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Everything you need to know about Excellerate Check

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					  Excellerate Check-In System
  Streamline your check-in process. Track attendance. Feel confident.

  Thanks for your interest in Excellerate Check-In! Here’s everything you need to know:

            Features
            Video Tours
            Pricing & Hardware

  If you have any questions, give us a call: 888-371-6878

  A few quick notes:

     -   Can be used stand-alone, or integrated with our Church Management System

     -   Not web-based, so your check-in system won’t grind to a halt if there’s an internet problem

     -   Even works in remote facilities without a network

     -   Super-reliable hardware

     -   No monthly fees!

  Quick video tour:

  Extended video tour:

  From our customers:

     “My kids man the [check-in] stations…. Your system is easy enough for my 10 year olds to manage.
     I love keeping them involved directly in the ministry.”

     “It is such a pleasure to work with a company that cares about what happens to you after you
     purchase the product. Great relationship building skills were shown here. Thank you, Excellerate!”

     “Your product has been such a blessing to me and my staff. The intuitive software and user interface
     is so easy… most of my staff can self teach themselves… Your support has been OUTSTANDING!”

     “The program is GREAT!!!!!! So fast, easy and user-friendly. Thanks again.”

Excellerate Church Management Software                                   888-371-6878
                                                  Excellerate Check-In System
                                                  Streamline your check-in process. Track attendance. Feel confident.

                                                  It’s time to take your check-in process to the next level. Put away the
                                                  clipboards, paper attendance forms and all the aggravation that goes along
                                                  with them.

                                                  Excellerate’s Check-In System streamlines the whole process, eliminates the
                                                  paperwork, and increases security.


     No more waiting to check in                   Child Check-In
                                                    In just a few seconds, parents can check in their children, receive name
     Ultra-streamlined express mode                badges and security receipts, and attendance is automatically recorded.

     Automatically tracks attendance               Volunteer Check-in
                                                    Volunteers can check in as they arrive and receive name badges.
     Confidence with secure check-out              You can quickly see who’s checked in that day.

     Verification screen for youth service         Event Check-in
                                                    Use the check-in system for events, youth services, or any type of
     Completely customizable                       meeting where you want to track attendance.


  Express mode allows parents to simply scan a barcode key tag, and the child's name badge and receipt are printed
  immediately. This mode is extremely quick and simple, and the only equipment visible at the check-in station is the scanner
  and the printer. In this mode, check-in can be performed without any assistance from attendants.

  Touch-screen mode allows parents to check in using a touch screen to search using their last name or the last four digits
  of their phone number. Once the family is displayed on the screen, parents simply select the children to be checked in. This
  mode can run un-assisted as well.

  Attendant mode allows a volunteer attendant to perform the check-in. No special hardware is needed because the
  attendant can just ask the parents for their name or phone number to quickly look them up and check them in.

     Name badges can be completely customized to show the
      information you want, including any special needs, allergies or

     Works with remote facilities - Excellerate check-in can be run
      "offline". Attendance is stored on a portable USB stick and
      synchronized with the main database later at the office.

     Ensure the safety of your children - When checking in, a unique
      security number is printed on the name badge and security receipt.
      This receipt must be presented when picking up the child and
      matched up with the child’s name badge to ensure a secure pickup.

     Setup self-check-in kiosks – Use a touchscreen and a barcode
      scanner together. Parents can easily check-in their kids themselves.
      If they don’t have their barcode with them, they can use the touch-

     Pricing – see all of our prices and options on our website.

Excellerate Church Management Software                                           888-371-6878
  Excellerate Check-In System
  Streamline your check-in process. Track attendance. Feel confident.

  Check-In Software (Stand-alone version)

  Check-in   for   100 members              CH100                               $467.50
  Check-in   for   250 members              CH250                               $542.50
  Check-in   for   500 members              CH500                               $667.50
  Check-in   for   1,000 members            CH1000                              $817.50
  Check-in   for   2,000 members            CH2000                              $967.50
  Check-in   for   3,000 members            CH3000                             $1117.50
  Check-in   for   4,000 members            CH4000                             $1267.50
  Check-in   for   5,000 members            CH5000                             $1417.50
  Check-in   for   7,500 members            CH7500                             $1717.50
  Check-in   for   10,000 members           CH10000                            $2017.50
  Check-in   for   UNLIMITED members        CHUNLIM                            $2317.50

  Check-In Software add-on (if you already have Excellerate Management Software)

  Excellerate Check-In Module add-on for Excellerate                            $395.00

  Hardware options

                                       Barcode hardware package for one station
                                        1 Barcode scanner, 1 Label printer,
                                        2 rolls name badges, 1 box 500 key-tags              $473.00

                                        Additional stations (minus key-tags)                 $334.00

                                       Touch-screen hardware package for one station
                                        1 Touch-screen, 1 Label printer,
                                        2 rolls name badges                                   $660.00

  All pricing options, including our Church Management Software can be found online:

Excellerate Church Management Software                        888-371-6878

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