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									     The energy of creating truth

strategy for GM
Europe brands and
products PR
promotion in 2010

                                    М ос к в а, 2010
                                                 PR strategy objectives map

     Business aim                                                     Business capitalization growth

                           Capitalization of reputation growth. Creating a favorable information field for GM Europe’s
  Communication aim        business tasks successful solution and promotion of its brands.

Communication objectives                                               Communication Objectives
                           •Leverage chain of new product launches to reinforce GM       •Ensure brand presence in key Russian media (central and
                           brands’ strong position in Russian market. Reinforce local    regional)
                           events management activities.                                 •Provide high quality media relations to gain bigger
                           •Underline brand pillars - Bold & Dynamic design;             coverage, enlarge amount of positive articles, create pool of
                           Versatility & Innovation; Driving excitement; Premium         loyal press
                           appeal; Unrivalled Flexibility; Affordable technology;

    Target audiences

                                                                        CONSUMERS          DEALERS

                                                          EXPERTS                                        WORLDWIDE
   Shareholders and
   target audiences

                                                       GOVERNMENT                                           MEDIA

                                                                     COMPETITORS            STAFF

      2                               Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9                (495) 221 74-32        www.insiders.ru
                                                              Negative publications analysis

            Динамика негативных публикаций в общем информационном
            The dynamics of negative publications in the company’s                                      Динамика публикаций о компании GM в the company’s
                                                                                                  The dynamics of publications concerning контексте ее
                          поле компании GM в 2009 году
                             information field in 2009                                                     взаимоотношений с профсоюзами в in 2009
                                                                                                         relationship with professional units2009 году
600                                                                                    100

                                                                                                                        71      70
                            424                                            427         75
                                  393                                                                                                  64
                     336                          333                                                                                               54
             265                                                                                     46
300                                                                  259               50
                                                        255                      231                                                                      40

200 144                                                                                                                                      28
                                                                           134                              24    24
                                                                                       25             23
                                           93                                                                                          17
                                                                                                                                14           12
100             68    54    61                    50                                          9                         10                                             11
                                  39                    36            32         30                         8
       23                                                      27                                                                                   4      5
                                                                                             2                     1                                                    3
 0                                                                                      0
      янв    февр    март   апр   май     июнь   июль   авг   сент   окт   ноя   дек         янв    февр   март   апр   май    июнь   июль   авг   сент   окт   ноя   дек

                                  всего                  негатив                                                              всего    негатив

        2009 conclusions

                       In 2009 there were three information peeks in GM’s overall information field – April (424 publications, among them
                       some concerning GM’s probable bankruptcy, restructuring of business and layoffs), June (571 publications, some
                       concerning GM bankruptcy, factories’ shutdown ) and November (427 publications , some concerning decline to
                       sell Opel, conflicts with unions, staff layoffs).
                       The dynamics of negative publications about GM concerning its conflicts with professional units demonstrates two
                       peeks – February (23 publications) and November (52 publications).

            3                                      Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9                 (495) 221 74-32          www.insiders.ru
                                       SWOT-analysis of key shareholders and
                                             target audiences profiles
                                                                                                                                           GM WORLDWIDE &
                         CONSUMERS                                      STAFF                                DEALERS

                                                              GM Europe is a great place to
                                                                                                      A profitable partner, a market-
                                                              work for. A strong team of                                                   A strong business, providing
                High recognition of GM and its brands                                                 leader. On the whole, a stable
  Strong        and a stable attitude to the overall
                                                              professionals, many of which
                                                                                                      relationship. The company’s
                                                                                                                                           workplaces and stimulation
  points                                                      have successfully been working                                               consumer activity. A reliable tax-
                brand – Time-proven reliability.                                                      impressive background and
                                                              for many years along side a                                                  payer.
                                                              young energetic staff.

                   News about GM’s bankruptcy and
  Weak             readiness to sell its brands led to
                                                             Distressing corporate climate, lack     The crisis has seriously effected    Negative attitude because of the
  points                                                     of loyalty from middle and lower        the dealers. There is no certainty   reaction to crisis and taken
                   uncertainty about the company’s
                                                             class workers.                          in a stable partnership.             measures, possible bankruptcy.

                  Increasing sales (by bringing about        Establishing a corporate culture,
                the idea that the financial crisis is over   employee-development, increase                                               Improving these relations, moving
                                                                                                     Improving dealer-relations, co-
Opportunities   into consumers’ minds).                      in their knowledge and skills.                                               on after the crisis, providing new
                                                                                                     branding opportunities.
                Improving consumer loyalty to the            Developing the image of a great-                                             work places, stable tax payments.
                brand.                                       to-work-for company.

                 Decrease in purchase requirement
 Hazards         and overall consumer activity.
                                                              Decrease in staff motivation due     Dealers going out of business In the   Lack of government support,
                                                              to decrease in sales.                complex economic environment           possible GM worldwide problems.
                 Customers switching to other brands.

         4                                     Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9                     (495) 221 74-32            www.insiders.ru
                                            2010 forecast

                         “Unfavorable media coverage of our activity can lead to consequences very damaging
    2010 hazards        to the reputation” - Goldman Sachs annual report
                        In GM’s case, media is prone to actively reflecting the activity of GM headquarters.

    2010 strong                                                                       2010 weak
    points                                                                            points

                                                                                    Constant reflection of GM
     High recognition of GM and
                                                                                    headquarters’ activity in the
    its brands and a stable
    attitude towards the them.

    2010                Management of both external and internal communication is likely to lower the
    opportunities       possible risks of GM Europe. A flexible management style and readiness to interact
                        with staff, along with GM’s “young energy” will become effective key messages for
                        communication activities with all target audiences.

5                   Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9      (495) 221 74-32     www.insiders.ru
           The company’s strategic image


                                              GM manages reputation risks
       GM Europe –                            effectively
    Is an energetic, young,
    open company with a
    clear brand                                                  EMOTIONS
    management plan

                                                     «GM’s young energy»


                     «A dialog with company staff.
                     Grow together with GM»

6      Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32    www.insiders.ru
             GM manages reputation risks effectively

    The company is moving on past the crisis. A clear effective business strategy and fast
     reaction to the changing market will enable the company to manage its brands. GM will
                       symbolize the «renaissance» of automotive industry.

           KEY MESSAGES:                                           TOOLS:

      GM is the leader on the market and a               Regular informing of business, social and
         successful manager of its brands.                  political and also specialized media about
        The leading position was achieved with the         the introduced innovations, transactions
         help of many people (the staff).                   and other improvements.
        Sensible decisions make business more
                                                           An information campaign aimed at
                                                            demonstrating the competence of the
         effective.                                         company’s managers, executives and
        The Client’s comfort is the key decision           specialists..
         making factor.                                    Taking part in professional conferences,
        The company has retained flexibility in            raising important issues for discussion,
         management regardless the size of                  initiating round table talks about doing
         business.                                          business in times of crisis.
                                          Expected result:

          Perception of GM as a successful company, well-suited to the
                              changing market..

7                  Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32   www.insiders.ru
                              GM’s young energy

            GM stands for positive energy. The energy of youth, drive and innovation.
                            It’s romance, break-through and emotions.

              KEY MESSAGES:                                           TOOLS:

                                                      GM holds BTL and cross-marketing activities to
       GM is made up of young people,
                                                       promote the brands’ main advantages.
        reviving the automotive industry.
                                                       GM takes active part in the sporting events of cities
                                                       where it is present.
       GM is the rush you get from                   GM carries out programs aimed at boosting clients’
        enjoying life and owing a car.                 loyalty.
                                                      GM takes part in and initiates mass events in the
       GM is an energetic company.                    regions.

                                         Expected result:

              GM is top of mind for the majority of Russia’s population.

8                 Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32    www.insiders.ru
                        GM: a dialogue with workers

    Young, active, ambitious people work for GM. The company is willing to establish a
                          dialogue with these important people.

           KEY MESSAGES:                                    TOOLS:
                                           Training GM management to handle crisis situations. Work
        GM’s success is brought            with professional units to prevent conflicts.
         about by people, not              Forming a special agreement committee consisting of
         business units.                    representatives of the company’s management,
                                            professional unions and representatives of regulatory
        The company’s staff has no         organizations.
         concerns about their
                                           An effective system for interacting with workers, based on a
         future.                            dialog.
        The company provides              Managing change – creating a system of information
         opportunities for further          cascading for the workers.
         education, growth and             Internal communications: Intranet, corporate newspaper,
         career development.                leaflets and flyers.
                                           Conducting corporate events.
                                        Expected result:

          GM is perceived as an employer, who listens to and hears its
                 employees. It a place to work and develop in.
9                 Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32   www.insiders.ru
                             Developing the information field

Developing the information field: federal level
                           Generating news pretexts in line with the chosen positioning and securing press
Aim:                       coverage;
to help reach overall      Carrying out PR events to promote the GM brand;
business goals             Producing and distributing the basic media-materials (press-kit);
                           Daily work with leading journalists, stimulating interest to GM and its brands;
                           developing commenting activity by offering new topics and perspectives;
                           Getting the key messages through by securing presence in regular overviews,
                           articles and analytical materials;
                           Media monitoring and monthly press-clipping reports. Monthly analysis if the
                           information field.

Developing the information field: regional level

                          Collecting and generating news pretexts, building up a map of all potential pretexts
Aim:                      and strategically planning the regional PR activity;
to help manage the
information field in      Carrying out PR events to promote the GM brand;
the regions more          Working to maximize the effect of news pretexts, preparing news releases and
effectively               controlling coverage in the media;
                          Training regional PR managers to handle crisis situations most effectively.

   10                      Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9       (495) 221 74-32     www.insiders.ru
                                                The Team
     Person                                               Functions and duties                 % of

     Andrey Lapshov, INSIDERS president                   Overall supervision of the project   15%

     Maria Vorozhtsova, Head of Corporate and             Project implementation               90%
     Marketing Communication Department

     Marina Shepirova, account manager                    Managing the account                 100%

     Kate Sukhotina, Head of Event Department             Event marketing                      20 – 100%

     Artеm Lazaev, Head of Special Projects Department    Strategic analysis                   30 - 60%

     Aleksey Badyl, analyst                               Media monitoring and analysis        60%

     Svetlana Barsukova, copywriter                       Writing texts and all necessary      80%

     Sergey Avakyan-Rzhevsky, Head of Media Relations     Media Relations                      50%

     Elena Krupkina, media relations manager              Media Relations                      80%

11                   Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9    (495) 221 74-32      www.insiders.ru
                                          The energy of creating truth

        Tender assignment Opel Meriva

12   Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32        www.insiders.ru
                            Mega Meriva Promotion

     Task: introducing the renewed Opel Meriva.
     Date – April 2010
     Place – MEGA Shopping Centre (Chimki, Tyopliy Stan)
     Target audience – consumers, specifics – family-oriented people

     Branded Opel Meriva is set in a special place (if
         allowed – in the parking lot). The animator
         holds a contest – whoever manages to fit
         more things into Opel Meriva wins presents
         from MEGA and Opel! Customers find out
         about the event from fliers handed out in the
         shopping centre.
     12 cars are needed for the promotion. Things for
         the contest will be provided by MEGA. The
         contest is held once in an hour, for four

     Media: wide range of media – general interest,
       life style, on line, youth.

13                Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32   www.insiders.ru
                             Meriva – high standards
     Task: Attracting the attention of media and target audiences to the renewed
        Meriva model.

     Solution: Opel Meriva will become the first civil family car to successfully
        land, after being released form a flying plane. The event will be
        dedicated to the 65th anniversary of WWII Victory. Cameras will be
        installed and a stunt-pilot will be commenting the landing from inside the
        car. After the landing, technicians will free the car and the pilot will drive
        towards media representatives.

     Key message: On earth or in the sky – Opel Meriva sets the highest
        standards and has no equals in its class.
     Media: specialized, general interest, life style, on line, youth.

14                Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32   www.insiders.ru
        Moving to the country for the summer with the
                     help of Opel Meriva

        create an emotional tie: Meriva – family – rest and fun
        demonstrate the car’s capacity
      Date – April - May 2010
      Place – Moscow, Opel dealer centers
      Target audience – Opel customers (both actual and

     Solution: all potential clients who visit Opel centers in
        Moscow in April will be offered to fill out a survey and
        take part in the contest “Moving to the country with
        Opel Meriva”. Such a survey can also be filled out on
        Opel’s official web-site. The last question in the survey
        will be a creative task. A 100 most creative finalists will
        be chosen. The main prize will be an Opel Meriva for
        the weekend (May holidays) to move the things to the
        country house for the summer.

     Media: general interest, life style, on line

15                  Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32   www.insiders.ru
                     Week-end around the “Gold Ring”
     Task: establish an association of Opel Merica with holidays and travelin
      Date – May-June 2010
      Place– Moscow, the cities of the Gold Ring
      Target audience – potential Opel buyers, families
     Solution: The contest “Your journey with Meriva” will be announced on Opel’s official
         website and on dealers’ websites. Meriva owners will be asked to plan their trip
         around Russia’s famous Gold Ring. Those 9 who will suggest most interesting and
         detailed route descriptions will be the winners.
     10 cars will set out on the “journey”– 9 cars with the winners (probably with their families,
         children) and 1 wish supporting staff – a manager from Opel, a manager form
         Insiders, a mechanic and a guide.
      The duration of the tour – 4 days/3 nights, travelling distance – 2000 km. The group
         will set put from Moscow, stopping at the most picturesque places. The private guide
         will tell the participants about the architecture, monuments, monasteries and
         churches. The group will spend the nights in hotels along the way.
         Approximate route: Moscow – Sergiev-Posad – Pereslavl-Zalessky – Rostov –
         Yaroslavl – Kostroma – Suzdal – Vladimir – Moscow.
     Media: federal, on line, regional and travel

16                  Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32   www.insiders.ru
                                          The energy of creating truth

     Promotion of GM in the regions

17   Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32        www.insiders.ru
                 Sochi-2010: Olympic Eco Road-Show
     Modern technologies, a developed infrastructure and
     the ability to move fast around the globe are no doubt
     the achievement and merit of our civilization.
     But since recently, the humanity has started giving more
     thought to nature and ecology, the simple things that
     have led us to become what we are today. GM is going
     to clearly state and show the necessity of taking care of
     the world around us.

     Project description:
     GM will organize an eco-tour to the Imperetin Valley. It is
     well-known that the Valley has suffered greatly in the
     process of the city’s preparation for the Olympics – very
     rare box-trees were cut down because of the officials’
     and builders’ mistakes. GM is going to use Opel cars to
     bring and plant young box-trees and other rare types of
     trees in the Imperetin Valley.

     Media: federal and regional media, life style, youth and

18                 Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32   www.insiders.ru
                               Non-Olympic games
      GM is a company for young, active people that has a unique creative
     energy. It is essential for GM not only to make comfortable, eco-friendly
     cars, but also to pass on its energy to other people. For that purpose GM
     will in some cities carry out a unique project called non-Olympic games.
     This project will let drivers experience the real pleasure from state-
     of0the-art driving.
      Project description:
      Out-door activities for consumers, open for participation to all car-
      The participants will be able to take part in the following activities:
      Figure driving (like figure skating) (fast, thorough driving aimed at
     following the marking on the road )
      Parallel slalom (speed driving in winding lines)
      Trial (overcoming artificial obstacles)

      The event is mainly announced via internet (on the official website and in social media). A notice
     is published in the local media, controlled be the authorities.
      Posters, promoting the event, are hung in Universities and driving schools.
     To register as a participant, people need to send the registration form to the organizers via email.
      GM makes an arrangement with the city’s administration to hold a car holiday
      The administration provides a suitable area for the event
      All the preparation is made beforehand – obstacles are installed and roads are marked in a
     special way
      The judges are made up of GM representatives, driving instructors and automotive industry
     Media: regional, on-line, youth, specialized, life style

19                   Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32   www.insiders.ru
             State-of-art-cars in Russian cities
      GM is bringing about a new epoch in car production, the epoch is to be
     known as Renaissance of the automotive world. This epoch will be
     distinguished for its young fresh perspective on cars and the technologies of
     producing them, also on their exterior and “filling”. GM will demonstrate that
     making cars can be a real art.

     Project description:
     An out-door event for all those car owners who love and would love to
     show off their cars:
     In the course of the event the judges will choose:
     The best aerographic
     The most original tuning
     The most powerful sound system

     GM makes an arrangement with the city’s administration to hold a car
     holiday in the city’s central square
      The administration provides a suitable area for the event
      The judges are made up of GM representatives, designers and technitians

     Media: regional media, local specialized, design, life-style

20           Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32   www.insiders.ru
                                          The energy of creating truth

             PR suggestions for GM brands

21   Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32        www.insiders.ru
                Opel Astra in Russia’s most prominent
     Task: Attracting the attention of target audiences to the renewed model.
      Date – late April 2010
      Place– Moscow’s biggest Universities– MGU (MSU), RUDN (PFUR), MISiS

     Solution: The new Opel Astras are parked in special places near the Universities.
        Leaflets are spread among students notifying them of the cars main features,
        Opel center addresses and about the test-drives held on Universities’ grounds.
      The first test drive will be held on May 17 in Vorobyovi Hills near MSU.
        Everyone can sign p for the test-drive after showing their driving license.

     Media – specialized, general interest, life style, on line, youth.

                                       Similar promotions will be
                                       held in Universities in
                                       Russia’s big cities: St
                                       Petersburg (SPSU),
                                       Novosibirsk (NSU),
                                       Yekaterinburg ( USU),
                                       Rostov-on-Don (RSU)
                                       That means that all main
                                       regions will be covered.

22                Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9    (495) 221 74-32   www.insiders.ru
                  Press-tour: start of Opel Astra local
      Stimulating loyalty of the target audience (media) to the improved model of
        Opel Astra
      Increasing consumer demand
      Conveying the brand’s key messages (German quality,safety, dynamics)

        Media relations:
      Spreading news and press-releases about the new improved Opel Astra
      Notifying the journalists of the press-tour and inviting them to join in a creative
        Special events:
      Organizing a press-tour for key-media representatives to the GM factory news
        Saint-Petersburg (Shushary)

     Estimated result: the press tour will provide an opportunity to demonstrate to the
        media the innovative technologies used in the production of Opel Astra, to tell
        them in detain about the new standards and so on and as a result increase the
        level of trust of the target audience to the brand. In turn, the medias favorable
        disposition will be beneficial in stimulating the consumers’ interest. Besides, the
        press-tour will assist us in conveying not just the brand’s but the company’s key
        messages effectively (GM’s improved financial state). The press-tour is very
        likely to result in a sufficient number of positive publications.

23                 Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32   www.insiders.ru
                   Speed has a name – Opel Astra ST
     Task: To demonstrate the key features of Opel Astra Sports version . To
        highlight appeal of the car’s image to the youth.
      Date – late October 2010
      Place – Khodynskoe field
      Target audience – young people, students, young professionals
     Solution: A show/test-drive together with popular young celebrities (singer
        Timaty, reality-show star Victoria Lopyreva, etc ). As additional
        entertainment, street racing can be organized. Taking into consideration
        the date – announcements can be spread through on line media and in
        Universities. The event will no doubt attract many spectators (from the
        target audience) and as a result it will also attract the attention of the
        relevant media.
     Key message: Speed has a name – Astra ST.
        Media: on-line, life style, youth

24                Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32   www.insiders.ru
                  MIMS 2010: Beauty overcoming
     Creative concept:
     The main idea of the event is to demonstrate the upcoming
        epoch of Renaissance in the automotive industry after
        the global economic crisis. It is going to be a new era
        for the automotive market, a new rise of intellectual
        thought and innovative bold design. People are
        becoming Godlike in their ability to create perfection.
     Vision: young “Gods” with athletic bodies, glowing with
         energy and strength and symbolizing the time of
         Renaissance with its cult of perfect form and shape
     Solution: 4 young men, symbolizing famous ancient
        sculptures – Venus de Milo, David, Apollo, Hercules -
        standing on pedestals next to the GM stand. Each has
        a part of a car model. Every 15-20 minutes, music
        (lounge, ambient or music of prominent composers of
        that time) starts playing and they step down from their
        pedestals, put the model together and freeze for a
        couple of minutes, then go back to their places. The
        actions is repeated every 15-20 minutes.

25               Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32   www.insiders.ru
                Оpel Meriva on MIMS 2010

      Description: Opel Meriva is the perfect car,
       worthy of Olympic Gods
      Visualisation: Opel Meriva is set on columns
       about 2,5 meters above the ground. It is being
       held up by mighty Atlases statues. The bottom
       of the car is painted to represent a woman’s
       body. For example the body of Venus de Milo
       as a classic example of beauty and perfection.

26              Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32   www.insiders.ru
                       Grown up toy – Cadillac SRX
     Task: To introduce to the target audiences the renewed version of the car.
        Cadillac SRX is the master of the city and an expensive must-have toy in a
        worthy man’s collection.

     Solution: For the purpose of securing the image of the car as the master,
         conqueror of the city it is suggested to organize a road show along one of
         Moscow’s circle roads (Moscow Circle Road, the Boulevard Ring, the
         Garden Ring, another option – the Circle Road in St Petersburg)
     Traffic jams, traffic lights, curbs – nothing can stop that car. Expensive looking
         interior and functional advantages let us speak about the expensive “grown-
         up toy” status for successful young men. This idea can be further developed
         in using radio-controlled helicopters that will follow the cars during the road-
      Key message: A toy in your hands.
         Media: life-style, on-line, luxury

27                Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32   www.insiders.ru
            New Escalade Hybrid – a part of nature
     Task: To introduce the new Escalade Hybrid. Position the car as a nature-
        friendly beast, tamed by people
     Solution: A more eco-friendly version of one of the most brutal outlanders in the
        world can be introduces during an eco tour to one of the Russia's best wild-
        life preserves. Almost noiseless engine work combined with preserved
        might, will enable owners to enjoy nature without harming it, thanks to
        reduced emissions. To emphasize this image of a nature-conscious brand
        we suggest “adopting” and sponsoring a rare animal from the wild-life
        preserve. We believe an aurochs would be a good symbol and a mnemonic
        for this type of car. The aurochs would also receive a new name –

      Key message: A part of nature.

      Media: life style, on-line

28               Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32   www.insiders.ru
                                          The energy of creating truth

              Corporate events for GM staff

29   Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32        www.insiders.ru
                Event objectives and framework

      Organizing a corporate event
      increasing the workers’ motivation
      Establishing team spirit among the staff

      Guests: company workers together
     with their spouses and kids
      Number of guests – TBC
      Date – summer 2010

30            Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32   www.insiders.ru
              Rainbow Energy Day. Team Building

      GM is a young and energetic company, full of bright ideas and striving for
     perfection. People are the companies most treasured asset. They are active,
     creative, unique and very diverse. But only when they are together they form the
     perfect GM palette – the rainbow.

     Project description:
      An out-door event
      Participants are divided into teams. The goal of each team is to paint GM’s
     bright future.
     Each team gets a 1х1 meter canvas and brushes
      It’s not that simple – to get the paint to create with, the participants will have to
     go through a series of contests and teambuilding activities
      Each team will be supported by a professional artist
      In the end the best picture will be chosen and the victorious teams will get
     bright original creative presents.
      Later on the pictures will be connected into one the professional artists will
     paint a big GM logo across the. The logo will unite the pictures which will still be
     seen through.

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                                      The energy of creating truth

             Thank you for your time!

32   Москва, 1-й Волконский пер., дом 9   (495) 221 74-32        www.insiders.ru

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