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									Friday, May 01, 2009
ORGANISATION 02 / Conservation Foundation It's Your Community (UK) Abbey Charitable Trust - (Education) Adventure Capital Fund (England) Adventure Capital Fund Business Development Grant Scheme WEBSITE www.itsyourcommunity.co.uk www.abbeynational.com www.adventurecapitalfund.org.uk www.adventurecapitalfund.org.uk/content/view/23/36/ FUNDING Grants between £100 to £1000 for environment improvements. Education, disadvantaged communities Community Organisations, refugees or disadvantaged young people etc. To support community enterprises in their early stages of development To fund activities for the elderly (ie day clubs) For services for older people For projects that deal with alcohol issues. Funds voluntary projects Funds not for profit organisations that help people that face hostility. Supports Christian Charities cocerned with social inclusion, particularly through ministries of healing and the arts. A loan up to £2000 to purchase a musical instrument. The loan is paid back over 9 months. Promotion of creative opportunities for young people, art organisations, art in the communities, international activities, diversity and performance and productivity. Partnership between universities and VCS, RC or business. Sport, heritage and community activities, environment projects, education, health and community. To aid research into learning disability and those affected. CLOSING DEADLINE 20th of each month. No deadlines, you get a reply within 8 weeks No deadlines No deadlines. Decision within 4 weeks of receiving application. Deadline is July every year. Deadlines are 27 September, 25 October and 29 November Awards are 3 times a year. No deadlines Deadlines throughout year. 28 Feb & 31 Aug each year. No deadlines It takes 6 weeks for a decision for a grant less than £5000 and 12 weeks for a grant over £5000. No deadlines Groups can make one application anytime. Deadlines = 1 May or 1 October. Deadlines are quarterly.

Age Concern Age Concern - Bright Ideas Alcohol Education and Research Fund Alec Dickson Trust Allen Lane Foundation Anchor Foundation Arts Council England - Take it Away (UK) Arts Council New Funding Priorities

www.ageconcern.org.uk www.ageconcern.org.uk/AgeConcern/grants_voluntary_organisations.asp www.aerc.org.uk/grants.htm http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/alecdicksontrust/index.htm www.allenlane.org.uk/priorities.htm www.theanchorfoundation.org.uk www.artscouncil.org.uk/takeitaway/index.php www.artscouncil.org.uk/

Arts and Humanities research Council - Knowledge Catalyst Scheme (UK) Awards for All (North East) Baily Thomas Charitable Fund Barclays Stockbrokers Charitable Trust

www.ahrc.ac.uk/ www.awardsforall.org.uk www.bailythomas.org.uk

Barrow Cadbury Trust Big Lottery Fund - Family Learning Bromley Trust CAFOD Development Education Grant Charles Hayward Foundation Charities Aid Foundation - Venturesome (UK) Charity Bank Children's Foundation - Research Support Programme Church Urban Fund - Mustard Seed Programme CLA Charitable Trust Coalfields Enterprise Fund Comic Relief (Older People) Comic Relief - Disadvantaged communities grants programme Comic Relief - Refugees and Asylum Seekers. Comic Relief - Small Grants for User-Led Mental Health Groups Commonwealth Foundation Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council - grants for exchange visits.

no website Write to Miss M Y Bertenshaw, Trust Officer, Barclays Bank Trust Co. Funds poverty, physical and mental disability, older people, Ill health, Ltd., Osbourne Court, Gadbrook Park, Rudheath, Northwich, Cheshire, CW9 7UE. Children, Family and Social Welfare, Education and Training, Blind and deaf. www.bctrust.org.uk/main.htm Crime www.biglottery.org.uk Helps parents understand how children learn and helps families learn together.Promotes family learning opportunities www.thebromleytrust.org.uk Human Rights, Prison Reform, Conservation and Sustainability www.cafod.org.uk/resources/how to/get funding Supports groups involved in global justice education. www.charleshaywardfoundation.org.uk/ www.cafonline.org/ www.charitybank.org www.thechildrensfoundation.co.uk/ www.cuf.org.uk www.clacharitabletrust.org.uk/ www.communities.gov.uk/index.asp?id=1127992 www.comicrelief.com www.comicrelief.com www.comicrelief.com www.comicrelief.com www.commonwealthfoundation.com www.cyec.org.uk Community Projects Loans and investment support that fill the gap between grants and bank loans. Gives loans to charity and community enterprises Promotes health and well being of children Grants to community groups, usually linked to churches and faithbased activity. To help disabled and disadvantaged children take part in country activities. Investment in coalfield areas 1) To help the elderly remain in control of their lives. = large grants 2) To tackle isolation and loneliness small grants. To tackle economic depravation. 1) Supporting Vulnerable Women, 2) Building Community Links For people with Mental Health Problems Groups for short training courses, workshops, seminars etc. Grant funding for youth work and exchange links between the UK and Commonwealth nations.

29 August 2008 No deadlines. -£3000 no deadline B24 No deadlines No deadlines. No deadline given. March, July & Nov No deadlines No deadline given. Fund is to operate for 10yrs. lgrants under £5000 no deadline Small grants under £5000 no deadline. grants under £5000 no deadline grants under £5000 no deadline Quarterly Autumn for exchanges in the following summer.

Community Action for Energy - Travel Bursaries (UK) Community Foundation - Four Acres Trust Community Foundation - Local Action on Global Issues Community Foundation - Men's Health Small grants scheme Community Foundation - Ringtons Fund

www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/café/funding/bursaries/ www.communityfoundation.org.uk/fund.php?fund=youthbank www.communityfoundation.org.uk www.communityfoundation.org.uk www.communityfoundation.org.uk

For café community members to visit each other. Expenses up to £200. charities for children and young people environment Promotes men's health Supports organisations that work with families, women, elderly people and disabled people. Increase sport for those of social isolation, improve confidence and self-esteem through sport. Free website creation for erither a UK registered charity, a non-profi making organisation and a volunteer-led group or organisation. Youth Awards of £1000 to carry out environmental projects.

One application per financial year. no deadline given no deadlines no deadlines No deadlines but applications are considered every 6 months. no deadlines No deadline

Community Foundation - Sport Relief (UK) Community Website Builder (UK)

www.communityfoundation.org.uk www.communitykit.co.uk

Community Foundation - Youth Conservation Foundation - It's Your Community Awards (UK) Co-op Dividend Scheme Council for British Archaeology - Challenge Funding Cranfield Trust CRASH (UK) CTX Programme Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation - Small Grants (UK) Department for Children, Schools and Families: Wellbeing for Children and Families programme (UK) Department for Communities and Local Government Department for Education and Skills (DfES): Local Network Fund for Children and Young People (Tyne & Wear and Northumberland) Department of Transport

www.communityfoundation.org.uk/fund.php?fund=youthbank www.conservationfoundation.co.uk/ActLocalAwards.php www.co-op.co.uk/communitydividend/ www.britarch.ac.uk/cba/awards/challengefunding.html www.cranfieldtrust.f2s.com www.crash.org.uk www.ctxchange.org www.theworkcontinues.org www.dcsf.gov.uk/pns/DisplayPN.cgi?pn_id=2007_0134

Monthly apps looked at 20thth each month except Aug & Dec. Groups involved in Relieving poverty, Improving education and other No deadline community projects. Grants to encourage independent voluntary effort in archaeological No deadlines research. Free advice to charities involved in issues of poverty, disability or No deadlines for advice. social exclusion. Supports homelessness charities No deadlines Allows UK charities to request Microsoft & Cisco product donations. No deadlines No deadlines To promote links between UK and Japan. For projects to support the wellbeing of children and families across This is a 3 year programme the country. For children to have a safe and happy childhood. starting July 2007. To promote community cohesion and equality, responsibility for housing, urban regeneration, planning and local government. Grants for groups and organisations that work with young people. Road Safety no deadline given No deadline given Grants less than £5000 = no deadline, Grants above £5000 = 1 Feb each year Committee meets five times a year. No deadlines. Applications take 4 - 6 weeks to process. Trustees meet in February, May, July and October.

www.communities.gov.uk www.everychildmatters.gov.uk/strategy/localnetworkfund/ www.dft.gov.uk/roadsafety/grants

Drapers Charitable Fund DSG International plc - Switched On Communities programme (UK) Dulverton Trust (England, Scotland and Wales)

www.thedrapers.co.uk/Charities www.dsgiplc.com www.dulverton.org/application.htm

Disadvantaged and socially excluded in the community. Grants up to £500 for projects involved in either Regeneration or Education and Social Inclusion The trust supports uk charities and organisations with charitable status. Priorities are youth and education, general welfare, conservation, reigion, preservation, peace and security and Africa. Grants up to 30,000 for sustainable energy projects. Projects that improve local peoples way of life ie children and young people, vulnerable people, environment, education and health. Promotes learning with a European dimension. Promote transnational mobility of people in the culture sector, encourage transnational culture and art products, encourage interculture dialogue. To help children with disabilities in the North East. To create "Community Champions" through training to make community groups become more cleaner, greener and fairer. Loans or funds into NE companies with high growth potential.

E.ON Source fund Esh Charitable Trust

www.eon-uk.com/source.aspx www.eshcharitabletrust.org.uk/

3 deadlines per year. no deadlines, awards are quarterly Jan 2007 - Dec 2013. with 5 deadlines per year. No deadline given

European Commission - Youth in Action 2007-2013 (UK / Europe) European Union: Culture 2007 Programme

www.britishcouncil.org/connectyouth.htm www.culture2007.info/

Evening Chronicle Sunshine Fund Every Action Counts - Community Champions

www.communityfoundation.org.uk/fund.php?fund=ec.sunshine www.everyactioncounts.org.uk

Evolve Mezzanine / NEL Growth Funds


First Light Movies - Pilot Awards First Light Movies - What's the Big Idea? Award Football Foundation Foundation for the Sport and the Arts

www.firstlightmovies.com www.firstlightmovies.com www.footballfoundation.org.uk/ www.thefsa.net

Upto £5000 for first-time filmmakers. Upto £1000 to benefit young filmmakers Promote healthy and active lifestyles To encourage active participation of young people in the sport and arts.

meetings every 8 weeks Training is at Manchester on October and Leeds in November. No deadlines. There is an interactive process that takes 3 months. No deadline No deadline No deadline No deadline given. Depends on no. of applicants and funds.

Foyle Foundation (UK) Garfield Weston Foundation Goodfund - Poscode Lottery North East

www.foylefoundation.org.uk www.garfieldweston.org/ www.goodfund.org

Grants between £10,000 to £50,000 covering an area of either 1) No deadlines. Learning, 2) Arts or 3) Health. No deadlines Community projects Goodfund supports charities of children's wellbeing, conservation of Awards are monthly nature and the environment, poverty relief and regional development. Offers free advertising on google website for charities. Groups with charitable objectives Relief of poverty, disability, medicine, the arts, heritage, the church and elderly people. A homeless charity for Rough Sleepers, Travellers, Squatters, Refugees and Asylum Seekers and Residents of hostels and B&Bs. No deadline Awards are quarterly Deadlines are quarterly. 15 Jan, 15 April, 15 July and 15 October.

Google Grants (UK) Greggs Trust Grocers' Charity Groundswell - Small Grant Award Scheme (UK) Gulbenkian Foundation

www.google.co.uk/grants/ www.greggstrust.org.uk www.grocershall.co.uk/charity.html www.groundswell.org.uk www.gulbenkian.org.uk

1 Older people, Environmental Issues, Financial Inclusion, 2) Arts in Deadlines are March, July and Public Places and Science, 2) Education for inter faith youth projects. November. To help Gypsies in public relations, health, basic education etc. General Charitable Purposes Holidays for disadvantaged children. Grants within two priorities :- 1) Money advice and financial literacy, 2) Developing and improving local communities. Reasearch grants that deal with heart health. Supports activities for young people or disabled people. Provides grants for community groups and projects working with older people to buy vehicles, scooters and mobility equipment. Funds some community foundation projects Projects of nature conservsation, historic buildings, museum collections, archive collections, spoken history records, cultural traditions and objects or sites of historic interest. For a portfolio of projects that provide a package of benefits to the area. For projects that involve 13 - 20 year olds learn about their hertitage and help develop skills. Community heritage projects. Natural landscape, conserving historic buildings, places and objects, involving people in local cultures. Youth education ie equipment. Health ie support for treatment People on the edges of society No deadlines No deadlines Apps are available each September. No deadlines. app window = 1July-31Aug for Nov and 1Jan-28Feb for May 6 deadlines per year Deadlines are quarterly. No deadlines. No deadlines

Gypsy and Traveller DIY Fund Hammonds Charitable Trust Harvest Trust Holidays for Children 2007 HBOS Foundation - Community Action Programme (UK) Heart Research UK - Healthy Heart Grants (UK) Hedley Foundation (UK) Help the Aged - SeniorMobility (UK) Henry Smith Charity Heritage Lottery Fund - Heritage Grants

www.travellersaidtrust.org www.hammonds.com www.harvesttrust.com www.hbosfoundation.org/ www.heartresearch.org.uk www.hedleyfoundation.org.uk www.helptheaged.org.uk/ www.henrysmithcharity.org.uk www.hlf.org.uk/

Heritage Lottery Fund - Landscape Partnership Heritage Lottery Fund - Young Roots Heritage Lottery Fund - Your Heritage

www.hlf.org.uk/ www.hlf.org.uk/ www.hlf.org.uk/English/HowToApply/OurGrantGivingProgrammes/YourHeritage/

Deadlines are 1 April and 1 October each year. No deadline No deadlines.

Hilton in the Community Foundation Hospital of God at Greatham (North East) ICT Hub - ICT Connect Bursaries (UK) In Kind Direct Interreg North Sea Regions Programme (UK) iT4Communities (UK) It's Your Community JamesTudor Foundation Jephcott Charitable Trust (UK) Joanies Trust J Paul Getty Jnr Charitable Trust (UK) Keepmoat Foundation - Keepmoat Fund Kellogg's - Active Living Fund (UK) KPMG Foundation

www.hilton-foundation.org.uk www.hospitalofgod.org.uk www.icthub.org.uk/ www.inkinddirect.org www.interregnorthsea.org/index.asp?id=120 www.it4communities.org.uk/ www.conservationfoundation.co.uk/ActLocalAwards.php www.jamestudor.org.uk www.jephcottcharitabletrust.org.uk www.joaniestrust.org.uk www.jpgettytrust.org.uk www.communityfoundation.org.uk www.kelloggs.co.uk/company/corporateresponsibility/activelivingfund/ www.kpmg.co.uk/about/foundation/index.cfm

Listed Places of Worship and Memorials VAT Grant Schemes Musicians Benevolent Fund Nationwide Foundation (UK) National Sports Foundation (England) Natursave Trust (UK)

www.culture.gov.uk/global/press_notices/archive_2006/dcms041_06.htm www.mbf.org.uk www.nationwidefoundation.org.uk www.nationalsportsfoundation.org www.naturesave.co.uk

No deadlines Awards made January, May and September. Burseries up to £150 for travel and subsistence expenses for an ICT No deadlines. visit. No deadline discount on goods ie office equipment to charities To run 2007 - 2013 Tackle common problems in the North Sea region No deadlines You receive an IT volunteer to help with IT. Awards given monthly Environmental Projects No deadlines For the relief of sickness Grants covering the areas of 1) Population control, 2) Environment, Deadlines are in April and 3) Education, 4) Health October. No deadlines For registered charities that support people beween 11 - 25. Funds projects which help relieve proverty and misery. Grants are no deadlines, awards are usually between £5,000 and £15,000. quarterly Community Regeneration No deadlines To encourage people to get involved in physical activity. Deadlines are monthly. To support Refugees, Young Offenders, Children and young people Trustees meet once a year and who have been in care, and Children and young people with dyslexia assess all applications. or literacy difficulties. 2011 Returns VAT on repairs to places of worship Awards to organisations that give specialist training for young Deadline are quarterly. musicians. To help victims by domestic violence, to help prisoners families and No deadlines to support the rehabilitation of young offenders. No closing date Promoting Sport Environmental Conservation Projects No deadlines

New Entrepreneaur Scholarship Programme (England) Northern Rock Foundation

www.nesprogramme.org/index.htm www.nr-foundation.org.uk

Northern Rock Foundation - Better Buildings programme


Nuffield Foundation


One NorthEast - Selective Finance for Investment in England (NE) Paul Hamlyn Foundation - Education and Learning Open Grants Scheme (UK) Pilgrim Trust Prince's Trust Rayne Foundation Rothley Trust Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation

www.onenortheast.co.uk/page/business/finance/sfi.cfm www.phf.org.uk www.thepilgrimtrust.org.uk/ www.princes-trust.org.uk www.raynefoundation.org.uk no website:- email address = mail@rothleytrust.co.uk www.rufford.org

People in disadvantaged areas that want to set up their own business. Programmes = Money & Jobs, Independence & Choice, Strong & Healthy Communities, Building Positive Lives, Safety & Justice, Culture & Heritage, Better Buildings. Supports projects and facilities for 1) arts, heritage, sports and environment, 2) community facilities in disadvantaged urban and isolated areas, 3) better woeking environments for voluntary or community organisations. Research and Practical Projects for improvements in society. Three main areas are Child Protection and Family Justice, Access to Justice and older People and their Families. For companies to safeguard employment, expansion or relocation. Projects concerned with Supplementary schooling and tackiling school exclusion and truancy. historic buildings, conservation, education, churches, alcohol misuse and prison projects. Grants for group projects or jobs and training. Supporting projects in arts, education, health/medicine and social welfare and development. Children, Community, Education, Disability, Medical, Ex-Services, world In Need appeals. Grants to UK registered charities that work either Nature conservation, health and medicine, social welfare initiatives or work that relieves poverty overseas. Improve poor community neighbourhoods Accommodation for women and children, Energy efficiency & Research into effects of fuel poverty on health. To individuals in need, hardship and distress. To organisations who work with disadvantaged groups. Supports religious, social, educational and medical projects. To improve the conditions of people of Tyne & Wear

No deadlines. grant less than £20,000 = 24months. Grant over £20,000 = 6 months. No deadlines.

Trustees meet in March, July and November. Decision in 30 days. No deadlines Quarterly Group projects=end of month Jobs and training = quarterly. No deadlines Decisions = February, May, August and November. No deadlines

Safer and Stronger Communities Fund ScottishPower Energy People Trust Sherburn House Charity - Relief In Need Sherburn House Charity - Major Grants Sir Halley Stewart Trust Sir James Knott Trust

www.crimereduction.gov.uk/funding07.htm www.accessnorthglasgow.co.uk/Default.aspx.LocID-0ionew0fw.RefLocIDoio002.Lang-EN.htm www.sherburnhouse.org www.sherburnhouse.org www.sirhalleystewart.org www.knott-trust.co.uk

Deadlines are quarterly. No deadlines. No deadlines. No deadlines. Committee meets 3 times a year for grants over £1000. Grants less than £1000 can be processed in 1 month. No deadlines.

Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust - Smaller Donation Programme (UK) SITA Trust - Enhancing Communities

www.julesthorntrust.org.uk www.sitatrust.org.uk

Grants between £200 and £750 for humanitarian causes.

SITA Trust - Enriching Nature Programme SITA Trust - Large grants Scheme Sportsmatch Steel Charitable Trust (UK) Sunderland Housing Group - Aspire Sutton Trust Switched On Communities Torch Trophy Trust Toy Trust (UK) Travellers Aid Trust - Violet Clegg Fund (UK) Trusthouse Charitable Foundation

www.sitatrust.org.uk/apply/nature/nature_application www.sitatrust.org.uk/apply www.sportsmatch.co.uk www.steelcharitabletrust.org.uk www.sunderlandhousinggroup.co.uk www.suttontrust.com/funding.asp www.dsgiplc.com www.torchtrophytrust.org/bursaries.htm www.btha.co.uk/about_us/toy_trust.php www.travellersaidtrust.org/grants.html#smallgrants www.trusthousecharitablefoundation.org.uk

For projects that make physical improvements to community facilities, Small grants upto £10,000 sport projects and historic buildings or structures. deadlines are every 6 weeks. Large grants upto £50,000 deadlines are quarterly. Funds Wildlife Projects 25 June 2008. Physical improvements to community. Sport & building structure. Committee meets quarterly. A government funded scheme that funds grass root community sport. Committee meets eight times a year. Grants to registered charities. Priorities are health, social services No deadlines. and the environment. No deadlines Community Projects No deadlines Provides educational opportunies for unprivileged children. Community Projects around DSG international sites. launched June 2006, a 3yr investment programme. Bursaries for coaches or officials in sports that want to inmprove their Grants are limited skills. To help disadvantaged children up to 13 years old & families No deadlines. To benefit gypsies and Travellers experiencing hardship. No deadlines. The trust has three priorities of Health Care & Disability, Community February, May, September and Support and Education and the Arts November. No deadlines. You will get reply within two months. Conservation & Welfare of Farmed Animals No deadline for 1st stage. Community projects A monthly award to reward people making an impact on society. You Awards are monthly. can award nominate yourself for an award. No deadlines Refugees are encouraged to help the communities

Tubney Charitable Trust Tudor Trust UnLtd - Because Awards (UK) UnLtd - Refugee Integration Awards Scheme (RISE)

www.tubney.org.uk www.tudortrust.org.uk www.bebo.com www.unltd.org.uk/template.php?ID=55&PageName=newsandeventscont

UnLtd - RISE: Refugee initiative for Social Entrepreneurs (England) UshopUcare Veolia Environmental Trust (UK) Weather Lottery Y Speak Consultation Fund

www.unltd.org.uk www.ushopucare.co.uk www.onyxenvtrust.org www.theweatherlottery.com www.changemakers.org.uk/aboutcm/who/news.php-yspeak.news

To improve refugee communities This shopping website offers 25% charity cashback. Max award £150,000 for environmental projects. Percentage of cost goes to sporting clubs, schools, charities and societies. You must also pay a admin fee. Children and Youth

deadline is autumn You can sign on online now. No deadlines No deadline given to play. No deadlines, 10 award rounds per year.

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