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									A Booklet to Assist You in Your Wedding Preparations
Trinity Lutheran Church Victorville, California (760) 245-3225 office@tlcvv.org = Church Office prspiel@tlcvv.org = Dr. Spielman

Congratulations! We hope that this booklet will answer many of your questions about getting married at Trinity Lutheran Church. Take time to read through it - and then feel free to seek clarifications about your own situation from our Office Coordinator, our Wedding Hostess and / or our pastoral staff.
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A wedding is, first of all, a worship service. The spoken language and music combine to express the faith of the bride and groom and the greater Christian community which is the Church. As Christians, we worship a God who seeks to bless a man and a woman together in marriage. Recognizing this as you plan your ceremony will give you a clearer vision of what your wedding service should be. The wedding service is a reflection of the relationship of the bride and groom to their Lord. As such it should not become a display or production to impress friends or to conform to social conventions. On the other hand, a wedding is a celebration, and alienating friends or family through unacceptable procedures will only mar the occasion. As you prepare to become husband and wife, may God bless your preparations, your wedding, and the life-long commitment you are making to one another.

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THE WEDDING LICENSE Since weddings are regulated by state, you must secure your license in California. The license must be brought to the church office not less than 24 hours prior to your wedding. No wedding can proceed without the license.

1. OFFICIANTS Normally, a pastor of our congregation is the officiant at all weddings held at Trinity. If you would like other clergy to participate in your wedding, it should be discussed with a pastor at Trinity before any arrangements are made. If the Trinity Pastor participates with another pastor, the Trinity Sr. Pastor is the presiding minister - no exceptions. SETTING THE DATE Contact the church office coordinator to have your wedding date and time placed on the church calendar. It is well to have an alternative date and time in mind in case the church is in use. It is important that you indicate the time of the wedding and if the reception will be held in our fellowship hall. A $100.00 nonrefundable deposit, which is deducted from the charges incurred at the church, will hold your date. The registration form is also required. PREMARITAL ORIENTATION It is your responsibility to make an appointment for premarital orientation with the pastor at least three months in advance of your wedding date. The orientation meeting serves many important functions: < It provides an opportunity for you and the pastor to get acquainted; < Your wedding date will be re-confirmed; < It is a time to discuss the wedding service; < Questions and concerns may be shared;


The Wedding Information form will be reviewed; < Additional meetings with the pastor will be scheduled; During your orientation session the pastor will explain the premarital counseling program which is required of every couple.

RICE / CONFETTI We ask that no rice or confetti be thrown inside or outside of the church building. Birdseed - thrown outside - is permitted. Also, please do not use metallic confetti on tabletops. RECEPTIONS You are invited to consider having your reception at Trinity. Our fellowship hall is available for receptions and can accommodate up to 100 people sitting comfortably. Maximum standing capacity is 200 people. Since kitchen facilities are quite limited, receptions held at Trinity must be catered. FEE SCHEDULE Note: Fees and expenses (like soloists and instrumentalists secured by couple, and all food and decorations for receptions) are the direct responsibility of the bridal couple. All fees must be paid in full 30 days in

To Reserve a Wedding Date A $100.00 non refundable deposit is required for the date to be reserved on the church’s and pastor’s calendar along with the registration form.

REHEARSALS Rehearsal times are arranged with the wedding Hostess and normally are scheduled the day before the wedding and last approximately one hour. The complete wedding party including ushers, parents, and others with special roles should be present. CUSTODIAN / BUILDING The building will be ready and open one hour before your wedding unless otherwise discussed with the Wedding Hostess. Our custodian is our regular church custodian, who cleans and maintains church facilities following every wedding. He / she alone knows chair and table arrangements for all activities, and is responsible for setting up tables and chairs in the fellowship hall when there is a reception and for cleaning up after the wedding. He / she is not responsible for decorations. ALCOHOL AND SMOKING No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the church building or on the church premises. If you or a member of your wedding party should decide to imbibe, he/she will be asked to leave and will not participate in the wedding service. Smoking is not allowed in the buildings. Please remind your attendants and guests of this request. FEES AND BULLETIN The balance of your fees, bulletins, candles and other items must be given to the Wedding Hostess at the time of the rehearsal.

PREMARITAL COUNSELING The pastor presiding at your wedding may administer a Premarital Inventory to determine the strengths and work areas in your relationship. There is a $35.00 fee (subject to change) for the processing of the Inventory. Couples usually find this opportunity a rewarding and informative experience. WEDDING HOSTESS You should call or meet with the Wedding Hostess following your date setting with the office coordinator and prior to your orientation session with the pastor. She is available to work with you and the pastor in planning your wedding. The Wedding Hostess is responsible for building security at the time of your rehearsal and wedding. She will assist you in your wedding plans, help at your rehearsal, guide you to dressing areas, receive your flowers and decorations, and direct your processional and recessional. BECAUSE OUR WEDDING HOSTESS KNOWS THE TRADITIONS AND DECORUM OF OUR WORSHIP SETTING, SHE IS NOT TO BE REPLACED OR SUBSTITUTED WITHOUT AGREEMENT BY HER AND THE SENIOR PASTOR. Her fees cover her time, responsibilities and transportation. CANDLES Should you decide to have a Unity Candle with stand, there is one available for use at the church. The candles for the unity candle ceremony must be purchased by you and are yours following the service. If aisle candles are used, they must be protected by chimneys. The holders - if connected to the pews with clamps - must have ample padding to protect the woodwork. CHANCEL AREA All paraments and other hangings will remain as is - reflecting the current color of the liturgical season / year. MUSIC The music selected for your wedding should reflect and enhance the celebration of the service, creating an atmosphere of prayer and joy. Therefore, the organist or the Wedding Hostess must approve the music for your wedding. Some music is very suitable and other music is clearly unsuitable. Music may be provided by voices or instrument(s). Hymns may be selected, as well a vocal solos. If using a vocalist, be sure the music you select fits his / her range and ability. This is also true for instrumentalists. If you select music that your organist, vocalist(s), or instrumentalist(s) do not have, you should purchase this for them. Should your vocalist(s) or instrumentalist(s) desire a microphone, please advise the organist and she will set one up for you. Our organist will be happy to help you select the music (this is recommended) as well as recommend a vocalist or instrumentalist if needed. Trinity’s organist has the right of first refusal. It is recommended that you contact the organist early in your planning to be sure of availability. FLOWERS Selecting a florist is your choice. We recommend your floral arrangements be in keeping with the dignity of our church. No decorations should be fastened to the woodwork of the sanctuary with tape or wire. We recommend using rubber bands to attach bows and flowers to the pews to be reserved for family. AISLE RUNNER Due to insurance liability, a consent form must be signed by the couple for use of an aisle runner. PHOTOGRAPHER

Trinity Lutheran Church; 16138 Molino Dr.; Victorville, CA 92395; www.tLcVv.org

It is your responsibility to secure a photographer if so desired. We suggest you arrange to have any formal pictures taken before the ceremony. Only time exposure photographs (no flash) are permitted during the ceremony. Photography must be completed twenty minutes before the wedding is to begin. This time is set aside for last minute details by the pastor, Wedding Hostess, and for freshening up by the wedding party. This guideline is adhered to and we ask that you inform your photographer upon engaging him / her to take your photographs. Again, we ask that flash pictures not be taken during the ceremony. If you have a wedding bulletin printed, an announcement is to be included asking that flash photographs not be taken during the ceremony. BULLETINS Wedding bulletins are optional. If you should decide to have one, the pastor must proofread prior to the printing. Printing is the couple’s responsibility. VIDEO TAPING Video taping is allowed with camera location to be agreed upon with Wedding Hostess or the pastor in charge of the wedding. No extra lighting is allowed.

Trinity Lutheran Church; 16138 Molino Dr.; Victorville, CA 92395; www.tLcVv.org

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