; Aao na March karain
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Aao na March karain


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									Aao na March karain

Aao na march karain

Ham aur tum raaj karain

Aao...aao na

Soan halwa khaao na

Namak sarkaar ka

Khoon awaam ka

Duniya ko bata doh

Shair kiss khotay ka naam hai

Chaudhry Sahib aaway he aaway

Ye ooper waalay ka nizaam hai

Its a long march of fools

Take a monkey and hand him some tools

Watch him do the Dew

Violence is nothing new

First you take out the yuppies

Get them shaking in their Hush Puppies

Your rage is simple


Purer than all the mineral water

Manufactured this side of the border

While we scratch our heads

Wondering what to make of Liberty Chowk

You rally your subjects

And embark on one of your famous walks

Islam toh hooa badnaam

Islamabad ka bhee hooa kaam tamaam

President House tujhay salaam

Aao karain sab kee neendain haraam

Dafa ho ja

144 is now in effaict
And if you want to ‘phadda’ with ganja

You better ‘satta’ with fate
He’s a fighter our Nawaz

He’s not a ‘jahaaz’

From sky rises to hair fall

Our brother knows it all

Ham Ittefaq kartay hain

Bhai ka scene heavy hai

Shahbaz ka tagra saaya

Punjab par haawi hai

Ballay ballay

Tu bhee gall kar lay

Sab kee jaib khaali

Par aglee government hamari

Dushmano kee gaanwa jugnee

Apno kee aamdani doognee

Mushy you did a bad bad thing

Put the economy in a sling

You got your bloodless coup

8 years and you still weren’t through

Bhainchod yar

Zamaanay ka khuwaar

Ab toh bayl bhee kehta hai
"Aa Gernayl...mujhe maar"

Zardari please

Islamabad aanay doh

We will come in CNG car

We will shout “NRO”

Oye Sindhi

Sarr pay na charr

Samjhota kar lay

Warna tu bhee warrh
‘Aata’ hai nahee…you niwaala thoos

Your chicken is coming home to roost
Liberals are watching Dawn News

Bracing themselves for another bruise

You're gonna decry it like all the rest

Saying u'd much prefer a love-fest

Punjabi slogans got u scrambling

for the freakin dictionary

Bitches running for cover

From tomorrow's Obituary

While fundoos eat chocolate fondue

In Jehadi heaven

And girls ain’t allowed to have fun

Pretty soon they’ll even ban lemons

Sassy curvy Jamila

You was born in a katchi abaadi

Now you got an upcoming shaadi

With a 52 year old dhaari

It sure is barbaadi

Run to the city

Run for your life

Madrassah ain’t a place for your brother

He’s gonna carve you up with a knife


The kheer in my kheera

Don’t miss the long march

There will be no kaam kaaj

Pakistan under pressure once again

Inzimam, please pick up balla

Don’t act like a kalla

Imran bhai

Please sit on the chaarpaee
Aap kee tehreek jai bhaand may

Bohat baree ungal hai aap kee **&&^% may
If you as much as open your mouth

I am marching south.

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