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					Managers and Administrators                             Ophthalmologist
Child Care Coordinator                                  Paediatrician
Professionals                                           Pathologist
Accountant                                              Petroleum Engineer
Anaesthetist                                            Physiotherapist
Architect                                               Podiatrist
Chemical Engineer                                       Psychiatrist
Civil Engineer                                          Quantity Surveyor
Computing Professional - specialising in CISSP *        Radiologist
Computing Professional - specialising in C++/C#/C *     Registered Mental Health Nurse
Computing Professional - specialising in Java *         Registered Midwife
Computing Professional - specialising in J2EE *         Registered Nurse
Computing Professional - specialising in Network        Retail Pharmacist
Security/Firewall/Internet Security *                   Specialist Medical Practitioners (not elsewhere
Computing Professional - specialising in Oracle *       classified)
Computing Professional - specialising in People-Soft*   Specialist Physician
Computing Professional - specialising in SAP *          Speech Pathologist
Computing Professional - specialising in SIEBEL         Sonographer
(especially Siebel Analytic)                            Surgeon
Computing Professional - specialising in Sybase         Surveyor
SQL Server                                              Associate Professionals
Dental Specialist                                       Chef (excluding Commis Chef)
Dentist                                                 Trades Persons
Dermatologist                                           Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics)
Electrical Engineer                                     Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical)
Emergency Medicine Specialist                           Automotive Electrician
External Auditor                                        Baker
General Medical Practitioner                            Boat Builder and Repairer
Hospital Pharmacist                                     Bricklayer
Mechanical Engineer                                     Cabinetmaker
Medical Diagnostic Radiographer                         Carpenter
Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum)                   Carpenter and Joiner
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist                          Cook
Occupational Therapis                                   Drainer
Electrical Powerline Tradesperson
Electrician (Special Class)
Electronic Equipment Tradesperson
Fibrous Plasterer
Floor Finisher
Furniture Finisher
Furniture Upholsterer
General Electrician
General Plumber
Lift Mechanic
Mechanical Services and Air-conditioning Plumber
Metal Fabricator (Boilermaker)
Metal Machinist (First Class)
Motor Mechanic
Optical Mechanic
Painter and Decorator
Panel Beater
Pastry Cook
Pressure Welder
Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Mechanic
Roof Plumber
Roof Slater and Tiler
Solid Plasterer
Sheetmetal Worker (First Class)
Vehicle Body Maker
Vehicle Painter
Wall and Floor Tiler
Welder (First Class)
                                  Occupation Shortages - Professional
Anaesthetist                                      Physiotherapist
Dentist                                           Podiatrist
Electronic Equipment Trades                       Psychiatrist
Emergency Medicine Specialist                     Quantity Surveyor
Engineer - Chemical                               Registered Mental Health Nurse
Engineer - Civil                                  Registered Midwife
Engineer - Electrical                             Registered Nurse
Engineer - Electronics                            Secondary School Teacher
Engineer - Mechanical                             Specialist Medical Practitioners NEC
Engineer - Mining                                 Specialist Physician
Engineer - Production or Plant Engineer           Surgeon
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - Avionics          Surveyor
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - Mechanical        Urban & Regional Planner
Gasfitter                                         Wall and Floor Tiler
General Medical Practitioner                      Speech Pathologist
Medical Diagnostic Radiographer                   Sonographer
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist                      Ophthalmologist
Occupational Therapist                            Paediatrician
Pharmacist (Hospital)                             Pathologist
Pharmacist (Retail)                               Radiologist
                                                  Computing Professionals -- where the applicant's
Accountant -- where the applicant has achieved a  specialisation is listed on the Migration Occupations in
score of at least IELTS 7 in each of the four competencies, Demand List (MODL).      
and/or has completed The Professional Year – Skilled        skilled-migration/pdf/critical-skills-list.pdf
Migration Internship Program Accounting (SMIPA).

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