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									                                                      TOWN OF WESTFORD
                                                  BOARD OF SELECTMEN
                                                         TOWN HALL
                                                         55 Main Street
                                                    WESTFORD, MA 01886
                                         Telephone (978) 692-5501 Fax (978) 399-2557

                               MEETING AGENDA
                            Tuesday, December 11, 2012
                       Town Hall, Meeting Room, 55 Main Street

  1. 7:00PM      Executive Session
                    Litigation status report from John Giorgio, Kopelman & Paige, P.C.
                        355 Littleton Road Realty Trust v.      Thomas, et al. v. Westford Board of
                         Westford Planning Board                  Selectmen, et al.
                        Graves Granite, Inc. v. Westford        Town of Westford v. Hawkeye
                         Conservation Commission                  Government Solutions, LLC
                                                                 Westford LC, LLC v. Westford Planning
                        Kitner v. Westford Board of Health
                                                                  Board, et al.
                        McLarney v. Westford Zoning             Westford Valley Marketplace, Inc. v.
                         Board of Appeals, et al.                 Westford Planning Board, et al.
                                                                 Westford Valley Marketplace, Inc. v.
                        McShea v. Town of Westford              Westford Planning Board, et al. Westford
                        Merrill, et al. v. Town of Westford,    Marketplace, Inc. v. Westford Planning
                         et al                                   Board, et al.
                        Newport Materials, LLC, et al. v.       Winchester, et al v. Town of Westford, et
                         Planning Board of Westford, et al.       al.
                                                                 Wright, et al v. Westford Zoning Board of
                        Petition of Scott and Alison Ludwig
                                                                  Appeals, et al.

  2. 7:30PM      Call to Order
  3. 7:31PM      Pledge of Allegiance
  4. 7:32PM      Open Forum/FAQ/Announcements
                       Announce the Winter Westford Reads Initiative on the Civil War at
                       the J.V. Fletcher Library from January through April 2013 – Ellen
                       Rainville, Library Director
  5. 7:35PM       Public Hearing – Request for All Alcohol Restaurant License
                        Evviva Cucina – Attorney Beth Ahern
                        7 Cornerstone Square

  6. 7:40PM      Request for Change of Manager – All Alcohol Club License
                       Stony Brook Fish & Game - Doug Keele, Jr.
                       128 Lowell Rd

BoS Agenda 12/11/12                                                                           Page 1
  7. 7:45PM      Requests for Common Victualler’s
                    1) Market Basket – David Daigle, General Manager
                       6A Cornerstone Square
                    2) Evviva Cucina - Attorney Beth Ahern
                       7 Cornerstone Square
                       (opening March 2013)

  8. 7:50PM      Sign Request
                    1) Printing Solutions – Donnie Lagassee
                       6 Carlisle Rd
                    2) Elmore Patent Law Group – (not attending)
                       484 Groton Rd
                    3) Achieve Taekwondo – (not attending)
                       364 Littleton Rd

  9. 7:55PM      Selectmen Vote Their Intention to Lay Out a Town Way, Refer
                 the Matter to Planning Board for a Non-Binding Recommendation – Paul
                 Starratt, Town Engineer
                         Misty Lane
                         Rolling Meadows Lane
  10. 8:00PM     Update on the Affordable Housing Committee Progress Regarding the
                 Edwards Parcel – Paul Culley, Chairman, Affordable Housing Committee

  11. 8:20PM     Request to Construct a New Center Fire Station – Fire Chief Rich Rochon,
                 Permanent Town Building Committee

  12. 8:45PM     Request to Support Facilities Condition Assessment Study – Jodi Ross,
                 Town Manager & John Mangiarati, Assistant Town Manager

  13. 8:55PM     Review Issues or Concerns on Farmer’s Market – Pat Savage, Parks &
                 Recreation Commission, Rich Rochon, Fire Chief & Tom McEnaney, Police
  14. 9:00PM     Consent Agenda
                 Street Closure Request
                         United Methodist Church – David Welsh (not attending)
                         #6 Church Street to #10 Church Street
                         Sunday, December 23, 2012
                         5:00pm – 9:00pm

  15. 9:05PM     Old/New Business
                    1) Vote to renew Board of Selectmen annual licenses
                    2) Vote to open March 23, 2013 Annual Town Meeting Warrant
                    3) Request to approve BoS 2013 meeting schedule

BoS Agenda 12/11/12                                                              Page 2
                      4) Request from Planning Board to spend $10K from Sidewalk Fund for
                         legal work on easements to allow Princeton Properties to construct
                      5) Request to appoint Joan Bennett to the Personnel Advisory Committee
  16. 9:15PM     Minutes for Approval
                 For Release:
                    1) October 3, 201 – Regular Session
                    2) October 9, 2012 – Regular Session
                    3) October 15, 2012 – Special Town Meeting
                    4) October 23, 2012 – Regular Session
                    5) November 13, 2012 – Regular Session
                    6) November 27, 2012 – Regular Session
                 Not For Release:
                    7) October 9, 2012 – Executive Session
                    8) October 23, 2012 – Executive Session
                    9) November 13, 2013 – Executive Session

  17. 9:20PM     Board Reports/Updates
                    1) Request from Public Works Initiative Committee to appoint Judith
                       Culver as the School Committee representative (replacing Arthur
                       Benoit) and appoint Terry Ryan as the School Committee alternate
                    2) Request comments on Drop Box Adhoc Committee policy

  18. 9:30PM     Town Manager’s Report
                   1) Request to approve Westford Information Security Policy (WISP) –
                      Mike Wells, IT Director
                   2) Request to authorize National Park Service application related to new
                      Parker Village fire station – John Mangiaratti, Assistant Town
                   3) Update on 12 No Main Street

  19. 9:40PM     Correspondence
  20. 9:45PM     Adjournment

BoS Agenda 12/11/12                                                               Page 3
                                      Board of Selectmen
                                      December 11, 2012

Incoming Correspondence:
(Listed by date sent/date received)
19.01          11/21/12        MassDOT - National Bridge Inspection Standards – Underwater
                               Bridge Inspection – Beaver Bk Rd
19.02          11/28/12        Planning Board Notice of Decision – SPR - 4 Makepeace Rd
19.03          11/28/12        Planning Board Notice of Decision – Stormwater Management
19.04          11/27/12        Stantec – Groundwater Monitoring – Former Westford Landfill:
                               Reporting Year 2012
19.05          11/27/12        Friends of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Fall Newsletter

  If any member of the public wishing to attend this meeting seeks special accommodations in
              accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact
          Tina Landry 978-692-5501 extension 1 or email to
BoS Agenda 12/11/12                                                                    Page 4

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