Special SectionArts _Sciences Report to Contributors_ 2006-2007 by wuzhenguang


									Message from Maggie Walker
Chair of the College Board

In my first year as chair of the College of Arts and Sciences board,   and staff participation in the campaign, due in large part to a
I am pleased to share some good news. In May 2007, the College         matching program through which gifts of $5,000 or more from
reached its $240 million goal for Campaign UW: Creating Futures,       current or retired faculty and staff are matched by the University.
with 256 new endowments created in Arts and Sciences since             Since the program was introduced in 2005, more than100 Arts
the campaign’s launch in 2001.                                         and Sciences faculty, staff, and retirees have made gifts of $5,000
                                                                       or more for endowments that support students. A list of donors
Those are impressive figures, but what really counts is how this
                                                                       to the Faculty-Staff-Retiree Campaign is included in this report.
private support will strengthen the College. Professorships provide
the resources needed to hire and retain exceptional faculty, who in    More examples of private giving are highlighted on the follow-
turn attract talented graduate students. Endowments for program        ing pages. Reading these examples, it is apparent that each gift
support help fund innovative offerings throughout the College.         reflects a donor’s unique relationship with the College. One
And endowments for students—an astounding 130 have been                gift from an alumna who attended the UW from out of state
created since 2001—ensure that an Arts and Sciences education          provides support for similar students; another donor’s gift benefits
is attainable for our brightest students regardless of need. This is   students participating in unpaid internships. A major gift from
why our fund-raising efforts continue despite having reached our       multiple donors with an arts focus will help launch an exciting
initial campaign goal.                                                 new mixed-media program in the School of Art. These gifts
                                                                       address needs as diverse as the College itself, but they all
As both an alumna of the College and a member of the College
                                                                       serve to strengthen Arts and Sciences in important ways.
board since 1998, I am heartened by the generosity of Arts and
Sciences donors. Of particular note is the high level of faculty       Also included on the following pages is a list of College of Arts
                                                                       and Sciences donors at the Dean’s Club level and above from
                                                                       July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007. Private giving during this
                                                                       period totaled $34.4 million, including more than $22 million in
                                                                       gifts and nearly $12 million in private grants.

                                                                       Space does not allow us to list every donor to the College, but rest
                                                                       assured that every gift makes a difference. I thank all Arts and
                                                                       Sciences donors and volunteers for their generosity.

                                                                       Although we have surpassed our monetary goal for the campaign,
                                                                       the real achievement has been to grow ongoing awareness and
                                                                       support of the College throughout our constituencies. To secure
                                                                       the future of the College, we all must continue to give of our
                                                                       resources in support of its exceptional faculty and students.
                    Private support

              $35                                                  Private gifts and grants
                                             $25.8 $26.6
              $25                                                  Private support to the College of Arts & sciences totaled
                                     $21.2                         $34,367,909 for the 2006-2007 academic year.
in Millions

                                                                   of that total, $22.45 million represented gifts and
              $15                                                  $11.91 million represented grants.



                     01-02 02-03     03-04   04-05 05-06 06-07           gifts          grants

                                                                   Uses of Private support

                                                                   EndowmEnts ($13,325,662)
                                                                   includes chairs, professorships, scholarships, and fellowships.

                                                                   AnnuAl giving ($5,056,274)
                                                                   funds innovative programs, student scholarships and aid, and faculty
                                                                   awards for curriculum development and scholarly exchange.

                                                                   REstRiCtEd CuRREnt suppoRt ($15,985,973)
                                                                   is directed to specific projects or purposes for immediate use.

                                                                   sources of Private support
                                                                   Alumni ($9,659,909)

                                                                   non-Alumni ($5,858,455)

                                                                   CoRpoRAtions ($2,035,192)

                                                                   fAmily foundAtions ($1,990,149)

                                                                   othER oRgAnizAtions ($6,591,484)

                                                                   foundAtions ($8,232,720)
individual Donors from July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007

$1,000,000+                              Harold and Joyce Carr
                                         Jacqueline and Michael Casey
                                                                             H. stewart Parker
                                                                             spyros Pavlou
                                                                                                                        Hugh Bangasser and lucy Homans
                                                                                                                        Matthew and Margaret Bannick
                                         Cathy and Michael Casteel           Richard Pelman and sally Browning          les and Therese Barnette
Gerard l. Hanauer
                                         Pamela and Robert Center            Molly E. Pengra                            Donald Barovic
Kennan Hollingsworth and Phyllis Bagdi
                                         Joan and Frank Conlon               Mina B. Person                             Jane and Peter Barrett
Floyd Jones
                                         Eugene and nan Corman               Donald and Jo Anne Petersen                Christopher and Cynthia Bayley
Donald logan
                                         John and Janet Creighton            Robert and Elaine Phelps                   Thomas Bayley
Althea stroum
                                         Anne Critchfield and Timm Menke     Ward and Mary Pickard                      sally s. Behnke
                                         Howard Critchfield                  John and Joyce Price                       Jon and Janet Bensick
                                         Anne Croco                          Peter Rabinovitch and Jacqueline sherris   Daniel and lilian Bensky
$250,000-$999,999                        Afton Woolley Crooks                Katherine and lee Reinleitner              Joann and Carl Bianco
James and stephanie Burns                Robert and larina Davis             nancy and Benjamin Remak                   Marilyn Bierman
larry Dalton and nicole Boand            Hans Dehmelt and Diana Dundore      Blue and Jeff Resnick                      Jeffrey Bishop and Jill Baker
Donald and Ellen Easterbrook             J.D. and Cecile Delafield           linden Rhoads                              Kim and Brent Bishop
William and Melinda Gates                laura and James Donald              Rita Rosen                                 Dominique and larissa Bitners
Jay and Marsha Glazer                    William and sandra Dunn             Eric and Margaret Rothchild                sven and Melinda Bitners
nancy Ketcham                            Mary and James Dunnam               nancy and John sabol                       Richard Black
Raymon and Rosellen lawton               Dennis and Diana Durden             Douglas and Theiline scheumann             Herbert Blau and Kathleen Woodward
Margaret and Douglas Walker              nancy and Ben Ellison               Celia scott                                irena Blekys and Allan Johnson
                                         Ellen Ferguson                      Ruth and Robert shedd                      Mark and sharon Bloome
                                         Hugh Ferguson                       Miller sherling and nathan Herring         Gregory and Paula Blume
$100,000-$249,999                        synnove Fielding
                                         Michael and lynn Garvey
                                                                             David and Catherine skinner
                                                                             Joanne snow-smith
                                                                                                                        Eleanor Boba and Alan Humphrey
                                                                                                                        Bernt Bodal
Anonymous                                Dorothy and leon Gilford            Donald and Gloria swisher                  Vivian Boersma
Robert H. Barnes                         Anthony and Jean Greenwald          Atsuhiko and ina Goodwin Tateuchi          Karl Bohm and Erika Bohm-Vitense
Jack and Rebecca Benaroya                Arthur Gresh                        Richard Teeter                             Beatrice and T. William Booth
Jane and Burt Berman                     Gerald and Carolyn Grinstein        Joshua Tewksbury                           Cathryn Booth-laForce and
Thomas Bleakney and Margaret stanley     Karen and Paul Gudiksen             William and Ruth True                      W. Kenneth laForce
Consuelo and Gary Corbett                Madeleine Hagen                     Rodney and Beverly Tullis                  Pirkko and J. Bradford Borland
Fredric Danz                             Kathryn Hahn                        izabella and Andrzej Turski                Joanne Bourgeois
Thomas and sue Ellison                   Michele and steve Heller            nick and nancy Vidalakis                   Walter Boyle
William and Kathryn Ellison              Elaine and Ernest Henley            Joan and Howard Voorheis                   Janet Bradley
Mary and Peter Kerr                      Joyce Hershberger                   Gary and Karla Waterman                    Geraldine Brady
susan and Furman Moseley                 Bertil and Merrill Hille            Ruth Waters                                Herbert and shirley Bridge
Harry and Ann Pryde                      sylvia Hobbs                        Richard l. Weisman                         Jonathan and Bobbe Bridge
Gladys Rubinstein                        Valerie and David Hodge             Donald Wiethuechter                        Jeffrey and susan Brotman
George and Dion Russell                  Bill and Martha Holm                Charles and Barbara Wright                 Frederick Brown
Herman sleizer                           lewis Honnen                        Katherine Janeway and H.s. Wright iii      Paul Brown and Margaret Watson
Joseph Vance and sara Throckmorton       Timothy and Christina Jenkins       Korynne and Jeffrey Wright                 steven Bush and Christine Chang
Frederic and Julia Wan                   Robert Johnson                      sally and David Wright                     Joost Businger and Marianne Kooiman
                                         Gordon Kaplan                       Elna Yantis                                Pamela Butler
                                         George and Ellen Kauffman           William Yedor and Adrienne Millican        JC and Renee Cannon
$10,000-$99,999                          Howard and Frances Keller           Eleanor Zylka                              George and lynda Carlson
                                                                                                                        Phil and Jennifer Carter
                                         Jane and Charles Keyes
Edie Adams                                                                                                              Cynthia and Robert Carter
                                         Thomas Kranidas
Alfred Ajami
Tom Alberg and Judi Beck
                                         sandy lerner                        $2,000-$9,999                              Gregory and loretta Cass
                                                                                                                        Wai Chan
                                         Alexander lindsey and lynn Manley
Paul Allen                                                                                                              Heidi Charleson
                                         Doron and Marianne livnat           Donors of $2,000 or more are
Ellsworth and nancy Alvord                                                                                              John and luellen Charneski
                                         George long                         President’s Club members
John Asante                                                                                                             steven and Christine Christensen
                                         Richard and Julianne Mclean
Jon and Carol Avent                                                          Hazard and Diana Adams                     lawrence Christian
                                         Pamela and Robert Miller
Patricia Baillargeon                                                         Dean and Vicki Allen                       William and Paula Clapp
                                         Robert Miller
William Baker                                                                linda and Thomas Allen                     susan Coan
                                         Glen and Alison Milliman
Julian and Mary Barksdale                                                    April and James A. Allison                 Celia Cohen
                                         Fred and Barbara Minifie
sarah and Richard Barton                                                     Doug and Dale Anderson                     Elaine Coles
                                         Joseph and Elaine Monsen
shari and John Behnke                                                        Robert and Dona Anderson                   Corinne and Robert Collie
                                         Amy and Joseph Morel
Harold Bergen                                                                Richard Andrews and Colleen Chartier       Gregory Colvin
                                         Yuri nakata
Jake and Ruth Bloom                                                          Basil and Gretchen Anex                    Emily and lance Conn
                                         Tom and laurie napa
Bruce and Ann Blume                                                          natalie and Marc Angelillo                 Darrel Cowan
                                         John and Cathy natt
len Bosack                                                                   norman Arkans and Raimonda Modiano         Gary Crevling
                                         John and laurel nesholm
Gloria Bradley                                                               Alejandro and linda Aruffo                 William and Marcia Crossett
                                         Janice niemi and Dennis Braddock
Barbara and Joseph Buchman                                                   Joseph and leatrice Ashley                 John Crow
                                         Charles and Eleanor nolan
Tom and sonya Campion                                                        Akhtar and Alka Badshah
                                         linda and Gerald nordberg
                                                                             Malini Balakrishnan and sanjay
                                         Frances nostrand                    Parthasarathy
                                         Greg and Cathy Palmer
                                         sochon, Young Hi Park
irene and steven Crown                 Francisca Erickson                 Dennis and Renee Gmur                     Jodi Green and Mike Halperin
Casey and Dina Cummings                Gail Erickson and Phil lanum       Joan and steve Goldblatt                  Brian and Carol Gregory
Dondi Cupp and David Roberts           Richard and Judith Evans           Hellmut and Marcy Golde                   John and Brenda Griswold
Cris and Melissa Upton Cyders          Diane Fathi                        Ronald and Martha Golubiec                Max and Helen Gurvich
Thomas Daniel and Jane Baird           Kathy and James Feek               Mervyn and Georgiana Gorasht              stanley and Berthe Habib
Ron and Marjorie Danz                  Jim and Mary Figel                 Brian and lynn Grant                      Jon and Carrie Halgren
Margaret Darland                       David and Patricia Fischbach       Richard Gray and sabine Wilke             Dale and susan Hall
J. Peter and Ann Darling               Carl and Janice Fisher
Camden Davis                           Gerald Folland
Alan and Barbara Delsman               somporn Foy
nicole and Ryan Dettmar                Ursula Frank
Ellen Conedera Dial                    stephen and Pamela Franklin
Ronald Diesen                          William Franklin
Jennifer and Brian Dirking             Donald and Margaret Fredericksen
G. John and sophia Doces               Cynthia and stanley Freimuth
Jeanne Dryfoos                         David Friend and nancy Paulsen
Walter and Barbara Dryfoos             lloyd Frink and Janet Angell
Robert Duggan                          Richard and Debbie Galuska
Karen and Robert Dunderdale            Craig and Cynthia Gannett
Maryel Duzan                           Michael Gannon and Maureen West
Vasiliki Dwyer                         Joanne and Richard Gates
Edwin and Margaret East                William and Mimi Gates
susan and lewis Edelheit               John and Kathleen Gehrt
Paula and Michael Egbert               lawrence and Miriam Gelfand
Arlene Ehrlich                         Max Gellert
Karin Eiduks                           Daniel Gerler
Judith Ellis and Gary Mattison         Katharyn Alvord Gerlich
Herbert and Alberta Ellison            Thomas and Mary Gething
John Ely                               Eileen Gilman
Beth Erickson                          William Gleason

                                           A Dedicated Dawg from out of state

As a teenager in Illinois, Nancy (Freedman) Remak (‘75, ‘80) was          Remak credits her family with instilling the importance of giving.
determined to go to a large state university “out west.” She applied      She says that both her parents and in-laws provided wonderful
to the University of Washington (as well as several other large           examples, and she sees the scholarship as a way of honoring their
schools), but didn’t visit the campus until she was accepted.             generosity and encouragement. She also considers it a good
                                                                          investment in the University’s future.
“When I finally saw the UW campus, I absolutely fell in love with it
and wouldn’t consider any other school,” recalls Remak. “It was a         “I think often your most loyal Dawgs are from out of state,” explains
good decision. I got a wonderful education at the UW.”                    Remak. “They don’t choose the UW because it is the local school.
                                                                          They’ve really thought it out. Their dedication to the UW is special.”
Remak would like others to have the same opportunity she had.
Aware of a widening gap between in-state and out-of-state tuition,        Remak is a perfect example of that dedication. In addition to
she and her husband, Ben Remak, decided to create a UW scholar-           establishing the scholarship fund, she recently joined the History
ship for out-of-state students majoring in history. They created          Department Visiting Committee.
the Freedman-Remak Family Scholarship Fund in History with                “I found the UW to be a special place when I was a student,” says
a $10,000 gift, with the intention of contributing an additional          Remak. “It still is very special to me. I believe that recipients of the
$10,000 each year.                                                        scholarship will have the same feeling.”
“Given how expensive out-of-state tuition has become, we thought          PHoTo: nAnCY AnD BEn REMAK AT A RECEnT HUsKY FooTBAll GAME.
it would be great if we could help with that cost,” says Nancy, who
earned bachelor’s degrees in history and political science and a
master’s degree in public administration from the University.
Margaret and Benjamin Hall             Richard and nora Hinton          Mary Johanson                           Eugene and sachiko lee
Wilbur and Josephine Hallauer          John and Carol Hoerster          John and Emilie John                    Ju Tae lee and Hey Kyuong Kim
lenore Hanauer                         sigrid Hokanson                  Carol Thomas and Richard Johnson        Terje and ingunn leiren
Racha and Wassef Haroun                Terry and Peter Holt             David Jones and inta Vodopals           Kathy savitt lennon and Michael lennon
Hamilton and nancy Harris              Margaret Holton                  Diane and Bryan Jones                   Conway leovy
William Hatheway                       Robert Holzworth                 Jay and Mary Jayne Jones                Margaret levi and Robert Kaplan
William and Ellen Hazzard              Bruce and Carol Hosford          Jo Ann and Theodore Jonson              Eric and suzan leVine
Elizabeth Hebert and Donald Guthrie    William and Darlene Howard       Judith and Wilbur Jurden                Mark B. levine
Martha and Andrew Hedgcock             Richard Howell and Elaine Babb   Theodore and Maria Kaltsounis           Carla and Don lewis
Richard and Elizabeth Hedreen          Robert Hudziak                   David Kaplan and Ann nelson             Gyu-Ho lim and Ae-sook suh
William Henningsgaard and susan        Wendell and Carrilou Hurlbut     David and Geri Keene                    Earl and Darielle linehan
sullivan                               Martha ipsen                     Jim and nancy Kenagy                    lynn loacker
steven Hensel                          Quentin and Bernita Jackson      laura and Randall Kern                  James and Christina lockwood
Michael-Ann Herring and James Phelps   Arthur Jacobovitz                Mark Kernaghan                          J. Pierre and Felice loebel
lynn and Barbara Himmelman             stacey and Wayne Jehlik          Randall and Kimberly Kerr               Mary long and James Wade
                                                                        Eunsung Kim                             ned and Kirsten lumpkin
                                                                        Young-Jae Kim                           Janet and Robert Macfarlane, Jr.
                                                                        Douglas F. King                         Robin Maddox
                                                                        Christine and Richard Kitto             Miriam Mallory
                                                                        layne and Jack Kleinart                 Michael and Barbara Malone
                                                                        Peder Knudson                           Patricia Manigault
                                                                        Ellen Kohler                            louis G. and Patti Marsh
                                                                        Kurt and Mary Kolb                      George Martin
                                                                        Karen Koon                              George W. and Beverly McKoin Martin
                                                                        Constantine Kostakis                    Richard Mathies
                                                                        Jacqueline and Henry Kotkins            Douglas and Joyce McCallum
                                                                        Matthew and Christina Krashan           Michelle McCarthy and David Humphries
                                                                        Connie and Gus Kravas                   Bruce and Jolene McCaw
                                                                        Julienne and Peter Kuttel               Mary Kay McCaw
                                                                        Alvin and Verla Kwiram                  John and Burdette McClelland
                                                                        stewart landefeld and Margaret Breen    sue and John McDonnell
                                                                        Alida and Christopher latham            sarah and Joel McHale
                                                                        Dolores and Richard latham              M. Craig McKibben and sarah Merner
                                                                        Harold latourette                       Bruce McKinney
                                                                        Dan and Priscilla lavry                 Doug and Thelma McTavish
                                                                        Jane leCuyer                            Douglass Merrell
                                                                        Philip and Michelle leDuc               Jacklyn and Carl Meurk

                                 shards Combine to Create Glass Chair

For many art enthusiasts, Dale Chihuly’s name is synonymous with        of a new School of Art program that integrates glass, ceramics, sculpture,
glass art. And with good reason: the 1965 alumnus of the UW             and public art. The program will begin offering courses in autumn 2008;
School of Art helped revolutionize the Studio Glass movement and        the search for the Chihuly Chair is currently underway. Pilchuck board
co-founded the Pilchuck Glass School, making the Pacific Northwest      members and other supporters have also contributed to the Chihuly Chair.
a mecca for glass art.                                                  “The University has long been interested in providing opportunities to
Now an endowed chair in the UW School of Art will carry Chihuly’s       integrate glass into its art curriculum,” says Jamie Walker, professor of art.
name, thanks to the generosity of a group of donors wanting to          “With the combined support of many generous donors and Chihuly com-
create more opportunities for students to work in glass and related     mittee members, affectionately dubbed ‘the shards,’ we are now able to
media.                                                                  make this new program a reality. This is wonderful news for our students
                                                                        and the Northwest arts community.”
With major gifts from Gladys and Sam Rubinstein, Jeff (‘64, ‘67) and
Susan Brotman, and Jack and Becky Benaroya—all arts patrons and         PHoTo: DAlE CHiHUlY (lEFT) AnD WilliAM MoRRis AT THE PilCHUCK GlAss
friends of Chihuly—the College has established the Dale Chihuly         sCHool in 1983. PHoTo BY DiCK BUsHER.

Endowed Chair, whose holder will play a key role in the development
Erika and Ernest Michael                  Paul and Deborah Ritner              Richard Wesley and Virginia sly     sheila Arestad
David Miller and susan Takemoto           Catherine and Thurston Roach         sally West                          Geoffrey Ashworth
Mark and Hilarie Moore                    Jonathan and Elizabeth Roberts       susanna Westen and Tesfaye Terefe   Michelle and Jerry Atkinson
Bill and Meg Morgan                       Catherine and stephan Roche          Frank and Jan Wetzel                Kym Aughtry
siobahn Morgan                            Andris and inara Rogainis            Kathleen Whitlock and John Ewer     Roxana and Thomas Augusztiny
Colin and Martha Moseley                  lee and stuart Rolfe                 Jean and Morton Wilhelm             Randi Aulie
George and Frances Moynihan               lawrence Roseman                     Andrew Williams and Rosa Brobeck-   lloyd and Gloria Averill
Merrill and Amy Muhs                      Gilbert and Miriam Roth              Williams                            Patricia Avery
Peter and Wendy Mullen                    Bertram and susan Rowland            Marie and Walter Williams           Timothy Awad
Manisha and shirish nadkarni              Arnold and Janice sabin              Michael and Mary Williams           Bilal and Deena Ayyub
susan and saman naficy                    Klaus and Mary Ann saegebarth        ina Willner
J. Bowman neely                           Joseph saitta                        Gayle Wilson
Donald nelson                             Rhonda and George salem              George Wilson and Claire McClenny
                                                                               loren and Muriel Winterscheid       Hazen Babcock
Eugene and Martha nester                  Barbara sando
                                                                               Beverly Witte                       Jere Bacharach and Barbara Fudge
John M. neukom                            ingrid and stanley savage
                                                                               shauna Woods                        laura Baden
William and sally neukom                  George and Dorothy saxe
                                                                               Gloria Woodward                     Diane and Jean-loup Baer
laura newell-Morris and Arval Morris      M. Virginia schafer
                                                                               Virginia and C. Bagley Wright       nancy Baggott and Robert Johnson
H. Frederik and Mary nijhout              James schneider
                                                                               Ann Wyman                           Gerald Baldasty and Randal Beam
scott and laurie noegel                   Frank schreck
                                                                               Deehan Wyman                        Eldon Ball
Blake and Molly nordstrom                 Rolf schuette
                                                                               Virginia Wyman                      Brandon Ballinger
Peter nordstrom                           Karen and J. schurr
                                                                               olga Yang                           Baird and Margaret Bardarson
Bradley and Kathy nysether                leroy and Annie searle
                                                                               James and Janice York               stanley and Alta Barer
Dennis and susan okamoto                  irving and Mildred shain
                                                                               nancy s. York                       isabel Barnes
steven and lesley olswang                 Craig sheppard and Gregory Wallace
                                                                               John Young                          Jillian Barron and Jonas simonis
Gregg and Margaret ose                    Helen sherman
                                                                               Anne Yue-Hashimoto                  Constance and Edward Barthold
Angela owens                              David siphron
                                                                                                                   Mildred Basden-Thomas
Jennifer Paci                             K. Freya skarin
                                                                                                                   Michael Bate
Anne Parry                                Edward and Anne smith
                                                                                                                   lewis Bateman
Ann Parsons                               lester and Bernice smith             $500-$1,999                         Douglas and Mary Bayley
Jessie Paterson                           orin smith
                                                                               Donors of $500 or more              Frank Bayley
Raymond and sally Paxton                  sigmund and Ann snelson
                                                                               are Dean’s Club members             Kathy Beach
Gloria and Cornelius Peck                 Jim and Burnley snyder
                                                                                                                   John and lynn Beard
stuart Peterfreund and Christina sieber   John and Mary snyder
                                                                               Anonymous                           Roger Beaudoin
Dennis and Joan Peterson                  James and Karen solimano
                                                                               Don and Jane Abel                   William Beck
Gary Peterson                             Helen sommers
                                                                               Craig and nancy Abramson            Janet Beckmann
Zita and Joseph Petkus                    Birgitta steene
                                                                               nancy and Will Ackles               stephen Bell
Vincent Phillips                          Julie stein and stan Chernicoff
                                                                               Edie Adams                          Katayoon Beller
Zaiga Phillips                            David and Marcia stone
                                                                               susan and Douglas Adkins            W. lance Bennett
Mary Pigott and Roger Giesecke            Margaret strandjord
                                                                               Amir Afrassiabi                     G. Bentley and lynda Emel
Michael Podlin                            Andy studebaker
                                                                               David Agoada                        sean and Robin Bentley
Frank and Judith Pollard                  Kris and nancy sundberg
                                                                               Kenneth and Marleen Alhadeff        Amelia Berg
Martha Poolton                            lisa and Bruce swindler
                                                                               Barbara Allen                       Margarete Berg
Thomas Pressly                            lee and Judy Talner
                                                                               David Allen                         Margaret Berger
Herbert and lucy Pruzan                   Dwight and Vicki Tardy
                                                                               Julie Allen and stephan Doll        sheila and Gerald Berkelhammer
Marc and lisa Pryde                       Bruce and Dawn Tecklenburg
                                                                               Thomas Allen                        William and Margaret Beyers
natalie Pryde                             John and Eleanor Toews
                                                                               stephen Alley and Amy scott         Robert and Karen Bibb
Megan and Greg Pursell                    Allen Toman and Karen Crennan
                                                                               James and Margaret Allison          Margaret and John Bigelow
William and Wendy Rabel                   Mark and susan Torrance
                                                                               Chap and Eve Alvord                 oleksa and larissa Bilaniuk
B. seymour and Flora Rabinovitch          Johnna Torsone
                                                                               C. Gregory Amadon                   susan Bilyeu
Judith Rabinovitch and Timothy            Elisabeth Toth
Bradstock                                                                      Eric Ames and Veronika Zantop       Richard and Renee Binns
                                          David and Chris Towne
Alan and Andrea Rabinowitz                                                     Janice Ames                         Frederick Bird
                                          Richard and Elaine Tucker
Rasa Raisys and stephen liffick                                                Joseph Ammirati                     sharon Birks
                                          Ka-Kit Tung and Patricia Mu
Victor and laurie Raisys                                                       Amy Anderson                        Gregory Bishop
                                          Krystyna and norbert Untersteiner
Vidmantas Raisys                                                               Corin Anderson                      inez and David Black
                                          shirley and David Urdal
lois Rathvon                                                                   Don and Karen Anderson              Jeffrey and Anne Blackburn
                                          susanne and Robert Vandenbosch
William and Katrina Reinhardt                                                  Evelyn and Mark Anderson            Robert and Mary Blake
                                          Usha and Rao Varanasi
Howard and Ramona Reitman                                                      Rosemarie and Robert Anderson       lawrence and Gweneth Bliss
                                          Vijaykumar and sita Vashee
Michael Repass                                                                 sherill Anderson                    Gregg and Jane Blodgett
                                          David Vaskevitch
stuart Reynolds                                                                stewart and lynn Anderson           Debbie and Trond Bodal
                                          linda and Wayne Venters
Kerry and Jan Richards                                                         sue Anderson                        neil Bogue
                                          Dilip Wagle and Darshana shanbhag
Kimberly Richter                                                               Michele Andrus                      Ross Bogue
                                          Ellen Wallach and Thomas Darden
Renee Ries                                                                     Ann AoYama                          Joseph Boldan
                                          Gregory Walsh
                                                                                                                   David Boulware and susan Veltfort
                                          Mary Warren
                                                                                                                   William and Phyllis Boyle
                                          Griffith and Patricia Way
Alfred and Joanne Brainard                 George and Deborah Christie              Betty Eberharter                         sergey Genkin and Anna nikolaeva
Deborah and Paul Brainerd                  Jon and Barbara Christoffersen           Pamela Ebsworth                          William and Ruth Gerberding
Mike and susan Brandeberry                 Dean and shervin Churchill               Jolynn Edwards and Hal opperman          Genevra Gerhart
Kalman Brauner and Amy Carlson             Wanda Cieslar and Peter Pawluskiewicz    William Egan                             James Gerhart
John Bravakis                              Matthew Clapp                            Carol and Terry Eger                     Robert and Pamela Gerster
David and Kay Brennan                      Cheryl Clark and stephan Coonrod         Ruth and Alvin Eller                     Michael Gevorkian and Koldya Mardyan
Heida Brenneke                             James and louise Clauss                  James Ellis                              George Ghosn
Devon and Peter Briger                     Erika Clawson                            Rodney Erickson                          sarah Gibbs
Jack and Carol Briggs                      Robert and Mary Cleland                  Tuna Ertemalp                            Eloise Giblett
George and Toni Bristol                    Thomas Clement and Connie Anderson       Pamela and Robert Eshelman               Jadwiga Giebultowicz
Julie Brooks and Gerd Bode                 Mary Clise                               Elaine Ethier                            Charles and Christina Giffard
John Brottem and susan Hettinger           Janet and James Coleman                  Deanne and Donald Etsekson               lawrence Giles
Jean Brouelette                            Carol and H. William Collins             Joanne Euster                            Mary lou and Robert Gillam
Christopher Brown                          neil and Ashley Collins                  Barbara and Michael Evans                letty Ginn
J. Brown and Anastasia Chopelas            Robert and Mary-louise Colwell                                                    Gary and Vicki Glant
Christina Bruning and Jeffrey Tanka        Ellen Conant                                                                      Angelina and Estuardo Godoy
Cathy and Robert Bryan                     Mary Coney                                                                        steven Goldberg and Robin Beckman-
                                                                                    Timmie Faghin                            Goldberg
David Buck                                 Frederic and Doreen Conte
                                                                                    Bahman and niloofar Fakhimi              Peter Goldman and Martha Kongsgaard
Michael Buckley                            Ruth Cooper
                                                                                    Jean Burch Falls                         Marian Goldsmith
John and starla Budlong                    Donald Correll
                                                                                    shirley Familian                         lester Goldstein
Arthur and sue Buerk                       Janet and William Corriston
                                                                                    Russell and Carol Faucett                John and liz Golubiec
Katharine Bullitt                          Kenneth and nona Cox
                                                                                    Tanya Faude-Koivisto and Eric Koivisto   Mark Golubiec and Betty Pora-Golubiec
Robert and Frances Bunn                    Martha and Robert Cram
                                                                                    Elizabeth and Timothy Feetham            linda Goodman and loren Jacobson
nan and Raymond Burby                      Theiline Cramer
                                                                                    Tinamarie Feil                           Michael and Vicki Gorman
Krzysztof and Agnieszka Burdzy             Trudy and Thomas Cravens
                                                                                    Karen Fernandez                          Thomas Gornall
Kerry Burg and James Adams                 Joe and JoAnne Creager
                                                                                    Craig and linda Fiebig                   Julie and Fredrick Gould
Patricia Burg                              Richard and Cynthia Crow
                                                                                    Melinda Field                            linda Gould
stephen and sylvia Burges                  Robert Crutchfield and susan Pitchford
                                                                                    Cora Fields                              Grzegorz Grabski and Maria Grabska
Wylie Burke and Frank Baron                Virginia Crynes
                                                                                    Charles and Rose Finkel                  leslie Grace
Thompson and Joan Burnett
                                                                                    Daniel Finney                            Bert Green and Alexandra Brookshire
Paul Burstein and Florence Katz Burstein
                                                                                    Phelps and Christel Fisher               Theodore and sandra Greenlee
Chadwick and Camilla Byrd
                                           Donald Dahlgren                          Douglas and Mary Fleming                 James Gregory and susan Glenn
                                           Julia Dallman and James Baker            Mark Fleming                             Merland Grieb
                                           Gunnar and Anki Damstrom                 Dale Flynn and Jeanette Mills            Harry Griffith and shelly Johnson
shelley Callaghan                          Jane and David Davis                     Marilyn and Harold Fogelquist            laurie Griffith
William Calvin and Katherine Graubard      John and Patricia Davis                  John Forrest                             Keith and Claire Grinstein
stephen and Georgene Camp                  Judith and Richard Davis                 David and Virginia Foster                lois Griswold
Craig and Jean Campbell                    nora and Allan Davis                     Donald and Jennette Fowler               Arthur and leah Grossman
sharon Campbell                            Mark and Christina Dawson                Amy Frampton                             Wesley Grueber
shehan Campbell                            Angela and Robert Day                    Donald and Candace France                Anthony and Mechele Gruhn
William Campbell                           Jill Day                                 Daniel Frank                             Paul and Mary Guerra
David Capobianco                           Thomas Dean                              John and leslee Frankland
Melanie Carlson                            Bernard Deconinck                        John Freeman
Paul and Beverly Carlson                   Robert and Angela DeGavre                Henry Friedman
irvin and Hope Carnahan                    luino and Margaret Dell’osso             John Friedman and Marshal McReal         David and Cheryl Hadley
Margaret and Walter Carr                   Caroline and Vassos Demetriou            Charles Fritz                            Eleanor Hadley
neil and Janis Carroll                     Karen and steven Demorest                Mark Frye                                Ann Hagedorn
larry Carson                               Elizabeth Denoma                         Haiying and May Fu                       Barbara Hagmayer and Keith Pickholz
Barrie Carter and Eileen lennon            Paul Dermanis                            Darcey Fugman-small and Richard small    John and Karin Haley
louise Carter                              Richard Dermer and Denise Juppe          Micaela Fujita                           Marie and Frederick Halverson
Robert and Mary Casey                      Denis Desilvis and Roxie Woods           Gary Fuller and Randy Everett            suzann Hambelton and Jim Kirkland
lou Ann and David Casper                   stephanie and Jon DeVaan                 James and Dona Fuller                    nicolas and leslie Hanauer
Maria Castro                               Patricia Di Palma and Allan Packer       Michael Furst                            sydney and Paula Handlin
Elaine Chang and Jonathan Brock            James and Michele Dickens                                                         Gary Handwerk and nancy strom
William and Frances Chapman                Martha and Theodore Dietz                                                         Philip Hanel
Marcus and sheila Charles                  Richard and Kerry Dillhoff                                                        Peter and Ann Hanson
                                                                                    Filon and Concetta Gadecki               Richard and Marilyn Hanson
Donn Charnley                              Jennifer Dioguardi
                                                                                    Graham and Carol Gaiser                  Gabriel and Kathleen Hanzeli
Catherine Chatalas                         Morris and sandra Dodd
                                                                                    stephen Gammie                           Hylton and lawrence Hard
Anna Chavelle and Christine Knutson        Jennifer and Gaston Dominguez
                                                                                    lisa Garbrick                            Daniel Harmon
Peter and Mildred Chelemedos               Bettina Dordoni-Willson and Richard
                                           Willson                                  Betty Gardner                            Howard and Connie Harris
stephen and Robin Ching
                                           Thomas and linda Duchamp                 Kari and Gary Garrett                    John Harris
Ruth Chinn
                                           Kate Duncan                              Erica and stuart Garrie                  Philip Harrison
Hye and seung Choung
                                           oris and sylvia Dunham                   sarah nash Gates
                                                                                    scott and linda Gaulke
                                                                                    Bill and lindy Gaylord
                                                                                    William Gaylord
Gerald and Harriette Hartley          Paul and Ann Hodge                     stephanie Janicek                      Kerry Kahl
David and Michele Hasson              Marcus Hodges                          sharon Jansen                          Ellen Kaisse and Gary Roberts
suzanne Hawley                        George and Teresa Holland              ilga Jansons and Michael Dryfoos       Thomas Kalhorn and sara Magee
laura and Wick Haxton                 George and Diana Holland               Michael Jeffers                        Jeffrey and Margaret Kallen
Fumiko Hayashida                      Virginia Holway                        susan Jeffords                         Richard Kameros
Bernard Haykel                        sung-Chick Hong                        Peter and Jessica Joers                Charles and lillian Kaplan
Robert and sarah Hayman               Gary Hood                              Carl Johansen and Judith Chapman       David Kaplan
Alice and Ralph Hays                  Hugues Hoppe and sashi Raghupathy      lennart and Jessie Johanson            Mateusz and Hanna Karczewski
Patricia and steven Heath             David Horsey and nole Ann              lora Johnson                           David and Gail Karges
Jane Hedreen and David Thyer          Ulery-Horsey                           Melody and stuart Johnson              Paul Kassen
Karen Hegtvedt                        Judith Howard                          Aldona Jonaitis                        Aaron Katz and Kate Dougherty
Anders and liz Hejlsberg              John Howell                            Katie Jones                            David and Wendy Keene
Andrew and Freeman Held               David and Martha Hsiao                 Thomas and Janet Jones                 Kevin and Frances Kelly
John and Beverly Henderson            Chih-lin and Meei Huang                Thomas and Karen Jones                 Kathleen and James Kennedy
leighton and Elizabeth Henderson      Mary and Emily Hudspeth                Jens and Glenda Jorgensen              David Kennell
Richard and Helen Henderson           Ruth Hudziak                           Hee-Bok Jung                           nancy Kenney
lars Hennum                           Christian Huitema and neige Gil                                               Tim Kerr and Cynthia Wells
Chapin Henry                          Gretchen and lyman Hull                                                       Teri Kertson and Ronald Uno
steven Herbert                        Christine Hurley and Marlys Erickson                                          David and Doreen Keyes
Paula Heron and Gordon Watts          Denzil and Juretta Hurley                                                     sheryl Khormaee
Julia and Michael Herschensohn        John and Barbara Huston                                                       shirley and Heng-Pin Kiang
Renee Herst                           Kirsti Hveding                                                                Deborah Killinger
Geoffrey Hewings                      Kyu-Hong Hwang                                                                Hak-soo Kim
David Hewitt and Marcia Wagoner                                                                                     Ken-ichi Kimura
Mark and Carrie Hewitt                                                                                              Katherine King
Charlette and Michael Hiatt           Kostas iatrou                                                                 Richard and Kathleen Kirkendall
Corinne and David Hill                saad and Barbara ibrahim                                                      Barbara Kirschner
Harold and Mary Frances Hill          Weldon ihrig and susan Knox                                                   Wiley and Marianne Kitchell
Paul and Alice Hill                   Misao and Hidehiro ikeno                                                      Yelena Klimenkoff
Charles and Josephine Hirschman       William and Ruth ingham                                                       Donald Knoke
Joan Hirshberg                        Gail and Ronald irving                                                        David Knutson
Kiyoshi Hiruma                                                                                                      Japheth and Ming-Feng Ko
Kimi and Clarence Hisatsune                                                                                         Roy and Cristina Koczarski
Gerald Hjert                                                                                                        David Kohler
Tim Hnateyko                          Deborah l. Jacobs                                                             Marian and Alan Kohn
Christine Ho                          Joseph and sally Jaeger                                                       loran Kollmorgen
                                      Kathleen Jamsgard

                                          Enjoying Good Chemistry at the UW

As a doctoral student in the UW Department of Chemistry, Lewis               Now Honnen wants others to have a similar advantage. He has
Honnen (‘62) created and studied chemical compounds that can                 established one fund in the Department of Chemistry that supports
be difficult to pronounce, much less explain to a non-chemist.               a variety of departmental needs at the discretion of the chair, and he is
But his later work at Chevron Research Company may have a                    making gifts toward a second endowment that will provide fellowship
familiar ring to it.                                                         support for graduate students. Honnen has been making annual gifts
                                                                             toward these endowments since 2003. He says that he also plans to
While working in the field of gasoline additives, Honnen and a
                                                                             grant the bulk of his estate to the UW.
colleague discovered Techroline, an additive that is currently a
component of gasoline sold by Chevron. It is frequently mentioned            “I’ve always described my University of Washington degree as my ‘union
in Chevron’s advertising, touted for its fuel-cleaning properties.           card’ in order to do research and have a good job,” says Honnen with
                                                                             a laugh. “It’s where I got my start, thanks to a fellowship. It made
That discovery might not have been possible, says Honnen, if not
                                                                             everything else possible. I hope the endowment helps other students
for fellowship support he received as a student at the UW.
                                                                             get that same start.”
“Without that support, I would not have been able to study at
the UW,” says Honnen. “It allowed me to start a productive and               PHoTo: lEWis HonnEn.
useful career.”
Willis Konick                           Arthur Kruckeberg                  susan lammers and Walter Euyang        Wah and May lui
Christine Kop                           Andrew Krzyzanowski                Brian and Diane langstraat             olav and J. lunde
Marta Korduba                           Craig Kugisaki and Martha Wacker   V. Victor lapatinskas                  George lutz
Matthew Korpela                         lisa and Paul Kulits               Greta and otto larsen                  Julie lutz and George Wallerstein
lance Kostrobala and Howard Weiner      Mercy Kuo                          Ellen and Willard larson               James lyle
Ryszard and Maria Kott                  olaf Kvamme                        Joanna and Frank lau                   Thomas lynch
Yvonne and George Kozlowski             osmund Kvithammer                  William laval
Robert and Rosalie Kraft                                                   Duane and Barbara laViolette
Patricia Kramer                                                            Joy leapheart                          nicholas and Meagan MacPhee
Karlis and Trudy Krastins                                                  Patricia leckenby
                                        Taso lagos                                                                Jacqueline MacRae
Mary Kriauciunas                                                           Walter and Heather lee
                                        Gerald and Dorothea lalonde                                               susan Mahoney and Arthur Willows
Anthony and Hanna Krol                                                     Robert leftwich                        Michael Malanga
                                                                           Kennett lehmann                        Judith Maleng
                                                                           Thomas leiden                          Teresa Malinowski and irv Eisenberg
                                                                           Benjamin and Jennifer leis             Kenneth and Glenda Maloney
                                                                           Ann and Gerhard lenski                 Eva and Heikki Mannisto
                                                                           linda leResche and Michael Von Korff   Valerie Manusov and Charles Mcsween
                                                                           Phyllis leventhal                      Jocelyn Marchisio
                                                                           stacey and Dan levitan                 David and Arlene Mari
                                                                           David li                               Ed Marquand
                                                                           Kim-An lieberman and Matthew           Joseph Marra
                                                                           Williams                               Aaron Martin
                                                                           Glenn light                            Anne Martin and Clifford Cooley
                                                                           Joseph and lyn lightfoot               Kristin and Wayne Martin
                                                                           Douglas lind                           leila Martin
                                                                           susan and David lindsey                Betty Martinsen
                                                                           Monique lipman                         Barbara Martyn and Robert Boundy
                                                                           stanley and Harriet litt               irene and Gary Masada
                                                                           Heather little                         Craig Mason and shihfen Tu
                                                                           Royal Gloria lobb                      Anna Mastroianni and Gregory shaw
                                                                           Ronald and Jana lone                   William and Judith Matchett
                                                                           Franklin and Catharine looney          Michael and nancy Matesky
                                                                           Erik and laura lottsfeldt              Douglas Mathews

                                                 A Bridge to Denmark

Inger and Jens Bruun were born in Denmark, emigrating first to             an introduction to Denmark, with courses covering a range of relevant
Canada and later the U.S. They built a thriving furniture business in      issues—transportation, cinema, and the environment—and frequent field
the Northwest, but they never lost touch with their native land.           trips. Participants come from departments across the University.
Over three decades, the Bruuns hosted nearly 150 Danish students           The Scan|Design Foundation also funds up to eight fellowships annually,
in their Bellevue, Washington home, encouraging the students to            enabling UW graduate students or advanced undergraduates to study at
experience American culture while serving as trainees in the               one of four Danish universities for a semester. Students in a variety of
couple’s Scan|Design furniture stores.                                     fields, from Scandinavian studies to political science to cinema studies,
Although the Bruuns are no longer alive, the Danish-U.S.                   have benefited from the fellowships.
connections they nurtured continue to thrive thanks to the                 “The Bruuns spent their lives encouraging contact between Denmark and
Scan|Design by Inger & Jens Bruun Foundation. Since 2005, the              the Northwest in a very personal way,” says Scandinavian Studies chair
foundation has made annual gifts of $110,000 to the Danish Studies         Terje Leiren. ”The Scan|Design Foundation’s gifts to the Danish Stud-
Program in the UW Department of Scandinavian Studies, providing            ies Program have been a wonderfully effective way to ensure that the
opportunities for UW students to study in Denmark.                         Bruuns’ legacy continues.”
Copenhagen Classroom, a month-long study abroad program for                PHoTo: CoPEnHAGEn ClAssRooM 2007 sTUDEnTs, WiTH FACUlTY FoR liTERARY
undergraduates, is one such opportunity. The program serves as             TRAnslATion sTUDiEs, oUTsiDE GYlDEnDAl PUBlisHinG HoUsE in CoPEnHAGEn.
                                                                           PHoTo BY MARiAnnE sTECHER-HAnsEn.
Firoozeh Matin-Asgari                   Horace nagley                          susan Petek                             linda Rohan
irvin and Janet Matson                  lensey and isaac namioka               Judy and Francis Petersen               Alan and Virginia Rohay
Michael and laureen Matsushima          Johsel namkung                         Barbara and louis Peterson              sievert and Brigitte Rohwer
Charles and Helen Matthaei              Ann and Gregg napoli                   Diana Peterson and Joseph limacher      Christopher and Julia Roling
lars Matthiesen                         Julie and Robert nathan                Juris and Rita Petriceks                Jane Roller
Elizabeth and Henry Mayorga             Jeffrey and Melissa nelson             Timothy Pfeiffer                        Bruce and Alice Ronald
Marcella McCaffray                      Arnold ness                            Cynthia Phelps                          Craig and Belinda Rone
Michael and Donna McCann                David netboy and Marian Alexander      Tiffany and Corey Phelps                William Rorabaugh
Timothy McCourt                         Martin nevdahl and Terri stueve        Russell and Karen Philip                susan Rose
Candice McCoy and Peter Tarczy-         Paul newacheck                         stevan and Kate Phillips                Michele and stanley Rosen
Hornoch                                 Harold and Margaret newsom             loren and Charlene Pickart              William and Jean Rosen
Diane and Robert McDaniel               Christina and Adrian nicolici          Miriam Pierce                           leslie Rosenberg
lillian McDermott                       Ann nieder                             Marjorie and A. Pietz                   Ralph and Colleen Rosinbum
Kirby and Diane McDonald                Michael nieder                         lena and irwin Pincus                   samuel and Josephine Roskin
John McDougall                          lisbet nilson and Mark Ashida          Guy and Margaret Pitzel                 Thomas Rosmond
Randall McEwen                          Timothy noonan                         Christopher and Karen Pohl              lawrence Ross
Michael and Rebecca McGoodwin           Joann and James norman                 Mary-Alice Pomputius and Walter smith   nate Ross
lanny McGrew                            Julia north                            Donald and Mary Poorman                 sabra and Mark Rossman
Michael and Margaret Mcintyre           Beatrice nowogroski                    Eva and Krzystof Poraj-Kuczewski        Cary and sharon Roth
Tomilynn and Dean McManus               Miriam nudelman                        Dixie and W. Thomas Porter              Richard and sheila Roth
Colleen McMonagle and Paul lawrence     Aurora and Brian nugent                Peggy Porter and Rolf Kolden            Emanuel and Marilyn Rouvelas
Tom McQuaid                             Daniel nye                             Alice Portz and Brad smith              Jennifer Ruesink and Alan Trimble
nancy and neil McReynolds               Jody nyquist                           Kristine and Willard Pottle             Jon and Judy Runstad
Andrew Meltzoff and Patricia Kuhl                                              Paige Prill                             Donald and Toni Rupchock
sanford Melzer and Ellen Evans                                                 Richard and Karen Prince                Carol Rush and lawrence Blake
Todd and Mimi Menenberg                                                        J. scott Pritchard                      steven Russell
Cynthia Mennella                        B. Payson oberg
                                                                               susanne Pruitt                          Rachel Rutherford
Charles and nancy Mertel                Deborah o’Connor
                                                                               Heather Pullen and Francis schumann
Marilyn Metzler                         Julie o’Farrell
                                                                               Kenneth and Anne Pyle
Karen and James Mhyre                   Barbara o’Hair
lew and Jane Micklesen                  Beverly okada                                                                  Georgios and Brandi sakoulis
Edith s. Middleton                      William and Deborah oldenburg                                                  Toby saks and Martin Greene
Richard and Ellen Middleton             Richard and sheila olmstead            Thomas and Caroline Quinn               Richard and Carol salomon
Ted and Aileen Miholovich               Carol and Richard olson                                                        Jodi and Timothy salzman
Mary and Curtis Mikkelsen               David and Melinda olson                                                        Joan and Werner samson
Ann Milam                               David and sandra olson                                                         Claudia sandler and William levin
                                                                               Gustav and Claire Raaum
Peter and linda Milgrom                 Katherine and James olson                                                      Donald and linda sando
                                                                               Anna Rakus
Kevin and sarah Miller                  Elvi olsson                                                                    Martha and Donald sands
                                                                               Daniel Rathman
Mina Miller and David sabritt           samuel and sharon olsson                                                       Wayne and Ann sandstrom
                                                                               Weldon and Jane Rau
Michael and Phyllis Mines               Marne and Joseph osborne                                                       Brina sanft
                                                                               Robert and Virginia Rausch
Bernard Minsk                           Mason osborne                                                                  shake and Robert sarkis
                                                                               sharon and Charles Redeker
Frank and Michiko Miyamoto                                                                                             steven sarkowsky and stacy lawson
                                                                               Fred Reebs
steven Mlodinow                                                                                                        Masami sasaki
                                                                               Katherine Reed and Gerald Thorsen
Alan and Joanne Montgomery                                                                                             Gerald and lorea sather
                                        Douglas and noriko Palmer              Carolyn and William Reller
Frank and Mary Montgomery                                                                                              Hiroyuki sato
                                        Thalia Papayannopoulou and George      George Renzoni
scott Montgomery and Marilyn            stamatoyannopoulos                                                             Aase and Borje saxberg
                                                                               Frances and lanny Replogle
Meder-Montgomery                        Julie Parisio and Eric Roy                                                     Pauline and R. saxon
                                                                               Barbara Reskin and lowell Hargens
Christopher Moore and Margaret Rogers   Bruce Parks                                                                    Petra and Joachim schachtner
                                                                               Thomas Revis
Alan and Mary Morgan                    linda Parks                                                                    lee and stuart scheingold
                                                                               Joan Rey
Thomas Morgan                           Walter Parsons                                                                 Drew schembre and Catherine
                                                                               William Rey                             Vare-schembre
Tomio and Jenny Moriguchi               Darcy and Enzo Paschino                John and Fredrica Rice
Joanne and Richard Morrill                                                                                             stephen and Elaine scherba
                                        Douglas and Annah Paterson             Robert and Marilyn Richards
Bobbie and larry Morris                                                                                                Peter and Elva schmidt
                                        Elizabeth Patterson                    Michael and Debra Richer
Margaret Morrison                                                                                                      Betsy and Jason schneier
                                        laird G. Patterson                     Charles Richmond
steven Morrison                                                                                                        Julie and Jeff schoenfeld
                                        Cecilia Paul and Harry Reinert         Robert and Julie Richmond
M. Patricia Morse                                                                                                      Jennifer schubert
                                        Heidi Pauwels                          Paula Rimmer and lane DeCamp
susan Moseley                                                                                                          Kenneth and lucia schubert
                                        Janice Pecoraro                        Bernice Rind
Drew Moser and sara schiavoni                                                                                          Dorin schuler
                                        Dale Pedersen                          Jennifer Hintz Roberts and
Frederick and Barbara Motteler                                                                                         susan and Alan schulkin
                                        Gary Pedersen                          Christopher Roberts
lora and shan Mullin                                                                                                   Philip and Kinza schuyler
                                        Wanda and Pedro Pelayo                 Peggy and R. Robertson
W. Mullineaux and Matthew Malik                                                                                        Gary schwartz
                                        Vaira Pelekis and Graham Christopher   R. Tyrrell Rockafellar
John and nadine Murray                                                                                                 John and Kathy schwartz
                                        Raymond and Ruth Pennock               James Rodman
                                                                                                                       Richard and Judith schweikhardt
                                        Mollie and louis Pepper                laura Rodriguez
                                                                                                                       Patricia and Michael scott
                                        Richard Perry
                                                                                                                       Raphael i. sealey
                                        Jettie Person and Harry Goldman
                                        Michael and susan Peskura
Jeff and Kimberly seely            Kaspar stoffelmayr                   Ernest Vogel and Barbara Billings       lorraine Wright
Julia sensenbrenner                susan and Philip stoller             Barbara and John Vynne                  Mary Wright
Tyler servies                      Brian stoner                                                                 Richard Wright
John sessions                      Duane storti                                                                 Robin Wright
Peter shaffer                      Robert and Ethel story                                                       Daniel Wrigley
                                                                        Morris and Penny Wade
laurie sherwood and John Kerr      Peter striplin                                                               Charles and Beverly Wynn
                                                                        Robert E. Wade
Her-Chi sheu                       linda and David strout
                                                                        Duncan and Janis Wallace
Jean’ne shreeve                    Andrew struble
                                                                        Patricia Wallace
stanley and iantha sidell          Barbara and Marian strutynski
                                                                        Michael and Barbara Walmsley            Tina Yamagiwa and Ronald Tanemura
Bela and Yolande siki              Robert E. stumberger
                                                                        sue Walsh                               Richard Yamaguchi
Jules and Bernice silk             George and Kim suyama
                                                                        scott and Kamie Wammack                 Anand Yang
Joseph and susan simmons           stephanie and Kaoruhiko suzuki
                                                                        Daniel and Anne Wanwig                  Kazuya Yasuda
Ron simons                         Tatsuya suzuki
                                                                        William and Catherine Wappler           Tomoki Yasuda
Gene simonson                      Victor and lisa svec
                                                                        Patti Warashina                         shirley Yee
Diane simpson                      leonard swanson
                                                                        Michael and sandra Ward                 Jimmy and Gloria Yoshinaka
Hazel singer and John Griffiths    sally and William sweeney
                                                                        Barbara Warnick and Michael o’Connell   Erin Younger and Edward liebow
nithya siva                        Daniel syrdal
                                                                        Geir Watland and Mary Hammons           Virginia Younger
saroj and K sivaramakrishnan       sandor szombathy
                                                                        Andrea and Robert Watson
Jan and Ronda sjavik
                                                                        Juanita and Robert Watt
Kriss and Wendy sjoblom
                                                                        Marc Watts
nadine and Robert skotheim                                                                                      Mary and Joseph Zavaglia
                                   Paul Taghert                         Bruce Webb
Tadeusz and Boguslawa skrobecki                                                                                 Rita Zawaideh
                                   Daniel Talbot                        Eugene and Marilyn Webb
Joseph and Patricia slate                                                                                       Marcia and K. Peter Zech
                                   David and Daphne Tang                Grant Webster
Ewa and Andrzej sledziewski                                                                                     Baohua Zhou
                                   Kay Tarapolsi and Richard Kuhn       lassie and Daniel Webster
Mark and Carol slosberg                                                                                         Farhat and suad Ziadeh
                                   William and Ellen Taubman            Margit Weingarten
Jean smart-Gilliland and Richard                                                                                susan Ziadeh
Gilliland                          Barbara Taylor                       Marguerite Weis
stanley smazal                     Chuck Taylor                         Frederick Weiss
Hart smith                         Keith Taylor                         Robert and Barbara Weller
Herbert smith                      Gerhard Technau                      sharlene and Herbert Welsh
loren smith                        Michael Temcov                       Eileen Wesley
Marian smith                       Jenny Teng                           Jane Westervelt
Virginia smith                     Peter Thomas                         Karl Weyrauch and Patricia Boiko
Cameron smock                      Jena Thornton and scott shapiro      steven White
Mary snapp                         David and Margaret Thouless          Ross and Barbara Whitney
Bryan snodgrass and Judith Berck   Crispin Thurlow and Jürg Koch        osgood and Barbara Whittemore
Marcia sohns and Mark levy         Robert Thurston                      Claire and Kenneth Whyburn
naomi sokoloff and Douglas Berry   James Tillman                        Curtis Wienker
Carol and Michael sparks           Karen and William Timberlake         Hannah Wiley
Maya sparks                        Peggy Tlapak                         John Wilkerson and Barbara simonsen
sonia spear                        Tor Tollessen                        John and Millicent Wilkerson
William and Elisabeth squires      stewart Tolnay and Patricia Glynn    David and Jane Williams
Parker and Evelyn sroufe           lorraine Toly                        Patricia Williams
stephanie and William stafford     Anne Totoraitis and scott Roberts    sally Williams
Janet and samuel stanley           larry and natasha Tripplett          Judith and John Willis
sarah stanley and Dale Rogerson    Patricia J. True                     Antoinette Wills
Marianne stecher-Hansen and        Paul Tseng                           Don and Judith Wilson
Kurt Hansen                        nicos Tsilas                         Jenene Wilson
John steedmen and Melinda          Judy Tsou and David Carlson          Richard and Tudi Wilson
Jankord-steedman                   Mayumi Tsutakawa                     Thomas Wilson
Richard and Donna stenerson        nathan Tublitz                       William and Patricia Wilson
Erica stevens                      Judy Tuffs                           Robert and Jennifer Winglee
Todd stevenson                     selim Tuncel and Karin Bornfeldt     soren Winter
Christine and Jay stickler         Mary Turner                          Benjamin and Ruth Woo
Mary Alice stielau                 Catherine Tuttle and David notkin    Ronald and Carolyn Woodard
Richard and Julie stillman                                              Craig Woody
                                                                        Joy Worcester
                                                                        Karen Wosilait and Mitchell sundt
                                   Jill Varni and steve Carlson
                                   Alan Veigel and laura Parma-Veigel
                                   seshadri and shobana Velamoor
                                   Raymond Verzasconi
Faculty-staff-Retiree Campaign For students

The following UW faculty, staff, or retiree donors have given or pledged $5,000 or more to the College of Arts and Sciences from May 1, 2005
through September 1, 2007 through a matching-gift offer. This matching program will continue through December 2008.

Anonymous                  Julia Herschensohn          Arval Morris                Julie stein                 Joseph A. Vance            Edgar V. Winans
Ann-Charlotte Gavel        Joyce Hershberger           laura newell Morris         stephen sumida              Frederic Wan               John C. Wingfield
Adams                      Paul Hodge                  John A. Murray              Carol Thomas                Patti Warashina            Robert Winglee
David G. Allen             Margaret P. Holton          isaac namioka               John Toews                  stephen G. Warren          loren Winterscheid
Gerald Baldasty            Judith Howard               Martin nevdahl              Anne T. Totoraitis          Daniel Waugh               Margaret Alison Wylie
Bruce Balick               Wayne Jehlik                Gail nomura                 Paul Tseng                  sabine Wilke               Anand Yang
Dee Boersma                Anne Johnson                David notkin                selim Tuncel                Dennis Willows             Anne Yue-Hashimoto
Karin Bornfeldt            Richard Johnson             lesley olswang              Ka-Kit Tung                 Antoinette Wills
Joost Businger             Bryan Jones                 steven olswang
William Calvin             Diane Carlson Jones         scott osborne
Robert Center              Theodore Kaltsounis         simon ottenberg
Wai Pang Chan              Mark Kernaghan              Robert T. Paine
stanley Chernicoff         Charles Keyes               Firoozeh Papan-Matin
Dondi Cupp                 Alan Kohn                   Corey Phelps
Margaret Darland           Marian Kohn                 Robert R. Phelps
Bernard Deconinck          Connie Kravas               Tiffany Phelps
Hans G. Dehmelt            Gus Kravas                  Michael Podlin
Walter Dryfoos             Christopher latham          B. seymour Rabinovitch
Arlene Ehrlich             Terje leiren                Marilyn Ramenofsky
Kathleen Ellsbury          Conway leovy                Wenda K. Reid
Diane Fathi-Diluck         linda leResche              J. Michael schurr
Robert Fleagle             Margaret levi               Amy scott
Gerald Folland             Douglas lind                leroy searle
sarah nash Gates           lillian McDermott           Michael shapiro
Joan Goldblatt             Douglass Merrell            nithya siva
steven Goldblatt           Dorothy Mills               Hart smith iii
Katherine Graubard         Fred D. Minifie             Joan solberg
Richard Gray               Marilyn Meder Montgomery    Birgitta steene

                                                        Retired but still Connected

“Even after being retired for 14 years, I still have a warm spot in                100 faculty, staff, and retirees responded generously to the campaign with
my heart for the Jackson School,” says Diane Fathi-DiLuck (‘56),                   gifts to the College. (See the complete list of donors above.)
who held various positions in the Jackson School of International                  Fathi-DiLuck created the Diane Fathi-DiLuck Endowment in 2005, with a
Studies (JSIS) for 22 years.                                                       $5,000 gift matched by the University. The endowment provides financial
Through her work as a UW staff member, Fathi-DiLuck was keenly                     assistance to JSIS students serving as unpaid interns with organizations
aware of the importance of private support at a public university.                 in the greater Seattle area. “Getting practical experience along with the
She made occasional gifts to the University, but decided to increase               academic experience is valuable,” says Fathi-DiLuck, noting that unpaid
her giving when the University launched its Faculty-Staff-Retiree                  internships can be a hardship for some students. “It seemed like an area
Campaign in 2005.                                                                  that needed support,” she says.
Through the campaign, the University matches gifts of $5,000 or                    Fathi-DiLuck added $5,000 to the endowment the following year, which
more from UW faculty, staff, and retirees, with a maximum match                    was also matched. Then she repeated the gift in 2007, even though she
of $10,000. Donors can create a named endowment with a gift of                     was no longer eligible for matching funds, having exceeded the $10,000
$5,000 or more.                                                                    limit.
“I was already interested in establishing an endowment,” says Fathi-               “Working at the Jackson School was a very rewarding experience for
DiLuck. “Learning of the matching program by the University gave                   me,” says Fathi-DiLuck. “I am one of the fortunate people who can truly
me added incentive to do so.” Fathi-DiLuck is not alone. More than                 say that I loved my job! I am happy that I have been able to give back in
                                                                                   this way.”
                                                                                   PHoTo: DiAnE FATHi-DilUCK. PHoTo BY nAnCY JosEPH.
Corporate, Foundation, and organization Donors
Corporate, foundation, and organization donors who have contributed $500 or more from July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007

$1,000,000+                               Aspectrics
                                          Barton Family Foundation
                                                                                      new England Foundation for the Arts
                                                                                      nippon Telegraph & Telephone
                                                                                                                                Community Church of seattle
                                                                                                                                Community Foundation of new Jersey
Benjamin Rabinowitz Trust                 The Behavioral Tech. Transfer Group         The norcliffe Foundation                  Consulate General of the Republic of
The Dart Foundation                       Biogen idec                                 norwegian American Foundation             Korea
Howard Hughes Medical institute           The Bishop Foundation                       offield Family Foundation                 Deloitte & Touche Foundation
                                          Abe & sidney Block Foundation               Parnassus                                 Valerie-Charles Diker Fund, inc.
                                          Blue Ribbon Coalition                       The Peach Foundation                      Donald Family Foundation
250,000-$999,000                          Bosack and Kruger Foundation                Philip Morris U.s.A. inc.                 Dow Chemical Company Foundation
                                                                                                                                Dow Corning Corporation
                                          The Brechemin Family Foundation             PonCHo
Autism speaks                                                                                                                   ExxonMobil Foundation
                                          Chamber Music of America                    Harry & Ann Pryde Charitable Trust
Freeman Foundation                                                                                                              Fund for Astrophysical Research
                                          Chevron Corporation                         Quest for Truth Foundation
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation                                                                                                 Future Brands llC
                                          Chevron U.s.A. Products Company             Raven Trust Fund
The Henry M. Jackson Foundation                                                                                                 GGlo
                                          The Chisholm Foundation                     Roshan Cultural Heritage institute
The Korea Foundation                                                                                                            Gilman Family Foundation
                                          Christie’s                                  Kal and lucille Rudman Foundation
M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust                                                                                                  Global Health Mission Church
                                          City of seattle                             saudi Arabian oil Company
national Council for Eurasisan and East                                                                                         Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation
European Research                         Clean Air Task Force                        Alfred P. sloan Foundation
                                          Corning                                     starbucks Coffee Company                  Goodfellow Fund
Barbro osher Pro suecia Foundation
                                          Cure Autism now Foundation                  systematix Controls incorporated          Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation
space Telescope science institute
                                          Daniel E. stuntz Memorial Foundation        John and nancy sabol Foundation           Groundspring
The seattle Foundation
                                          Drs. Hollingsworth & Bagdi Foundation       The sanofi-Aventis Group                  E. Hebert and D. Guthrie Foundation
The simons Foundation
                                          E.i. DuPont de nemours & Co.                schwab Fund for Charitable Giving         Phoebe W. Haas Charitable Trust
United Way of King County
                                          Eagle Harbor Technologies inc.              The sperry Fund                           Benjamin & Margaret Hall Foundation
University Corporation for Atmospheric
Research                                  Education Access network                    Atsuhiko & ina Goodwin Tateuchi           Hamilton sundstrand Corp.
                                          Emerald sky Foundation                      Foundation                                Hebron Christian Reformed Church
                                          Exxon Corporation                           Tulalip Tribes                            The Henry Gallery Association
                                                                                      Uop inc.                                  Howellen investments, ltd.
$100,000-$249,999                         FniH
                                          la Universidad de leon Fundacion            Us-israel Binational science Foundation   iBM Corporation
The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation       General Mills, inc.                         Vanguard Charitable Endowment             institute of Mathematical statistics
American Chemical society                                                             Program                                   intel Foundation
                                          General Motors Corporation
The Boeing Company                                                                    Vidalakis Family Foundation               Jeffris Wood Foundation
                                          Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
The Dana Foundation                                                                   Washington state Arts Commission          Jewish Community Endowment Fund
                                          Gilead sciences, inc.
Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation                                                    William & Mary Way Family Trust           Kistler Products
                                          Glaser Foundation, inc.
The F. Danz Foundation                                                                Flip Wilson living Trust                  Kotkins Charitable Trust
                                          Health services of Fox Chase
Gladys & sam Rubinstein Foundation                                                    Wolf Creek Charitable Foundation          latvian Government
                                          Honeywell international, inc.
Henry & nancy Ketcham Foundation                                                      Wyman Youth Trust                         The levine Foundation
                                          Hsin-Yi Foundation
innovative scientific solutions inc       iRis                                                                                  levine Family Foundation
Microsoft Corporation                     infometrix inc.                                                                       liberty Media Corporation
Morris Animal Foundation                  intel Corporation                           $2,000-$9,999                             The linehan Family Foundation
new York Community Trust                  Jewish Federation of Greater seattle                                                  lithuanian American Comm. UsA
                                                                                      ABB Group
nextbook                                  Max Kade Foundation inc.                                                              Byron W. & Alice l. lockwood Foundation
                                                                                      Abbott laboratories Fund
The Russell Family Foundation             Kraft Foods inc.                                                                      The Marvin Foundation
                                                                                      Agilent Technologies
scan|Design by i. & J. Bruun Foundation   laurelhurst PTA                                                                       Masins Furniture-interiors
                                                                                      Allen institute for Brain science
society for Conservation Biology          The lawton living Trust                                                               Matthews Family Trust
                                                                                      American Motorcyclist Assoc., inc.
                                          lithuanian Foundation, inc.                                                           McCormick & schmick’s
                                                                                      American seafoods Group llC
                                          logan investments                                                                     Merck Company Foundation
                                                                                      Amgen Foundation, inc.
$10,000-$99,999                           The Henry luce Foundation, inc.             The John P. Angel Foundation
                                                                                                                                Pendleton & Elisabeth Carey Miller
                                                                                                                                Charitable Foundation
                                          lucent Technologies Foundation              norman Archibald Charitable Foundation
3M Company                                                                                                                      Ministry of Education and Culture,
                                          lumera Corporation                          Azteca Restaurant Enterprises             Cyprus
                                          Mayor’s office of Arts & Cultural Affairs   Bank of America Foundation                Moccasin lake Foundation
Accenture Foundation
                                          Mellam Family Foundation                    Behnke Foundation                         Motorcycle industry Council
Alcoholic Beverage Medical
                                          Modern language Quarterly                   Bobby’s Fund Foundation                   The namaste Foundation inc.
American Meteorological society
                                          naficy Plastic surgery & Rejuvenation       Bobo Foundation                           nARsAD
American Council of learned societies     Center
American Endowment Foundation                                                         Janet R. Bradley Trust                    nBBJ
                                          national Endowment for the Arts
ARC of Washington Trust Fund                                                          Center for Women & Democracy              Beatrice nowogroski Trust
                                          national Geographic society
Art Patch                                                                             Charles schwab & Co., inc.                north seattle lapidary & Mineral Club
                                          national Writing Project Corp
ArtsFund                                                                              Citigroup Global impact Funding           northwest Danish Foundation
                                          national Alliance for Autism Research       Trust inc.                                Alexander s. onassis Public Benefit
                                          The nature Conservancy                                                                Foundation
                                          nesholm Family Foundation
Parker smith & Feek, inc.
living Trust of Alfonso Pena
                                      Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Foundation
                                      Carpenter’s local Union #131
                                                                                The Placzek Family Foundation
                                                                                Plum Creek Foundation                   Estates
Perkins Coie                          Cascade internal Medicine, P.s.           PVC Property Management Account
Pioneer newspaper service, llC        Cedar River Group                         Radio systems Corp
Pitney Bowes inc.                     Christensen o’Connor Johnson Kindness     Rainier investment Management
The Prairie Foundation                Citigroup inc.                            REi
The Pride Foundation
The Pruzan Foundation
                                      Computer Associates international, inc.
                                      Constantine Builders, inc.
                                                                                Roaring Mouse Creative Arts studio
                                                                                Robert l. Richmond Foundation
Puget sound Mycological society       Consulate General of the Republic of      safeco insurance Company                Estate of Margaret Clark Mykut
Rabbi Arthur A. Jacobovitz inst.      Poland                                    scan Pacific northwest, llC             Estate of Alberta C. Corkery
Ragamala                              Cowan’s Auctions, inc.                    Paul schuler Foundation
RD Prop ser llC                       The Danish Club                           seattle society, AiA
Russell investment Group              Daughters of Penelope                     sEiU local 925                          $100,000-$249,999
Helen schiff Foundation               Davis/Grimm/Payne/Marra/Berry, inc.       siemens Medical solutions UsA, inc.     Estate of n. Craig Crawford
sharebuilder securities Corp.         Davis Wright Tremaine llP                 smeraldo Restaurant, inc.               Estate of Yvette Edmondson
shell oil Company Foundation          Dayville Hay & Grain, inc.                social Philosophy & Policy Foundation
siemens Energy & Automation, inc.     luino & Margaret Dell’osso Foundation     spectroscopy society of Pittsburgh
lester M. smith Foundation            The Martin Djos Family Foundation         Teamsters local Union #174              $10,000-$99,999
orin smith Family Foundation          Donnelly Architects                       Temcov Foundation                       Estate of Wendy E. Adams
sotheby’s                             Estonian society of seattle               Temple Beth Am                          Estate of Alfred Allina
state Farm insurance Co.              Everyday American services, inc.          Tethers Unlimmited, inc.                Estate of Ernest Carl Brown
stuart silk Architects                Expedia inc.                              TRiUMF                                  Estate of June Boynton Gasparovich
suquamish indian Tribe                Falls Run Family Foundation               Tsutakawa Art Fund                      Estate of louise M. Goodrich
svenska institutet                    Figel Real Estate Partners, llC           U s Bancorp Foundation                  Estate of Arlene J. Hunter
swagelok Company                      Finnish Folk Festival                     Ukrainian American Club of Wash
swedish Cultural Center, inc.         Friends of nelson Bentley                 United Presbyterian Church seattle
Technogym UsA Corp.                   General Reinsurance Corporation           Vogt Family Foundation                  $2,000-$9,999
The Tides Foundation                  Georgia-Pacific Corporation               Washington Alliance of Technology       Estate of Barbara D. Dimock
UBs Financial services inc            Getty images seattle, inc.                Workers
                                                                                                                        Estate of Allen l. Edwards
University of Texas, Austin           Global Partnerships                       Washington state Council of Fire
                                                                                Fighters                                Estate of Peter Hobbs
UW Alumni Association                 Golden Energy services, inc.
                                                                                Welfund incorporated                    Estate of Elinor J. Ekenesm Rahmer
Viva Polonia Ball Fundraising Comm.   Google, inc.
                                      Graham & Dunn PC                          Wells Fargo Foundation
Wachovia Foundation
Washington Art Consortium             Joshua Green Foundation, inc.             Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation
                                                                                Howard s. Whitney Foundation
Washington Falconers Association      Greenwood neighborhood Advancement
                                      Heron Christian Reformed Church           W-iE-nE-R Plain & Baus, lTD             Estate of H. William Kirschner
The Washington Mutual Foundation
                                      ilWU local 92                             Curtis Wienker Trust                    Estate of Richard G. skone
Washington Mutual, inc.
                                      ilWU southern California Pensioners       Winston Wachter Fine Art
Washington Women’s Foundation
                                      irwin Jack and lena Pincus Foundation     Wood Flute Conference
Wells Fargo Bank
                                      Floyd & Delores Jones Foundation          ZymoGenetics
Western states Arts Federation
Wilburforce Foundation                K & l Gates
Meryl & Charles Witmer Charitable     Kaleidoscope Foundation
Foundation                            Kellogg’s
Harold l. Wyman Foundation            Keyes Foundation
The Zurich Us Foundation              Kimberly-Clark Foundation, inc            The College of Arts & Sciences regrets any misspellings,
                                      KAGRo of Washington state, inc.           omissions, or other errors in this Arts and Sciences Report
                                      laird norton Tyee Trust Company
                                                                                to Contributors. To notify us of any inaccuracies, please
$500-$1,999                           latvian Assoc. of state Washington
                                                                                contact Marilyn Kliman, Arts & Sciences Senior Director
                                      law offices of Bradshaw/Richards Ps
3M Foundation                         lockheed Martin Corporation               of Communications, at (206) 616-3506 or mkliman@
Administrative services               loyola University
AFT Washington                                                                  u.washington.edu.
                                      lunde Marine Electronics
American Association of University    The MacRae Foundation a Corporation
                                      Margaret U. Mcintyre Trust
American statistical Association
                                      Mellon Private Asset Management
Arch. investigations nW, inc
                                      Merrill lynch & Co. Foundations, inc.
Austrian Consulate General
Baden Family Trust
                                      Ann l. nieder living Trust
                                                                                            looking for the A&s Calendar?
Barthold Family Foundation
                                      nintendo of America, inc.
The Beckmann Foundation
                                      north American Falconers Assoc.
Bishop-Fleet Foundation
                                      northwest Automotive Press Association
Burle industries, inc.
                                      northwest Chapter lera
Caen Technologies
                                      nW Asian Weekly Foundation
                                                                                             The College of Arts and Sciences calendar, usually
                                      nW Paleontological Association                         located on the inside back cover of A&S Perspectives,
                                      Perkins Coie llP
                                                                                             can be found on pages 20-21, prior to the A&S Report
                                                                                             to Contributors.

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