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					                       Notes from Nashville

      Now that was a concert. Who? Alison Krauss and Union Station with
guest dobro player Jerry Doulas. When? A recent Saturday night. Where?
The historic Ryman Auditorium in downtown Nashville.

       Attending this concert with my beautiful wife, Alison, as part of our
25 wedding anniversary celebration was an event that will not soon be
forgotten, and it reinforced to me the reason that I got into the electronics
business in the first place – it’s all about the music. When I think back to
the first time that I heard a really great hi-fi system, I remember being
enthralled by the sensation that the performers were in the room with me,
that the voices sounded real, that the pitch of the bass guitar was accurate,
that I got a sense of the space where the recording was made. Thus began a
(so far) lifelong love of hi-fi gear, not for itself, but for its ability to
communicate the essence of music.

      Particularly during the unplugged encore set at this concert, featuring
3-6 players and Allison, all using just one microphone, I was so emotionally
involved in the music that I pretty much forgot where I was. A great hi-fi
system can do this for me as well, when I put on a great recording, turn
down the lights, and let myself be carried away by the music.

       Though we at Phoenix can help with any of your electronic needs, be
it home automation, security systems, lighting control, surveillance, etc.,
remember that we are also known for putting together the finest music
reproduction systems that are available today, and can help you connect with
the essence of music.
Brian Warford
Sales Engineer
Phoenix Unequaled Home Entertainment
Nashville Office
(615) 456-1671

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