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					         DataDirect Networks'
       Silicon Storage Appliance
              Enabling Storage Networks

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                         The Silicon Storage Appliance: Enabling Storage Networks

The rapid growth of e-commerce, data mining                 FIBRE CHANNEL ORIENTED STORAGE AREA NETWORK MARKET
                                                            ($ Bil. Revenue Estimates)
and online transaction processing is driving the                             $16

proliferation of multi-terabyte (one thousand
gigabytes) databases that combine text, images
and sound. At the same time, the expansion of                                $12

data requirements is elevating the management,                                                                               Networking

                                                         Revenues ($ Bil.)
sharing, distribution and protection needs of                                $8
                                                                                                                             FC Attached
existing storage infrastructures. The required
heterogeneity of storage and server equipment                                $6

within this infrastructure is also placing                                   $4

increasing demands on IT professionals                                       $2
attempting to effectively manage and leverage
their storage capabilities. Existing client/server                                 1997   1998   1999   2000   2001   2002
networks are fast reaching their limits in terms             Source: International Data Corporation (1999) and the
of performance, connectivity and management                   Gartner Group (1999). Note: Networking companies
as they attempt to handle the traditional text                     includes switches, hubs, routers & bridges
and numeric data, along with sound, images
and video. Further stressing these legacy               THE SILICON STORAGE APPLIANCE:
systems is the distribution of this new mix of          A UNIQUE, COMPREHENSIVE SAN
data in the worldwide medium of the Internet.           SOLUTION

Storage Area Networks (SANs) are the solution           DataDirect Networks is leading the concept of
to many of these crippling data access and              a silicon storage appliance. A Silicon Storage
network problems.       The SAN market is               Appliance      (S2A)    is   a    plug-and-play
expected to grow substantially as organizations         infrastructure device that virtualizes storage,
embrace these emerging high bandwidth                   accelerates application performance, and
networks. According to Peripheral Concepts,             simplifies information management thereby
more than 50% of shared storage in networked            reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).
environments is projected to be reorganized
into SANs by the year 2002. According to data           DataDirect's many years of Fibre Channel
collected from the Gartner Group and IDC,               technology expertise and heterogeneous system
SAN related solutions (including hubs, routers,         experience support its Silicon Storage
switches & storage) is expected to grow from            Appliance solution. This intelligent network
$0.7 billion in 1997 to $14.3 billion in 2002, a        infrastructure device was designed specifically
compounded annual growth rate of 83%.                   to meet the needs of storage networking
Furthermore, Forrester Research has found that          understanding that simplicity and performance
over two-thirds of data administrators are              lowers TCO.
considering SAN installations over the next 12
months.                                                 The S2A is designed from the ground up on
                                                        DataDirect's advanced SAN ASICs, unique
                                                        fully pipelined DMA parallel architecture and
                                                        advanced virtualization and caching software
                                                        technologies. DataDirect has integrated these
                                                        technologies into a single plug and play device
                                                        providing application acceleration and simple,
                                                        centralized and secure data management.

                                           DataDirect Networks
                        The Silicon Storage Appliance: Enabling Storage Networks

DataDirect's S2A integrates the functions of           data storage and management is becoming one
many of the SAN component products                     of the most important aspects of business-
currently being offered to connect computers to        critical decision making. Increased reliance on
storage devices, into a single intelligent             applications ranging from business intelligence
network device. This plug and play network             and decision support, data warehousing and
infrastructure device provides:                        graphics have all contributed to this trend. In
                                                       particular, the development of Web-based
   •   Application acceleration for increased          business operations and 24-hour e-commerce
       productivity and return on investment.          has intensified the demand placed on data
   •   Virtualized     storage     for  simple,        centers. Customer interactions over the Web
       centralized and secure data and network         have increased operational focus on the
       management.                                     performance,        availability,    scalability,
   •   “Pay-as-you-grow” deployment for                management and flexibility of systems that use
       cost-effective scalability.                     business-critical data. This dependence on data
   •   Platform and storage independence for           for fundamental business processes by
       open systems support and flexibility            employees, customers and suppliers has greatly
       (support of Windows NT, Linux, Sun              increased the number of input and output
       Solaris, A/IX and SGI IRIX platforms).          transactions, or I/Os, required of computer
   •   Protection of investments made in               storage systems and servers. In addition, the
       legacy networking and storage products          complexity of enterprise computing and storage
   •   Reduced Total Cost of Ownership and             is further compounded by the use of multiple
       capital acquisition costs                       incompatible server operating systems, such as
                                                       the proliferation of Windows NT and Linux in
S2A enables DataDirect to offer the industry's         traditional UNIX environments and data
highest performance and most scalable network          processing centers. As a result, organizations
device, capable of operating at multiple times         are being forced to dedicate substantial
that of Fibre Channel speeds while delivering          financial and personnel resources to manage
simplicity. The S2A plugs seamlessly into              and maintain the distributed storage capabilities
existing network environments, thereby                 of their networks.
protecting and upgrading investments made in
legacy storage and networking products to              ADVENT OF STORAGE AREA
substantially improve their performance,               NETWORKS
availability and manageability
                                                       In response to the demands for high-speed and
THE EXPLOSION OF                                       highly scalable storage-to-server and server-to-
BUSINESS-CRITICAL DATA                                 server connectivity, the Fibre Channel
                                                       interconnect protocol, an industry-networking
The last decade has seen an explosion in the           standard, was developed in the early 1990s.
volume of business-critical data that is being         Fibre Channel technology is capable of data
captured, processed, stored and manipulated in         transmission speeds of up to 10 gigabits per
business environments. This has fueled an              second, making it the fastest transmission
increase in demand for access to this business-        standard available today. Fibre Channel has
critical information. According to publicly            enabled the development of a new class of
available research from IDC, shipments of              networks to meet the requirements of data
direct access storage capacity, which excludes         centers and other data-intensive, distributed
tape and optical storage, is expected to grow at       computing environments. This new class of
an 86% CAGR from 1998 to 2002. Efficient               networks, called a Storage Area Network
                                                       (SAN), goes beyond local and wide area

                                         DataDirect Networks
                        The Silicon Storage Appliance: Enabling Storage Networks

networks, and applies the distributed
computing model to computer storage systems            Shared data
                                                                                        Communications Network
and servers, taking advantage of the inherent          access
benefits of a networked approach. These                bottleneck
benefits include the decoupling of computer
storage systems and servers, increasing                Disk                                              = bottleneck

availability and scalability and the ability to        performance
                                                       bottleneck and
provide a higher level of connectivity than            inaccessible
currently exists in the Small Computer System          islands of data                         Connected Storage
Interface (SCSI) environment. By bringing
networking technology into the data processing            First Wave of Network Computing: Traditional
center, a SAN also provides increased                                 Client-Server Network
flexibility, fault tolerance, ease of management
and lower total cost of ownership while                In the second wave of network computing, disk
removing the need for a server to sit between          storage systems were connected to network file
the network and the storage device.                    servers using the Fibre Channel interconnect,
                                                       but client workstations still messaged to servers
DATA CONVERGENCE CAN                                   via a local area network. These network
BOTTLENECK TRUE INFORMATION                            architectures provided improved disk and
ACCESS                                                 interconnect performance but failed to solve
                                                       many of the shortcomings of a distributed
Along with the explosion of business-critical          computing model. They relied on network
information, Internet-based content and e-             devices that could not maximize the data access
commerce, the makeup of data is changing in a          performance      potential     of    high-speed
radical way. Computer data is no longer just           interconnect technology, which Fibre Channel
comprised of text and numbers. Images, sound           allows. Additionally, without SAN-enabled
and video are being added to it at an                  software, distributed computing cannot offer
increasingly rapid pace. 24-hour e-commerce            true shared information access, as individual
sites are changing distribution patterns and           servers on the network still "own" disk space
replicating the convenience of the "brick and          (islands of data) that cannot be directly
mortar" experience of shopping to capture and          accessed by other servers or users on the
hold customers.        While the client-server         network.
network topology solved the data access
challenges of the text and number based                Shared data
environment, the change in the nature and              access                           &RPPXQLFDWLRQV 1HWZRUN
amount of data has rendered this technology            networking
outdated.       From the latency in disk
performance, slower SCSI interconnect
technology, to large, expensive general-purpose
systems, "file servers", performing the function         performance
of copying to and from shared data storage over          bottleneck                                      = bottleneck

the network, the "first wave" of networking              inaccessible
computing is unable to meet the intensified              islands of                           )LEUH &KDQQHO
                                                         data                                &RQQHFWHG 6WRUDJH
demands placed on the data center.
                                                             Second Wave of Network Computing: Fibre
                                                                    Channel Connected Storage

                                         DataDirect Networks
                               The Silicon Storage Appliance: Enabling Storage Networks

FIRST GENERATION SANs                                         admission" client workstation users to "VIP"
                                                              users      (which    have     high     bandwidth
The first generation SAN configuration is a
                                                              requirements). However, these technologies
Fibre Channel switched topology, which is
                                                              are holdovers from the client-server model and
similar to traditional SCSI-based distributed
                                                              are not designed for scalable, intelligent SAN
systems where interconnections over multiple
                                                              deployment. Scalability is achieved by adding
nodes are connected by an Ethernet switch. It
                                                              switches, RAID controllers and disparate
differs by allowing large amounts of image,
                                                              pieces of software, which are complex and
video, sound, text, and number data to transfer
                                                              costly to install and manage, let users only see
at high speed over long distances with reduced
                                                              a fraction of the total storage available, as well
congestion and increased reliability and
                                                              as reduce performance, data availability and
scalability. Fibre Channel switching technology
can support thousands of connections up to an
aggregate bandwidth of one-gigabit-per-second                 Shared data access
full duplex transfer rate from each port,                     networking bottleneck

providing 16 gigabits per second end-to-end                                                     Communications Network

throughput.                                                   File servers
                                                              copying data
                                                              to/from storage
   Comparison of Fibre Channel/Switched Fabric & Ultra
             SCSI Connectivity Technology
                                                              Complex, difficult
                          FC-SF           Ultra SCSI          and expensive to
                                                              scale, secure,
 Data Bandwidth        200 MB/sec           40 MB/sec         manage and
                                                              maintain                                  Fibre Channel SAN
 Protocol Support      SCSI, IP, Others     SCSI only
 Connection            16 million           15 drives/bus
 Scalability           nodes/fabric                           Disk performance bottleneck and
 Connection Distance   10 km                                  inaccessible islands of data
                                            25 meters
                                                               First Generation SAN: Scales by Adding Switches
 Data Transmission     Full-duplex
                                            Half-duplex                     and RAID Controllers

                                                              DATADIRECT’S NEXT GENERATION
This available bandwidth is dramatically                      STORAGE NETWORK
bottlenecked, however, by constricting sixteen
channels down to single port storage                          In order for the SAN model to become more
subsystems.     The limitation of switched                    widely adopted, next generation SAN devices
networks have been addressed in local and                     need to provide today's enterprises with the
wide area environments by the development of                  ability to connect clients and servers on the
expensive, specialized file servers or devices                network to their data, simply and cost-
with advanced I/O processing plants and                       effectively, with extensive scalability and
sophisticated    shared     information    and                without degrading application performance.
management software.                                          Key attributes of these next generation storage
                                                              network devices include:
These first generation SAN configurations also
employ RAID controllers (which combine                             •     Storage virtualization
several hard drives into one unit), solid state                    •     Extensive I/O handling capability
cache devices (which store data for quick                          •     Fully    pipelined     parallelism     for
access), and LUN masking (which allows                                   contention-free transfers
controlled access to stored data) zoning and                       •     Guaranteed reliability and availability
security software as a means to provide data                       •     Protection of existing networking and
access to a variety of users from "general                               storage products ("Legacy" Systems)

                                                 DataDirect Networks
                                  The Silicon Storage Appliance: Enabling Storage Networks

Furthermore, the SAN will require intelligent
data management that provides high-speed
connectivity for data-intensive applications                                                                      Communications Network

across multiple operating systems, including
UNIX, Linux, and Windows NT.             These
functions are essential to the access,                                       Legacy
processing, manipulation, and storage of
business-critical data.     High-speed, shared                                                                                    Fibre
access networks require dedicated connections
operating at high performance levels to support
large data transfer demands. Finally, data
processing centers are characterized by a high
degree of change, with regards to scalability                            •   Simplicity and performance increases return on investment
and technology, that must be supported by a                              •   Reliable, highly scalable data network plugs into existing
                                                                             network environments
flexible network infrastructure.                                         •   Reduced total cost of ownership and capital acquisition costs
                                                                         •   Operating system and platform independent
DataDirect has developed a comprehensive
SAN solution housed in one discrete hardware                             Silicon Storage Appliance Plugs Into Environments
and software package, known as a Silicon                                    Protecting Investments in Legacy Storage and
Storage Appliance, that addresses the                                                  Network Infrastructure
shortcomings of today's SAN and provides the
                                                                         A Silicon Storage Appliance is an intelligent
above-mentioned benefits.
                                                                         plug-and-play device that virtualizes storage,
                                                                         accelerates application performance, and
                                                                         simplifies      information      management.
                                                                         DataDirect's S2A is an open-system device
                                                                         designed to support the ever increasing
                                                                         demands of network storage data access and
                                                                         management.       Similar to the computer
                                                                         networking market and the Internet, the SAN
                                                                         market is pushing towards more intelligent and
                                                                         easier to use devices that address and solve
                                                                         application and data availability problems
                                                                         simply and cost effectively. DataDirect's S2A
                                                                         again proves, simplicity and performance
                                                                         lowers TCO.

•   Application acceleration with cost-effective scalability
•   Simple, centralized and secure data and network management
•   Integrated SAN ASICs, unique DMA parallel architecture and
    virtualization and caching software technologies functions
•   Reduced total cost of ownership and capital acquisition costs
•   Operating system and platform independence

            Next Generation SAN with
       DataDirect's Silicon Storage Appliance

                                                            DataDirect Networks
                        The Silicon Storage Appliance: Enabling Storage Networks

DataDirect believes its integrated S2A solution        can be accessed both locally and remotely,
represents the industry's most advanced and            while data-intensive connections in the
efficient architectural approach to high-              organization can be centrally managed to share
performance, simplified storage network data           resources with other points on the network.
access and data management. Key benefits               Data security is maintained with scalable
include:                                               security     features    including       restricted
                                                       management access, multiple level protection
Building a SAN simply and easily. The                  and authentication against authorized listing.
S2A makes it simple to build a highly scalable         All of these factors combine to help
SAN. By integrating fully pipelined DMA                organizations reduce the overall costs and
parallel     architecture   with     advanced          increase the efficiency of their data network.
virtualization     and    caching     software
management functions into a single intelligent         SAN scalability.          DataDirect's Silicon
network device, the S2A allows IT                      Storage Appliance is a "first of kind" device
professionals to build a SAN quickly and               that enables heterogeneous environments to
easily. Furthermore, the S2A is independent of         scale by adding standalone and clustered
operating systems and platforms, which allows          servers, workstations and PCs, disk systems,
heterogeneous open system support and                  tape systems, Fibre Channel switches, hubs and
reduces the cost and time associated with              routers in an easy, cost effective and reliable
building and operating a SAN.                          manner. Fibre Channel devices can plug into a
                                                       S2A creating a high bandwidth, highly scalable
Application Acceleration. Deployment of                data network infrastructure that provides
SANs based on DataDirect's S2A not only                simple, centralized and secure data and network
enhances point-to-point bandwidth with high            management while reducing total cost of
speed Fibre Channel connections, but helps             ownership and capital acquisition costs. The
solve the I/O bottleneck between data storage          ability to interconnect multiple Silicon Storage
systems and servers. DataDirect's S2A delivers         Appliances further increases the scalability of
full-duplex 1 gigabit per second performance at        DataDirect's solution.
every port.      In addition, unlike existing
switches or other shared devices, the S2A is           Increased SAN productivity. The Silicon
designed to provide data contention-free and           Storage Appliance provides the benefit of
maintain gigabit per second performance per            simultaneous data access.      Information is
port as additional devices and storage are added       shared, not copied, eliminating concurrency
to the SAN. DataDirect's advanced SAN                  concerns and conserving resources. Multiple
ASICs, unique fully pipelined DMA parallel             servers and workstations can access shared
architecture and advanced virtualization and           storage resources and work with the same data
caching software technologies provide end-             simultaneously. As a result, DataDirect's SAN
users with rapid data retrieval regardless of the      solution allows its customers to meet and
pattern or size of the request allowing for a          exceed the performance needs of data-intensive
greater number of user transactions.                   applications and services and work in a true
                                                       collaborative manner.
Virtualize      storage        management.
DataDirect's S2A solution provides a set of data       Supporting         mission-critical       data
management and network optimization tools              processing centers.            DataDirect has
that enable users to centrally manage storage          designed its solutions to provide high levels of
and network resources, which handle business-          resiliency and availability with maximum up-
critical data. SAN management information              time for business-critical, data-intensive

                                          DataDirect Networks
                        The Silicon Storage Appliance: Enabling Storage Networks

applications. The S2A has fully redundant              and restore can be performed on the SAN,
hardware and software fault tolerance with file        freeing up valuable bandwidth on the local and
system intelligence, automatic error recovery,         wide area network and eliminating the need for
failover and reconfiguration capabilities. These       expensive backup servers.
capabilities    incorporate    redundant      and
alternative data paths for data forwarding,            Increasing Return on Investment. The
creating a SAN that delivers high performance          industry-leading manageability, availability and
and data availability even in degraded mode.           functionality of DataDirect’s S2A systems
DataDirect's S2A also supports fully pipelined         impacts the business by maximizing value and
parallel links to switches, servers, storage and       payoff through:
other devices. As a result, cable, port, switch
or link failure can be isolated, data recovered        •   Helping customers improve time-to-market
without application degradation, thereby                   of products and services
increasing data and application availability.          •   Reducing development time for new
                                                           business applications to create sources of
Compatibility              with         existing           new revenue
environments.         The S A allows UNIX,             •   More timely access to information, leading
Linux and Windows NT servers and                           to better business decisions
workstations to access shared storage                  •   Extracting new value from existing data
resources.     This permits departments and            •   Enabling implementation of global services
workgroups within a heterogeneous computing                through     improved      data   processing
environment with incompatible operating                    procedures
systems to share data simultaneously. The S2A
approach also offers heterogeneous support for         S2A technology allows the enterprise to
third party storage and tape providing best-of-        enhance      productivity   by     accelerating
breed choice. Moreover, the Silicon Storage            application and avoid costs with simplified and
Appliance plugs into existing networks and             automated management, creating an immense
storage, thus increasing their capabilities and        positive business impact.
providing investment protection. This feature
allows data access between SAN and client-             CUSTOMER APPLICATIONS
server users bridging SAN and NAS
environment, while also upgrading legacy               DataDirect Networks believes the direction of
storage into intelligent storage resources.            its technologies and solutions will intersect the
                                                       next evolutionary point in the SAN market. The
Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).                   following two pages display examples of
Because the Silicon Storage Appliance                  problems solved by our technology and
integrates the functions of many current               solutions in various applications:
products into a single intelligent device with
simple, centralized and secure data and network
management, it provides a lower cost of
ownership and lower capital acquisition cost
solution relative to alternative approaches. In
addition,    DataDirect's     Silicon   Storage
Appliance solution is a highly flexible
configuration and supports a wide range of data
traffic including high throughput and low
latency processing.        As a result, high
throughput applications, such as data backup

                                          DataDirect Networks
   The Silicon Storage Appliance: A Revolutionary Approach to Intelligent Network Infrastructure Devices

                                                             End-User Application

                                     Internet                       Data Mining                                Data Backup
Requirement      Provide fast, reliable and secure       Provide high availability, secure data         Provide continuous protection
                 access to data for thousands of         access for enterprise business                 of large amounts of data.
                 users worldwide.                        functions.

Current          !    Multiple copies of data kept       !    Multiple copies of data kept on           !   Multiple copies of data
Implementation        on each disk system                     each disk system                              kept on each disk system
                 !    Clients access data via            !    Clients access data via servers           !   Clients and servers backup
                      servers over Internet                   over communications network                   via Backup Server over
                      network                            !    Servers access data via SCSI or               communications network
                 !    Servers access data via                 Fibre Channel direct attached             !   Clients and servers access
                      SAN                                     RAID storage                                  data via SCSI or Fibre
                 !    SAN consists of:                   !    Server storage consists of                    Channel direct attached
                 #    Switches                           #    Raid Controllers                              RAID storage
                 #    Raid Controllers                   #    Storage Management software               !   Backup Server storage
                 #    LUN Masking/Partitioning           #    Monitoring and Reporting                      consists of
                      software                                software                                  #   Tape Library
                 #    Switch Zoning software                                                            #   Backup software (clients
                 #    Storage Management                                                                    and servers)
                      software                                                                          #   Storage Management
                 #    SAN Management software                                                               software
                 #    Monitoring and Reporting                                                          #   Monitoring and Reporting
                      software                                                                              software

                                                                                                                        Communications Network
                                                                               Communications Network

                     Fibre Channel

Drawbacks of     !    Costly and cumbersome              !    Islands of common data are                !   Low performance data
Current               scalability by adding                   inaccessible to employees,                    transfer
                      switches, RAID controllers              customers and suppliers                   !   Increases traffic on
Implementation        and servers.                       !    Difficult and expensive to load-              communications network
                 !    Common information is                   balance demand across multiple            !   Consumes valuable
                      isolated behind individual              servers                                       computing resources
                      servers and can not be             !    Performance limitations                   !   Expensive server
                      shared                             !    Costly and cumbersome                         bottleneck
                 !    Performance limitations                 scalability by adding RAID                !   Complex, difficult and
                 !    Complex, difficult and                  controllers and servers.                      expensive to scale, secure,
                      expensive to scale, secure,        !    Complex, difficult and expensive              manage and maintain
                      manage and maintain                     to scale, secure, manage and              !   Increased acquisition,
                 !    Multiple points of failure              maintain                                      maintenance and
                 !    Must bring down system to          !    Must bring down system to add                 management costs
                      add storage and scale                   storage and scale
                 !    Increased acquisition,             !    Increased acquisition,
                      maintenance and                         maintenance and management
                      management costs                        costs

                                                     DataDirect Networks
    The Silicon Storage Appliance: A Revolutionary Approach to Intelligent Network Infrastructure Devices

                                                          End-User Application

                                   Internet                     Data Mining                           Serverless Backup
DataDirect’s                                                             Communications Network                   Communications Network

Silicon Storage                        Internet


                        SAN                                                 Fibre Channel SAN                       Fibre Channel SAN

Benefits of       !   Highly simplified network       !   Enables heterogeneous users to          !   High performance,
DataDirect’s          infrastructure                      access and share common data in             intelligent data network
                  !   High bandwidth, highly              an easy, cost-effective and                 for continuous and reliable
Silicon Storage       scalable data network               reliable manner                             data protection
Appliance         !   Enables heterogeneous           !   Simplified network infrastructure       !   Reduced data traffic on
                      users to access data in an          providing a high bandwidth,                 communications network
                      easy, cost-effective and            highly scalable data network            !   Simple and secure
                      reliable manner                 !   Reduce consumption of valuable              centralized data and
                  !   Simple and secure                   computing resources with                    network management
                      centralized data and                simplified load balancing for           !   Lower total cost of
                      network management                  increased collaborative processing          ownership and acquisition
                  !   Higher data and network         !   Simple and secure centralized               costs
                      availability                        data and network management
                  !   No loss of performance in       !   Higher data and network
                      degraded mode                       availability
                  !   Lower total cost of             !   Seamlessly plugs into existing
                      ownership and acquisition           networks protecting and
                      costs                               upgrading legacy storage and
                                                      !   Lower total cost of ownership and
                                                          acquisition costs

                                                  DataDirect Networks
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