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VENUS Software Trainings
                                   HAMILTON VENUS Software Training

Table of Contents
Introduction                                                          1

Basic, advanced and customized Trainings                              1
     Course Dates                                                     1
     Course Hours                                                     1
     Number of Participants                                           1
     Requirements                                                     1
     Letter of attendance                                             1
     Course Materials                                                 1
     Lunch                                                            1
     Accommodation                                                    1
     Course Fees                                                      1

VENUS Software Basic Training                                         2
     Course Content                                                   2
     Target group                                                     2
     Requirements                                                     2

VENUS Software Advanced Training                                      2
     Course Content                                                   2
     Target group                                                     2
     Requirements                                                     2

Customized Training                                                   3
     Course Content                                                   3
     Target group                                                     3
     Requirements                                                     3

On-Site Training                                                      3
     General conditions                                               3

Registration                                                          4
     Confirmation                                                     4
     Contact                                                          4
     Postal Address and Training Location                             4

Important Notice                                                      4

Leisure-time activities around Bonaduz                                5
                                  HAMILTON VENUS Software Training

For over 40 years the name HAMILTON has               Requirements
been      associated    worldwide   with              Different courses have different requirements
uncompromised quality in precision fluid              therefore please check the Requirements
measuring products.                                   section in each course description. As a
                                                      general rule, it is recommended that
Because of the dedicated nature of the                participants have basic PC knowledge as well
products we supply, it is important to us that        as good English skills since the documentation
our clients have the opportunity to become            is in English.
fully conversant with the operation of our
products. Our software training covers the            Letter of attendance / Certificates
needs of both laboratory operators and method         At the end of a VENUS basic training, a quick
programmers.                                          test is made with all trainees. Depending on
                                                      this test, each trainee will receive a letter of
Our courses can follow an established generic         attendance or a certificate. Due to
structure suitable for a variety of clients or they   HAMILTON’s commitment to recognized
can be tailor-made to meet the specific needs         international standards these can be used as
of a customer. They combine theoretical               official training certificates.
knowledge with practical application to give the      Participants of advanced and customized
trainee a comprehensive understanding of              trainings will receive a letter of attendance.
course content. All participants receive a letter
of attendance from HAMILTON upon                      Course Materials
completion of a course and, while most of our
                                                      Each participant will receive relevant course
training takes place here in picturesque
                                                      materials at the beginning of the training
Bonaduz, we can arrange courses on-site at
your company.
                                                      Lunch is provided at the HAMILTON Bonaduz
Basic, Advanced and                                   AG restaurant and is included in the course
Customized VENUS Software                             price.
HAMILTON Bonaduz offers different levels of           HAMILTON Bonaduz AG will be happy to
software training. While the basic training           make hotel reservations for you. Travelling and
covers all the topics needed to become familiar       accommodation        expenses      are       the
with the software, the advanced training              responsibility of the trainee or the trainee’s
includes further topics such as scheduling,           company.
worklist management etc.
It is also possible to arrange courses exactly        Course Fees
tailored to your needs, covering special issues       See individual courses for fees. The fees
and analyzing/explaining your methods.                include lunch at the HAMILTON Bonaduz AG
                                                      restaurant and one group dinner at a local
Course Dates                                          restaurants (except for 1 and 2 day courses).
Course will be offered on a request basis.            Course fees are excluding taxes.
Individual requests will be kept on file and the
course will be offered as soon as a minimum of        1 day           EUR. 680.-- per participant
3 to 5 participants (depending on the course) is      2 days          EUR. 1’360.-- per participant
reached.                                              3 days          EUR. 2’040.-- per participant
                                                      4 days          EUR. 2’720.-- per participant
                                                      5 days          EUR. 3’400.-- per participant
Course Hours
Generally, training courses run from 08:30 to
17:00. Trainees will be informed of any
changes from the standard time.

Number of Participants
In general, the number of participants is limited
to 6 people for Software Training courses.

                                            HAMILTON VENUS Software Training

VENUS Software Basic                                                 VENUS Software Advanced
Training                                                             Training
This course covers start-up level knowledge of                       This course offers deep knowledge in
HAMILTON’s VENUS Software. To reinforce                              HAMILTON’s VENUS Software. To reinforce
the theoretical portion of the course, practical                     the theoretical portion of the course, practical
examples and demonstrations are provided.                            examples and demonstrations are provided.

Course Content*                                                      Course Content*
•    System Introduction                                             •    Submethod use & creation
•    Editor overview                                                 •    Submethod library use & creation
•    System configurator                                             •    Import worklist
•    Deck layout: concept & creation                                 •    Load & Match
•    Sequences: concept & creation                                   •    Basic Scheduling (Activity Editor)
•    Programming step overview                                       •    Advanced Scheduling (Workflow Editor)
•    General step overview                                           •    Use of Arrays
•    Method setup                                                    •    Use of HSL in methods
•    Action Editor: concept & use                                    •    Barcode handling
•    Graphical step editor: concept & use                            •    Teaching labware
•    Errors: classification & handling                               •    VENUS Database steps
•    File handling
•    Report mapping file creation
•    Customized Dialog: concept & creation                           * depending on the class progress, the agenda is subject to change

•    Activity Editor: Concept & handling
•    ‘Play-time’ on instrument

* depending on the class progress, the agenda is subject to change

Target group                                                         Target group
Customers who wants to understand pre-                               Customers who want to write more complex
programmed methods better and want to                                methods or submethod libraries and have to
change them as well as customers who wants                           integrate special third party equipment on their
to write methods on their own.                                       own.

Requirements                                                         Requirements
•    PC knowledge based on Windows XP,                               •    PC knowledge based on Windows XP,
     Vista or Windows 7                                                   Vista or Windows 7
•    English skills                                                  •    English skills
                                                                     •    VENUS knowledge (Basic training)

Duration                         3 days                              Duration                         2 days
Course fee                       EUR 2’040.-per person               Course fee                       EUR 1’360.-per person
Certificate                      Letter of attendance or             Certificate                      Letter of attendance

                                HAMILTON VENUS Software Training

Customized Training                                On-Site Trainings
HAMILTON offers customized software                HAMILTON Bonaduz AG can send instructors
training. Depending on your needs, we will         to train your employees on-site, e.g. at your
create an individual software training covering    company. Your company is responsible for
all the issues you are interested in. It is also   providing the necessary infrastructure to
possible to ‘enlarge’ a basic or advanced          ensure that the course runs smoothly and
training course with 1 or 2 extra days where       efficiently. HAMILTON will provide qualified
specific topics are covered.                       training instructors, technical know-how and all
                                                   necessary course material.
To make the most out of your customized            It is possible to held VENUS basic / advanced
training, please inform HAMILTON at least six      trainings and customized trainings on site.
weeks before the requested training date.
                                                   General conditions
Course Content                                     •   Your company has to pay all travel,
•   To be specified                                    accommodation and meal expenses for
                                                       our instructor(s)
Target group
All customers, independent of their software       •   Your company provides the infrastructure
knowledge or automation experience                     required

Requirements                                       •   Your company coordinates the training
•   PC knowledge based on Windows XP,                  site,    presentation equipment  and
    Windows 7 and/or VISTA                             participants
•   English skills
                                                   •   You will receive the training materials from
Duration                Depending on content           HAMILTON in electronic form and take
                                                       responsibility for making copies
Course fee              Depending on duration
                        of the course              •   HAMILTON has to be informed at least six
                                                       weeks ahead the requested training date
Certificate             Letter of attendance
                                                   •   Course fees for the participants apply as
                                                       mentioned above

                                 HAMILTON VENUS Software Training

You can register for our courses using the
enclosed registration form via e-mail or fax.

Note: The deadline for registration is three
weeks before the training course starts.

Confirmation, with a description of how to get
to HAMILTON Bonaduz AG and (optional) your
hotel reservation details, will be posted about
two weeks before training starts. If the number
of registered participants is below the minimal
number for any of the training courses, we
reserve the right to cancel the course two
weeks before start date. To held every course
as planned, we reserve the right to fill a course
with internal HAMILTON employees.

Christian Danuser
Tel: +41-81-660 64 08
Fax: +41-81-660 60 70

Postal Address and Training Location
Via Crusch 8
CH-7402 Bonaduz

Important notice
The content of these training programs is subject to change without notice. Every effort has been
made to ensure the accuracy of this manual’s content. Should any errors be detected, HAMILTON
Bonaduz AG would greatly appreciate being informed of them. The above notwithstanding,
HAMILTON Bonaduz AG can assume no responsibility for any errors in this manual, or for changes to
training dates or the consequences thereof.

                                HAMILTON VENUS Software Training

Leisure Activities around Bonaduz
Sightseeing in Chur and the Domleschg Area
If you arrive at HAMILTON over the weekend, you’ll have enough time to discover our surroundings in
the beautiful canton of Graubünden. You might even be interested in spending your evenings in Chur,
the city closest to HAMILTON Bonaduz AG.

First settled 13,000 years ago, Chur is the oldest city in Switzerland and 2000 years ago the onetime
capital of the Roman province of Rhaetia Prima. The old town is worth a visit for its historic buildings
and monuments, its 800-year-old cathedral, Roman excavations and several museums.

Visitors wishing to discover the town independently should follow the routes marked with footprints.

The Domleschg area is dotted with castles and fortresses, including the privately owned Rietberg
Castle, famous for its connection with Jürg Jenatsch, a local freedom fighter who played a decisive
role in the colourful history of the canton of Graubünden.

An impressive walk through the Viamala gorge will show you the power of water on solid stone during

(by cable car, on foot or by train) 3 hrs
Chur-Lenzerheide-Chur (by bus or car or on foot around Lenzerheide Lake) 4 hrs
Chur-Arosa-Chur (by train or car - 368 turns in the road!) ½ day
Bonaduz-Viamala-Zillis-Bonaduz ½ day
Bonaduz-Thusis-Davos-Thusis-Bonaduz 1 day
The Bernina Express (train) Chur-Tirano-Chur 1 day
The Glacier Express (train) Chur-Zermatt-Chur 2 days

Entertainment and Leisure
Chur has a great selection of things to do and places to go: choose from shopping, museums,
cinemas, bars and night clubs. Bonaduz has two bars open until midnight - one at the Grischunata
Hotel Weiss Kreuz and the other called "Bonazüns".

Wining and Dining
There are plenty of restaurants ranging from fast food and good local fare in cosy pubs and inns to
high level cuisine in more elegant surroundings. Just ask for details!

Additional Information
•   Tourist Office, Chur:
    Grabenstrasse 5, Postfach
    7002 Chur / Switzerland
    Tel: (081) 252 18 18
    Fax: (081) 252 90 76
    Internet: (German only)

The tourist office can provide you with information about alpine and cross-country skiing, ice skating,
hockey matches, sledding, rafting, canyoning, fishing, swimming, golf, tennis, squash, ballooning,
cycling, paragliding, mountain-biking, horse riding, hiking and much more.


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