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   School Information Line
        0870 054 4999

        School Pin Number
             02 20 40

    Regular updates on school
    closures on Northsound 1
                                                                                           ADVERSE WEATHER – SAFETY
                       SCHOOL CLOSURE
                                                                             Action to close the school will only be taken where there is doubt or concern
The school may close or partly close as a result of any of the following     over safety. The decision may be taken by either the Head Teacher or the
factors:                                                                     Local Authority.
 part/whole closure due to road/weather conditions – for example the
                                                                             Children Within Walking Distance
   school could remain open for village children and the nursery closed;
                                                                             Should the school close, parents or other designated persons will be
 inadequate staffing;
                                                                             informed by phone/text and asked to collect their charges.
 power/heating failure;
 whole school closure as the result of storm warnings.                      Children Brought to School or Nursery by Parents’ Own Vehicles
                                                                              Parents are asked to use their discretion when bringing their child to
                                                                                 school – you are the best judge of local conditions.
There have been a few changes made to the Authority’s website:                Should conditions deteriorate, parents should remove their children
The closure status has been broken down to three categories;                     from school as soon as possible.
                                                                              Please inform the school office or Head Teacher of your intentions.
     (i) school open/partially open – Green
     (ii) school closed – to everyone or to pupils only – Red                Children Using School Transport
     (iii) disruption to transport – Blue                                     If the bus does not operate in the morning, do not bring your children
                                                                                 into school.
   by clicking on the Register you can subscribe to have an email sent to    The transport operator, after consultation with the Head Teacher, can
    you automatically updating you of any changes to the school status;          decide that children should be conveyed home before normal finishing
                                                                                 time. The school will attempt to contact parents.
   summary map – this is another option available through Google Maps:       Parents should ensure that children are safely delivered to and collected
                                                                                 from their pick-up point.
               http://s64156/schoolupdates/google_maps.aspx                   Pupils should wait no longer than 15 minutes past the normal pick-up time
                                                                                 before returning home.
                                                                              In adverse weather conditions, pupils will not be left by their contractor
You will appreciate that notifying all parents/safety contacts for nearly        at the road end. If a parent fails to meet a child, the contractor will:
700 children in an emergency situation is no easy task. All parents are           where possible, convey pupils directly to their home, or
therefore asked to inform the school in writing of any change of routine.         leave them at a house where they can remain until they are collected
Please ensure that any changes to contact details are updated with the               by parents and will inform the school of such a decision, or
school office.                                                                    deliver them into the care of a responsible adult who will accompany
                                                                                     them to their homes, or
Please note that should we have an emergency closure during the school day        convey them, in the event of the failure of the above three, back to
we cannot release pupils to walk home with a neighbour or friend unless              school
given permission to do so by the parent/guardian.                                                      Bains Coaches (01651 872365)
                                                                                                         R S Taxis (01330 833314)
Children cannot be collected by anyone under the age of 16.
                                                                                                       Central Taxis (01224 890089)
Children will not be released to walk home on their own.                                               Alpha Taxis (01467 625037)

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