     Major   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-25   Tabs on the bottom render incorrectly in Bug        Resolved   Major   Cannot Reproduce
                                          Opera 8.5

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-24   Printable view for tabs                 Improvement Resolved   Minor   Fixed

                                                                                                                              79 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-23   Ability to easily create links to go to a   New Feature   Closed   Major   Fixed
                                          specific tab

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-22   Theme packs                                 New Feature   Closed   Minor   Fixed

                                                                                                                             80 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-21   Typing in text fields in 'toggle zones'   Bug           Closed   Critical   Fixed
                                          toggles the cloak on each key press

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-20   Graphical glitches when 'cloaking' in     Bug           Closed   Major      Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-19   Clean up included JS                      Improvement Closed     Major      Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-18   Use JS to pre-hide cloaked sections       Improvement Closed     Critical   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-17   Allow custom icons on individual cloak    New Feature   Closed   Major      Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-16   Add 'onkeypress' activation for cloak     New Feature   Closed   Major      Fixed

                                                                                                                              81 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-15   Allow more global custom icons and text New Feature   Closed   Major     Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-14   Improved documentation for {float}      Task          Closed   Trivial   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-13   Try to improve the refresh speed of     Improvement Closed     Major     Fixed
                                          cloaked/uncloaked sections on reload.

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-12   Toggle icons are incorrect when the     Bug           Closed   Minor     Fixed
                                          page is viewed outside

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-11   Tabbed sections                         New Feature   Closed   Major     Fixed

                                                                                                                           82 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-10   Allow heading text to be clicked to    New Feature   Closed   Major   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-9    Allow toggle-state persistence to be   New Feature   Closed   Minor   Fixed
                                          turned off

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-8    Wiki notation doesn't seem to work     Bug           Closed   Major   Fixed
                                          properly inside {float}

                                                                                                                        83 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-7   "side" parameter does not work   Bug           Closed   Major   Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin   POSI-6   Allow creation of radio groups   New Feature   Closed   Major   Fixed

                                                                                                                 84 of 595
Confluence Composition Plugin                POSI-5        Default to {float:side=right}                        Improvement Closed     Major      Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin                POSI-4        Toggle images are broken on non-                     Bug           Closed   Critical   Fixed
                                                           FireFox browsers

Confluence Composition Plugin                POSI-3        Update to use V2 renderer                            Improvement Closed     Major      Fixed

Confluence Composition Plugin                POSI-2        Rename from 'Position Plugin' to                     Task          Closed   Minor      Fixed
                                                           'Composition Plugin'

Confluence Composition Plugin                POSI-1        Dynamically minimisable panels                       New Feature   Closed   Minor      Fixed

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             Assignee                  Reporter      Created           Updated         Resolved

Unassigned              Nurhana Ziana Bt. Hanafi    8/1/2012 16:15    8/1/2012 16:15

Unassigned              CustomWare Team            7/18/2012 17:17   7/27/2012 13:16

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Unassigned     Nurhana Ziana Bt. Hanafi   7/4/2012 17:58   7/25/2012 15:09   7/25/2012 15:09

Yik Boon Tan   Eng Liew Lee               5/9/2012 12:54   5/14/2012 16:54   5/14/2012 16:54

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Yasser Hawari   Nurhana Ziana Bt. Hanafi   5/7/2012 14:24   10/24/2012 12:01   10/24/2012 12:01

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Yasser Hawari   Nurhana Ziana Bt. Hanafi   4/24/2012 19:04   4/25/2012 17:24

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Unassigned   Dhana Lakshmi   4/12/2012 21:23   4/16/2012 15:11   4/13/2012 11:19

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Yik Boon Tan    Eng Liew Lee     4/5/2012 9:39   9/14/2012 22:37   5/15/2012 12:18

Yasser Hawari   Eng Liew Lee   3/27/2012 11:34   3/27/2012 13:19   3/27/2012 13:19

Eng Liew Lee    Tim Zheng       3/1/2012 11:26   3/14/2012 11:18

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Yasser Hawari   Yasser Hawari             2/3/2012 16:41   5/21/2012 12:21

Yik Boon Tan    InterSoft Professional   1/30/2012 22:00   5/23/2012 17:32   5/23/2012 17:32

                                                                                               92 of 595
Yik Boon Tan   Fabian Lopez [Document Storage   1/26/2012 16:37   5/23/2012 18:57   5/23/2012 18:57
               Systems, Inc.]

Yik Boon Tan   David Corley                      1/24/2012 2:54   5/24/2012 10:56

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Eng Liew Lee   Csaba Vertessy   1/17/2012 20:50   1/20/2012 2:14   1/20/2012 1:41

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Yasser Hawari   Yasser Hawari   1/16/2012 19:34   5/14/2012 18:23   5/14/2012 18:23

Yasser Hawari   Eng Liew Lee    1/16/2012 12:58   5/14/2012 18:10   5/14/2012 18:10

Yasser Hawari   Eng Liew Lee    1/12/2012 10:32    1/26/2012 3:33    1/26/2012 3:33

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Yasser Hawari   Fabian Lopez [Document Storage    1/6/2012 10:56   1/26/2012 4:28   1/26/2012 4:28
                Systems, Inc.]

Yasser Hawari   David Peterson                   12/17/2011 5:16   1/26/2012 2:53

Bo Wang         Ian                              10/21/2011 5:40   1/20/2012 2:42   1/20/2012 2:08

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Yasser Hawari    Lisa Estrella    10/4/2011 5:14    2/3/2012 12:56    2/3/2012 12:56

David Peterson     10/3/2011 14:55    1/20/2012 1:47    1/20/2012 1:47

Bo Wang          matt starr       9/28/2011 4:05   1/26/2012 23:25   12/17/2011 2:05

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Eng Liew Lee   Jeff Kirby [HP/Palm]   7/23/2011 9:50   12/17/2011 7:15   12/17/2011 0:10

                                                                                           98 of 595
Yasser Hawari   Information Systems   5/31/2011 20:02    1/26/2012 2:07

Eng Liew Lee    Mark McCormack        5/30/2011 10:36   12/17/2011 2:10   12/17/2011 2:10

                                                                                            99 of 595
Eng Liew Lee   Ng Siew Huey   5/24/2011 19:21   12/17/2011 2:13   12/17/2011 2:13

Bo Wang        Ng Siew Huey    5/4/2011 18:45    1/20/2012 2:06    1/20/2012 2:06

Bo Wang        Todd Day        4/8/2011 19:17    1/20/2012 1:51    1/20/2012 1:51

                                                                                100 of 595
Yasser Hawari   Marcin Kaczmarek   3/7/2011 17:06   1/26/2012 3:43   1/26/2012 3:43

Eng Liew Lee    Matt Durzynski      3/3/2011 3:29   1/20/2012 2:15   1/20/2012 2:15

                                                                                  101 of 595
Yasser Hawari   Frank Ghysles   2/23/2011 2:23   1/26/2012 3:42   1/26/2012 3:42

Yasser Hawari   Susana           2/4/2011 3:23   1/26/2012 2:54   1/26/2012 2:54

                                                                               102 of 595
David Peterson   Susana             2/4/2011 3:19   12/17/2011 4:55   12/17/2011 4:55

Yasser Hawari    David Peterson   1/22/2011 17:36   1/25/2012 19:28

Bo Wang          David Peterson   1/13/2011 14:15   12/17/2011 5:00   12/17/2011 5:00

Bo Wang          Jeffrey Caron     8/28/2010 2:01   8/31/2012 12:41    1/20/2012 2:05

                                                                                    103 of 595
Bo Wang   Lalit Dhingra   7/23/2010 4:28   1/20/2012 2:04   1/20/2012 2:04

                                                                         104 of 595
Bo Wang   Jeff Peichel   7/1/2010 6:00   1/20/2012 1:52   1/20/2012 1:52

                                                                       105 of 595
Yasser Hawari   Akilan R   6/28/2010 18:34   1/26/2012 2:07

                                                              106 of 595
Bo Wang   Vishal Mudgal     4/2/2010 2:15   1/20/2012 1:54   1/20/2012 1:54

Bo Wang   Dusty Ket       3/30/2010 11:24   1/20/2012 1:54   1/20/2012 1:54

                                                                          107 of 595
Bo Wang   Wiki Support   3/22/2010 16:43   1/20/2012 2:04   1/20/2012 2:04

                                                                         108 of 595
Yasser Hawari   Dan Hunt   2/19/2010 10:33   5/18/2012 12:55   5/18/2012 12:55

                                                                             109 of 595
Yasser Hawari   Greg Cento       2/19/2010 2:03   1/25/2012 19:27

Bo Wang         Stuart Gilberd   2/17/2010 6:10   12/17/2011 5:25   12/17/2011 5:25

                                                                                  110 of 595
Bo Wang                Tino Winkler       1/19/2010 1:54    12/17/2011 5:15    12/17/2011 5:15

Kiang Boon Tan         Kiang Boon Tan   12/11/2009 12:05   12/11/2009 12:06   12/11/2009 12:06

Alex Chan Chau Loong   James Matheson    12/9/2009 15:02    1/19/2010 18:29    1/19/2010 18:29

                                                                                             111 of 595
Bo Wang   Ken Stafford   12/5/2009 3:06   1/20/2012 2:03   1/20/2012 2:03

                                                                        112 of 595
Yasser Hawari   Stephane Berube   11/18/2009 3:41   2/3/2012 12:55   2/3/2012 12:55

                                                                                  113 of 595
Eng Liew Lee   BLAISE Bruno   11/5/2009 19:47   12/17/2011 23:28   12/17/2011 23:28

                                                                                  114 of 595
Bo Wang   Jafaruddin Lie   10/21/2009 10:50   1/20/2012 2:03   1/20/2012 2:03

                                                                            115 of 595
Bo Wang   Kevin Ruscoe   9/10/2009 11:46   1/20/2012 2:03   1/20/2012 2:03

                                                                         116 of 595
Yasser Hawari   Vijay Iyer   8/28/2009 22:52   1/31/2012 17:16   1/31/2012 17:16

                                                                               117 of 595
Bo Wang   Tom Lim   8/26/2009 15:21   3/2/2012 12:46   1/20/2012 2:03

                                                                    118 of 595
Unassigned      David Vittor     8/18/2009 16:14   7/1/2010 16:58   7/1/2010 16:58

Yasser Hawari   David Peterson   7/31/2009 13:29   1/26/2012 2:07

                                                                                 119 of 595
Unassigned   Chris Williams   7/7/2009 21:24    1/20/2012 2:02    1/20/2012 2:02

Unassigned   briandesai       7/7/2009 19:08   12/17/2011 0:59   12/17/2011 0:59

                                                                               120 of 595
Unassigned   Markus Stenech   6/4/2009 14:14   1/20/2012 2:04   1/20/2012 2:04

Unassigned   lestrella77      6/1/2009 15:59   1/20/2012 2:02   1/20/2012 2:02

                                                                             121 of 595
Unassigned   lbillig   4/22/2009 18:04   1/20/2012 2:02   1/20/2012 2:02

                                                                       122 of 595
Unassigned   omeganon   4/15/2009 16:15   1/20/2012 1:56   1/20/2012 1:56

                                                                        123 of 595
Unassigned   Fabio Catalano   3/16/2009 10:28   1/20/2012 1:56   1/20/2012 1:56

                                                                              124 of 595
Unassigned   Brian Duttlinger   3/16/2009 7:12   1/20/2012 1:56   1/20/2012 1:56

                                                                               125 of 595
Unassigned   3/10/2009 23:18   1/20/2012 1:56   1/20/2012 1:56

Unassigned   bb00bb                 3/5/2009 14:10   1/20/2012 1:56   1/20/2012 1:56

                                                                                   126 of 595
Unassigned   apopa      2/9/2009 0:06   1/20/2012 1:57   1/20/2012 1:57

Unassigned   nnguyen   2/3/2009 21:38   1/20/2012 1:57   1/20/2012 1:57

                                                                      127 of 595
Yasser Hawari   Jennifer Cheung   1/29/2009 22:56   1/26/2012 5:16   1/26/2012 5:16

                                                                                  128 of 595
Unassigned   philip parkinson   1/21/2009 4:10   1/20/2012 1:55   1/20/2012 1:55

                                                                               129 of 595
Unassigned   kherrmann   1/20/2009 20:46   12/17/2011 5:11   12/17/2011 5:11

                                                                           130 of 595
Eng Liew Lee   12/29/2008 16:59   1/20/2012 2:16   1/20/2012 2:16

                                                                                             131 of 595
Unassigned   Jeff Peichel   11/10/2008 19:37   4/8/2011 16:48   4/8/2011 16:48

                                                                             132 of 595
Eng Liew Lee   Andy Brook   11/6/2008 12:28    1/26/2012 1:59    1/26/2012 1:59

Bo Wang        Bo Wang      10/22/2008 2:25   10/22/2008 2:25   10/22/2008 2:25

Bo Wang        Bo Wang      10/22/2008 2:23   10/22/2008 2:24   10/22/2008 2:24

                                                                              133 of 595
Bo Wang        Bo Wang        10/22/2008 2:19   10/22/2008 2:19   10/22/2008 2:19

Unassigned     Wiki Support    10/8/2008 7:41   12/17/2011 1:35   12/17/2011 1:35

Unassigned     Wiki Support     8/6/2008 5:11    1/20/2012 2:18    1/20/2012 2:18

Eng Liew Lee   opencloud      7/11/2008 10:17   12/17/2011 1:26   12/17/2011 1:26

                                                                                134 of 595
Unassigned   Brian Yakura    7/4/2008 23:29   12/17/2011 1:46   12/17/2011 1:46

Unassigned   ebiz           6/23/2008 21:08    6/26/2008 0:41    6/26/2008 0:41

                                                                              135 of 595
Unassigned     ucfrcit        6/11/2008 16:00    1/20/2012 2:02    1/20/2012 2:02

Eng Liew Lee   Wiki Support   5/15/2008 14:38   12/17/2011 1:48   12/17/2011 1:48

                                                                                136 of 595
Unassigned   scttd        5/2/2008 19:26    1/20/2012 2:01    1/20/2012 2:01

Unassigned   jonhertzig    4/2/2008 0:53   12/17/2011 5:16   12/17/2011 5:16

                                                                           137 of 595
Unassigned   mmats   3/31/2008 20:04   12/17/2011 5:10   12/17/2011 5:10

                                                                       138 of 595
Unassigned   Nicholas Kerzman            3/26/2008 18:40   1/20/2012 2:01   1/20/2012 2:01

Unassigned   jonhertzig                   3/6/2008 20:20   3/9/2008 22:06   3/9/2008 22:06

Unassigned     2/5/2008 6:53    2/5/2008 7:12    2/5/2008 7:12

                                                                                         139 of 595
Unassigned                12/20/2007 6:55    1/20/2012 2:00    1/20/2012 2:00

Unassigned       Sherry Nguyen                            11/1/2007 10:05   12/17/2011 5:08   12/17/2011 5:08

David Peterson   David Peterson [CustomWare]              10/19/2007 5:48   12/17/2011 3:44   12/17/2011 3:44

Unassigned    10/4/2007 8:28   12/17/2011 5:11   12/17/2011 5:11

                                                                                                            140 of 595
Unassigned                    noahwallach                    9/24/2007 4:39   12/17/2011 3:43   12/17/2011 3:43

David Peterson [CustomWare]   David Peterson [CustomWare]   8/10/2007 11:51   8/10/2007 11:54   8/10/2007 11:54

Unassigned                    gary livingston                7/3/2007 19:47    1/20/2012 2:00    1/20/2012 2:00

                                                                                                              141 of 595
Unassigned   Joaquin Obieta   4/17/2007 13:13   12/17/2011 0:26   12/17/2011 0:26

                                                                                142 of 595
Unassigned       David Peterson [CustomWare]   4/12/2007 7:56    1/20/2012 1:59    1/20/2012 1:59

David Peterson   raniemi                       4/2/2007 15:38   12/17/2011 3:39   12/17/2011 3:39

                                                                                                143 of 595
Unassigned   Sherry Nguyen   3/29/2007 8:15   1/20/2012 1:59   1/20/2012 1:59

                                                                            144 of 595
Unassigned   stephan   3/27/2007 22:54   1/20/2012 1:59   1/20/2012 1:59

                                                                       145 of 595
Unassigned                    burrashiva                    3/26/2007 5:51   12/17/2011 5:08   12/17/2011 5:08

David Peterson [CustomWare]   David Peterson [CustomWare]   2/17/2007 7:36    2/27/2007 6:19    2/27/2007 6:19
David Peterson [CustomWare]   David Peterson [CustomWare]   2/17/2007 7:32    2/27/2007 6:18    2/27/2007 6:18

                                                                                                             146 of 595
Unassigned   james matheson   1/31/2007 4:24    1/20/2012 1:59    1/20/2012 1:59

Unassigned   sommeric         1/1/2007 16:57   12/17/2011 1:34   12/17/2011 1:34

                                                                               147 of 595
Yasser Hawari   Anonymous   12/6/2006 15:18   1/31/2012 17:10   1/31/2012 17:10

                                                                              148 of 595
Yasser Hawari   James Mortimer   11/30/2006 17:42   1/26/2012 2:07

                                                                     149 of 595
Unassigned   Jim LoVerde   10/28/2006 6:36   1/20/2012 2:00   1/20/2012 2:00

                                                                           150 of 595
Unassigned   10/10/2006 4:24    1/20/2012 2:01    1/20/2012 2:01

Unassigned   david                        10/4/2006 4:18   12/17/2011 2:00   12/17/2011 2:00

                                                                                           151 of 595
Unassigned   timallen82       10/3/2006 20:21    1/20/2012 2:02    1/20/2012 2:02

Unassigned   david            9/22/2006 17:21   9/22/2006 17:22   9/22/2006 17:22

david        david            9/22/2006 17:20   9/22/2006 17:20   9/22/2006 17:20

Unassigned   Fabio Catalano   8/18/2006 11:59   12/17/2011 1:45   12/17/2011 1:45

                                                                                152 of 595
Unassigned   gfraser          8/18/2006 9:56    1/20/2012 1:59    1/20/2012 1:59

Unassigned   Rajendra Kadam   8/6/2006 23:48   9/22/2006 17:14   9/22/2006 17:14

                                                                               153 of 595
david        david   7/11/2006 5:39   9/22/2006 17:15   9/22/2006 17:15

Unassigned   david    7/9/2006 5:26    1/20/2012 1:58    1/20/2012 1:58

david        david    7/6/2006 2:42    7/8/2006 15:21    7/8/2006 15:21

david        david    7/6/2006 2:40    7/8/2006 15:31    7/8/2006 15:31

                                                                      154 of 595
Unassigned   karin_k   4/29/2006 16:33   1/20/2012 1:59   1/20/2012 1:59

                                                                       155 of 595
Unassigned   Anonymous   4/12/2006 10:27    1/20/2012 1:58    1/20/2012 1:58

Unassigned   klauss      3/21/2006 17:11   12/17/2011 1:01   12/17/2011 1:01

                                                                           156 of 595
Unassigned   horneee      2/6/2006 4:51     2/6/2006 8:50     2/6/2006 8:49

Unassigned   Anonymous   2/1/2006 22:29   12/17/2011 1:04   12/17/2011 1:04

                                                                          157 of 595
Unassigned   gfraser   2/1/2006 19:40    3/3/2006 9:08    3/3/2006 9:08

david        david     2/1/2006 14:07   2/1/2006 14:27   2/1/2006 14:27

                                                                      158 of 595
Unassigned   thragor    1/26/2006 7:21   12/17/2011 1:15   12/17/2011 1:15

david        david     12/31/2005 6:34    1/10/2006 5:14    1/10/2006 5:14

                                                                         159 of 595
david   12/9/2005 23:30   7/8/2006 14:36   7/8/2006 14:36

                                                                                      160 of 595
david        timcolson    12/7/2005 19:04   7/8/2006 14:33   7/8/2006 14:33

Unassigned   bswift      11/20/2005 16:08   1/20/2012 1:58   1/20/2012 1:58

david        Anonymous   11/18/2005 15:45   12/3/2005 0:56   12/3/2005 0:56

                                                                          161 of 595
david        gfraser    11/9/2005 2:40     1/10/2006 5:13     1/10/2006 5:13

Unassigned   david      11/5/2005 5:04     1/20/2012 2:01     1/20/2012 2:01

Unassigned   david     11/4/2005 10:01   12/19/2011 14:41   12/19/2011 14:41

                                                                           162 of 595
david        david     11/4/2005 6:48   11/9/2005 20:29   11/9/2005 20:29

Unassigned   gfraser   11/4/2005 3:48    7/8/2006 15:26    7/8/2006 15:26

                                                                        163 of 595
Unassigned   gilesparnell   11/3/2005 11:52   11/21/2005 10:43   11/21/2005 10:43

Unassigned   david           11/3/2005 2:25    12/17/2011 1:16    12/17/2011 1:16

Unassigned   david           11/3/2005 2:22    12/17/2011 5:22    12/17/2011 5:22

                                                                                164 of 595
Unassigned   gfraser   11/2/2005 22:21   7/8/2006 23:09   7/8/2006 16:07

Unassigned   gfraser   11/2/2005 14:57   1/20/2012 1:58   1/20/2012 1:58

                                                                       165 of 595
david          david   10/24/2005 10:37    11/2/2005 15:03    11/2/2005 15:02

david          david    10/24/2005 8:42    10/24/2005 8:42    10/24/2005 8:42

david          david   10/22/2005 18:31    10/24/2005 7:41    10/24/2005 7:41

david          david    10/22/2005 4:51    10/24/2005 9:19    10/24/2005 9:19

Eng Liew Lee   david    10/22/2005 4:50   12/19/2011 14:35   12/19/2011 14:35

david          david    10/22/2005 4:46    10/24/2005 8:04    10/24/2005 8:04

                                                                            166 of 595
david        david      10/22/2005 4:44   10/22/2005 18:08   10/22/2005 18:08

david        gfraser   10/21/2005 17:52    11/4/2005 14:21     11/4/2005 9:58

david        david     10/21/2005 14:50    10/24/2005 9:27    10/24/2005 9:27

Unassigned   david      10/21/2005 9:28    10/24/2005 9:21    10/24/2005 9:21

david        david      10/21/2005 9:03    1/22/2006 14:29    11/2/2005 15:04

                                                                            167 of 595
david   david      10/21/2005 6:10   10/22/2005 18:07   10/22/2005 18:07

david   david      10/21/2005 5:09    1/12/2006 16:53    10/21/2005 6:17

david   gfraser   10/20/2005 23:49    10/21/2005 6:14    10/21/2005 6:12

                                                                       168 of 595
david   gfraser   10/20/2005 23:31   10/21/2005 6:16   10/21/2005 6:16

david   gfraser   10/20/2005 22:52   10/24/2005 9:26   10/24/2005 9:26

                                                                     169 of 595
david   gfraser   10/20/2005 22:38    10/21/2005 6:16    10/21/2005 6:16

david   david     10/20/2005 20:54   10/20/2005 20:58   10/20/2005 20:58

david   david     10/20/2005 19:37   10/20/2005 19:37   10/20/2005 19:37

david   david     10/20/2005 19:34   10/20/2005 19:34   10/20/2005 19:34

david   david      10/14/2005 9:19   10/20/2005 19:36   10/20/2005 19:36

                                                                       170 of 595
Affects Version/s   Fix Version/s   Component/s   Due Date Votes Watchers              Images

                                                               0        1

                                                               0        2 _thumb_12027.png _thumb_12026.png

                                                                                                    171 of 595
                {card}, {deck}   0   1 _thumb_11928.png _thumb_11927.png

3.0.1   3.0.1                    0   0

                                                                 172 of 595
0   1

        173 of 595
2.3.5, 3.0.1   {card}, {deck}   0   0

                                        174 of 595
0   0

        175 of 595
3.0.1   3.0.2   {deck}                0   2

3.0.1   3.1.0   {composition-setup}   0   0

3.0.0           {card}                0   1 _thumb_11650.png _thumb_11645.png
                                            _thumb_11646.png _thumb_11647.png
                                            _thumb_11648.png _thumb_11649.png

                                                                      176 of 595
                2   2

3.0.0   3.0.0   0   0 _thumb_11640.png

                                         177 of 595
3.0.0          {card}           0   0 _thumb_11631.png _thumb_11632.png

2.3.5, 3.0.0   {card}, {deck}   4   4

                                                                178 of 595
3.0.0   1   0

                179 of 595
3.0.0   3.0.1            0   0

3.0.0   3.0.1            1   1

3.0.0   3.0.1   {card}   0   0

                                 180 of 595
3.0.0   3.0.1   {deck}    0   1 _thumb_11630.png _thumb_11627.png
                                _thumb_11628.png _thumb_11629.png

3.0.0   3.0.1             0   0

2.3.5           {cloak}   2   3

                                                          181 of 595
2.3.4   3.0.0   {card}, {composition-setup}, {deck}   0   0

        3.0.0   {cloak}, {toggle-cloak}               0   1

        3.0.0   {card}, {composition-setup}, {deck}   5   6

                                                              182 of 595
2.3.5   3.0.0   {cloak}, {toggle-cloak}   0   0

                                                  183 of 595
2.3.5           {card}, {composition-setup}, {deck}              0   0

        3.0.0   {card}, {deck}                        3-Jun-11   2   4 _thumb_11556.png _thumb_11555.png

                                                                                                 184 of 595
                         0   1

3.0.0   3.0.0   {card}   1   2

3.0.0   3.0.0            0   2

                                 185 of 595
        3.0.1   1   1

2.3.5           0   0 _thumb_11416.png _thumb_11417.png

                                                186 of 595
2.3.5   3.0.0   {composition-setup}       0   0

2.3.5   3.0.1   {cloak}, {toggle-cloak}   1   2

                                                  187 of 595
2.3.5   3.0.0   {card}, {deck}                          1   2

2.3.5   Later   {card}, {cloak}, {composition-setup},   0   0
                {deck}, {toggle-cloak}

        3.0.0                                           1   1

                {card}, {deck}                          0   1

                                                                188 of 595
2.3.5   {float}   0   1 _thumb_11142.png

                                           189 of 595
2.3.5   3.0.0, Later   {card}, {cloak}, {deck}, {toggle-cloak}   2   4

                                                                         190 of 595
3.0.1   {card}   0   0

                         191 of 595
2.3.5            0   0

        {card}   1   0

                         192 of 595
2.2   {card}, {composition-setup}, {deck}   0   0

                                                    193 of 595
2.3.5   {composition-setup}   0   1

                                      194 of 595
        3.0.1   {composition-setup}, {deck}   0   1

2.3.5   3.0.0   {float}                       0   0

                                                      195 of 595
2.3.2   3.0.0   {deck}   4   6

                         0   0

2.3.2   2.3.5   {deck}   4   2

                                 196 of 595
2.3.2   {deck}   0   1 _thumb_10980.png

                                          197 of 595
3.0.0   {card}, {composition-setup}, {deck}   0   0

                                                      198 of 595
2.3.2   2.3.5   {card}   5   2 _thumb_10974.png _thumb_10961.png

                                                         199 of 595
2.3.2   {cloak}   0   0

                          200 of 595
2.3.2   {card}, {deck}   0   0

                                 201 of 595
2.3   {cloak}, {toggle-cloak}   0   0

                                        202 of 595
2.3.2   {cloak}   2   3

                          203 of 595
2.3.2           Documentation   28-Aug-09   0   0

        3.0.1                               0   0

                                                    204 of 595
        {card}   0   1

2.3.2            2   2

                         205 of 595
2.3.2                    9   13

2.3.2   {card}, {deck}   0   0

                                  206 of 595
{composition-setup}   0   0

                              207 of 595
2.3.2   {card}, {deck}   0   1

                                 208 of 595
2.3.2   {card}   0   0

                         209 of 595
2.3.2   {card}, {deck}   0   1

                                 210 of 595
2.3.2   {toggle-cloak}   0   1

2.3.2   {card}, {deck}   0   1

                                 211 of 595
2.3.2   {composition-setup}                   0   1

2.3.2   {card}, {composition-setup}, {deck}   1   1

                                                      212 of 595
2.3.2   3.0.1   {deck}   0   0

                                 213 of 595
2.3.2   {card}, {cloak}, {composition-setup},   0   0
        {deck}, {toggle-cloak}

                                                        214 of 595
2.3.1, 2.3.2   3.0.0   {card}, {composition-setup}, {deck}   0   0

                                                                     215 of 595
2.3.2   {card}   1   0

                         216 of 595
2.3.1   3.0.0   {cloak}, {deck}, {float}   1   2

                                                   217 of 595
2.3.2   3.0.1   {toggle-cloak}        0   0

        2.3.2   {composition-setup}   0   0

        2.3.2   {composition-setup}   0   0

                                              218 of 595
        2.3.2                                         0   0

Later           {composition-setup}                   0   0

2.3.5           {card}, {composition-setup}, {deck}   0   0

                                                      0   0

                                                              219 of 595
        {composition-setup}   0   0

2.3.1                         0   0

                                      220 of 595
2.3                         1   3

2.2   {composition-setup}   0   0

                                    221 of 595
2.3.1           {composition-setup}   0   0

        3.0.0                         3   3

                                              222 of 595
3.0.0   {deck}   0   0

                         223 of 595
{card}, {cloak}, {composition-setup},   0   1
{deck}, {float}, {toggle-cloak}

{cloak}, {toggle-cloak}                 0   1

{card}, {deck}                          0   0

                                                224 of 595
        2.3           {toggle-cloak}                        0   0

2.3.1                                                       2   1

2.3.1         3.0.0   {composition-setup}                   0   0

                      {card}, {composition-setup}, {deck}   2   2

                                                                    225 of 595
2.2 3.0.0   {card}                    4   4

2.3 2.3.1   {cloak}, {toggle-cloak}   0   0

2.2         {composition-setup}       0   1

                                              226 of 595
3.0.0   {composition-setup}   2   1

                                      227 of 595
                             4    4

2.3 3.0.0   {card}, {deck}   11   9

                                      228 of 595
2.2   0   0

              229 of 595
{deck}   0   1

                 230 of 595
2.3 3.0.0         {card}   2   2

            2.3            0   0
2.2         2.3            0   0

                                   231 of 595
2.2   {cloak}, {composition-setup}, {toggle-   0   1

      {cloak}                                  0   0

                                                       232 of 595
2.2 3.0.1   0   0

                    233 of 595
2.2 Soon   {card}, {deck}   0   1

                                    234 of 595
2.2   {deck}   10   7

                        235 of 595
2.0, 2.2              {card}, {deck}   1   3

           2.2 Soon                    0   0

                                               236 of 595
                  {cloak}                                3   3

        2   2.2                                          0   0

        2   2.2 {composition-setup}                      0   0

1.4.3             {card}, {cloak}, {composition-setup}   0   0

                                                                 237 of 595
                     0   0

2   {card}, {deck}   0   0

                             238 of 595
2        2.2 {deck}          0   0

2 Soon      {card}, {deck}   1   1

          2 {card}, {deck}   0   0

          2 {card}, {deck}   0   0

                                     239 of 595
0   1

        240 of 595
Soon   {card}, {composition-setup}, {deck},   1   1

       {card}                                 0   0

                                                      241 of 595
1.4.7   1.4.8   {toggle-cloak}   0   0

1.4.8   Soon    {cloak}          1   0

                                         242 of 595
                                 0   0

1.4.7   1.4.8   {toggle-cloak}   0   0

                                         243 of 595
1.4.7           {deck}   0   1

1.4.6   1.4.7            0   0

                                 244 of 595
1.4.6   2   0   0

                    245 of 595
1.4.6   1.4.7, 2.0   {composition-setup}   0   0

                                           0   0

1.4.5   1.4.6        {deck}                0   1

                                                   246 of 595
        1.4.6   {card}, {deck}        0    0

                {cloak}, {deck}       11   5

1.4.5   3.0.0   {composition-setup}   1    1

                                               247 of 595
1.4.4     {cloak}, {composition-setup}   0   0

        2 {card}, {deck}                 0   0

                                                 248 of 595
1.4.4   1.4.6   {composition-setup}   0   1

1.4.5           {deck}                0   0

1.4.5   3.0.0   {deck}                3   3

                                              249 of 595
1.4.8           2 {card}, {deck}                          0   0

        Later     {card}, {cloak}, {composition-setup},   0   0
                  {deck}, {float}, {toggle-cloak}

                                                                  250 of 595
1.4.4   1.4.5   {toggle-cloak}   0   0

1.4.3   1.4.4   {toggle-cloak}   0   0

1.4.3   1.4.4                    0   0

        1.4.4   {cloak}          0   0

                {toggle-cloak}   0   0

        1.4.4   {toggle-cloak}   0   0

                                         251 of 595
        1.4.4   {composition-setup}      0   0

                Documentation, {float}   0   0

1.4.3   1.4.4   {cloak}                  0   0

1.4.3   1.4.4   {toggle-cloak}           0   0

        1.4.5                            0   0

                                                 252 of 595
1.4.2   1.4.4   {toggle-cloak}        0   0

1.4.2   1.4.3   {composition-setup}   0   0

        1.4.3   {float}               0   0

                                              253 of 595
1.4.3   {float}   0   0

1.4.4             0   1

                          254 of 595
1.4.2     1.4.3   {float}          0   0

1.4.1     1.4.2   {toggle-cloak}   0   0

        1 1.4.1   {float}          0   0

        1 1.4.1                    0   0

          1.4.1                    1   0

                                           255 of 595
Original Estimate   Remaining Estimate   Time Spent Work Ratio Sub-Tasks   Linked Issues                Environment

                                                                                           - Concluence 4.1
                                                                                           - Composition 3.0.2

                                                                                                                      256 of 595
- Confluence 4.2.5
- CustomWare Composition Plugin 3.0.2

                                257 of 595
258 of 595
259 of 595
confluence 4.1.6

                   260 of 595
Confluence 4.1
Composition plugin 3.0.0 or 3.0.1

                                    261 of 595
Confluence 4.1,
Customware composition plugin 3.0.0,
RefinedWiki Theme 3.0.4

                                 262 of 595
Confluence 4.1

                 263 of 595
POSI-163   Operating System Windows Server 2008
           R2 6.1
           OS Architecture amd64
           Application Server Apache
           Servlet Version 2.5
           Java Version 1.6.0_26
           Java Vendor Sun Microsystems Inc.
           JVM Version 1.0
           JVM Vendor Sun Microsystems Inc.
           JVM Implementation Version 20.1-b02
           Java Runtime Java(TM) SE Runtime
           Java VM Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit
           Server VM
           Java Runtime Arguments -Xms1096m -
           Xmx1096m -XX:+DoEscapeAnalysis -
           XX:MaxPermSize=512m -
           XX:+UseParallelOldGC -
           XX:+UseCompressedOops -
           Duser.language=hu -
           std\conf\ -
           uli.ClassLoaderLogManager -
           uence-3.5-std\endorsed -

                                               264 of 595

           265 of 595
266 of 595
Confluence 3.5.13
MS SQL database server
Windows Server

                         267 of 595
268 of 595
Confluence 4.0

                 269 of 595
Confluence 3.1.2.
Database : Oracle 10g.
Server : Tomcat ver 6

                         270 of 595
Win XP, Internet Explorer

                            271 of 595
We're working with Atlassian Confluence
3.2.1_01 (will be upgraded to 3.4.x in

Confluence 3.2+

                                 272 of 595
Confluence 3.2+

                  273 of 595
274 of 595
275 of 595
276 of 595
277 of 595
278 of 595
279 of 595
Window XP. Tested on both IE 6.x, IE
8.x. Works in FF 3.5.7.

                                 280 of 595
281 of 595
Confluence 2.8.3

                   282 of 595
Confluence: 3.0.1
Theme: Left Navigation

                         283 of 595
Environment Information: Tuesday, 03 Nov 2009
system.time: 14:57:43
system.favourite.colour: Sangria
java.version: 1.6.0_05
java.vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.
jvm.version: 1.0
jvm.vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.
jvm.implementation.version: 10.0-b19
java.runtime: Java(TM) SE Runtime
java.vm: Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM citnetp
user.timezone: MET
operating.system: SunOS 5.9
os.architecture: sparc
fs.encoding: ISO8859-1
Database Dialect:
Database Connection URL:
Database Driver Name:
Database Driver Version: 11.1
Database Name: Oracle
Database Version: Oracle Database 10g
Enterprise Edition Release -
64bit Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP and Data

                                  284 of 595
Java 1.6
Confluence 3.0.0_01

                      285 of 595
286 of 595
Confluence 2.8.2
Reporting 3.1.0

                   287 of 595
288 of 595
57600   50400   7200   12%

                                                              289 of 595
Confluence 3.0.0_01 with Composition
plugin version 2.3.3

                                290 of 595
OS: Windows XP
Browser: IE 7 (seems to work correctly in
IE8 and Firefox 3)

                                   291 of 595
292 of 595
Java Version 1.6.0_05
Java Vendor Sun Microsystems Inc.
JVM Version 1.0
JVM Vendor Sun Microsystems Inc.
JVM Implementation Version 10.0-b19
Java Runtime Java(TM) SE Runtime
Java VM Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM
Operating System Linux 2.4.21-
OS Architecture i386

Runtime Information
Application Server Apache
Servlet Version 2.5
Confluence Version 2.10.2
Build Number 1518

                               293 of 595
294 of 595
System Information
System Date Monday, 16 Mar 2009
System Time 14:53:18
System Favourite Colour Gamboge
Java Version 1.5.0_07
Java Vendor Sun Microsystems Inc.
JVM Version 1.0
JVM Vendor Sun Microsystems Inc.
JVM Implementation Version 1.5.0_07-
Java Runtime Java(TM) 2 Runtime
Environment, Standard Edition
Java VM Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM
User Name root
User Timezone Asia/Manila
Operating System Linux 2.6.9-42.ELsmp
OS Architecture i386
Filesystem Encoding UTF-8

Java VM Memory Statistics
Total Memory 254 MB
Free Memory 78 MB
Used Memory 175 MB
Memory Graph
31 % Free

                                295 of 595
                     Conf 2.10.2

18000   18000   0%   Server: Standalone installation of
                     Confluence 2.9.2 (Tomcat) Microsoft
                     Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
                     Service Pack 2
                     Client: Windows XP, Internet Explorer

                                                      296 of 595
Windows 2003 5.2, Sun Java 1.6.0_11,
Confluence 2.9.1, Composition Plugin
2.3.2, Internet Explorer 7 (client)

TomCat 5.5; Embeded database;
Confluence 2.8.2

                                297 of 595
IE 7, Firefox 3, Confluence 2.9.2

                                    298 of 595
W2k3, SQL 2005,Confluence 2.9.2,
Security integrated into Active Directory

                                    299 of 595
problem exists for Firefox 3 - IE looks

                                    300 of 595
Confluence 2.10/RHEL/Postgres 8.3,
Firefox 3

                                301 of 595
linux - confluence 2.7.3

                           302 of 595
Application Server: JBossWeb/2.0.1.GA
Servlet Version: 2.5
Database Dialect:
Database Driver Name: null
Database Driver Version: 3.1
Database Name: DB2/NT
Database Version: SQL09050

                                  303 of 595
Confluence 2.7.3

                   304 of 595
Confluence 2.5.4

Confluence 2.7.3, Windows, IBM HTTP
Server, Websphere 6.1, Oracle 9, Java

                                 305 of 595
Windows Server 2003, Firefox

                                 306 of 595
Confluence 2.6.3, IE7, Firefox 2

                                   307 of 595
308 of 595
Windows XP, IE7

                  309 of 595
Linux ES 5.0, Mysql 5, Confluence 2.5.6,
Themebuilder 2.0.9

                                  310 of 595
aix 5.3 / Confluence 2.3.3 / Websphere
6.1 / MSIE 6.0 / JVM: IBM J9 VM / Java
Version 1.5.0

                                 311 of 595
312 of 595
313 of 595
Windows XP, Firefox

                              314 of 595
315 of 595
316 of 595
Firefox 2.0.
Composition plugin taken from the
repository client on 31/01/2007

Windows XP, IE v6.0

                                    317 of 595
318 of 595
319 of 595
320 of 595
Confluence 2.2.8, Confluence 2.2.9

                                 321 of 595
322 of 595
432000   432000   0%   windows,confluence-wiki markup

                                                        323 of 595
324 of 595
Confluence 2.2

                 325 of 595
Confluence server 2.1.3. I am using a
Windows XP professional SP2 on IBM
T42. I tested it on another engineer's
Windows XP, he had the same issue. I
have IE version 6.029 and Firefox 1.5.01.

Confluence 2.1.5 Build:#411
IE 6.0, XP SP2

                                   326 of 595

            327 of 595
328 of 595
Confluence 1.4.4

                   329 of 595
330 of 595
331 of 595
332 of 595
333 of 595
Windows XP SP 2, Confluence 1.4.4,

                                334 of 595
335 of 595
Opera 8.5

            336 of 595
337 of 595
338 of 595
339 of 595
IE, Safari

             340 of 595
              Description                   Security Level   Progress Σ Progress   Σ Time Spent   Σ Remaining Estimate   Σ Original Estimate

Reported here:                            Public
The issue is macro not converting         Public
properly when upgraded from
Confluence 3.5.9 to 4.2.2. To be specific
it happened to card and deck. You can
check the attach screenshot for details.

Original issue can be found here:

                                                                                                                                    341 of 595
Reported here:                         Public

Wiki markup sample:
{card:label=*half antenna*}
{card:label=*Full Antenna*}
See                                    Public

                                                342 of 595
reported here:                         Public

storage format of main page:
<p><ac:macro ac:name="live-

wiki markup of main template:

h4.Client Overview Information

||Account-Name| {text-
name|content=richtext} |
||Common-Name| {text-
data:name=common-name} |
||License-Name| {text-data:name=license-

                                                343 of 595
Similar bug as in                             Public
14009;I ; reported fixed in version 2.3.4
but problem occurred again in version
2.3.5 onwards..

Sample of wiki markup:

h1. Chart
|| h4. Product Defect Backlog || h4.
Maintenance Backlog ||
|{text-data:Product Defect

                                                       344 of 595
Hi,                                        Public

we have been migration from confluence
3.1.2 to 4.1.6 version. After upgrade I
see data migration issue with
composition plugin (where tab fieature
has been used). . Content is not
ugpraded as expected. Tab feature has
gone. Seems to be manual fix is
required. any solution for this?
code we used in 3.1.2. COntent is
coming in vertical order (one after
another) instead of tabs in 4.1.6. Not
sure this is a bug/problem. please guide
me accrodingly.

This phase involves creating Project

{card:label=Planning Phase}

This phase is for doing project planning
and requirement gathering.


                                                    345 of 595
If a deck id contains a space, further       Public
decks will show as just a single
horizontal line.
When parameters are configured and        Public
somehow have trailing spaces the
ensuing content does not get displayed
or displayed incorrectly.
We have a page using Composition          Public
plugin to create a few tabs (using "Deck
of Cards"), in each tab there is a search
function implemented as a beanshell
operation which calls a script and return
some result and outputs the result on the
bottom of the tab page.

Previously with Confluence 3.5X and
compatible Composition plugin, if we
click on a tab and do above operation in
the tab page, we always see the result

Now with Confluence 4.1 and compatible
Composition plugin (either 3.0.0 or
3.0.1), after invoking the search function
on a particular tab, the page always
return to the default tab. You have to
click on the particular tab again to see
the search result.

                                                      346 of 595
Migration of nested Composition               Public
components fails when migrating pre-
Confluence 4 wiki markup format to
Confluence 4 XHTML format.

Confluence Wiki Markup parser does not
support similar nested macros. given
only the wiki markup, it wrongly identifies
the start and the end tags of the macro.
for example
some content

will be parsed as

some content
In confluence 4.0, when I installed the       Public
customware composition plugin 3.0.0
and RefinedWiki 3.0.4 and after that
when we apply this theme, i got edit
dashboard functionality over the
dashboard. When i edit my
dashboard,and use composition macro
over it, then macros are not converted
into the html or shows error.

                                                       347 of 595
I created multiple tabs/cards and then     Public
add an #anchor on each of them. When I
tried to go to the link the address bar is
changing but the tab is not opened. It
works only with the anchor of the card
that is active at that moment

Trying to nest a calendar from               Public
Atlassian's new Team Calendars plugin
within a card/deck shows only the
(Today), (<,>), (Add Event) buttons.
The actual list of days, and events are
not shown unless the user presses one
of the buttons or resizes the browser

This is reproducible in Confluence 3.5.13
with Composition 2.3.5 and Confluence
4.1.3 with Composition 3.0.0 with Team
Calendars 1.8.2

se/TEAMCAL-317] for more information

                                                      348 of 595
Hi,                                      Public

we have just upgraded to Confluence
4.1, and my company has purchased the
plugin (scaffold- and reporting plugin

In the Universal Plugin Manager -
Upgrade tab shows every time that the
plugin needs to be upgraded.

||Plugin key: |
osition |
||Developer: | CustomWare |
||Upgrade plugin version:| 3.0.0 |
||Installed plugin version:| 3.0.0 |
||Plugin system version:| TWO|
||License: | Commercial |

Please let me know if you need more
information about this issue.

Thank you!

                                                  349 of 595
"Bug in composition plugin 3.0.0", show    Public
error when we put "recantely updated
macro" in the body of "cloak macro" on

"Error formatting macro: cloak:
Unexpected close tag ; expected . at
[row,col {unknown-source}]: [8,5]"


Replicated for both Conf 4.0.x and 4.1.x. Public
Related Zendesk ticket:

Configure the space to have          Public
Documentation Theme and when you set
up the cards they show blank.

                                                    350 of 595
Not sure where to report this bug I found. Public

The second line on the macro is moving
to the right of the tab selected on
previous line. See screenshots (BTW,
how can I change the color of the tab

Fabian Lopez, PMP, CSM
Project Management

Member of the
Document Storage Systems, Inc.

Currently the text in cards exports, but  Public
there are some layout issues with the
right-hand side getting cut off, and the
text in general being in a coloured panel
(probably due to us using 'panel' as a
class type for the deck).
Unfortunately, our Confluence 3.5.13      Public
testing has encountered a problem with
the cloak macro.

The cloaked content on pages that
previously worked (on Confluence 3.3.1)
will not expand/display when clicked,

However, we did notice that in Edit
Preview mode the same cloaked content
will expand/display. But it stops working
again when the page is saved.

                                                    351 of 595
I know there is already an issue opened Public
for this, but it is so old that I think it's
been forgotten about. We just upgraded
to Confluence 3.5.13 and I have had
several users complain that the preview
is not working when they use the
composition setup plugin. Is there
anything that can be done to fix this?

Hi Team,                                     Public

Please find the attachment for the details
and help us fix it.


Best Regards,
Erica Ng
We have updated our Confluence to 4.0 Public
and have the composition plugin 2.3.5.
None of our pages that used the macro
card and deck render any of the tabs or
data anymore. Does this plug in work
with Confluence 4.0?

                                                      352 of 595
h6. To reproduce                             Public
Insert this wiki text {code}{composition-
h2. {toggle-cloak:id=brocklyn} This
Doesn't Cloak Everything
{cloak:id=brocklyn} Line 1

Line 2

h6. Expected Result
Line 1 and Line 2 cloak

h6. Actual Result
Only Line 1 cloaks

h6. Additional Information
It also has to do with having a blank line
between 1 and 2.
We're on confluence 3.3.1

                                                      353 of 595
I am using the {jiraissues} macro inside a Public
tab built with the {deck}/{card} macro.
This is a piece of the Wiki Markup code:

{card:label=First Tab}
h2. Introduction
<text here>
{card:label=Second Tab}
h2. Open Issues

Users would be less confused if the             Public
Deck/Card macros were implemented
more like the Section/Column macros
where they are both "body" macros with
Card nested inside of the Deck Macro.

                                                         354 of 595
suspect tasklist plugin cause this issues. Public
This only happen on IE.

Sample Code:

Would like to request the ability to link   Public
directly to a specific Card

I have Confluence 3.4.9. I upgraded to    Public
3.0.0 of the Composition Plugin (this was
offered to me today by the plugin
manager) and it would not enable.
Reverted back to 2.3.5 and all is fine.

This was in the logs.

Exception in thread "Spring executor 19"
otLoadBeanClassException: Cannot find
ultServletAssistant] for bean with name
'servletAssistant' defined in URL
components.xml]; nested exception is
ultServletAssistant not found from bundle
                                                     355 of 595
Dear Support,                          Public
When exporting page containing toggle-
cloack macro to pdf toggled content is
not exported.

Please advice
Marcin Kaczmarek
on pages with heavily nested decks and    Public
cards and other macros used within
those cards, there are display problems
that show up while using Internet
Explorer (any version)

Some cards show unexpectedly
increased font size, the Add and Tools
dropdowns hide behind the cards,
{viewdoc} macro for viewing MS Office
documents shows inconsistency and
increasingly larger "Edit Document"
button depending on how deeply nested
the card is.

                                                   356 of 595
Below you can find the code on the         Public
parent page, the child page has the
same code but without the pagetree
Selecting the card "Français" and going
to the other page (using pagetree, menu,
back) or even refreshing the same page
will put you on the right page but on the
(wrong) card "English". (As a test I added
the colorchange, and that works.)

deck.memory.duration = 7


This is page1

Ceci est page1
When having cloaks inside a Confluence Public
page that are initially collapsed, they are
still collapsed when exporting to a pdf.
This causes a loss of information when
trying to print this documents to pdf.

                                                    357 of 595
When trying to export to pdf a            Public
Confluence page, we get a blank where
there should be the contents of a deck of

I don't know if this worked before, but it
would be nice to show the content of all
cards, one after the other one so we get
all the content in the page.
Currently we are using a mashup of          Public
prototype.js and some other libraries to
run Deck and Cloak. This should be
switched to jQuery for future compatibility
with Confluence.
Eg:                                         Public

* {toggle-cloak:id=c1} *First cloak:*
Content for c1, the parent.
** {toggle-cloak:id=c2} *Nested cloak:*
Content for c2, the nested cloak.

Originally reported here:

I really enjoy and use the card/deck           Public
macro quite a bit - I'd like to see if there
could be multilevel card deck create,

                                                        358 of 595
We are using float macro on our pages. Public
When we export the page with PDF
Export, the content on float macro
overlaps the normal content.
I have attached screenshot of the page,
its markup text and exported PDF file.
Per my observation, this issue was there
with 2.3.4 and is there with 2.3.5 on
customware side.
On confluence side, I have tried 3.0, 3.1,
3.2, 3.3. All versions show same

I first raised this issue with Atlassian, but
I have been routed to Customware for
resolution as this seems to be a bug with
float macro.

                                                359 of 595
Security Risk: It is possible to steal or Public
manipulate customer session and
cookies, which may be used to
impersonate a legitimate user, allowing
the hacker to view or alter user records
or gain access to other Single Sign On
applications and perform transactions as
that user.
Here is an example:

s is the contents of section {cloak}5

basically the issue is that the 'cloak:id='
followed by a tick, a > and then the script
tags < script > any java script and < /
script >

To fix this, I think you would need to
parse for the script tags and disallow
them in the id. This would be the same
for the show-card, float and toggle cloak

I logged this in the discussion area for
the composition plugin but I thought it
would be good to get it listed here as

                                                   360 of 595
We are using Confluence Wiki version        Public

does card-deck macro work in the Page

We have the following requirement in the
Page template?

1. Create a form using the variable list
2. Prepare a form using the variable list
inside the card-deck combination

While trying to create a page from the
template, the form appears in the
whereas the card-deck macro does not
appear in the template version.

If I select Insert Variables, the second
step goes to page edit mode and all
variables within the card-deck macro

The requirement is to create a form with
variables inside the card-deck macro as

Is this a bug, limitation ?

                                                     361 of 595
Hi Team,                                    Public

We have 'Composition Plugin' 2.3.5
running on Confluence 2.8.0

One of the problems that is currently
being faced is that Confluence pages
currently using various macros of this
plugin are not rendering fine in IE 6.0.x
version. One of the reported problems is
that the borders on the pages

I am attaching the snapshot with this
ticket for your reference.

Kindly let us know what should be done
so that this plugin renders the data
properly in IE 6.0.x versions as well.

Do let me know if you need any more
data or information from my side.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi,                                         Public

Any timeline when the composition plugin
will support confluence 3.2?


                                                     362 of 595
1) Let's say there are 2 pages, A & B. B Public
is the child page of A.
2) A has multiple tabs. Under one of the
tab, B is viewable or say included.
3) B has a PNG image (which might be a
local attachment or an external image
4) When we open page A and click on
the tab to see B, the unexpected thing
happens. All kinds of images load except
5) This problem happens only when you
happen to click any tab other than the
first (leftmost) tab in order to see your
PNG inside tab. Note: First Tab is
anyway open by default when page
6) This problem happens only on IE 8.
Although, this might be a potential
browser issue, this shouldn't be the case
because we have enabled compatibility
view to let it work like IE's older version.
7) card, deck and composition-setup
macros of composition plugin are being
used here for creating tabs.

Please suggest.


                                                  363 of 595
I am getting the following error:            Public

composition-setup: Please enter a link to
an attachment for defaults:

My page has the following wiki text:


and it has an attached file that only has
one line in it:


Any idea why it's not recognizing the
attachment? I am trying this because
when I tried specifying the property value
within the wiki text I found that it only
works in Firefox - not IE or Chrome.

                                                      364 of 595
I'm having trouble with the height          Public
attribute. I'm using the viewfile macro to
display a Word document, and I'd like to
constrain the height of the deck/card in
which the Word document appears. It
works as expected in firefox (i.e., I get a
vert scroll bar on the deck, and the doc
appears within the allocated space
(500px). However in IE (tested 6.x and
8.x), the contents of the Word doc "spill
over" the deck frame and continue down
the page over top of the content beneath
it. We are running 2.8.1. I have tried
putting the height attribute in both the
composition-setup as well as in the deck
tag itself - with the same result.

BTW, I selected the priority as Major
because I cannot work around this.

On our Confluence 3.0.2 install floats     Public
render with class navmenu which the
printable style sheet sets to display:None
so they don't print.

Floats used to print in previous versions.

                                                     365 of 595
Card/Deck macros do not export to PDF Public
using version 2.3.4 with Confluence 3.0.
The cause:
The default value for the _startHidden_
Parameter of the deck macro is true, so
the macro is rendered hidden initially.

I attached a fix for, that
detects whether the macro is executed
during PDF rendering mode. In this case
_startHidden_ will always be set to

Check if the plugin is compatible with    Public
Confluence 3.1
We just upgraded to 3.0.1 and in IE only, Public
the Tools, and Add dropdowns fall
behind the deck. Is there a workaround
to this?

                                                   366 of 595
When the livesearch macro is placed      Public
above a card-deck content section, the
search results window is displayed
behind the tabs instead of being
displayed on top of the tabs. Screenshot
attached. The nature of showing the
search results should be to have it
displayed on top of everything else.

We are running Confluence 2.8.3.

I've reported this to the livesearch
developers too, so not sure where the
root cause and fix responsibility really

Here is the markup

{composition-setup} = #2C4475 =
#5B7CBD = #2C4475 = #99ccff 5px
deck.card.border = 1px solid #2C4475

                                                  367 of 595
When viewing the main "Recent News" Public
page, the {deck} macro doesn't show up.
When viewing the news post on its own,
it works just fine.

There is only a single news in the entire
"news" section (i.e.: I'm not using
{composition-setup} or {deck} or anything
else in multiple posts that would show up
in the "Recent News" page and might
create conflicts.)

I believe this is due to the fact that not all
.js files needed for the deck macro are
included on the "Recent News" page.
I've attached the list of included .js files
in the "Recent News" page vs. the
"single post" page.

Code used in the post:

{deck:id=My Deck}
{card:label=Card 1}
{card:label=Card 2}

                                                 368 of 595
Problem Description:                     Public
The browse menu is shown under ui

In this case, we have a page with card
macros and the menu is hidden by the
card title.

The space is based on the confluence
default theme.

See the attachment

                                                  369 of 595
>                                         Public
A user complained that after working for
up to 30 minutes, they'll get Bad Request
error from the browser.
This is a sample:
Bad Request
Your browser sent a request that this
server could not understand.
Size of a request header field exceeds
server limit.

                                                   370 of 595
I have just tried the Composition plugin Public
for the first time (deck and card macros)
and am delighted with the results. I am
using it to display a series of tables
(previously shown one after the other
down a page) in a deck of cards.

My problem is that, when printing the
page (through File -> Print) only one card
in the deck is shown. What I would like is
for each card to be shown sequentially
down the page (using the card labels as
section headings) when printing (i.e. the
behaviour I had before using the deck
macro). I suppose that the user would
need to supply the type of heading to
use. So, we might have:


Many thanks for your help.


P.S. I am using Confluence 2.10.2.

                                                  371 of 595
I have used the the Reporting plugin to
create a 'sectioned' wiki, and the
Composition plugin to allow sections to
be viewed on-demand. This can be seen

The basic idea behind the sectioning is
to create pages underlying each section,
and the report-body for each
page/section reported on uses \{include\}
to render its contents.

(Users with editing privileges see 'edit'
icons near each section, so they can edit
the relatively short pages underlying
each section).

The scheme works quite well, but the
initial time to render the page can be
quite long. Part of it is related to use of
SSL, which may be improved with
eventual upgrade to Confluence 3.0.

But part of issue must be that one is
rendering a large amount of content,
whereas it would be preferable to render

                                                        372 of 595
The problem I'm encountering is that   Public
activating a nested cloak will also
activate the overarching cloak.

Example markup below:


h5. alphabet:
* *111*
{toggle-cloak:id=111}Show 111's
** aaa
** bbb
{toggle-cloak:id=bbb}Show bbb's
*** xxx
*** yyy
{toggle-cloak:id=yyy}Show yyy's
**** mmm
**** nnn
*** zzz

                                                373 of 595
From: David Peterson                    Public   12%   12%   7200   50400     57600
Sent: Tuesday, 18 August 2009 3:26 PM
To: James Matheson
Subject: Re: Composition Plugin page on

Hmm. I think this is related to Atlassian
switching over to using as the primary
source for the plugin repo. We had a
cached version of the data displaying in
our site. I forced a refresh in
AtlassianPlugins and it is now displaying
the same data as on CAC.

However, the current version listed there
is now a couple of versions behind what
was listed, so I think we need to update
the version data in

I've removed the edit restrictions in CAC
(holdover from the old days), but didn't
actually change any of the page content.
I am checking out for the day (have a
meeting to get to), so you may want to
get someone to update p.a.c with the
versions we've released recently. This
will probably have to be done for most of
our plugins - any which have been
The documentation for show-card could Public
be improved. See here for suggestions:

                                                                            374 of 595
I upgraded to 2.3.3 this morning and all Public
of our cards started ignoring the space
color scheme and started making the
cards blue. This happened on all spaces.
I reverted back to 2.3.2 and the cards
changed back to the correct color.

I just upgraded to Confluence 3.0.0_01, Public
and noticed that the tabs for this plugin
no longer show. I can see the text for the
selected tab, but not the tab itself. Nor
can I see the tabs or the text for the
unselected tabs. I looked at the CSS that
is being generated, and it looks like
something is not being translated
properly, as variables are not expanded.
For instance, I see this:

.deck .tabBar .tab a:hover {
color: $action.navSelectedTextColor;

There are some others, but you get the
point. Any chances on getting a fix for
this soon? I'm holding off on upgrading
our production server to Confluence 3.0
for this very reason, as we make
extensive use of this plugin.

Thanks much!

                                                  375 of 595
Hi,                                        Public
I've updated to 3.0 and now all
card/decks looks very strange. Is this a
known problem?

{deck:id=My Deck}
{card:label=Card 1}
{card:label=Card 2}
{card:label=Card 3}

We have project pages that use the card Public
macro. When a user elects to edit the
page, most of them switch to the RTE
instead of using Wiki Markup. When they
switch to RTE (even if they don't make
any changes) and then click Save, the
content of "Project Stakeholders" tab
disappears. I have attached the code
before and after switching to RTE so you
can see if anything changes. As stated in
the environment section, it seems to
work properly with IE8 and Firefox3. We
see the problem in IE 7.

                                                    376 of 595
the code for my tab pages is attached       Public

> Key: CSP-31317
> URL:
> Project: Confluence Support
> Issue Type: Problem Report
> Security Level: Reporter and
Developers(Only the reporter of the issue
and Atlassian can see it.)
> Components: Plugins - Unsupported -
> Affects Versions: 2.10.2
> Environment: System Information
> System Date Tuesday, 21 Apr 2009
> System Time 15:54:10
> System Favourite Colour Gamboge
> Java Version 1.5.0_10
> Java Vendor Sun Microsystems Inc.
> JVM Version 1.0
> JVM Vendor Sun Microsystems Inc.
> JVM Implementation Version 1.5.0_10-
> Java Runtime Java(TM) 2 Runtime
Environment, Standard Edition
> Java VM Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit
Server VM

                                                     377 of 595
With RTE set as default (and seemingly Public
only in that case), switching to Wiki
Markup tab causes table header |'s to be
converted to literals with \ escapes and
loses newline character...

                                                378 of 595
If the parameter is not
zero as soon as you select a card the
border is broken near the other cards.
(See attached screenshot)
deck.startHidden=false 1px #424242
solid #3C78B5 1px #424242

{deck:id=My Deck}
{card:label=Card 1}
{card:label=Card 2}
{card:label=Card 3}

                                                   379 of 595
I tried using the {deck} & {card} marco       Public
and it works in my pages.

On the other hand, when I tried to use it
in my Dashboard but unfortunately it
didn't show anything.

Here's what I did:
1.) Created a page and use the {deck} &
{card} macro.
2.) Created a macro using the User
Macro {test}. Inside of it is the {include}
macro which includes the page with the
{deck} & {card} macro.
3.) Edited the global layout and input the
{test} macro by adding this code:
4.) Dashboard does not show anything.

                                                       380 of 595
Is it possible to format the text to the   Public
right of the toggle-cloak macro

This does _not_ work:
e.g. {toggle-cloak:id=MyCloakID} h1.
Heading 1

This does work:
e.g. {toggle-cloak:id=MyCloakID}
*Heading 1*
The top navigation of confluence by     Public      0%   0%   18000     18000
using the default theme is shwon behind
the tabs and every content of the
deck/card macro. This is also the case
for every content which is inclueded in
the card area, see attachment. Any
workaround or fix would be welcome.

                                                                      381 of 595
The following page generates error          Public
"Object doesn't support this property or

"This page is for testing.
{toggle-cloak:id=togid1} +*Toggle me
Some lines
to be toggled

If I chose to debug the error, VS2003
debugger reports that in file
composition-setup/js/cloak.js the recall
function fails when calling cloak.cloak()
or cloak.uncloak() (depending on the
previous state that needs to be restored)
is the root of the error. See below:

" recall : function() {
if (Cloak.memoryDuration <= 0)
I use Confluence default theme. I have    Public
{deck} and {card} in a page to create
several tabs. I selected Tools (drop-down
menu) and wanted to "watch" the page.
Then I noticed that I could not select
anything (inside the menu) that falls
down in the tab area. Please see
attachment for clarification.

                                                     382 of 595
The problem occurs when we have a            Public
deck with more than one card which
contains a slideshow within it (i.e. when
you click on a tab, you get a slideshow
that is specific to the tab that you clicked
on). If only one of the tabs contains a
slideshow, it works fine.

We have a slideshow of the following
form (on Page MAIN:Slideshow 1):

... repeated with multiple images

This displays correctly under FireFox and
IE7, but when we try to
include this on our main page (code
1}{float} {card}
... repeated with more cards

                                                      383 of 595
One of my large pages that makes       Public
extensive use of the CArd and Deck and
Cloak Composition macro is performing
very very slowly. I have spoken to
Confluence support and below is their
verbatim response (includes the except
from my profile log):

The profile indicates:

[102062ms] - SiteMesh: parsePage:

The time is spent on permission
checking for different sections of the
page by the composition plugin and
hence causing the long page load time.
Please consider limited usage of this
plugin in order to prevent slow page
loads and contact the plugin-author for a
follow-up. Please rotate the logs and
attach a latest zip of the logs folder for
further investigation

Are there any known performance issues
with the Composition macros?

                                                384 of 595
We recently upgraded from 2.4.4 to 2.10, Public
and we are noticing some issues within
Firefox, and perhaps Safari, but I haven't
had a chance to test. These issues
surround Adaptavist's content formatting
macros plugin and the Composition

Basically, I am seeing some issues with
cards missing in a deck, when viewing
within Firefox 3. Here is some sample
code where it goes wrong. This is just
one card in a deck of about 7 cards.
They all have the same format, but only
3 of the cards show. What I've noticed is
that if I remove the HTMLcomment that
the cards will show up, or if I modify the
{HTMLcomment} to look like this

h3. Component Environments

{deck:id=\[STARS Environments\]}

-----------[ STELLA ]---{HTMLcomment}
{card:label=STELLA (PIM)}

                                                  385 of 595
As referenced here:                     Public

Safari 3 and IE 7 seem to work without a
problem, IE 6 has its own issues
apparently (naturally), but the Firefox
issue stumps me.

As noted in the issue at Atlassian,
changing the default of deck.startHidden
to false from true resolves the Firefox
issue, but I'm filing this to see if we can
get another set of eyes from
Customware on the problem, determine
whether its a composition plugin issue or
a jiraportlet macro issue.

                                                 386 of 595
Here are the details to expose the XSS Public
Float Macro example:
{float:left|width=40px|border=4px dashed
nil XSS

Cloak example:
XSS')</script>|exclusive=true}Click here
to toggle the cloaked area
This is cloaked area 1

                                                387 of 595
An XML 'code' macro renders as a PDF        Public
when not inside a toggle-cloak, but fails
to render as a PDF when inside.

h3. Error
mportExportException: Error while
generating PDF!

caused by:

caused by:
at Unknown location

When using deck.card.border and             Public
deck.card.background in composition
setup, the styles of the cards does not
seem to be affected.
When using the       Public
parameters, the active card does not
seem to be affected.

                                                     388 of 595
If a class is set for a deck but not for a Public
card, the card does not inherit the class
from the deck, for example:
Contents 1
Contents 2
The cards does not inherit the bold class
of the parent deck.

Tabs do not work in IE 6.0 while it works
perfectly fine in other IE versions and FF.
We are hosting confluence 2.7.3. Can
you please check your queue and let us
know if this is a known issue. Also, kindly
provide the workaround/patch to
overcome this problem. If there is a bug
report/ improvement request already
raised, please provide the links for those.

Thanks & Regards,
Wiki Support (S)

Sub tabs disappearing when mouse          Public
move over(using compsosition-
setup,deck,card and section macros). It's
working fine Firefox but getting problem
in IE.
..with an                                 Public

Error report attached.
                                                       389 of 595
Seems like if you use composition-setup Public
macro in the left navigation theme and
on a page (say using deck) it seems you
get a weird bug.
I have a simple deck and card system         Public
setup on a page and it displays correctly
in IE 7. In Firefox, when you first load the
page, the contents of the first card show
up as overlapping the children links on
the page. If you click one of the other
cards, then go back to the first card, it
displays correctly. I have included
screenshots of the page in Firefox and
IE7 as attachments. I am using
ThemeBuilder. Here is the code on the
page (I'll include it all even though the
top part of the page is just a table of
content and some links):

(i) [*Q Numbers*|web2.0 Q
Numbers]&nbsp;\| *Web2.0*
[*conversations*|web2.0 conversations]
| *Web2.0* [*Strategy*|web2.0 Project
Strategy Q1-Q3] *\|* *Web2.0*
*[*Prices*|Intranet wiki prices]*
*\| Web2.0* [*Assets*|web20team:Web
2.0 Servers and Assets]
\| *Web2.0*
*\| Wiki*

                                                      390 of 595
When viewing a wikipage with                Public
{composition-setup},{deck},{card}, the
"Tools" and "Add" drop-down menus
function properly until the cursor gets to
the actual card area on the wikipage.
Then, the drop-down menus disappear
and does not allow the user to select any
of the options available that appear in the
drop-down menu in the card area.

2 attachments and source code of
wikipage involved are included to assist
in troubleshooting this issue.

In a confluence page, we have created 6 Public
tabs using decks and cards. In each tab
a confluence page is included.
Everything works fine till here. But as
soon as we add the code ||header|| in
one of the included pages, the whole
layout goes haywire.

                                                     391 of 595
It could be useful to allow some parts of   Public
a page to have exclusive toggle while
other parts are not exclusive. Perhaps
also for other settings.

For example:

... setup options 1
... actual cloakable content 1

...other content

... setup options 2
... actual cloakable content 2


Using Confluence's export space             Public
function, cards/decks and cloaked text
don't display at all. Using Save As in
Firefox or IE, they partially display or
display oddly.

                                                     392 of 595
Hello,                                      Public

We are using a nested deck to display
news as a slide show on a card. This is
such a cool feature! It works beautifully
at first, but when I switch between the
cards in the original deck, I get an
'Invalid Argument' error on the page and
the slide show breaks. This issue only
occurs in IE, FireFox seems to be
working just fine. Below is the code. Any
thoughts or suggestions would be greatly

cloak.toggle.type = wiki = (+)
cloak.toggle.close = (-)
cloak.toggle.exclusive = false = false
decl.memory.duration=1 false

{deck:id=Product Information}

                                                     393 of 595
When trying to utilize the excerpt macro Public
in combination with the macros found in
the Composition Plugin the content does
not render as expected. The excerpt
macro causes the "composition" areas
within excerpt to break.

Please see the attached wiki markup and
screen shots.


Images in cloaked content display fine in Public
Firefox, but are missing in IE.
As documented in                            Public
RGUIDE/card+macro}}, the tab doesn't
revert back to the last user's selected tab
when logged in. This has been tested in
most browsers and none seem to work.
Instead the default tab is always being
displayed any time one goes to a page.

                                                     394 of 595
We have a space configured with              Public

We have used Composition plugin's
toggle-cloak & cloak macros on the Left
panel of the Themebuilder.

One of the pages in the space has got 9
cloaked sections.

This page displays differently in IE &
Firefox. IE display is correct, whereas in
Firefox, all the cloaks are not displayed
upfront. When you open the 1st cloak the
2nd cloak is seen and so on. In IE all the
cloaks are seen upfront, as it should be.
Also, one of the cloaks on the left-side
panel of the space (Outgoing links) does
not display the Cloak icon in Firefox, but
displays the same on IE.

IE version is 7.0.5730.11

Firefox version is

I have attached an excel file containing
the screen shot of the page in both IE
and firefox

The composition plugin currently does      Public
not work with Confluence 2.6.
Are there any plans to upgrade it?
Currently, the \{composition-setup}        Public
macro is required, even if no
customisations are being made. It would
be great to be able to just use \{deck} or
\{cloak} directly if no modifications are

                                                      395 of 595
Hi there,                                      Public

I could not find this in the documentation.
I have a deck on a
particular page, and I would like to link to
a specific card on one
occassion and another link to enter the
page on a different card.

what is the format to achieve this


When auto-id'd cloaks are created from Public
imported pages, the ids will clash
because each starts from 0. The fix is to
put the ids in a ThreadLocal so that all
content will use a unique identifier.

javascript error fires when rendering          Public
composition-setup (markup in attached
Line: 249
Char: 13
Error: 'Element' is undefined
Code: 0

screenshot also attached.

                                                        396 of 595
In creating a deck with several cards, I    Public
was hoping to alter the default "look and
feel" of the deck.
Looking over the documentation on the
gin), I first had problems figuring out the
formatting for the parameter value until
David Peterson provided some feedback
and told me to skip the single quotes
around the string. Then I used the
following code to try and change the
border for the active tab and/or card:


This should make the border thicker than
it is by default. Although the code is
sound and does not return any errors, it
does not perform the expected action
either. It seems any composition-setup
parameter value that accepts a CSS
string (e.g. "2px solid black") is not
rendering properly.

                                                     397 of 595
From Jean van Wik:                            Public

My name is Jeán van Wyk and we use
Confluence at our company together with
the {deck} and {card} macros. As far as I
know you are the author for these
macros and I have a possible way of
extending the macro's features. We
recently wanted to link to a specific tab
from the url so after a bit of time hacking
I came up with the following change to
support it:

--- deck.js 2007-04-11
22:17:53.000000000 +1200
+++ linkable/deck.js 2007-04-12
15:20:29.000000000 +1200
@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@
_initCard : function(card) {
card.label = card.getAttribute("label");
card.labelRendered =
- card.defaultCard =
card.getAttribute("defaultcard") == "true";
+ card.defaultCard =
card.accessKey =
Our users would like to see what the        Public
deck/card content looks like in Preview
mode without having to do a save and
then reviewing the page. The rationale is
that there are a lot of users who are
watching the tabbed page and so there
could be a fair number of notifications
sent out if the author performs the edit-
save-review-repeat approach.

                                                       398 of 595
If I try to display a Google Map on any       Public
card but the first one in Firefox (it works
fine in IE), the map is not displayed
properly. Here is my code:

cloak.toggle.exclusive = false = true

Campus Drive, Stanford, CA{gmap}


                                                       399 of 595
If you have IE6 on Windows XP you can Public
test the following wiki page using the
composition plugin.
Point your browser @
You'll notice that the deck of cards is not
shown :(

Suggestions would be very welcome to
solve this issue, a fix would even be
better :o)

                                               400 of 595
Hi David & all,                            Public

{show-card} could have a bug/limitation
in the implementation logic.

I tried implementing for level 1: single
deck/card combination and show-card
perfectly fine.

But, when I have a situation where in I
have a DECK/CARD inside another
CARD of HigherUp Deck, then show-
card is not working to show the card

I am sending a confluence script for
Hope it will be fixed soon. Thank


                                                    401 of 595
The following usage of the cloak macros Public
seems to behave badly in Firefox. An
quick check of the resultant HTML code
shows that the last </li> tag in the {cloak}
body is badly placed.

* [Departments]
* [Contacts]{cloak}
* [Knowledge Base]
* [Project Base]
* [Products|Product Base]{cloak}

{composition-setup}                           Public
import.css = ^bezeq_style.css
cloak.memory.duration = 3
cloak.toggle.type = wiki = {color:blue}+{color}
cloak.toggle.close = {color:blue}-{color}
cloak.toggle.exclusive = false

With IE, I don't see the toggle controls (+
and -). With Firefox, it works fine.

                                                       402 of 595
I'm using the height param for the card    Public
plugin, like this :


When too much content is shown
FireFox nicely, as expected, shows a
vertical scrollbar.
However in IE, as expected :o) , the
scrollbar is shown but the normal hidden
text below is also displayed :(
You can see an example @

Any ideas how to fix this (z-layer ?)

Thanks in advance,


                                                    403 of 595
(this renders in confluence wiki and may Public
not work well in JIRA. See the
composition plugin website. for a better

A really neat macro.

it would be nice if, instead of using a
complicated deck/card hierarchy for
nested cards, you were able to tell the
page to convert heading tags into cards,
so that:

h1. something

h2. alpha

h2. beta


h1. someting else

                                                  404 of 595
The idea here is to make it so that:          Public

1. The initial load of the page only has to
load the content of the first tab displayed
(speeding load time and reducing
network traffic and server load)
2. Clicking on a tab dynamically loads
that tabs content so it is up to date
without having to refresh the entire page
3. This should also allow clicking the
current tab (or perhaps a small icon or
something) to reload the currently
displayed tab without refreshing the
entire page

I am aware that you can mimic this
functionality by just having each tab
actually be a separate page with "fake
tabs" that are actually just links to the
other "fake tab" pages. However, that
requires the pages to have knowledge of
the tabs, and it also means you have to
refresh the entire page, not just the area
inside the tab.

For reference, the AJAX Page Tree
Macro might be of some help to see what
might be possible:

                                                       405 of 595
A simple script such as:                      Public

Some content
More content

This displays fine in IE and firefox when
using release 1.4.8. When using release
2.0 or 2.2 this displays nothing (i.e. just
an empty page)in either IE or Firefox.

Other macros such as Cloak continue to
work fine after upgrading to 2.0 or 2.2

When viewing a template, the Prototype Public
library is not included, resulting in an
error when attempting to render decks
and/or cloaks.

This is a general problem caused by the
prototype library not being included in
various locations. Perhaps an onload
event listener could be added via
Behaviour to load the library if it is not

                                                       406 of 595
If a list is included in a a cloak like this:   Public

* first item
* second item

it does not appear correct in some
browsers (firefox) because the generated
HTML tags are not nested correctly.
They look like this:


Currently this plugin depends on the        Public
Utilities Plugin being installed. Additions
to recent versions of Confluence provide
a better alternative (bundling libraries)
and this plugin should switch to this

Some shared javascript libraries will      Public
overwrite each other if used on the same
page, leading to loss of functionality and
general confusion. Add some presence
checks to shared scripts.

Please see description in the following         Public
ticket CONFEXT-12.

                                                         407 of 595
please tell us how to link a deck of       Public   0%   0%   432000    432000
cards.Also the scenario is like ,we have a
contact row on the left hand side of the
user menu.And on click of that contact r
any link it should open up the card from
the deck.
Here is the way to re-produce it :         Public

1) First edit the page layout for given wiki
space ( Browse Space -> Space Admin -
> Layouts -> Edit Page Layout )
2) Comment out the settings which
allows labels to be added and displayed
for given page.
##parse ("/labels/labels-include.vm")

3) Now if you already have page with
composition decks/card.. it will not
display anything. No errors on on server

Sample Page used is :

cloak.memory.duration = 3
import.css = decks.css

{card:label=Overview &
Card 1 ...

{card:label=*Tracks &

                                                                       408 of 595
When placed inside an element (eg a         Public
<div>) which is absolutely positioned, the
card which is fading in appears in an
offset location. It seems that the position
of the div is not being taken into account
Currently, combining a fixed width or       Public
height deck with the 'fade' transition
effect will result in the contents of the
card being switched to becoming visible
outside the tab area (if it is scrolling).

Allow for some simple special effects       Public
when transitioning between cards, such
as fade and slide.
Allow decks to automatically transition to Public
the next slide after a period of time. It
should be possible to set a global
transition time, a deck transition time and
an individual card transition time, with
each of the previous overriding the

                                                     409 of 595
I need to build a page template with a       Public
detail section on cards which differ in
name and count on the pages to be
created with this template. In this case its
a customer(main section) and their
bought customize product(s)(= detail
section) which are to be descripted.
It would be much easier for us to be able
to use one scaffold for all main pages
which dynamically creates and deletes
cards for the detail sections (and their
individualized labels). This is not possible
at this moment because the card labels
can not be changed in a \{repeating-
data\}-tag and the deletion has to be
from back to front (which makes no
sense in the given example :-)).

                                                      410 of 595
My IE does not display the generated         Public
TOC or the tasklist entries (you need add
a couple of entries into the tasklist to see
the issue) in a card. This happens only
with the IE. I guess it is something to do
with dynamic contents.

You can see the issue in the following
simple page:

test tab1

In my Confluence project page, IE does
not display the following {float}{toc}
either. It is a simple page with some
headers. When I move the mouse-cursor
over the area TOC should be drawn I
can sense the TOC is really there (the
cursor chages and can be clicked to
A certain combination of card and         Public
jiraissues macros leads to a reproducible
crash of IE when openeing the page.
Firefox works just fine:-)
See attachments for test cases.

                                                      411 of 595
Without getting the context root, the     Public
images are displayed as missing links

Need to have the context root after the
port - not have a context root


the <context root> is missing

Bad Request                               Public

Your browser sent a request that this
server could not understand.
Size of a request header field exceeds
server limit.

                                                   412 of 595
This applies generally to the stylesheets Public
used in this plugin. The examples shown
are taken from deck/card macros, but I
suspect that all macros in the plugin (and
possibly your other plugins) have these

An example of the incorrect value:

padding-right: '5px';

An example of the correct value:

padding-right: 5px;

Some more examples of incorrect

padding-left: '5px';
background: '#999999';
border: '1px dashed grey';

Basically, all the single quotes need to be

There are other syntactical problems in
the style sheets as well, eg:

border-bottom: solid '#ffffff';
If Confluence is in a subdirectory webapp Public
(eg http://server/confluence/) the default
show/hide icons for the {toggle-cloak} will
not work.

                                                   413 of 595
Just installed the most recent version of Public
composition-plugin and utilities-plugin for
Confluence 1.4.

It has a problem which also existed in the
old plugin (where only the float-macro

The following source:


will cause an exception when PDF
generation is activated:

mportExportException: Error while
generating PDF!

Stack Trace: [hide]

mportExportException: Error while
generating PDF!

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On 10/12/2005, at 8:53 AM, Jason Dillon Public

Hey, is there anyway that I could flip a
switch (config property) which would
make these plugins assume that
Javascript is there, so the page could
render with these hidden and let JS show

I'm willing to assume that all my
corporate users are using a modern
browser with JS enabled.


On Nov 7, 2005, at 3:14 PM, Guy Fraser

Not at present - it's a trade-off for
accessibility with browsers that don't
support JS or other features required to
show/hide content, etc.

All the content is displayed until the page
has loaded at which point JS kicks in and
hides the stuff that should be hidden.
This means that on various browsers, or

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Our base path for the server is:           Public

When trying to use custom images for
the icons, the base appears to be
duplicated and broken.



It would be good to be able to set an     Public
installation wide default properties file
stored on the server and allow a server
file be referenced in the defaults. The
scripting macros use the following syntax
to represent this option:
script=#script file in confluence home's
script folder
or use the server relative path (more

You already allow this for css files and

Attached are the icons that Jira is now    Public
using for similar capability (like the
search filter dialog). Please change the
composition default icons to these.

                                                    416 of 595
In my notation guide at least, the {card} Public
entry seems to be duplicated and there is
no entry for {deck} ;)
If an anchor is contained inside a hidden Public
card or a cloaked section, the anchor
doesn't work any more. This is
particularly evident with generated TOCs
and headings in cards. It would be great
if you could just click on an anchor link
and have the relevant card/cloak

It would be nice if this worked both for
local anchors (<a href="#whatever">)
and URL-specified anchors

                                                    417 of 595
From Bob Swift                         Public

The following markup use to work (prior
to 1.4.4) but now does not. All toggles
just toggle the last piece of data

cloak.toggle.type = custom =
cloak.toggle.close =

{toggle-cloak:id=*} test1 {cloak:id=*} stuff
{toggle-cloak:id=*} test2 {cloak:id=*} stuff
{toggle-cloak:id=*} test3 {cloak:id=*} stuff
{toggle-cloak:id=*} test4 {cloak:id=*} stuff

It would be a dream if I could add a           Public
height property to either the deck or the

Adding to the deck would ensure that all
tabs/cards are the same height.

Adding to the card would create a
scrolling card.

Scrolling would also occur if a card was
too long for a height-set deck.
                                                        418 of 595
Hi Dave                                       Public

Just like to say firstly that your set of
marcos are bloody fantastic. We've been
looking for something like this in
confluence for a while now. I'll be getting
onto the finance guys to make sure we
make a contribution to your efforts. Nice
one mate.

My current problem relates to the deck
marco, specifically when trying to import
a CSS.

import.css = ^testCss.css

Putting that in to a blank pages causes
the attached exception to be thrown:

I thought it may be something to do with
my stylesheet, so i tried using yours...
The tabs render as if they are still on the Public
top in Opera 8.5. It is probably a problem
with CSS cascading.
Currently the content of a {deck} will only Public
print the currently-selected tab. It would
be good to have some way of having all
tabs display in 'printable' mode. Perhaps
an optional parameter?

                                                       419 of 595
It would be a dream if there was some         Public
way to link to specific cards in a specific

Some Examples:

I want a text link that jumps to a specific
card within the current deck


I want an image link that jumps to a card
in a different deck lower down the page


I want a simple way to create
next/previous links to cards within the
same deck


It would be a dream to have a "theme          Public
pack" feature with the composition


Aqua/tan tabs for deck/card

Custom borders/bkg for float

Custom +/- icons for toggle-cloak and
custom borders/bkg for cloak

                                                       420 of 595
Try putting a Scaffolding {text-data}      Public
section in something like this:

h2. {toggle-cloak:id=XXX} {text-

It will hide/reveal the associated cloak
every time a key is pressed. A little more
selectivity on the 'onkeypress' might be
required here...
When you 'cloak' a section, if the next    Public
item is another heading it doesn't seem
to refresh properly and has the top of the
text item still showing.
Currently, the JavaScript being used has Public
bad function names (ie. are inconstent,
and possibly overwritten by other JS
scripts). It also has some poor variable
declarations, etc.
Currently, if the browser has JS turned    Public
off, any sections which are hidden by
default are invisible permanently. They
should be hidden with JS so that they will
be visible if JS is turned off.

Allow individual {toggle-cloak} sections to Public
have their own custom icons/text.

For accessibility, 'onkeypress' should be Public
an option also. Although usually you can
press space/enter to activate an onclick -
that may only be for <a> tags though.

                                                     421 of 595
Currently there are only two options for Public
the cloak toggle icon. It would be good to
allow 'none', 'text' and 'custom'. If
'custom' or 'text' is set, the open/close
value should be gotten from 'cloakOpen'
and 'cloakClose'. Allow page
attachments for 'custom' icons.

The default values would be useful to     Public
know for the width, background, border,
margin and padding parameters where

I'm guessing that the border and
background parameters are based on
properties of the same name in CSS - is
this the case?
There may be a couple of ways to           Public
improve reload times on at lease IE and
FireFox. See
9/busted/ for an example.
My guess is that the 'onload' script isn't Public
getting called, either due to something
else already using it, or some bad
It would be nice to have tabbed sections Public
on pages. Something like:

Content section 1.
Content section 2.

                                                    422 of 595
Currently, you can only click on the icon Public
to cloak/uncloak a section. It would be
good if this could be expanded to allow a
section of text as well. E.g:

h2. {toggle-cloak:id=Cloaked
Section}Cloaked Section{toggle-cloak}

It is important that this doesn't break the
anchors created or TOC will be very

It would be handy both in testing, but      Public
also in general, to be able to turn off the
toggle state of cloaks. One reason is that
persistence uses cookies, which may be
against some sites privacy policies.
Another is that it's hard to test whether
default toggle states are
On the following page:                      Public

I have tried to create an example
showing how content will wrap around a
{float} panel. I've used some loremipsum
text as the external content and also tried
using loremipsum within the float but to
no avail.

While simple wiki notation, such as
setting *bold* works, I also tried placing a
table within the float macro but that did
not work?

Very odd.

                                                     423 of 595
The "side" parameter doesn't seem to          Public
work with {float}, eg: {float:side=left} or

The default parameter works fine:

However the notation guide and your wiki
documentation state that there is a
side=left/right parameter
It would be a dream if there was some    Public
way to setup "radio groups" for cloak...



Only one of the cloaks (a,b,c) can be
visible at any time. Why? Well, on big
pages, when you expand one item you
generally don't want the other nearby
items shown.

This would be great, for example, when a
page contains several examples of how
to use a macro (eg. Builder User Guide).
Open one example, all the others close.

If would also be a dream if you could do
something like:


So you could automagically turn all the
cloaks with id=example* in to a radio

                                                       424 of 595
Many people, including myself, forget to Public
specify which side the float macro should

It would be useful if it defaults to
side=right unless the author specifies
Probably the default (useless) icons are      Public
overwriting the useful ones due to when
the script loads. Maybe remove the
defaults altogether?
Updating the macro to use the V2              Public
renderer will allow more control over how
the content is rendered.
'Position' is a little too specific.          Public
'Composition' allows for more varied
macros. This will be the general plugin
for macros which allow more control over
the layout of a page, including interactive
It would be nice to have dynamically          Public
minimisable sections on a page. Maybe
something like the existing panels, with a
+/- somewhere in the header?

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