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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ARAB TIMES, TUESDAY, JANUARY 22, 2013
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                                  People & Places


                   Seen and heard at fest

 Docu slams money
 flood in US politics
       Continued from Page 23               Film Festival with the documentary
    Dubbed “Super PACs,” these              “Manhunt: The Search for Osama
 committees cannot be formally              bin Laden,” which premiered
 linked to a candidate, but in effect       Sunday at the independent-film
 support political campaigns through        showcase.
 television ads.                               Director Greg Barker’s film
    One such committee, Americans           chronicles bin Laden’s rise to power
 for Prosperity, was founded and            during the Soviet occupation of
 funded by two Koch brothers, own-          Afghanistan and his call for jihad
 ers of the conglomerate Koch               against the United States in the
 Industries.                                1990s. Using interviews with CIA
    With their Super PAC, the two           agents and analysts, the film traces
 billionaires support Tea Party candi-      the growing evidence that al-Qaeda
 dates, the ultra-conservative fringe       planned a major assault on the
 of the Republican Party.                   United States in the months leading
    “There’s been money in American         up to the terrorist attacks on Sept.
 elections for a very long time and         11, 2001.
 certainly not only in the electoral           “Manhunt” then recounts the
 system, but in the legislative level,      immense increase in resources com-
 the lobbying, for public policy,”          mitted to the CIA’s hunt for bin
 Lessin told AFP.                           Laden, the story that is dramatized
    “But this is sort of a tsunami of       in “Zero Dark Thirty.”
 money that we’ve never seen before.           The     documentary       includes
 That’s a real danger for democracy.”       footage of the last-known video of
    Lessin and Deal won the 2008            bin Laden, before he was killed in a
 Sundance Grand Prix for “Trouble           Navy SEALs raid in 2011 in
 the Water,” a documentary vividly          Pakistan. While al-Qaeda recruited
 describing the ravages of Hurricane        followers to carry out suicide
 Katrina in New Orleans.                    attacks, CIA analysts said bin Laden
    “Citizen Koch” details the              never sought to die for his cause
 process that led to the creation of        himself.
 Super PACs, including the alleged             “He did everything possible to
 conflict of interest surrounding two       stay alive,” one analyst said.
 Supreme Court justices involved in            “Manhunt” will air later this year
                                            on HBO.                                   Doctors Susan Robinson (left), and LeRoy Carhart from the documentary ‘After Tiller’ pose for a portrait during the 2013 Sundance Film Festival at the Fender
 the case.                                                                                                                                Music Lodge, on Jan 18, in Park City, Utah. (AP)
    The film also looks at the court          ■ David Germain
 ruling’s direct application on the
 ground, particularly in the state of         A tipping point for charity                                                                             Bachmann earns comparisons to Rowling, Dickens
 Wisconsin, where Republican                  The Park City bar Rock &
 Governor Scott Walker in 2011              Reilly’s had some high profile help
 faced a popular revolt after he decid-
 ed to renegotiate collective bargain-
 ing agreements and limit the power
 of labor unions.
                                            on Sunday — Scooter Braun, man-
                                            ager to Justin Bieber and Psy.
                                              Braun — dressed in pajamas, like
                                            other servers — poured shots,
                                                                                                                                      Teen author reaps adult success
    His opponents succeeded in call-        served up beers and more at the                                                           ZURICH, Jan 21, (AFP): Stefan                is know as middle-grade fiction, tar-           whole other world,” he said.
 ing a new gubernatorial election for       party, which was also attended by                                                         Bachmann is only 19, but his darkly          geting the pre-teen age bracket.                   It may sound strange coming from a
 June 2012, but Walker won this,            Mekhi Phifer and San Francisco                                                            mysterious debut novel set in a paral-          “Don’t get yourself noticed and you          19-year-old, but the way Bachmann
 with massive support from a Super          Giants pitcher Brian Wilson.                                                              lel world of faeries, goblins and child      won’t get yourself hanged”: that is a           tells it, his was a long road to success.
 PAC set up by the Koch brothers.             Wilson was glued to the TV,                                                             snatchers has already earned him com-        motto Bachmann’s hero, a peculiar                  “This is my first published book,
    The group poured tens of millions       cheering on the New England                                                               parisons to J.K. Rowling, Dickens and        named Bartholomew Kettle, leaves to             but I wrote three before it,” he confid-
 of dollars into the campaign, but the      Patriots, playing the Baltimore                                                           Dostoyevsky.                                 one side as he is swept into a cata-            ed. He began his first book aged just
 Super PAC was not required to dis-         Ravens in the AFC championship                                                               “I didn’t realise it would get pub-                                                       11.
 close the names of donors or how                                                                                                                                                  clysmic adventure which sees other
                                            game.                                                                                     lished,” Bachmann told AFP, tapping                                                             “But they were definitely 11- to 12-
 much they contributed.                       Meanwhile, Braun was getting his                                                                                                     peculiar children snatched and killed,
    “A lot of this happens in secret,       share of tips — which went to the
                                                                                                                                      the yellow, mechanical bird depicted         their insides drained and their skin left       year-old books. They were not very
 behind closed doors,” Deal said.           charity Pencils of Promise. To get                                                        on the cover of “The Peculiar”, which        floating in the Thames.                         good,” he laughed, adding that he had
    “Nobody knows how much                  more people to show the love, he                                                          first hit shelves in the United States          “I know it’s dark,” Bachmann                 not tried to get any of his youthful
 money really pours into these elec-        pledged to match every donation,                                                          last September.                              admitted, cradling a cup of hot tea in          works published.
 tions.”                                    dollar for dollar.                                                                           “I just really, really hoped some-        his hands in a crowded book store cafe             It was also at 11 that Bachmann
    The       film    follows       three     Rock & Reilly’s is a Los Angeles                                                        thing would happen with it,” the lanky,      in the heart of Zurich.                         began pursuing his second passion in
 Republican voters — a prison guard,        bar that has opened up an outpost in                                                      blond Swiss-American with rectangu-             “I’m not sure why. I think I just real-      life, when he was enrolled in the
 a librarian and a nurse — who were         Park City.                                Stefan Bachman poses with his book              lar steel-rimmed glasses added with          ly liked scary stories when I was a kid.        Zurich Conservatory.
 disgusted by the politics of                 ■ Nekesa Mumbi Moody,                   ‘The Peculiar’ on Jan 5, in Zurich.             boyish enthusiasm.                           I wanted to write a story that I would             Now majoring in composition, he
 Governor Walker and decided to             Twitter:          Bachmann is only 19, but his dark and              And something certainly did. After        like to read,” he said.                         hopes to one day also be a film com-
 vote Democrat because they did not         nekesamumbi                               mysterious debut novel set in an alter-         spending a year trying to find a literary                                                    poser, he said, “but that is kind of like
 like the Tea Party.                                                                  nate world of faeries and goblins and           agent, the book he began writing in his
                                                                                                                                                                                                 ‘Steampunk’                       writing, a lot of people want to break
    “It’s not about Republicans versus         Delayed reaction                       child snatchers has already earned              bedroom at 16 was suddenly the object           He said he decided early on that his         in... I don’t know if I will have the
 Democrats,” Lessin said. “It’s about                                                 him comparisons to JK Rowling,                  of a publisher bidding-war before it         book needed to be in the “steampunk”            same luck twice.”
 the voices of the one percent and the         “Twilight” author Stephenie            Dickens and Dostoevsky. (AFP)
                                            Meyer was not an early adopter of                                                         was snapped up by the US publishing          tradition — a sub-genre of science fic-            But as he works on a third book and
 wealthiest among us versus the voic-                                                                                                 giant Harper Collins.                        tion inspired by 19th century Western           continues to dash around to promote
 es of working people, and whose            one of the biggest hits to come out of
                                            the Sundance Film Festival, the                                                              With a first print of 100,000 copies      civilisation and typically featuring            “The Peculiar”, he says his teachers
 voices gets heard.”                                                                                                                                                               steam-powered machinery — and that
    For the filmmakers, this power of       2004 world-of-weirdoes comedy                                                             and rights sold in seven languages                                                           are not always understanding.
 corporations and lobbying groups           “Napoleon Dynamite.”                                                                      besides the original English, his            it be set in his favourite period:                 “They are intense maestros who are
 deprives Americans of candidates              Meyer’s at Sundance this time                                                          adventure set in a bleak version of          Victorian England.                              not really impressed by the hype. To
 who do not have the financial mus-         with “Napoleon Dynamite” co-                                                              Victorian England where faeries and             Bachmann, who has lived most of              them, music is the most important
 cle to enter the game.                     writer Jerusha Hess, whose directing                                                      humans unwillingly live side by side         his life on the outskirts of                    thing ever, and everything else is
    But the system also puts political      debut “Austenland” premiered at the                                                       has met rosy reviews, including from         Switzerland’s largest city, was home-           peripheral.”
 parties in the service of private inter-   festival.      A      producer       on                                                   the Los Angeles Times which dubbed           schooled by his American mother,                   Asked if he sometimes wishes he
 ests.                                      “Austenland,” Meyer said she and                                                          him an “unusually gifted young               who he said had always encouraged               had more time to just be a regular
    According to Lessin, after again        Hess hit it off right away and have a                                                     writer”.                                     him to read all different kinds of              teenager, he shrugged: “You win
 losing to Democrat Barack Obama,           lot in common, even though she did-                                                          His second book, “The Whatnot” —          books.                                          some, you lose some.”
 the Republican Party might think of        n’t appreciate “Napoleon Dynamite”            Hathaway                  Crowe                                                             He lists Charles Dickens, J.R.R.
                                            when she first saw it.                                                                    which picks up from the first book’s                                                            “I do go out with my friends some-
 changing course.                                                                                                                     cliffhanger ending and completes its         Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” and           times, but a lot of times I have to say,
    “They may think that they need,            “I was with another thirty-some-
                                            thing mom in a theater full of                                                            harrowing tale of two young peculiars,       C.S. Lewis’ “The Chronicles of                  no, sorry, I have a deadline,” he said.
 to get elected, to be more focused on
 the middle class,” she said. “But          teenage kids, and they’re laughing                Variety                                 half-human, half-faery changelings           Narnia” among his favourites.                      “But then you get to go on book
                                            their butts off. And we’re sitting                                                        despised by both sides — is set to be           “I really like it when writers can           tours and go to New York and make
 who’s funding them?                                                                                                                  published in September. Both are what        make you feel like you’re in this               new friends. It’s worth it.”
                                            there going, ‘Am I that old? I don’t
            ❑       ❑       ❑               get it,’” Meyer said. “I kind of was      LONDON: The soundtrack of the Oscar-
    Associated Press journalists open       like, wow, I feel bad. I didn’t get       nominated movie “Les Miserables”                from testicular cancer, his seven consecu-   LOS ANGELES: Los Angeles County                 calling it “dangerous” and “not a joke.”
 their notebooks at the Sundance            this.                                     climbed to the top spot in the UK albums        tive Tour de France titles and ongoing       sheriff’s officials were looking Sunday for        Kardashian said her mother called her
 Film Festival in Park City, Utah:             “And then I went home, and the         chart, the first film cast recording to do so   speculation about his use of performance     the person who falsely reported an emer-        after at least 15 officers arrived on their
    Who needs a film in the fest?           next day, I started quoting it, and I’m   since Madonna’s “Evita” in 1997, the            enhancing drugs.                             gency at a former residence of the              doorstep.
                                            snickering to myself all day. ‘Tina,      Official Charts Company said on Sunday.            After years of strident denials,          Kardashian family.                                 Whitmore said sheriff’s officials and
    Corey Feldman doesn’t have a                                                         A film version of a hugely successful
                                            you fat lard,’” Meyer said, quoting a                                                     Armstrong capitulated this month, sitting       Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore           other California law enforcement agen-
 movie at the Sundance Film                                                           stage musical based on a novel by 19th                                                                                                       cies will lobby state lawmakers to make
 Festival, but that doesn’t mean he’s       favorite “Napoleon Dynamite” line.                                                        down with Oprah Winfrey for a                said it’s too soon to tell whether the reali-
                                            “It was like this weird delayed reac-     century French writer Victor Hugo, “Les                                                      ty TV stars are the latest victims of so-       “swatting” a felony.
 not making the most of his time in                                                   Miserables” has already picked up a             marathon interview on Winfrey’s titular
                                            tion. And the funny lasts longer than                                                                                                  called “swatting,” a hoax intended to get          Authorities are investigating “scores”
 Park City.                                                                           Golden Globe award for best movie musi-         network. The first part ran Thursday                                                         of similar cases across the state, he said.
    On Friday night, Feldman and a          a regular joke. It’s funny forever.”      cal, and is nominated for a best picture        night; it completes on Friday night.         officers, including specialized so-called
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   In some instances, the hoaxers use tech-
 bevy of beauties danced as Dave              ■ David Germain                         Oscar.                                             For the first time, Armstrong admitted    SWAT teams, sent to a home.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   nology that makes it appear that the calls
 Grohl and his Sound City Players                                                        The recording of songs performed by          to Winfrey that he’d used a cocktail of         Deputies responded to the call Friday at
                                                                                                                                                                                   a house where the Kardashians formerly          are made from the homes where police are
 performed a marathon concert at               Wild about Dan, not so much            the actors in the movie, including Anne         drugs for all seven of his wins and apolo-                                                   sent, according to Whitmore.
                                            about Harry                               Hathaway, Russell Crowe and Hugh                gized for the years of deception.            lived, Whitmore said. After finding the
 Park City Live. And on Saturday,                                                                                                                                                  house empty, the deputies contacted the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Police last week responded to a false
 Feldman got into the act himself,             Dane DeHaan, one of Daniel             Jackman, had entered the UK albums                 There have been many potential proj-                                                      report of an armed robbery at Tom
                                                                                      chart in fifth position a week ago. It                                                       family and went to their new home, he           Cruise’s Beverly Hills home. In
 giving a concert of sorts at the           Radcliffe’s co-stars in the Sundance                                                      ects between Armstrong and Hollywood,
                                                                                      knocked Emeli Sande’s “Our Version Of                                                        said. They found no crime had been com-         December, a boy was arrested after police
 Fender Music Lodge in front of a           premiere “Kill Your Darlings,” shared                                                     including one at Sony, but none ever         mitted. No arrests were made.
 bemused crowd.                                                                       Events” off the top spot.                       made it to production. (RTRS)                                                                said he made calls that reported violence
                                            a deep, dark secret with the “Harry          Hathaway, who plays a character called                                                       Kim Kardashian, who was not home             at the homes of Justin Bieber and
    Feldman, dressed in what                Potter” star at the festival: DeHaan’s    Fantine, also had the 22nd spot in the sin-                   ❑       ❑       ❑              at the time, decried the hoax on Twitter,
 appeared to be a leather-like suit                                                                                                                                                                                                Ashton Kutcher.
                                            just now getting around to catching       gles chart with her performance of “I                                                                                                           Kim Kardashian is the star of the E!
 reminiscent of former friend and           the flicks about the young wizard.        Dreamed A Dream”, one of the most pop-
 idol Michael Jackson, lip-synched                                                                                                                                                                                                 Entertainment Television series “Keeping
                                               “Dan, I never told you,” DeHaan        ular songs from the musical.                                                                                                                 Up with the Kardashians,” the network’s
 some of his high-energy perform-           confessed in an interview Saturday           At the very top of the singles chart, US                                                                                                  top-rated show. She also appears on other
 ance. He was accompanied by                alongside Radcliffe. “I started           producer’s collaboration with                                                                                                      shows involving her family. (AP)
 women dressed in white, like angels,       watching them when we got finished        Britney Spears, “Scream & Shout”, held
 and sporting angel-wings and halos.                                                                                                                                                                                                              ❑       ❑       ❑
                                            filming” on “Kill Your Darlings.”         onto the number one ranking, fending off
    “This is a new form of entertain-          Radcliffe asked how many               stiff competition from new entrants 50                                                                                                       LOS ANGELES: The Batmobile, the
 ment,” Feldman said.                       DeHaan had watched and was dis-           Cent and Justin Timberlake.                                                                                                                  futuristic car used in the “Batman” televi-
    Feldman admitted his perform-           heartened that his co-star so far had        US rapper 50 Cent’s new release, “My                                                                                                      sion show, has been sold at auction for
 ance might be a little rusty. At one                                                 Life”, featuring Eminem and Maroon 5’s                                                                                                       $4.62 million, US media reported
                                            just caught the first few, when the                                                                                                                                                    Monday.
 point, he told the crowd, “This is         “Potter” star was a kid still learning    Adam Levine, came in at number two
 one I don’t know the words to” and                                                   while Timberlake, the former ’N Sync                                                                                                            The crime-fighting vehicle was built by
                                            his craft.                                                                                                                                                                             George Barris, who bought a 1955
 asked for help.                                                                      star, nabbed the number three spot with
                                               “Oh, no, you’ve only done the          his “Suit and Tie” featuring Jay-Z.                                                                                                          Lincoln Futura at a junk yard for just $1
   ■ Nekesa Mumbi Moody,                    early ones. Why are you doing                                                                                                                                                          and transformed it into one of the most
 Twitter:                                                     (RTRS)
                                            them?” said Radcliffe, who stars as a                                                                                                                                                  recognizable vehicles in entertainment
 nekesamumbi                                young Allen Ginsberg in “Kill Your                      ❑        ❑       ❑
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   history, the ABC television network said.
                                            Darlings.”                                NEW YORK: Paramount and J.J.                                                                                                                    It was used on the “Batman” television
    Hunt for OBL chronicled yet                DeHaan promised that he eventu-        Abrams’ Bad Robot have acquired the                                                                                                          show from 1966 to 1968.
 again                                      ally would watch all the “Harry           film rights to “Cycle of Lies: the Fall of                                                                                                      The ABC said the sale took place at the
    Osama bin Laden remains big box         Potter” films but said his real admi-     Lance Armstrong,” a book proposal                                                                                                            Barrett-Jackson car auction in Scottsdale,
                                            ration was for the actor playing the      about the disgraced cyclist by New York                                                                                                      Arizona, on Saturday.
 office with the manhunt thriller                                                     Times reporter Juliet Macur, according                                                                                                          The buyer has not been formally identi-
 “Zero Dark Thirty.”                        Hogwarts hero.
                                               “I’m a Dan fan,” DeHaan said.          to two individuals with knowledge of the                                                                                                     fied, but the Hollywood Reporter newspa-
    The story of the al-Qaeda leader                                                  deal.                                           Helena Bonham-Carter seen at the 33rd London Critics Circle Film Awards at                   per said it was Rick Champagne, owner
 also is being told at the Sundance           ■ David Germain                            Macur has written about Armstrong for        the May Fair Hotel on Jan 20, in London. Bonham-Carter won the Dilys Powell                  of a Tempe, Arizona-based logistics com-
                                                                                      more than a decade, covering his recovery                             Award for Excellence in Film (AP)                                      pany. (AFP)

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