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weaving ribbon

weaving ribbon
In one of our favorite gift-wrapping methods, different kinds of ribbon are woven and layered around a box, creating a package rich with color and texture. Try this simple technique and soon you’ll be turning ordinary gift boxes into eye-catching works of art.

To re-create this package, wrap box with our wrapping paper or tissue paper. Wrap three kinds of ribbon side by side around the short side of the box only, affixing the ends on the bottom with double-sided tissue tape. (Tip: For a clean finish, fold the ribbon’s raw end under 5inch and tape to the other end. If the ribbon is too stiff to fold, trim neatly instead.) Next, wrap ribbons around the long side, weaving through the short-side ribbons; with each ribbon you add, alternate between an over-under pattern and an underover pattern, as shown.

Assorted Ribbon and Craft Seam Binding Assorted Wrapping Paper
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