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Y2K June 25, 2007

Summary of June 12 Face-to-Face Meeting

June 12th Meeting Agenda
Time Topics

Energy Frontier – ILC, LHC, and beyond 1. ILC R&D, System Test, Industrialization  ILC Scenarios 8:30 – 12:00 2. LHC accelerator upgrades 3. R&D steps needed for colliders beyond ILC and LHC Physics Opportunities beyond Energy Frontier 1. Physics Review: n, m, K, B, C, … 2. Required Facilities: a) Reconfiguration of existing accelerator complex b) New accelerators Review of Required Facilities Sketching Possible Roadmaps Final Report Format

1:00 – 4:00

4:00 – 6:00 6:00 – 6:30

Physics Opportunities
• Accelerator Based, Not Energy Frontier
– Neutrino Physics – Precision measurements involving charged leptons and quarks

• Needed Facilities
– High intensity n, m, K, anti-proton beams – High luminosity colliders

Physics Opportunities: Criteria
• Criteria
– Will the physics be important in a global context when the experiment is done? – Can it be done uniquely or substantially better at Fermilab than at other labs? – Is the experiment unique in its physics reach?

• Timeline
– Near term (2007-2012) • Experiments that could start construction “soon” – Mid term (2012-2022)

Physics Group: Conclusions
• “Reconfiguration of existing accelerator complex” followed by “higher intensity proton sources” offers a rich program of neutrino, kaon and muon physics in near and longer term

– Physics driver is search for Beyond the Standard Model Physics
• “Antiproton source” offers short term (and small scale) opportunity for hyperon CP violation • Longer term (and larger scale) opportunities: – Flavor physics at Super B factory – Electroweak Precision at Giga-Z – Need community-wide input on priorities

ILC Scenarios Considered
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
1. Baseline (Technically Driven Schedule) EDR Funding Cycle Construction Run

2. ILC Slow by ~2 years (e.g. waiting for LHC results, …) EDR Funding Cycle Construction

3. ILC Slow by ~5 years (e.g. waiting for LHC results, international agreements, …) EDR 4. LHC says we need > 1 TeV EDR 5. ILC Offshore: To be discussed Funding Cycle Construction

EDR Complete, LHC 1st Data Can we see the horizon?

ILC Decision

FY In all scenarios Energy Frontier Tevatron LHC detector upgrade CLIC, Muon Collider, VLHC
















Run Fund Cyc. R&D Build R&D Build R&D Build R&D Build R&D Build R&D Run R&D Run R&D Run R&D Run R&D Run R&D




Advanced Accelerator
Neutrino MINOS, MiniBooNE, SciBooNE MINERvA NOvA Particle Astrophysics















Run Build Build

Run Build Build

Run Run Build

Run Run Run Run Run Run

1. ILC baseline scenario ILC sNuMI ++ 2. ILC slow LHC Results, … ILC LHC Upgrade sNuMI ++ non accelerator research 3. ILC slow R&D, fund, build, … ILC LHC Upgrade Project X (8GeV & 120 GeV intense proton sources: ILC-like) 4. LHC says need > 800 GeV 5. ILC Off-shore EDR EDR EDR Fund R&D Cyc. Fund R&D Build Cyc. R&D Build Build R&D Build Build R&D Build Build Fund Run Build Cyc. Run Run Build Run Run Build Run Run Build Run Run Build Run Run Fund EDR EDR EDR Fund Cyc. R&D Cyc. Build R&D Build Build Fund Build Run Cyc. Build Run Build Build Run Build Run Run Build Run Run Build Run Run Build Run Run Build Run Run Build Run Run EDR EDR Fund EDR Cyc. Fund Build Cyc. Build Build Run Build Run Build Run Build Run Build Run Build Run Build Run Run Run Run Run

End Game of FNAL Strategic Plan / Roadmap

• Communicated with
– Fermilab Program Advisory Committee – Fermilab Accelerator Advisory Committee Chair – P5 Chair – HEPAP Chair – Robin Staffin

• Steering Group Final Report to Pier Oddone
– August 1, 2008 – Physics opportunities  accelerator facility roadmap  examples of experiments/physics along the roadmap

• Fermilab Accelerator Advisory Committee (AAC) meeting
– Review of the accelerator facility roadmap – August 8-10, 2007

• Fermilab Program Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting
– Review of the physics roadmap – Early November, 2007 (TBD)

• P5
– Steering Group Report to P5 (final report)
• September 24-25, 2007

– P5 review of the FNAL roadmap
• Recommendations from FNAL AAC and PAC as input • ~Feb, 2008

– Steering Group Report to HEPAP (progress report)
• July 13, 2007

– Steering Group Report to HEPAP (final report)
• November 2008

– P5 Report to HEPAP
• ~July 2008

SG Report PAC

Steering Group (SG) Report to Pier Oddone
Aug 2007 Sep 2007 Oct 2007 Nov 2007 Dec 2007 Jan 2008 Feb 2008 Mar 2008 Apr 2008 May 2008 Jun 2008

Jun 2007

Jul 2007

Ju 200

FNAL AAC Review SG Report to HEPAP

FNAL PAC Review P5 Review P5 Report to HEPAP

SG Report SG Report to HEPAP to P5

Good timing for FY10 Budget Preparation

Report from Accelerator Subgroups 4, 5

Subgroup 4 (Accelerator Facilities)
• Steve Hohmes got FNAL people to look into various options which were presented to the Steering group:
– Dave McGinnis is leading effort to come up with a more complete concept on Project X, including synergies with ILC. – Mike Syphers is leading effort to understand utilization of the Tevatron as either a high intensity 800 GeV fixed target machine, or a 120 GeV stretcher ring. – Sergei Ngaitsev is identifying possible synergies between SuperB factory and an ILC damping ring.

• Steve will present these efforts on July 9-10 meeting.

Subgroup 5 (Beyond ILC)
• This week’s activities
– Meeting with Bob Palmer to understand what is needed for muon collider stay alive

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